FV: Chapter 33 Part 2

The contract was signed so the two of them didn’t delay. After lunch, they went to Lin Luoqing’s former company together.

As Lin Luoqing’s current agent, Wu Xinyuan had already negotiated with Lin Luoqing’s previous company about the termination of the contract. Lin Luoqing wasn’t famous and hadn’t made any money for the company. At this moment, there was another company willing to pay the penalty fee to take him away so the company had no opinion at all. They were very happy to release him. The termination agreement had been negotiated in a few days so Lin Luoqing just had to go there to go through the process.

His former agent, Brother Li had already received the news and was waiting for him to come and give the contract. Then the two of them would no longer have anything to do with each other.

Brother Li didn’t have much affection for him but in the end, they were acquaintances after all. Before leaving, he gave a kind reminder, “If you want to develop in this circle, it isn’t enough to just look at your face. You need to have the right attitude. if you don’t have the right attitude and you become popular, this popularity won’t last long.”

There was nothing wrong with this so Lin Luoqing agreed.

“You are right.”

Brother Li saw that he didn’t refute it as before and looked him up and down strangely. Then Brother Li was surprised. He didn’t know if it was because they hadn’t seen each other in a few days but Lin Luoqing seemed to have settled down and he actually had a bit more of a temperament.

It had to be known that no matter how good Lin Luoqing’s face was, his attitude pulled him down. The only temperament that could be seen from him could be described as: The energy of an angry person.

He instinctively looked at Lin Luoqing a few more times. Lin Luoqing just stood there and generously let him take a look.

He didn’t speak and there was even a slight smile in his eyes. He was calm and casual and this made his appearance become more exquisite.

Brother Li smiled. “Not bad. You finally look a bit like a star.”

Unexpectedly, Lin Luoqing finally became decent before leaving. All that time spent managing him wasn’t in vain.

“Go ahead.” Brother Li smiled and said, “Work hard.”

Lin Luoqing also smiled. “Of course.”

He turned around and raised his hand to wave at Brother Li as he left. He followed Wu Xinyuan out the door.

He liked parting without any hard feelings. Lin Luoqing was very satisfied and happy that his last meeting with Brother Li ended with such a peaceful and smiling conversation.

If possible, he hoped that they could all have a better future. He could have more opportunities and stages to show himself while Brother Li could have better artists who aren’t as overly ambitious as the original owner.

They could all live better.

However, if some people were willing to part without hard feelings, there must be people who weren’t willing to do the same thing.

The moment Lin Luoqing walked to the elevator, he heard a flamboyant male voice behind him. “Oh, isn’t this our big star? How about it, do you have any dramas today? Did you come to the company specifically?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing pretended not to hear it.

The other person was unwilling to let him go. After seeing that he didn’t respond, this person insisted on speaking. “Why aren’t you speaking? Did you quarrel with the agent again? Why don’t you have any ideas about yourself? If I was you, I would’ve withdrawn from the circle a long time ago. It is annoying for you to stay in the company and in the crew.”

Lin Luoqing looked back helplessly and saw a person wearing an orange polo shirt walking toward him.

The other person was also handsome and should be another artist. Lin Luoqing rummaged through his memories before finally finding this person.

It was Liu Min, who signed a contract at the same time as the original owner. They didn’t like each other and had argued several times.

However, Liu Min’s work attitude was much better than the original owner so he had filmed more scenes than the original owner. Now his momentum in the company was better than the original owner.

Lin Luoqing had no intention of entangling with this person and said coldly, “I’m here to terminate the contract.”

Liu Min laughed when he heard this. “You came to terminate the contract? Why? After so many years, the company finally found that you can’t do it so they fired you? It isn’t easy. This is really gratifying.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “I’m sorry, I’m the one who fired them. I have a better place to go to and I naturally can’t look at the current company.”

Liu Min sneered. “Why? After thinking about it, you decided to become an Internet celebrity? That is really a better place for you. After all, you can’t even make a lot of money in a year as a star, hahaha.”

“Then you might be disappointed.” Lin Luoqing’s tone was casual. “I signed with Xingyi.”

Liu Min hadn’t expected him to say the name Xingyi and was shocked.

In fact, Xingyi wasn’t a top-level company in the industry. It was established late and was only established the year before. The most popular artist so far was a traffic star and there were no big artists with a good resume and countless awards.

It was just that it was backed by the big tree of the Ji Group. Xingyi was famous in the industry almost as soon as it was established and it was really much better than a small company like this who didn’t have a big star or a background.

Liu Min’s mood suddenly became bad.

He and Lin Luoqing had entered the company at the same time. In terms of appearance, the two of them were comparable. In terms of effort, he worked much harder than Lin Luoqing and he was finally overwhelming Lin Luoqing. As a result, Lin Luoqing actually changed to Xingyi. What was this?

Why did this happen?

Liu Min couldn’t accept it. “You said Xingyi? This isn’t something you can just ask for. Is Xingyi blind?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Luoqing looked innocent. “I am so lazy, poor and ugly. I don’t know why Xingyi has to sign me.”

He turned to look at Wu Xinyuan with an innocent expression. “Brother Wu, is it a mistake? In fact, it isn’t me you want to sign but another Lin Luoqing or someone else. For example, our Mr Liu?”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘…Isn’t there any shame for the boss’ partner to say such a thing? Is this a matter of signing or not signing you? No matter whether you want it or not, the company is now the common property of you and President Ji!’

“That’s right, it is really you.” Wu Xinyuan said helplessly.

“Is that so?” Lin Luoqing said, “It really isn’t wrong? It isn’t our Mr Liu? How could this be… Is Mr Liu unworthy?”

Liu Min, “……”

Liu Min scolded angrily, “Enough is enough. I haven’t seen you in a few days and you have become a tea distributor—your tea is full of tea.”

Lin Luoqing was shocked. “Why are you saying that? You said that Xingyi must be blind to sign me. That is why I was kind enough to ask for you. I was kind and considerate toward you but you are saying this about me. You really bit the hand that fed you. There is no distinction between good and bad. You don’t know a good person and don’t know the heart of a good person. It is just like the story of Mr Dongguo and the wolf that describes who a naive person gets in trouble by being soft-hearted to evil people.”

Liu Min, “……”

Liu Min was so angry that his liver hurt. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days and Lin Luoqing was dissatisfied with the dirty words from his mouth. He changed to strange and sarcastic words, cursing people without foul words! 

“Don’t think it is great just because you are going to Xingyi. For someone like you, dog meat can’t rise to people. You can’t be popular just because you are going to Xingyi.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded cooperatively. “I am so mediocre, I definitely can’t be popular. The resources are better and I will earn more, rest less and be more efficient. It is nothing and you don’t need to care about it.”

Liu Min thought, ‘…F*k, I really care about it!’

“In addition, my agent is only looking after me. It is really tiring. You must be happier. There are so many people under your agent and he won’t notice you. How free.”

Liu Min thought, ‘…He cared even more!’

“That is enough!” Liu Min gritted his teeth.

Lin Luoqing looked innocent. “Can’t I praise you? Why are you so difficult to get along with?”

Liu Min, “????”

Are you praising me?

You are clearly showing off!

Liu Min gritted his teeth angrily and stared at him hatefully. “Let’s wait and see.”

Then he turned around and walked away like he didn’t want to hear anything else from Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing smiled when he saw that there was almost wind under the other person’s feet.

Really, he was leaving. Why rush to find unpleasant things? Just part with no bad feelings. Why feel the need to stop him and specially mock him? It wasn’t interesting.

“Let’s go.” He turned to look at Wu Xinyuan and entered the elevator.

Liu Min walked all the way to the door of his agent’s office before stopping.

He wanted to talk to his agent about Lin Luoqing and express his dissatisfaction, but what then?

What was the use of his words?

He wasn’t popular enough now and it was impossible for the agent to look after him alone.

His contract with the agency was still here and he couldn’t switch to Xingyi.

In addition, he couldn’t let his agent know if he really wanted to switch companies.

Liu Min sighed but he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart.

He might not have been so angry if he met someone else today, but it was Lin Luoqing who had always been disliked by him, Lin Luoqing who had always been trampled under his feet!

How could this be?

Lin Luoqing obviously couldn’t compare to himself. How could Lin Luoqing have all the good luck?!

He wasn’t convinced!

He thought about how Lin Luoqing had jumped out of this company and had his own exclusive agent.

Meanwhile, he was still in this suffocating company and had to share an agent with other people!

Liu Min felt unwilling and unacceptable!

He lowered his head. His mind was full of Lin Luoqing’s pride when talking about Xingyi. If Lin Luoqing could go to Xingyi then why couldn’t he?

If Xingyi could accept garbage like Lin Luoqing then why couldn’t he be accepted?

As long as he went to Xingyi, Lin Luoqing would have nothing to be proud of. He would definitely be very depressed, just like Liu Min’s current self.

Liu Min’s anger subsided a lot when he thought of this. He had to find a way to leave, to jump from here to Xingyi. It was a bit difficult so he had to think about it.

Liu Min thought so and left the agent’s door.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know that his few words gave Liu Min such an idea. If he knew, he would probably laugh and applaud Liu Min’s witty brain.

Come on, Xiao Min, come and make money for me!

There will be my share of everything you earn in the future!

It is the soul of a part-time worker, part-time workers are the master of people!

The boss loves you!

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