FV: Chapter 32 Part 2

In the bright room, Lin Luoqing sat astride Ji Yuxiao’s lap in pain.

He was sometimes light and sometimes heavy as he moved up and down. His hands wandered over Ji Yuxiao’s shoulders and he was eager to hit Ji Yuxiao twice.

“Take it easy.” Ji Yuxiao lay on the bed and gave a reminder. “You are going to murder your husband if you use so much strength.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing had to adjust his strength. “Is this okay, Young Master?”

“Go harder. You are tickling me.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing had to adjust his strength again. “Is this better now?”

“Yes, not bad.” Ji Yuxiao was finally satisfied.

Lin Luoqing heard the melodious tone of voice and snorted angrily. Then he thought about how Ji Yuxiao really wanted to start a car with him and thought carefully about how to start this car. He wondered how he could take the initiative to navigate and drive on autopilot for a while, but it turned out that Ji Yuxiao actually asked him to massage him!

Was that it? That was it!

What type of wish was this?

“This isn’t what we said yesterday, right?” Lin Luoqing was dissatisfied.

Ji Yuxiao rested his head on his arms. “Why not?”

“You said you would make my wish come true!”

“So what is your wish?”

“What else could it be?” Lin Luoqing stared at him. “Tonight is our wedding night. You can properly take off your human skin and be a beast!”

“So you think massaging for an hour isn’t a beast? Then you can massage overnight.”

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

Lin Luoqing massaged him angrily and exclaimed, “Is this what I mean?”

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “Trust me, if you really massage all night then it will be an unforgettable wedding night for you. You will definitely feel that your male god isn’t a human but a beast.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing pouted and was silent as he massaged Ji Yuxiao’s shoulders.

Ji Yuxiao pinched Lin Luoqing’s face and lay back down on his arms again.

Lin Luoqing helped massage his upper body and naturally moved toward the lower half of the body. As he leaned over and massaged the legs, he instinctively looked toward Ji Yuxiao. He saw that Ji Yuxiao still had his eyes closed and looked like he was peacefully enjoying it.

Lin Luoqing massaged for a while. Then he hesitated and asked Ji Yuxiao softly, “Do you feel it?”

His voice was low, as if he was afraid that the other person would be unhappy.

Ji Yuxiao opened his eyes. His thick eyelashes curled slightly and his eyes seemed foggy.

“I don’t feel anything,” he replied.

There wasn’t the sadness that Lin Luoqing expected, nor were there any emotional fluctuations. It seemed that he was simply stating a fact.

Lin Luoqing listened and silently increased his strength. “Then what about this?”

“Nothing,” Ji Yuxiao whispered.

“What about this?” Lin Luoqing increased his efforts again.

Ji Yuxiao felt helpless and looked back at him. “There is no need to try. I can’t feel it.”

Lin Luoqing was silent. He lowered his eyes as if he was sad.

Ji Yuxiao saw him like this and couldn’t bear it. He had pulled Lin Luoqing onto his boat. Otherwise, Lin Luoqing would be able to find a healthy lover. They liked each other and could do what they wanted.

There would be no need to stay with Ji Yuxiao like now.

He rarely reproached himself as he said, “Okay, it is getting late. Go to sleep.”

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “I will help you massage it again.”

He added, “You have been in a wheelchair for a while and your legs haven’t moved much. You have to massage it.”

Otherwise, the muscles will atrophy.

However, Lin Luoqing didn’t say the second half of the sentence out of fear that Ji Yuxiao would be uncomfortable to hear it.

He massaged it again while comforting Ji Yuxiao, “The current medical technology is so developed. Even if it can’t be cured now, it will definitely be good in a few years. I also think that your temperament in a wheelchair is very good. It doesn’t affect what you do so it doesn’t matter if your legs are healed or not.”

Lin Luoqing thought about something and laughed. “Previously when I became tired of walking, I saw a stroller passing by and envied the little babies. I thought they were so good. They didn’t have to walk and were pushed by their parents, so they weren’t tired at all. Now you can do the same. Once you go out in the future, I will push you and you definitely won’t be tired. It will be very good.”

Ji Yuxiao heard these words and looked at Lin Luoqing’s gentle face. He was silent for a moment before telling him, “It will be fine.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised.

Then he soon felt it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to be so surprised. “It doesn’t really matter to me if your legs are good or not. I like you and naturally like everything about you. I am naturally happy if you are healthy. Your current state is fine if you don’t feel bad about it. I won’t care about it as well. Humans have evolved to this stage and the body is only a carrier. The mind is the most important. I love your interesting soul and nothing else.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Is that so? Wasn’t it my excellent appearance that made you fall in love with me at first sight 15 years ago?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Of course not!” Lin Luoqing refused to admit it. “The thing I love is obviously the interesting soul under your excellent skin! Don’t underestimate me. I will see the essence through the appearance!”

“Oh?” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Then you are great~”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Why is your tone so sarcastic?’

“So you don’t have to worry too much about your body. It is good as long as you are happy. I like everything about you.” He looked at Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao’s mood softened due to these words.

The uncomfortable self-blame and sadness that came from Lin Luoqing’s uncomfortable expression just now was pushed aside by the words of encouragement.

“It will be fine,” he told Lin Luoqing again.

This was the truth.

On the day he woke up, the doctor examined him and the result wasn’t good.

However, Ji Leyu was next to him at the time. He cared about Ji Leyu and didn’t show any sadness, irritability, anger or dissatisfaction.

In the end, it was his legs. Ji Yuxiao couldn’t not care about it. The day after being discharged from the hospital, he asked Wei Junhe to help him contact well-known doctors at home and abroad.

Ji Yuxiao went to see several doctors several times.

The thing the outside world heard was that every doctor was very troubled by this. There was no way to give him an accurate answer and they could only let him start the treatment first.

However, this wasn’t true.

In fact, when he went to see the doctor for the third time, he got a relatively surprising reply. “Mr Ji, your situation is much better than expected. If you actively cooperate then it can be healed in the future.”

“When is the future? How long?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

“I can’t guarantee this for you specifically. It might be two to three years or it might be three to five years. It might even be eight or nine years.”

It felt like a basin of water was poured on the joy in Ji Yuxiao’s heart.

He was silent for a moment before calming down. “If someone comes to inquire about my condition, just say that there is no way. You can only treat it first but it will be difficult to cure.”

The doctor didn’t understand why he was doing this but the patient himself wished to do so. Therefore, they agreed.

Wen Junhe and the others helped spread the rumors that he would probably spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

They had grown up together since childhood and their relationship was extraordinary. Now they said this so everyone naturally would doubt it.

Later, Ji Yuxiao asked his attending doctor if anyone had come to inquire about his condition.

“Your father, your uncle and your cousins have all come to us.”

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Then did you tell them the truth?”

“I am a doctor and I am willing to keep the privacy of every patient. If anyone insists on knowing then I am willing to respect my patient. After all, this is about your privacy, not mine.”

Ji Yuxiao said gratefully, “Thank you.”

The doctor told him, “I don’t know why you are doing this but good luck.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Yes.”

He would naturally have good luck. After all, he hadn’t brought the mastermind behind his brother’s death to justice. He must have good luck.

He looked at Lin Luoqing before silently shifting his gaze away. He never thought that he would tell Lin Luoqing about this matter. In essence, apart from the Wei Junhe trio, no one else knew the truth about this matter.

Secrets were such things. Naturally, the less people who knew about it, the better.

Ji Yuxiao had no doubt that a disabled Ji Yuxiao was more suitable for this world than a Ji Yuxiao who would get better soon.

A disabled person who was disheartened and gave up on himself wasn’t worth paying attention to. He would torture himself and there was no need for others to do it.

Only such a person could live safely with a child.

Therefore, he could only be a disabled person who couldn’t be cured.

“Go to sleep,” Ji Yuxiao whispered.

Lin Luoqing was still massaging his legs. “Wait, it hasn’t even been an hour. It is only a few minutes. Do you want to be a person again?”

Ji Yuxiao was stunned by this simple sentence and laughed.

There was no way. He always seemed to be extremely comfortable when facing Lin Luoqing.

“Okay, massage it if you want.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t refuse again.

Lin Luoqing looked up at him and smiled.

Ji Yuxiao sat up and pinched his face.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing pushed the person down onto the bed and snorted.

Ji Yuxiao laughed and looked at him quietly.

It was indeed an unforgettable wedding night. After Lin Luoqing finished the massage, he was tired and got down directly to go to sleep.

Ji Yuxiao watched this person lay down calmly, as if he was about to sleep peacefully, and felt a bit hesitant in his heart.

In a situation like this, it didn’t seem appropriate to let Lin Luoqing put on a performance for him, right?

After all, Lin Luoqing had just massaged his legs for an hour and was already very tired.

However, if Lin Luoqing didn’t do it then how could Ji Yuxiao sleep tonight?

Did he have to stay away until dawn again?

Lin Luoqing turned his head to look at Ji Yuxiao, only to see that Ji Yuxiao seemed to want to say something.

He wondered, “What’s wrong? Is there anything else?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

How can I tell you that your husband is waiting for you to act for him?

“Do you want to go to the toilet?” Lin Luoqing pondered on it. “That’s not right. You won’t let me help you go to the toilet.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao turned around and turned off the lights. “Sleep.”

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