FV: Chapter 32 Part 1

He still faced everyone he met with the most innocent and harmless appearance, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt Ji Yuxiao, slander him or make him sad.

He had already lost his parents and he couldn’t lose Ji Yuxiao. So whoever made Ji Yuxiao unhappy, he would make them unhappy.

He would hurt whoever hurt him.

If he couldn’t do it now, then he would wait until he grew up and developed the ability. Then he could always get revenge.

Since then, Ji Leyu was no longer in the mood to play. He just wanted to protect Ji Yuxiao. He paid attention to everyone who came near Ji Yuxiao and eavesdropped on every conversation he could hear.

There was no need to have a playground at home. His uncle couldn’t play with him any longer, so he didn’t need to play those games.

“I don’t care.” He looked at Lin Luoqing and his voice was soft. “I don’t play with those things.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “Xiao Yu, you don’t like things like slides, swings and trampolines?”

Ji Leyu shook his head, his face innocent.

Lin Luoqing looked at his uninterested expression and thought about it carefully. Yes, which villain would like these things? It wasn’t cool at all and wasn’t in line with the villain’s personality.

He thought about it and felt that Lin Fei probably… wouldn’t like it either.

After all, he was the future cold-faced king of hell!

Which king of hell would like these things?!

Sure enough, the moment he finished talking to Lin Fei about this, Lin Fei didn’t show any fluctuations in his eyes. His calm expression seemed like this wasn’t building a playground at home but a playground abroad—it had nothing to do with him.

“I’m not interested. Go see if Xiao Yu wants it.”

“He said he doesn’t care because he doesn’t play these things.”

“I don’t play with them either,” Lin Fei said.

Lin Luoqing glanced at the book on the desk. Lin Fei obviously liked to read books more than playing. It was estimated that he would probably be happier to receive a study than a playground.

“Then I’ll talk to your uncle another day to see if you can go to his study to read. He had many books there but you are too young to understand them.”

Lin Fei was really more interested in this. “Then when I’m older and I can understand them, can I go and take a look?”

“I’ll ask him.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “If not, I’ll build a study for you.”

Lin Fei hadn’t expected it to be like this and was stunned for a moment.

He looked at Lin Luoqing and blinked slowly. He thought this person had been too good to him recently.

Buying him gifts, giving him a flowerpot, telling him that Lin Luoqing liked him the most and now building him a study.

How could this person suddenly be so nice to him?

It wasn’t the first time that Lin Fei had this doubt but it was the first time he had the urge to ask about it.

When people didn’t care about something, they didn’t look for the cause. Then once they cared, they wanted to know why.

Lin Fei thought he didn’t care. He really hadn’t cared too much before. He just thought it was good. It was good that he could read quietly and grow up calmly.

Now he wanted to know why. He cared about it.

He started caring about Lin Luoqing.

Lin Fei lowered his head and didn’t speak, as if he was a bit overwhelmed by his current mood.

He really didn’t want to care about Lin Luoqing. After all, Lin Luoqing used to treat him like that.

However, he was moved by the current Lin Luoqing. He liked Lin Luoqing’s current attitude toward him and he liked the way they got along. Thus, he wanted to know why.

He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to change back one day.

Lin Luoqing saw that Lin Fei lowered his head again and wondered doubtfully, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want a study?”

Lin Fei shook his head and put aside his doubts for the time being. He asked, “Will Uncle allow it?”

“Yes, he likes you a lot. He will definitely allow it.”

He rubbed Lin Fei’s head. “Your uncle and I like you very much.”

Lin Fei didn’t speak but his long eyelashes covered his eyes that were quiet and peaceful.

Lin Luoqing lowered his head to look at the child. “The day after tomorrow, your uncle is going home. We will go back with Xiao Yu. The three of us will accompany him to go back, okay?”

“Go home?”

“Go back to his father’s house.” Lin Luoqing approached him. “His father and his other family members have a bit of conflict with your uncle. You know, your uncle hurt his leg so some people are bound to look down on him. Once the time comes, they might say unpleasant things. Don’t care about it.”

He looked at Lin Fei. “You are a child so they won’t say anything about you. It is highly likely that they will only talk about me. They will say that I am a little star with no money, no identity, no background, nothing. I’m not worthy of your uncle and that I’m not suitable to be with your uncle. Don’t take it to heart. Not everyone in this world can respect others. It is their problem that they don’t understand. They didn’t learn well when they went to school. There is no need to make ourselves unhappy because they didn’t learn well.”

“I don’t care what they say and neither does your uncle. So don’t pay attention to them. Didn’t I tell you before that not all adults are right? Adults will also make mistakes and can also be bad at learning. Therefore, some children will understand the truth while adults don’t understand. If you meet such adults then you don’t have to pay attention to them.”

Lin Fei nodded. “Okay.”

“Good.” Lin Luoqing rubbed his head.

Lin Fei didn’t refuse but his eyes were filled with 30% helplessness, 30% calmness and 40% indulgence.

He let Lin Luoqing rub his head for a while. Then he went back to reading the books on the desk once Lin Luoqing left.

‘Will I get a study too?’ Lin Fei thought.

Would Lin Luoqing really give him a study?

Lin Fei wasn’t sure but he vaguely hoped that Lin Luoqing would do what he said.

If he could do it then Lin Fei would no longer blame him for what happened before. Lin Fei secretly thought, ‘Adults can make mistakes. Lin Luoqing is also an adult so he will also make mistakes.’

He shouldn’t always remember the mistakes that Lin Luoqing had made. Lin Luoqing had changed and became good so Lin Fei should learn to forgive him.

Lin Fei lay on the desk and cocked his head. Then he sat up and started to read the books on the desk again.

Ji Yuxiao heard about the study from Lin Luoqing and agreed without hesitation. “Of course. This is his home and there are no problems going wherever he wants. The study is the same.”

“Then I also want to remodel a study for him.”

Lin Luoqing thought about it. “He is young now and he reads idiom stories, Aesop’s fables, mythical stories and children’s versions of famous books. However, he will get older in the future and will probably want to read popular novels or magazines. I think he will be too embarrassed to put such things in your study so I want to remodel a study for him. This way, he can have his own study and put whatever books he wants in them.”

Ji Yuxiao had no opinion. “Yes, you can see what room he likes and make room for it.”

“Then make one for Xiao Yu as well,” Lin Luoqing added.

Ji Yuxiao laughed when he heard the words. “Then you think too highly of him. Xiao Yu doesn’t like reading and he will procrastinate when writing an assignment. He isn’t like my brother at all.”

“He might be like your sister-in-law,” Lin Luoqing said.

Ji Yuxiao shook his head. “He is like me.”

He added, “My brother and sister-in-law both liked to learn but I didn’t like it. I hated classes when I was a child. In this regard, he is like me.”

“That’s good.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Yuxiao also smiled. He seemed to be thinking of something beautiful and his expression was very gentle.

It was just that his complexion soon paled. He pushed his wheelchair and moved outside the study.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly followed and pushed him back to the room.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Ji Yuxiao told him.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

He watched Ji Yuxiao enter the bathroom. He picked up his phone and read the forum posts for a while. Suddenly, Lin Luoqing remembered something and sat up. Yesterday morning, didn’t Ji Yuxiao tell him that tonight he would get his wish?

Then he wanted to see how Ji Yuxiao planned to make his wish come true.

Lin Luoqing took his pajamas and went to the guest room next door to take a shower. He returned to their bedroom again before Ji Yuxiao came out. He sat on the bed and started wiping his hair.

Ji Yuxiao changed into his pajamas and came out of the bathroom. He saw Lin Luoqing looking like he just finished taking a shower. Lin Luoqing was wearing white pajamas and wiping his hair. Then Lin Luoqing tilted his head and stared at him.

His smile shone in the dim light and his ill intentions were just short of being clearly written on his face.

“You… what expression is this?” Ji Yuxiao doubted it.

Lin Luoqing blinked, his tone soft and ambiguous. “Honey, I’ve already taken a shower.”


“So we don’t need to waste time. You can let me have my wish right now.”

Lin Luoqing blinked. “Just as you said yesterday morning.

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘You really can’t give up until it is a complete failure!’

You can’t wait to sleep with me that much?

Did you really have a crush on me for 15 years?

You love me so much!

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Okay. Since you are so obsessed with it, I will naturally satisfy you.”

He pushed the wheelchair closer to Lin Luoqing. “Don’t be tired and say you can’t stand it when the time comes~”

Lin Luoqing didn’t believe that Ji Yuxiao would really start anything with him. He raised his hand, threw away the towel in his hand and hooked his arm around Ji Yuxiao’s neck. Then he approached Ji Yuxiao’s mouth and the breath he spat out hit the other person’s lips as he said, “Okay~”

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The gay chicken game continues! Excited to see how the family visit goes too 😀

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ErLa Inertia
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