FV: Chapter 31 Part 2

Ji Mu’s mood immediately improved again. He approached Ji Yuxiao in a condescending manner and looked down at the person in front of him.

He never felt that Ji Yuxiao was so small and weak.

“Xiao Huai didn’t know what to buy for you. I think you aren’t lacking anything here so instead of randomly guessing, it is better to give you money. You can buy whatever you want.”

He looked down and pulled out two checks from his pocket. “Here is 166 million. 66 million is Xiao Hui’s marriage gift for you and she wishes you a smooth life like the big 66. I gave you the 100 million. I hope you can be one in heart and mind for a lifetime.”

He handed over the checks. Ji Yuxiao calmly raised his hand to take it and a small smile appeared on his face. “You can talk better than your sister. Then I thank my cousins for your blessings.”

“You’re welcome. Xiao Xiao, you are different now. As an older brother, I should naturally care more about you.”

Ji Yuxiao’s eyes instantly froze.

He looked at Ji Mu and said coldly, “The gift is given so it is time for you to get lost. Do you still expect me to send you away?”

Ji Mu laughed softly. His tone seemed to be sighing and he appeared helpless in the face of a small child. “You should be mature and stable when you are married or you might hurt my sister-in-law one day. Won’t that be bad?”

Ji Yuxiao laughed sarcastically.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly said, “No, he is very good to me.”

Ji Mu looked at him like he was a considerate brother and said gently, “Xiao Xiao has been like this since he was a child. He is proud and arrogant. It will inevitably be hard when you are with him. I hope you don’t mind.”

Lin Luoqing, “……” How could this person be so green tea-like?

“I don’t think it is hard.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “He is very good to me so I don’t mind at all.”

Ji Mu heard this and only thought that Lin Luoqing was trying to express sincerity in front of Ji Yuxiao. He didn’t say anything else and just told him, “That’s fine.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed lightly when he heard the words.

Ji Mu felt that this person was laughing at him. Then when he looked down, he saw that Ji Yuxiao was looking down and not at him.

He was acting as if Ji Mu had never been in his eyes.

Ji Mu started to feel dissatisfied again. However, this was Ji Yuxiao’s home so he quickly suppressed the resentment in his heart. “Then I’ll be going first.”

“Go away,” Ji Yuxiao said casually.

Ji Mu turned around and left neatly.

He was about to reach the end of the corridor when he saw Ji Leyu going back to his room with a cup of water.

Ji Mu called out, “Xiao Yu.”

Ji Leyu looked back and walked over to him with the cup of water, saying sweetly, “Uncle.”

Ji Mu smiled, bent down and touched his head. “Have you been well lately?”

Ji Leyu nodded.

“Is your uncle fierce to you?”

“No.” Ji Leyu smiled.

Ji Mu didn’t get the answer he wanted and felt a bit lost in his heart.

He looked at Ji Leyu and said in a gentle tone, “Xiao Hao and the others went to the playground a few days ago. Do you want to go? Wait a few days and I will take you to the playground, okay/”

Ji Leyu shook his head. “I have to do homework.”

“Then we’ll go after you finish your homework.”

Ji Leyu sighed in a distressed manner. “How can I finish it? Why do we have so much homework? Adults don’t have to do homework.”

“Then don’t do it.” Ji Mu smiled. “I will help you and speak to the teacher.”

“No.” Ji Leyu looked down at his cup of water. “You aren’t a good child if you don’t do your homework. I want to be a good child.”

Ji Mu saw him worrying about his homework and just felt that Ji Leyu truly was a child. His biggest trouble was homework.

“Okay, then call me when you want to go play.”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Yes.”

Ji Mu touched the child’s face and said regretfully, “If only you were my child. Then I could take you to play at any time.”

He added, “After all, now Ji Yuxiao can’t play with you when taking you out.”

Ji Leyu looked at him, smiled softly and didn’t speak.

Ji Mu just thought he was embarrassed and let go. He patted Ji Leyu’s head again. “Then I’m going. I’ll see you another day.”

“Yes,” Ji Leyu responded.

Ji Mu waved to him and walked to the stairs.

Ji Leyu stood at the door and watched him go down the stairs before walking along the railing of the corridor.

He watched Ji Mu go down the stairs, open the door and walk out. His face had long lost its smile and only confusion remained.

What was this person here for?

What did he say to his uncle?

Ji Leyu had gone to Ji Yuxiao’s door as soon as he heard Ji Mu coming. It was just that they were talking on the balcony this time and Ji Leyu couldn’t hear their conversation.

Ji Leyu held his cup of water. The water in the cup was already warm because he had been waiting for Ji Mu for a while.

He really hoped that Ji Mu hadn’t said anything to his uncle that shouldn’t be said. For example, ‘You can’t play with him even when taking him out.’

Otherwise, his uncle would definitely be unhappy. If he was unhappy then the person who made him unhappy was destined to not be happy either.

Ji Leyu touched his cup of water and turned back to his room.

Ji Yuxiao glanced at the checks in his hand and gave them to Lin Luoqing. “It is for you.”

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

“For me?”

“Isn’t it the marriage gift you asked for? What you want is naturally yours.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “I did ask for it but Ji Mu and Ji Huai only gave it because of you. This number is too big and I don’t dare ask for it.”

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Is it a big number? It is only 166 million. It isn’t worth mentioning.”

Lin Luoqing, ‘…Do you rich people regard money like sh*t like this? It is 166 million! It isn’t worth mentioning?! Isn’t this number big enough?’

Lin Luoqing once again felt his poverty.

Ji Yuxiao saw his surprised expression and pulled him over, putting the checks in his hand. “Take it. What you want is yours. You will have more money in the future. Your husband has money and I don’t care for this small pocket money.”

…Was he really here to help the poor?

It was professional poverty alleviation! The Belt and Road Initiative! Be sure to help the people around him out of poverty and get rich?! (TL: Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese government plan to provide finance and engineering expertise to build infrastructure across Eurasia and northeast Africa)

This was too majestic!

Applause for President Ji!

“Then I’ll put it away first and give it to you when you need it.” Lin Luoqing stated after thinking about it.

Ji Yuxiao felt there was no need for this. “Anyway, you can take it and spend it if you want. If you don’t want to spend it then save it for later.”

He finished speaking and didn’t forget to give a reminder, “However, remember to first cash out the money. A check won’t generate interest.”

Lin Luoqing gestured at him. “I know~”

He happily put away the checks. He would cash it out when he went to cancel the contract tomorrow.

“I completed negotiations with Brother Wu. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go to the previous company to terminate my contract.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Go. Do you need me to accompany you?”

“No.” Lin Luoqing didn’t want to bother him. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay. Then talk to Fei Fei tomorrow. We’ll go home together the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing responded.

Ji Yuxiao’s business wasn’t over yet. After seeing Ji Mu, he was ready to go to his study again.

Lin Luoqing went to find the two babies and asked if they wanted a playground built in the yard.

Ji Leyu didn’t have much interest in play facilities. He used to have it but not anymore.

Before the car accident, he could vaguely see the difference between himself and other children. For example, he wasn’t as simple or naive. He also wasn’t as kind to others as he showed. He always greeted adults obediently and politely, showing them a sweet smile. Meanwhile, in his heart, he felt they were annoying, stupid and childish.

He looked at many people with contempt in his heart and gave them a few perfunctory sentences when he had patience. He only didn’t listen to them when he was impatient.

However, at that time, he still looked no different from other children.

He liked to play and make trouble. He liked his parents and he liked Ji Yuxiao, the uncle who loved him.

Therefore, according to the laws of the world, he only showed his best side no matter what he thought. He was a well-behaved, cute, safe and harmless child that the world liked.

Then a car accident completely took away his parents and made his uncle unable to play with him any longer.

Ji Leyu naturally knew that Ji Yuxiao was injured to protect him and felt sad, pained and guilty.

He was willing to use his legs to change for Ji Yuxiao’s legs but it wasn’t possible. This caused him to put his full attention on Ji Yuxiao.

The cage containing the beast that lurked in his heart opened due to this accident.

The author has something to say:

The turning point in Xiao Yu’s life was the car accident and Ji Yuxiao’s legs. Before the car accident, Xiao Yu lived in ‘paradise.’ He was born dark-hearted and could feel the difference, but he was willing to pretend for his parents and Ji Yuxiao. Therefore, everyone felt he was just a white, glutinous rice cake.

After the car accident, Ji Yuxiao was still alive so Xiao Yu lived in the ‘human world.’ He felt pain and sadness so he cherished Ji Yuxiao even more. He didn’t completely pretend like before. However, Ji Yuxiao exists and he feels the need to make Ji Yuxiao feel he is a simple and lovely child. Therefore, he still has a bottom line.

The current Xiao Yu is the Xiao Yu in the ‘human world’ stage.

Little theater:

President Ji: I help my wife earn pocket money today ^_^

President Ji is helping his wife earn private money every day.

Luoqing: This is really too much!

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1 year ago

I could see the inner death glare from Xiao Yu at Ji Mu when hd talked shit in front of him >D Don’t try to badmouth his uncle, you will regret it.

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

1 year ago

Definitely seems like Xiao Yu is a sociopath, but it’s good that his governing rules revolve around taking care of the emotions of the people he recognizes. It also explains why he blackened so much in the original story. Losing his uncle, there was no reason to keep himself in check anymore. I have a feeling the rest of that disgusting family did not end well. If he held a grudge for years over someone his uncle met one time, enough to marry him to a dog, I doubt the people responsible for the deaths of his parents and uncle were tortured any less. It’s sad that a young child with his own (questionable) moral code ended up so dark because all of his light and hope went away. At least this time he’ll be surrounded by love.

11 months ago

Fr he’s a sociopath. I mean. Lol

10 months ago