FV: Chapter 31 Part 1

Lin Luoqing reached out and pulled Lin Fei’s hand down. He held it in the palm of his hand while still not understanding. “Why do you say that?”

“Why do you think you aren’t likable?”

Lin Fei patiently explained it to him. “I don’t like to talk and I don’t smile often. I don’t talk to you about this and that. Mother said that if I am like this, others won’t like me. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu talks a lot and he looks good when he smiles. It is normal for everyone to like him.”

“How is this normal?” Lin Luoqing spoke as soon as Lin Fei finished. “Everyone has their own personality. They aren’t cute and lovable just because they talk a lot and love to smile. For me, you are cute and well-behaved. I like you like this.”

Lin Fei was surprised. “But Mother said…”

“Your mother is wrong.”

Lin Luoqing could probably guess Lin Luoxi’s intentions. He had never heard the name of any classmate or friend from Lin Fei’s mouth since coming here. Lin Fei was born with a lonely personality and had no interest in many people and many things. He had his own spiritual world where he lived quietly and freely.

Lin Luoxi probably hoped that he could be like a normal child with friends or partners and to be liked. Therefore, she said these words to him in the hopes he would become more extroverted.

However, Lin Fei’s personality wouldn’t change because of other people or things. He would never change himself for others. He would just feel that he wasn’t likable. He wouldn’t force others to like him.

“Everyone likes different types, just like some people like to eat apples and others like to eat bananas. You don’t need to become a banana because there will naturally be people who like apples. You just have to be happy and don’t regret it. Then it is fine.”

Lin Fei didn’t seem to have expected this and he looked at Lin Luoqing with some confusion and surprise.

Lin Luoqing approached him, raised a hand and touched his face, “Xiao Yu is naturally very well-behaved and cute, but you are also well-behaved and cute. It is just that yours is different. I prefer you like this so I am willing to like you more all the time.”

“You are very good and you have no problems. Your mother’s ideas can only represent herself. It can’t represent me or other people. Adults aren’t necessarily right. In this matter, she is wrong so you don’t need to feel that you have a problem. You can just grow up and live according to what you like. This is fine. It is because no matter who you are, you will always meet someone who likes you.”

“It is just like how there are apples, bananas, pears, grapes, grapefruit, etc in this world. They taste different but there are always people who like them. Do you understand?”

Lin Fei watched him quietly.

A long time passed before Lin Fei nodded slightly. “I see.”

“So don’t say anything about how I should like Xiao Yu more. I already said that I like you the most. Why do I have to like others? The next time someone asks you who your uncle likes the most, tell them that he likes you the most. No matter whether you talk or smile, he likes you the most.”

There was uncontrollable joy on Lin Fei’s face. The smile wasn’t obvious. It was small, as if it was sneaked out and wasn’t controlled by the master’s will.

His eyes were like the surface of a lake after the rain. It was sparkling, clear and beautiful.

He responded in a low voice, “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing stroked his face before pulling him to continue walking forward.

Lin Fei lowered his head and looked at his shadow at his feet.

He walked briskly. He had been an overly quiet child since he was young. He didn’t walk like other boys but was silent.

He stepped on the mottled shade of the tree under his feet, as if he was playing with the shade. Every step he took was in the mottled shadow.

Lin Luoqing turned back when he felt the movement. He saw Lin Fei suddenly avoiding the sunlight to step on the shadow of a tree. His shadow followed his feet and was obliquely hidden in the sunlight.

Lin Luoqing saw this childish behavior and felt that Lin Fei was still a child after all.

The adult Lin Fei didn’t care about these things, nor did he become happy because others liked him.

He was lonely and cold, like an iceberg that hadn’t melted in a thousand years. He didn’t need the company of people, nor did he want to accompany people.

Meanwhile, the young Lin Fei still cared about these things. Maybe it wasn’t as much as others but he was also touched by it.

He was still young, tender and soft. His heart was open to the world. He wouldn’t be sad if the spring light didn’t come but he would open his hands and receive the spring breeze if the spring light shone on him.

Lin Luoqing bent down and picked up Lin Fei, who was still playing with the shadows of the trees. Lin Fei had already restored his calm and there was the familiar 30% doubt, 30% surprise and 40% helplessness as he looked at Lin Luoqing. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just want to hug you,” Lin Luoqing replied. “Uncle hasn’t hugged you for a long time.”

Disgust immediately appeared in Lin Fei’s eyes. “You obviously just hugged me yesterday.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing refused to admit it. “I don’t remember.”

Lin Fei sighed while thinking that this person’s memory was really poor.

Nevertheless, he didn’t move and just leaned against Lin Luoqing’s arms. ‘Forget it, I am used to it. Let him go.’

He skillfully tolerated Lin Luoqing and didn’t care about him.

The two of them lined up to buy pastries and returned home with a large bag of mochi, cream puffs and short-crust pastry.

Ji Leyu had already arrived home and was leaning against Ji Yuxiao’s arms as he watched TV. He saw them return and raised his hand to let them come over.

“Do you want to eat?” Lin Luoqing opened the bag in his hand and asked Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu looked down and took out a few cream puffs. He ate one himself and didn’t forget to feed Ji Yuxiao.

“This is why you asked Xiao Li to come back first?” Ji Yuxiao asked Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes.”

Ji Yuxiao naturally didn’t believe that he had specifically sent Xiao Li away just to buy pastries but he didn’t ask much. He just said, “Go wash your hands. It is time to eat.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing smiled at him and took Lin Fei to the bathroom on the first floor.

Ji Mu arrived after they ate.

He rang the doorbell. Mrs Zhang came out to take a look, saw it was him and went back to his room to call Ji Yuxiao. “Mr Ji Mu is outside the door right now. He said he came to give you the marriage gift.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled contemptuously. “Let him come to my bedroom.”


After she finished speaking, Ji Yuxiao hung up the phone and pushed the wheelchair forward.

Lin Luoqing saw him move, closed the book and asked, “What’s wrong? Who came?”

“Ji Huai’s brother.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him and said, “Let’s go and check your marriage gift.”

Lin Luoqing stood up instantly and pushed him back to the bedroom with a smile.

Ji Mu entered the house and saw the elevator doors inside.

He almost laughed and thought secretly, ‘Yes, his legs are like this. How can he go up the stairs?’

He walked over, got into the elevator and pressed the floor button.

In fact, Ji Mu didn’t come to Ji Yuxiao’s house very often. Their relationship was average and they usually only exchanged a few perfunctory greetings when they met. In essence, he preferred to deal with Ji Yuling more than Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuling was gentle and polite and had a degree of advance and retreat. He was willing to care about people’s face. Meanwhile, Ji Yuxiao was different. He was proud and arrogant. If he encountered something he didn’t like then he wouldn’t bother to even say a few words.

Ji Mu was unhappy when he remembered the smiling eyes that Ji Yuxiao once had. Then he soon became happy again. Even if Ji Yuxiao had been proud for half his life, he had now been lowered to the dust.

It was ridiculous for a disabled person to marry such a spouse.

Forget it, who would care about a disabled person? Ji Mu dusted off his clothes and walked out neatly dressed.

Ji Yuxiao was already sitting on the balcony and waiting for him. Lin Luoqing was also with him.

He looked at the flowery courtyard below the balcony and wondered, “Do you want to build a playground for Xiao Yu and Fei Fei?”

Ji Yuxiao had no opinion. “Build it if you want. It just so happens that they can play together.”

“Then I’ll ask them later.”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door and Ji Mu walked in.

Lin Luoqing turned around and saw a man with well-defined facial features. He was somewhat similar to Ji Huai and should be Ji Huai’s brother, Ji Mu.

He smiled at Ji Mu and said politely, “Hello.”

Ji Mu looked at him silently. This appearance was truly good. It was no wonder why Ji Yuxiao was enticed and married him. With such a face, combined with a few sweet words, he would be a piece of driftwood for a person who just experienced physical and mental trauma.

“Hello,” he smiled and said, “Xiao Huai doesn’t understand things and sometimes she might not be attentive when she speaks. I hope you don’t mind. She doesn’t have any bad intentions and she isn’t aiming at you.”

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “She is 22 years old and doesn’t understand things. Then I think it isn’t that she had no bad intentions, she is just brainless.”

Ji Huai, “……”

JI Mu looked down at Ji Yuxiao, who was sitting in a wheelchair in a lazy manner. His beautiful phoenix eyes were slightly raised and filled with ridicule, but his face was pale. He looked sick and this added a decadent air to him.

He had been like this ever since the accident. He had a bad temper and his mood was uncertain. He used to talk well but now it seemed like he couldn’t talk without sneering.

Anyone would become cynical after falling from such a high cloud and becoming like this, let alone Ji Yuxiao.

He used to look down on people, as if he didn’t pay attention to anyone. Now he had to sit in a wheelchair and look up at others. He couldn’t even look straight ahead and could only look up.

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1 year ago

I’m glad he had that kind of conversation with Fei Fei. And that he’s open minded about it. Good job~

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

1 year ago

“Now he had to sit in a wheelchair and look up at others. He couldn’t even look straight ahead and could only look up.”

this kinda remind me with Levi (SnK), Akashi (KnB), and Taiga (Toradora). they might be shorty but have very high pride and can still be arrogant af. when talking to taller people, they might need to looking up but their gaze always belittling, looking down on them 😏 in the end, height doesn’t matter 😌

11 months ago


Jin Yi
9 months ago

Wow , he teaches n explain to him so nicely 😭 tbh , I kind of understand fei fei’s feelings , I wasn’t that cold like him but I’m kind of introvert n quiet too . While ppl laugh around me talking this n that , I would laugh along but I just let them talk . It’s also hard for me to talk to others first so if no one speaks to me first that day , then I would be quiet the whole day too , so ppl didn’t really like me n that’s how I was in school . Even my dad told me how I was unsociable bla bla bla , but what can I do , that’s my personality , why ppl only like extroverts n only hear what extrovert say meanwhile just bcs I don’t like to speak , they just dislike me