FV: Chapter 30

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t thought about this. He was just afraid that there would be many people and someone would say something that made Lin Fei unhappy. Now that he heard Lin Luoqing say this, he thought about it and felt that he was right.

They were a family. It made no sense for him to go home with Lin Luoqing and Ji Leyu while Lin Fei stayed home alone. Even if he was thinking about Lin Fei, this result was a type of harm to Lin Fei.

“I was negligent,” Ji Yuxiao said frankly. “I just thought that there would be many mouths at my home and they won’t speak properly. I didn’t think that he would be unhappy if left here alone. Then take him with us. I’ll talk to my father and have him pay attention when the time comes.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded in response.

He looked at his watch and saw that there was more than an hour left until Lin Fei finished school.

Lin Luoqing sat in the study and quietly read a book for a while. Then the alarm clock to pick up Lin Fei rang and he stood up. He told Ji Yuxiao, “I’m going to pick up Fei Fei.”

“Go ahead,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile.

Lin Luoqing looked at him and said softly, “Today is the last time I will pick him up alone. From tomorrow onwards, I will pick up Xiao Yu first and then Fei Fei.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him doubtfully and didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing smiled and explained with some sweetness in his tone, “We are married and I am also Xiao Yu’s father. Naturally, I can’t just pick up Fei Fei or wouldn’t it be unfair to Xiao Yu?”

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected him to put himself into the role of a father so quickly and laughed. “There is no need to be fair. He is your nephew and it is natural to love him a bit more.”

“I can love him a bit more in my heart but in terms of action, I can’t be biased toward him. Otherwise, we will be two separate subjects. I will be in charge of Fei Fei and you will be in charge of Xiao Yu. Then this family will have no meaning. Since there are two adults in the family, they should feel the love of two adults. This way, they will feel the same and different love from their parents like other children.”

“If we were male and female, we would be a father and a mother right now and we would be a very ordinary family of four. Xiao Yu and Fei Fei would have the love of a mother and father again. However, we aren’t a man and a woman. We can only give them two types of fatherly love. This shouldn’t change because I’m not your relative or because we have our own nephews or it would be irresponsible for the children.”

“Since we are married, he will call me Dad. I have assumed this status so I should be responsible for him.”

Before Ji Yuxiao got married, he had worried if Lin Luoqing would treat Ji Leyu kindly.

For the current him, Ji Leyu was his most valuable existence and he had to take good care of Ji Leyu, letting him grow up safely and happily. This meant he didn’t care about Lin Luoqing’s other things. He just hoped Lin Luoqing would treat Ji Leyu kindly.

This was also one of the few prenuptial agreements he and Lin Luoqing had.

Now hearing Lin Luoqing’s words, he suddenly felt that he had been worrying too much.

He didn’t know why Lin Luoqing was completely different from what the data showed but Ji Yuxiao was very happy that Lin Luoqing had appeared in front of him and married him.

Everything he did and every thought was perfectly in line with Ji Yuxiao’s expectations and hopes.

Lin Luoqing was like a gift carefully given to him by Heaven in order to make up for everything that happened to him. How could anyone think that Lin Luoqing was ordinary?

Just keeping Lin Luoqing in front of his eyes made him feel relaxed and happy.

JI Yuxiao moved his hands, adjusted the direction of the wheelchair and headed toward him.

Lin Luoqing saw Ji Yuxiao coming over and walked over doubtfully. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Yuxiao beckoned for him to get closer.

Lin Luoqing didn’t think much and bent down to listen to him.

As soon as he approached, Ji Yuxiao reached out and took him into his arms.

Lin Luoqing turned his head in surprise. Before he had time to ask a question, he heard Ji Yuxiao say softly, “If I could stand up now, I would definitely come over and hug you. I’m sorry, I can’t stand up so I can only hug you like this.”

Lin Luoqing’s face instantly turned red.

His tone was soft and gentle and there was an unspeakable inexperience. “Why are you suddenly hugging me?”

Ji Yuxiao let go and stared at Lin Luoqing’s red face with eyes full of tenderness. “Probably because your male god thinks you are very cute.”

Lin Luoqing was stared at like this and for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. It felt like there was a sika deep in his heart that was gently stepping on it.

He thought of a poem by Haizi—a flower deer stepped on my forehead in the morning, how wonderful the world is.

Now that flower deer had become Ji Yuxiao but what he stepped on wasn’t Lin Luoqing’s forehead but his heart.

“I’m going to pick up Fei Fei,” Lin Luoqing said involuntarily.

He pursed his lips and his eyes shook slightly. Finally, he glanced at Ji Yuxiao before walking out.

Ji Yuxiao watched his back and smiled slowly.

His wife was unexpectedly innocent. Lin Luoqing dared to say anything and clamored to inspect the goods, but he would blush whenever Ji Yuxiao touched him slightly.

Really cute.

Lin Fei was slightly surprised when he walked out the school gate and saw Lin Luoqing—there wasn’t Ji Yuxiao’s car behind him.

‘Are we taking a taxi today?’ He thought to himself as he walked toward Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing walked faster than him and reached him first, holding his hand. “There is a newly opened pastry store in front of us. Shall we go buy some pastries and go back to eat them?”

Lin Fei had no objection. “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing pulled him along while thinking about what he had in mind when he came here.

He had specially sent Xiao Li back in order to have a private conversation with Lin Fei.

It wasn’t that Xiao Li couldn’t listen to this but he preferred it to be only him and Lin Fei.

“I have obtained the certificate with your Uncle Li. Getting the certificate means we are officially married in the future. You can’t call him Uncle Ji in the future. You have to call him Aunt Ji.” Lin Luoqing looked down at Lin Fei and said softly.

Lin Fei looked up doubtfully. There was 30% confusion, 30% strangeness and 40% surprise in his eyes. “Can a man be called Aunt?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Then just call him Uncle?”

“Uncle?” Lin Fei repeated.

Lin Luoqing listened to his soft pronunciation and felt that he was calling out ‘godfather’, not ‘uncle.’

“Yes, just call him this.”

Lin Fei nodded and repeated it in a low voice. “Uncle.”

Lin Luoqing listened and swallowed down the words in his mouth.

He thought about it before saying softly, “Just like you need to change what you call him, Xiao Yu will also change it for me accordingly. He might call me Dad in the future.”

Lin Fei made an ‘oh’ sound and looked calm.

Lin Luoqing carefully observed him and found there were no emotional fluctuations. Therefore, he continued, “he will call me Dad and I will take care of him like a father. This means I can’t just pick you up from school alone in the future. I also have to pick him up, help him take a bath, chat to him and look at his homework, just as I do with you. At the same time, Uncle Ji is now your uncle and he will treat you the same way he treats Xiao Yu. It is equivalent to both of you having two parents. Is this okay?”

“Yes,” Lin Fei said calmly.

“Even so, I still like you the most.” Lin Luoqing reassured him. “You and Xiao Yu might be my children and I will treat you both equally, but in my heart, I like you more. You will always be my favorite baby.”

There was only a bit more emotion in Lin Fei’s eyes when he heard this.

He seemed to have some doubts as he raised his head to look at Lin Luoqing, his clear eyes filled with the purity of a child.

Sometime later, Lin Luoqing heard Lin Fei’s calm voice that contained no emotion. “You can like Xiao Yu more.”

He added, “Adults prefer well-behaved and cute children. I know this so you can like him more.”

What’s more, he didn’t like himself much.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected his reply to be like this and was surprised. “What are you talking about? You don’t believe me.”

Lin Fei didn’t believe it. They might be getting along very well for a while but this didn’t mean they would get along in the future. He was a burden to Lin Luoqing. He knew very well that he wasn’t Lin Luoqing’s child so it was normal that Lin Luoqing didn’t like him.

Besides, Ji Leyu was a child who was originally always liked by adults. It was normal for adults to like him so there was nothing wrong with Lin Luoqing liking him.

He didn’t need Lin Luoqing to like him the most. He wasn’t as likable as Ji Leyu so it was okay for Lin Luoqing to like Ji Leyu more.

“He is very likable,” Lin Fei said calmly. “It is normal to like him, so you can like him more.”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing felt that Lin Fei had no heart!

What a scumbag quote!

How could he say this with no embarrassment?

“Don’t you care about me at all? I still like you the most but you are generous and don’t need it at all!”

After he finished speaking, he deliberately turned his head to ignore Lin Fei and showed an angry expression.

Lin Fei hadn’t seen him angry for a long time. They had been getting along so well and so happily that for a while, he had forgotten that Lin Luoqing could become angry.

He saw the angry Lin Luoqing and memories of the past swept in again. This person’s bad temper, his insults and him raising his hands or using the broom due to anger.

Lin Fei actually wasn’t afraid of Lin Luoqing. His personality was too cold and strong emotions of liking someone or fear were too luxurious for him. He didn’t have many emotions, let alone assign them to people he didn’t like.

This meant he never shrank back due to Lin Luoqing’s actions. He just dodged calmly, enduring it quietly and growing stubbornly.

However, he was only a child.

If he could have a good relationship with Lin Luoqing then he didn’t want to fight with Lin Luoqing every time or look at each other with dislike.

He once thought that Lin Luoqing couldn’t be saved and he was destined to grow up with Lin Luoqing’s anger until he could live independently.

However, in the past few days, he found this wasn’t the case. Lin Luoqing could also talk to him and get along well.

Lin Fei liked the Lin Luoqing who got along well with him and he didn’t want Lin Luoqing to change back.

Before, he was too noisy and annoying. Now he was good.

It was just that he made this Lin Luoqing angry.

Lin Fei blinked. He looked at the angry Lin Luoqing and he was a bit worried. What should he do?

In the past, Lin Luoqing would scold him or beat him when he was angry. Now Lin Luoqing didn’t beat him or hit him. Lin Luoqing still held his hand but was ignoring him.

Why was Lin Luoqing angry? Was he wrong? However, Ji Leyu was indeed more likable than him.

He glanced at Lin Luoqing and saw that Lin Luoqing still wasn’t looking at him. He hesitated for a moment before saying softly, “Mother said that adults prefer well-behaved and cute children.”

Lin Luoqing had noticed early on that Lin Fei was secretly observing him but he was curious and wanted to see what Lin Fei would do next. Would Lin Fei take the initiative to reconcile with him? Therefore, he never turned back to look at Lin Fei.

At this moment, he heard Lin Fei’s words and couldn’t help turning to look at the child.

Lin Fei stood by the long road. He looked small, quiet and silent, like a tree that hadn’t grown yet. In the rushing crowd and cast word, he was young and easy to be ignored.

“I’m not a cute and well-behaved child that adults like.” Lin Fei’s voice was calm and without a trace of emotion. He seemed to be stating a truth and it didn’t contain his own likes or dislikes. “So it is normal for you to prefer Xiao Yu. It isn’t your problem that I’m not likable.”

He looked at Lin Luoqing and beckoned to him.

Lin Luoqing never dreamed that Lin Fei would say such a thing. He was completely confused as he instinctively bent down.

Lin Fei stood on tiptoe, raised his hand and touched Lin Luoqing’s hair, his voice rarely gentle. “So don’t be angry. Be good.”

He looked at Lin Luoqing with sincere and soft eyes.

He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to be angry but he didn’t know how to stop Lin Luoqing from being angry. He could only coax Lin Luoqing using Lin Luoqing’s method.

This was something he had learned from Lin Luoqing but at this moment, he unexpectedly returned it to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing looked at him and examined him closely.

Lin Luoqing never imagined that such a scene would happen, just as he never thought he would hear the words ‘be good’ from Lin Fei’s mouth.

He stared at Lin Fei and for the first time, he found that this child was gentler and stronger than he had imagined.

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1 year ago

Well, Fei Fei you aren’t doing bad stuff on purpose or smth like that, so why shouldn’t he like you? xD
Every person is different, so everything’s fine how it is :3

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

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Noooooooooo Fei Fei you are my favorite and best baby!!!! You are the angel in this story!!