FV: Chapter 3 Part 2

Lin Fei’s mother, Lin Luoxi was the sister of ‘Lin Luoqing.’ She was four years older than ‘Lin Luoqing’ and they lost their mother at an early age. She was driven out of the house with her younger brother by their father when she just became an adult at the instigation of their stepmother. Therefore, she had always loved her younger brother who was dependent on her.

However, an older sister wasn’t the same as a warm, caring mother. ‘Lin Luoqing’ enjoyed the car of Lin Luoxi but he didn’t feel grateful. He just thought it should be like this. Later, Lin Luoxi passed away from a serious illness and entrusted her son to her younger brother before she died. ‘Lin Luoqing’ looked at his dying sister and burst into tears. The sadness at that time was real but the boredom that came afterward was also real.

Lin Fei might be smart, sensible and unwilling to bother others but he was still a child. He didn’t understand many things and needed an adult.

He remembered his mother telling him that his uncle was the closest person to him besides his mother. Before her death, his mother had called him to the bed and told him to follow his uncle and be filial to his uncle when growing up.

Thus, Lin Fei instinctively gave his trust and dependence to ‘Lin Luoqing’ after Lin Luoxi’s death.

It was just that ‘Lin Luoqing’ didn’t accept it. It was annoying living with a child, picking up the child from school, helping with homework, going to parent meetings and attending parent-child sports events, not to mention buying clothes for the child, cooking and bathing the child.

‘Lin Luoqing’ tried to do it for a few days before completely breaking down. He heard a friend saying, ‘You are so young yet you have a burdensome child with you. How can you fall in love in the future?’ Then his boredom with Lin Fei escalated into disgust.

He had someone he liked. The other person didn’t like him and didn’t care about it but wasn’t it even more unlikely to be together if he had an unwanted child with him?

He had no conscience at that time. He just felt that her sister didn’t really care for him if she entrusted her child to him after she died. He was so young. How could he get married later if he had a child?

From then on, ‘Lin Luoqing’ found Lin Fei less pleasing to the eye. He started to verbally insult the child and eventually started to hit the child.

Lin Fei was surprised at first and would say, “Uncle, don’t do this.”

Later, he saw that his uncle probably couldn’t be saved and stopped talking. If he was scolded, he would just read quietly. If Lin Luoqing hit him, he would calmly avoid it. After having nowhere to hide and being beaten up, he would note it down in his heart.

He matured early and was intelligent. He knew he was too young now and couldn’t do anything. If he hastily left his only relative, he would meet other bad people. He weighed the pros and cons and felt that ‘Lin Luoqing’ was someone he was already familiar with. ‘Lin Luoqing’ let him go to school so he chose to stay with ‘Lin Luoqing.’

He lived calmly and grew up calmly. No matter what injuries he suffered, he endured it until he graduated from primary school and entered middle school. 

He relied on the money he saved and chose to live in school. ‘Lin Luoqing’ was happy and felt like he got rid of his burden. He didn’t know how Lin Fei grew rapidly in a place he couldn’t see.

It wasn’t until one day he saw the nephew he hadn’t seen in a long time, who he had almost forgotten about, that he found that his nephew had grown taller and stronger than him. His nephew had become an existence he had to look up to.

At this time, Lin Fei bit by bit repaid all the suffering he had experienced.

He calmly retaliated against ‘Lin Luoqing.’ He was beaten as a child so he had people beat up ‘Lin Luoqing.’ He was scolded as a child so he found people to scold ‘Lin Luoqing’. After six months of beating and scolding, Lin Fei felt bored and shut ‘Lin Luoqing’ up for seven days. It wasn’t until ‘Lin Luoqing’ was almost unable to hold on that he released ‘Lin Luoqing’ and announced they would have nothing to do with each other anymore.

People like him were destined to be successful. Due to this, it wasn’t surprising that he started from scratch and became the famous cold-faced King of Hell in the industry.

Now the child, who hadn’t become the cold-faced King of Hell, was smiling at him and speaking to him in a soft voice. There was a child’s immaturity but the words were enough to make Lin Luoqing tremble.

“Can I hit you back? Uncle, you just told me that you would let me hit anyone who hit me. Does it still count?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Hey, why aren’t you cold-hearted at this time? Why are you still smiling? Don’t you know that for people who don’t usually smile, it is even more terrifying after they suddenly smile?’

Lin Luoqing looked at the harmless smile on the child’s face, took a deep breath and decided to save himself again!

He hugged Lin Fei and before Lin Fei could react, he kissed Lin Fei twice on the cheek.

Lin Fei tried to push him away in disgust but didn’t succeed. He couldn’t only push this person’s shoulders hard and tilt his head, trying to avoid the sudden intimacy.

“I’m sorry, Uncle was wrong.” Lin Luoqing hugged the child in his arms and burst into tears. “Hitting is loving you dearly and scolding is love. We aren’t flesh or blood if I don’t hit or scold you. Your uncle hit you and scolded you because I love you.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei silently looked up.

Lin Luoqing released him slightly and looked at his pale face. “It hurts my heart when I hit you. In fact, every time I hit you, my heart feels more uncomfortable than you. My heart—”

Lin Luoqing touched his chest. “It is like chopping up dumpling fillings. It is thin and broken!”

Lin Fei, “……”

The corners of Lin Fei’s mouth twitched.

Lin Luoqing let go and held out an arm. “You hit me.”

Lin Fei, ‘Huh?’

“I knew you couldn’t do it,” Lin Luoqing said in a sad tone.

Lin Fei, “……”

“Then you scold me,” Lin Luoqing suggested sincerely.

Lin Fei, “???”

‘You are so kind. How can you scold me?!”

Lin Fei, “……”

“Oh my god. Fei Fei, how can you repay your grievances so virtuously and forgive your disgusting uncle so much” Lin Luoqing hugged him affectionately.

“You are a child, a young child. Yet even at such a young age, you understand the principle of repaying grievances with virtue. You have learned to use love to influence the sins of the world. You really make me ashamed and proud! It is a pity that the emperors of the Qin, Han and Wu dynasties had too big a layout, the emperor of the Tang and Song dynasties are too lofty and even the pride of the generation Genghis Khan wasn’t as sensible as you when he was a child! You are the hope of the nation and the future of the motherland!”

Lin Fei, “………….”

The content of the fan-shaped chart in Lin Fei’s eyes changed. It became 30% shocked, 30% dumbfounded and 40% not wanting to speak.

“I know I was wrong.” Lin Luoqing spoke softly, “I will never hit you again. From today on, you are your uncle’s beloved baby. If the moon doesn’t sleep, I won’t sleep. I’ll stay with you  every year.”

As Lin Luoqing spoke, he was going to kiss Lin Fei again. Lin Fei immediately pushed him away in disgust and looked at him with complicated eyes.

“Then your words just now don’t count?”

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

No, child, why are you still thinking about getting revenge on your hateful uncle?

Are my words in vain?

Shouldn’t you rush into my arms at this time and show a deep affection to your uncle?

Why are you so indifferent?

Come on baby, Uncle’s arms are open for you!

However, Lin Fei didn’t want to throw himself into his uncle’s arms. He was still watching Lin Luoqing calmly.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Okay, this person really is the cold-faced King of Hell. He isn’t affected by rhetoric. Just let him hit me. It is better than waiting for him to grow up and being hit by someone he hired.’

“Fine.” Lin Luoqing sighed. “No matter how much I love you and how much I care about you,I did hit you before. It was my fault and I was wrong. So it is right that you hit me.”

Lin Fei, “???”

Lin Fei was very skeptical and didn’t believe it. The fan-shaped chart in Lin Fei’s eyes turned into 30% doubt,30% suspicion and 30% distrust.

Lin Luoqing looked at the evenly distributed fan-shaped chart and couldn’t understand it. Why was Lin Fei so keen on drawing at a young age?

Did he want to be a painter?

Drawing pictures from childhood?

“Hit me.” Lin Luoqing blinked and held out his arm with some tears in his eyes as he gazed at Lin Fei sincerely.

Lin Fei was really dumbfounded by this innocent appearance. No matter how smart, he was only a five or six year old child. He couldn’t understand why this person called him a ‘burden’ this morning only to now look like he cared.

Still, Lin Fei had a rare chance to get revenge. Therefore, he raised his hand without hesitation, intending to avenge himself.

Lin Luoqing watched the child raise his little hand and was ready to be hit.

It was just a child. How much strength could he have? It would probably be soft and not painful.

Therefore, he looked at Lin Fei with a gentle expression and encouraged him, “It’s okay. Uncle won’t be hurt. You can hit me with ease and hit me hard. I won’t blame you.”

Lin Fei seemed to be reminded of something thanks to these words. He took back his hand and said, “I’m going to get something.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

Get something? Get what?

He watched in a puzzled manner as Lin Fei walked behind the kitchen door. The next second, he saw Lin Fei take out a broom from behind the door.

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

No way? Seriously?

So violent?

Am I not your dear uncle?

Oh, he was never…

The author has something to say:

Lin Luoqing: QAQ.

Fei Fei: ^_^

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2 years ago

Lol Lin fei is trully a Spiteful 🤣 R.I.P Lin luoqing 🙏🏻🌼

2 years ago

Hit him hard xD Sadly it isn’t his uncle inside anymore, he deserves more than one beating..

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

1 year ago

I like your translation.

1 year ago

“I’m sorry, Uncle was wrong.” Lin Luoqing hugged the child in his arms and burst into tears. “Hitting is loving you dearly and scolding is love. We aren’t flesh or blood if I don’t hit or scold you. Your uncle hit you and scolded you because I love you.”

Way to go to downplay that abuse.
LL should have just said sorry at the outset. Shouldn’t have defended OG’s actions.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marshmallow

Yep. Being hit by a child is a small price to pay. Hope he redeems himself.

1 year ago

I dont see mc defending abuse here, isnt it obvious when mc want to escape from crisis he really would just spout nonsense no matter how ridiculous like when he confront ml. Lines like i humiliate and insult you because i love you, i hurt you because i love you, were supposed to make the ml and kid (plus readers) think “who would believe your shameless acting??”

Og llq is very spiteful nonetheless

1 year ago

Good luck on that LouLou lmao

11 months ago


23 days ago

It’s only ch 3….. I’m not supposed to be laughing this hard but I can’t help it😂😂😂