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FV: Chapter 292

Ji Yuxiao looked at Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing thought for a few seconds before looking at the host with a smile. He said in a light tone, “I won’t tell you.”

The host: “???”

[F*k! He is playing tricks!]

[It’s over. I actually think his appearance of playing tricks is also very cute [covers face].]

[Me too. This is simply selling cuteness!]

[Baby, kiss. Mom fans don’t care. Mom fans only feel he is cute!]

The host was dumbfounded. Ji Yuxiao said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will post the marriage certificate at that time.”

“Really?” The host was doubtful. “What if the two of you want to keep it a secret?”

“I can’t hide it.” Ji Yuxiao was very frank. “I’m not such a person who can hide.”

[Hahaha indeed, in terms of Chairman Ji’s degree of affection, he wishes that the whole world knows that they are a couple.]

[Right? Chairman Ji is simply crazy about showing off his wife.]

[I believe you. Chairman Ji, I am waiting for your marriage certificate!]

[Today is the show. Tomorrow, they will receive the certificate. The day after tomorrow, we will see your wedding!]

[It can go straight to being a father the day after that!]

[Hahaha that isn’t the case. It should be at least two or three years. They are so young and they shouldn’t have children so early [covers face].]

[It’s okay. They can live in their two-person world. I just need to see their wedding hehe.]

[Me too! Sit back and wait for them to get married!]

[Sit back and wait for the wedding!!]

[Chairman Ji, hurry up!]

The host saw that the interview was almost over and asked some quick questions. He harvested a lot of dog food before ending the interview.

At noon, Lin Luoqing, Ji Yuxiao and the other guests had lunch together. Then they gathered in the afternoon to play a few games. It was no surprise that Ji Yuxiao still won a big victory.

The director looked at the monitor and sighed helplessly. He had tried his best but Ji Yuxiao was really too strong. This couldn’t be helped!

Once the clock turned to 6 p.m., the recording was over.

Li Jiamao and Cai Shiyu were uncomfortable after spending three days together and carried their luggage to leave overnight.

Yang Xinyue still had activities and Li Zhiyuan left with her.

Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao thought about Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. They thought about it, said goodbye to the program group and also pulled their suitcases to the airport.

“I don’t know if Xiao Yu and Fei Fei will be sleeping when we get home?” Lin Luoqing asked with concern while sitting on the plane and thinking about the babies at home.

“Probably not. There are no tigers in the mountains. Xiao Yu, this little monkey, will definitely not sleep obediently on time. Maybe Fei Fei will have to accompany him. When the two of us get home in a while, we can catch him.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Why are you thinking so much about Xiao Yu? Maybe he would’ve obediently fallen asleep long ago.”

“Then you really think highly of him. I have watched him grow up. How can I still not understand him?” Ji Yuxiao looked confident.

Lin Luoqing laughed and thought it was a joke. Ji Yuxiao knew his little nephew very well, hahaha.

Ji Yuxiao saw him laugh and approached him. “What are you laughing at? Do you think I’m wrong?”

“No, I just think you are a bit cute like this.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“It is enough to praise your husband for being handsome. There is no need to add other words.”

Lin Luoqing’s smile instantly became more obvious.

“Okay,” he agreed softly.

Ji Yuxiao pinched his face. Then he couldn’t help kissing it. After that, he pinched Lin Luoqing’s face again and let him lean on his shoulder.

The plane landed and the two of them got into the car. It was already past 10 o’clock when they arrived home.

Aunt Zhang received the news and prepared a meal for them in advance. She stood up and walked over when she saw them come back, asking them if they wanted to eat now.

“Is Xiao Yu asleep?” Lin Luoqing asked.

“He doesn’t seem to be asleep yet. I just looked at them and the lights in Fei Fei’s room were still on.”

“You didn’t tell either of them that we were coming back, did you?”

“No,” Aunt Zhang said softly. “They went back to their room after dinner at 7 o’clock and didn’t come down when I was cooking in the kitchen later. They don’t know about me preparing a meal for you, so they must not know that you are coming back tonight.”

“That’s good. Then wait a while before eating. I’ll go and see the two of them first.”


Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao pulled their suitcases into the elevator. They walked to the second floor. Sure enough, they could see light coming out from the cracks in Lin Fei’s door.

Lin Luoqing loosened the hand gripping the suitcase. He tiptoed to the door, gently twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open. “Surprise!”

Ji Leyu was lying on Lin Fei’s bed and looking at the tablet. Suddenly, he heard a voice. He turned around and saw that Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao had been standing at the door at an unknown time.

Ji Leyu instantly jumped out of the bed in surprise. He didn’t put on his slippers and directly pounced on Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and hugged him. “I knew you hadn’t slept yet.”

“Why are you guys back?” He asked happily. “Didn’t you say it was tomorrow?”

“Your father and I missed you. Therefore, we came back early.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Leyu looked at him with a bright smile and didn’t hide his joy.

Lin Luoqing touched his head before turning to look at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei had never shown unrestrained emotions like Ji Leyu. Even though he was pleasantly surprised, he still looked calm and composed.

He walked up to Lin Luoqing, looked at him and asked him, “Have you eaten yet?”

“I had some food on the plane but it wasn’t delicious. I planned to come back and eat with you.” He bent down to rub Lin Fei’s head. Then he thought of something and looked at Lin Fei with a smile. “Dad brought you a gift.”

“Oh,” Lin Fei said indifferently.

Ji Yuxiao hurriedly said, “I also have it. I also brought you gifts.”

“What is it?” Ji Leyu was very supportive. “I also want to see, I want to see. I want to see the present.”

Ji Yuxiao put him down, turned around and walked out of the room. He pulled a suitcase in. They were mostly filled with local specialties and the dolls brought for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Yuxiao put his suitcase on the ground. He opened it and took out the little lion specially for Lin Fei. “Fei Fei, you caught a little lion for me and your dad last time. This time, I caught a little lion for you and your brother. There are also little foxes and little wolves. They are all yours.”

“I caught this little dinosaur.” Lin Luoqing hurriedly showed off. “I can also catch dolls now. Hahaha, this is all for you.”

He put the little dinosaur in Lin Fei’s hand. Then he took out another one and handed it to Ji Leyu. “This is yours, Xiao Yu.”

“It is a pity that the doll machine didn’t have little tigers, little sharks, or little crocodiles. Otherwise, I would catch a few more for you.”

“It’s okay. I like little dinosaurs too,” Ji Leyu said sweetly. “I like everything Dad catches, everything.”

“Oh, did you eat sugar? Your mouth is so sweet.” Ji Yuxiao teased him.

Ji Leyu tilted his head and smiled. “I really like it. What Father likes is the best in my heart.”

Ji Yuxiao scratched his nose. “Okay, as long as you like it.”

Lin Fei looked down at the little dinosaur in his hand. He pinched its little short paw and said he liked it too.

Ji Yuxiao handed out the dolls. Then he took half of the local specialty snacks and handed them over.

He and Lin Luoqing had been busy recording the show and didn’t have time to buy things. Wu Xinyuan helped them buy these in duplicate. He and Lin Luoqing had one set and the two babies had one. Everyone could try it.

“Let’s go.” After distributing the gifts, Ji Yuxiao stood up. “Let’s go downstairs and eat.”

Ji Leyu nodded. He was holding the little dinosaur and about to leave. Then as soon as he took a step, he heard Lin Fei say, “Put on shoes.”

Ji Leyu reacted to this and looked down at his white and tender feet. Then he glanced at Lin Fei, his meaning clear. ‘Brother, you should go and get water for me.’

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that Ji Leyu was very stupid. He was about to go and get the water but Ji Yuxiao had already picked up Ji Leyu and went directly into the bathroom.

Ji Leyu blinked in a slightly confused manner. Ji Yuxiao put him in the bathtub and let him stand well. Then he grabbed the shower head to help Ji Leyu wash his feet. It was only then that Ji Leyu reacted. Yes, he could wash it directly in the bathtub.

“You little fool,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile.

Ji Leyu laughed sweetly. He leaned against Ji Yuxiao’s arms, tone light and soft. “It’s good that Father is smart.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and looked at him in a doting manner.

He had never felt that there was anything wrong with such words. For him, Lin Fei, Ji Leyu or even Lin Luoqing were all people who needed him to protect them. They could be coquettish, self-willed and grow freely in the way they liked. In any case, he would protect them well. They just had to be happy.

This meant Ji Leyu didn’t need to be smart. He just needed to be happy.

He was Ji Leyu’s father and would naturally give him a safe blue sky.

Lin Luoqing watched Lin Fei put the little dinosaur and little lion on the bed, and the other dolls on the bay window. Lin Luoqing asked him, “Do you like it?”

Lin Fei nodded and replied gently, “Yes.”

“Do you like little dinosaurs and little lions the most?”

Lin Fei didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing smiled and put an arm around his shoulder. “I’ll catch another little tiger for you later. It is a pity that a cactus doesn’t have a doll or I would’ve caught a cactus for you.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Fei’s tone was gentle and soft. “I already have one anyway.”

He moved his gaze to the small pot of cactus on his windowsill. His cactus hadn’t grown up and hadn’t bloomed yet. Lin Luoqing’s one had already bloomed. So one day, his cactus would also bloom.

They were white flowers that would never be blown away by the wind.

“Did you work hard this time?” He turned to ask Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “It was very relaxed this time. It was just playing games and cooking. It was much easier than usual.”

Lin Fei nodded.

Lin Luoqing looked at him. “What about you? When I wasn’t here, did you miss me?”

Lin Fei declined to answer the question.

“Have you been having a good time these past few days?”

“It is okay.”

“Then why don’t you ask me if I have been happy?”

“Are you happy?” Lin Fei asked.

“Happy is happy, but I missed you. I couldn’t wait to rush back overnight.” After he finished speaking, he wondered, “You know what it means to be impatient, right?”

Lin Fei nodded. He had checked the dictionary. It meant to not be able to wait any longer. This meant that Lin Luoqing missed him very much.

He looked up at Lin Luoqing but didn’t say anything. There was just a faint smile in his eyes.

Lin Luoqing looked at his inconspicuous smile and laughed. “It seems that you really know.”

“Of course,” Lin Fei said proudly.

“It is amazing. I didn’t know it when I was young like you.”

Lin Fei heard this and suddenly became a bit interested. He had asked a lot about Lin Luoqing in his own world, but he didn’t seem to know what Lin Luoqing was like when he was a child.

“Did you get good grades as a child?” He asked.

“It was definitely better than others, but it is definitely worse than you. Anyone will probably be worse than you,” Lin Luoqing said truthfully.

Lin Fei nodded slightly.

Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile. “When I was a child, I thought about whether to go to Tsing University or B University. Then I grew up and found that these two basically had nothing to do with me. However, if you work hard then you can definitely go into any school you want to go to in the future. At that time, I can also send you off and see what a higher education institution that I hadn’t seen before is like.”

“You will still send me off when I grow up?” Lin Fei was a bit surprised.

Wasn’t it only children who needed to be picked up and sent off?

Would Lin Luoqing still send him off when he grew up?

“I will definitely send you off when you register as a freshman,” Lin Luoqing said seriously. “Besides, no matter how old you are, you are my baby, my little Fei Fei.”

Lin Fei pursed his lips and didn’t speak. However, his heart trembled slightly as if it was blown by the wind. It blew the branches, leaves and buds that didn’t have time to grow and trembled slightly.

He asked Lin Luoqing, “Which school do you like?”

Lin Luoqing thought about it and replied to him, “It’s fine. I like them all. When you grow up, you can see which one you like. I will like whichever one you like.”

“Okay.” Lin Fei agreed.

Once the time came, he could ask Lin Luoqing to send him to the school that Lin Luoqing once wanted to go to.

In this way, Lin Luoqing should be happy.

Lin Luoqing looked at Lin Fei with gentle eyes. He actually knew that Lin Fei would eventually go to Tsing University. There, he would meet like-minded friends and completely spread his wings.

However, that was all for the future. Right now, he was just a little tiger with not very full wings.

Or a little baby who still needed his care.

Ji Yuxiao washed Ji Leyu’s feet, took him out and had him put on slippers.

Then Ji Yuxiao said, “Let’s go downstairs to eat.”

Ji Leyu replied happily. “Uhuh.”

Lin Luoqing took Lin Fei’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Lin Fei watched Lin Luoqing take his hand. This person’s hand was much bigger than his own, just like his stature. Lin Fei still had a long time until he grew up, so he could indeed be a baby for a long time.

Lin Luoqing’s little baby.

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