FV: Chapter 291

Lin Luoqing thought about it and replied, “I like that he is very responsible. He is always willing to take the initiative to give and is very tolerant of me but restrained to himself. Even if he has experienced bad things, he still lives very sincerely and transparently. It can always make people feel love and tolerance from him.”

“Can you be more specific?”

Lin Luoqing smiled. His tone was gentle and contained a bit of warmth. “When the two of us first met, I actually wasn’t with my current company. He was the one who thought my acting skills were pretty good and recommended me to Xingyi. But at that time, he wasn’t in good health. Sometimes, I really wanted to spend more time with him. However, he always encouraged me to develop my career and work hard for my dream.”

“When I filmed ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’, it was filmed in the province. He was very uneasy when he knew the filming location. He asked me if it was because of him. He said I didn’t need to worry about him and should go film what I wanted. I didn’t need to wrong myself with roles when filming. He didn’t feel relieved until I told him it was because I wasn’t famous yet. ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was already the best resource I could receive.”

[So Qing Qing, you have been in a relationship with Chairman Ji since then?]

[Ahhh, I remember now. Xingyi seems to be under the Ji Group. Chairman Ji is the general manager of the Ji Group. No wonder why he could recommend Qing Qing to Xingyi.]

[So Chairman Ji has been escorting Qing Qing all this time?]

[Not really. He should just help Qing Qing choose a company he is more comfortable with. The rest is the result of Qing Qing’s own efforts.]

[Yes, ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was picked by Wu Xinyuan for him. During the filming, Qing Qing performed very well and helped other actors all the time. The director was impressed and recommended him to the director of ‘Radiance’. Afterwards, ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ became a big hit and Qing Qing’s popularity rose. In addition, he auditioned for ‘All the Way to the West’. Due to his popularity and acting skills, Director Li chose him. Then he helped out Director Yu and won the award.]

[That’s right. Chairman Ji should’ve just helped Qing Qing enter Xingyi. The rest is that Qing Qing himself is more powerful. The conversion rate of resources is very high.]

[However, Chairman Ji is really good. He was injured at that time and his brother was gone. Still, he could support Qing Qing to film and develop his career instead of letting Qing Qing accompany him. He really thinks about Qing Qing.]

[Chairman Ji is a really good boyfriend.]

[So the two of them have been together since then?]

The host also wondered about this. “So Teacher Lin, you were already with Teacher Lin at that time?”

Lin Luoqing turned to look at Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Not yet. I was still chasing him at that time.”

“So when did you get together?”

“Shouldn’t you ask when we first met?”

The host was good at going with the flow. “Okay. When did you and Teacher Lin meet?”

“It depends on which time you are asking about?”


Ji Yuxiao smiled. Then he said the words he carefully prepared. “We actually met once when we were children. At that time, he was young. He was only around seven or eight years old. He was very good-looking at a glance. I remembered him, but unfortunately, he didn’t know I existed at all.”

Lin Luoqing lowered his head and chuckled. He thought that Ji Yuxiao really meant it. He wanted to say that he had a crush on Lin Luoqing first.

“Is that true, Teacher Lin?” The host looked at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing looked back at him and asked, “What do you think?”

The host thought, ‘…What can I think about this?’

“Of course, it is fake. He is so handsome and was also handsome as a child. How could I not remember him? I was teasing him. In fact, I also remember that encounter. I was secretly amazed for a long time.”

[F*k f*k f*k! After a long time of trouble, this is a two-way crush!!!]

[It actually unfolded like this? Am I watching an idol drama? It is too much like an idol drama!]

[Mom, they are really destined to fall in love. I’m so excited!!]

[Meeting in childhood, falling in love at first sight, a two-way secret love, and reunion when growing up. Ahhhh, Passion, it is worthy of you. So good!]

[Once again, I’m firmly gritting my teeth!]

[So sweet, so sweet. I feel the joy of shipping a CP for the first time!]

[This pair is really too good. I, a person who never shipped CP, am now thinking about them every day.]

[It is really good. I can’t get tired of watching the plot of them growing up and falling in love.]

[Me too!]

“So the two of you actually had an impression of each other when young?” The host was surprised.

Lin Luoqing nodded.

Ji Yuxiao looked back at him. Lin Luoqing smiled and Ji Yuxiao also smiled.

Yes. Someone might’ve changed the script without permission but it wasn’t a big problem.

Ji Yuxiao continued speaking, “So when I met him later, I threw a straight ball.”

“At that time, did you still remember the past, Teacher Ji?”

“Of course. He is someone I have been thinking about all the time. How could I not remember?”

The host exclaimed, “Then you are quite in love.”

“Are you moved?” Ji Yuxiao asked him.

The host nodded. “It is quite impressive.”

Lin Luoqing suddenly laughed.

The host turned to him and asked doubtfully, “Teacher Li, what are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing.” The smile on Lin Luoqing’s face didn’t disappear. He could no longer look over directly after hearing the words, ‘Are you moved?’

“Then Teacher Lin, do you remember Teacher Ji back then?”

“If I didn’t remember, how could I catch his straight ball?” Lin Luoqing laughed again.

[Good guy, good guy. The two of them were really interested in each other!]

[Let me explain. They met once when they were young and had a good impression of each other. Chairman Ji thought that Qing Qing didn’t remember him. He started chasing people using a straight ball. Qing Qing also took advantage of the trend to allow Chairman Ji’s pursuit. Is this what he means?]

[Yes!! So sweet, so sweet. This pair is simply getting sweeter and sweeter!]

[It is also because of liking that Qing Qing accompanied Chairman Ji through those dark days, giving Chairman Ji light and hope.]

[Ahhhh, so sweet, so sweet. I really can’t bear this love affair!]

[It also explains why Chairman Ji helped Qing Qing change the entertainment company. In other words, he wants to chase people and he also wants to give better protection to his favorite person.]

[Yes, everything is logical after that!]

[Wu wu wu, it is really good. I am going to die because of them.]

[The first time I shipped a CP, I shipped such an immortal couple. How can I ship other people’s CP after that?!]

[It is too unreasonable not to get married. You must get married!]

[Get married! Must get married!]

“Then Teacher Lin, when did you officially agree to Teacher Ji?”

“It was after the Golden Phoenix Awards. I took the Best Actor Award back to China. He confessed his love to me and I agreed.”

“Wow, it must’ve been romantic at the time, right?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “He also wrote me a song.”

“Can you sing a few lines live?” The host asked.

“Of course not.” Lin Luoqing tilted his head. “If it is sung live, everyone will know it.”

“Teacher Lin, you are still hiding secrets and aren’t willing to share them with us.”

“I need to have my own little secrets too,” Lin Luoqing said childishly. “I can’t share everything with you. After all, he wrote the song for me and it belongs only to me.”

[F*k, Qing Qing, you are too foul like this. So cute!]

[This clear and sweet boiled water in my hand seems to have sugar added.]

[I’ve never seen Qing Qing so sweet. He is really cute!]

[Chairman Ji has a good eye. I am very jealous at the thought that Chairman Ji can face such a sweet Qing Qing every day!]

[Not only can Chairman Ji face it, but he can also hug and hold Qing Qing high. I’m too envious!]

[Chairman Ji even wrote a song for Qing Qing. Chairman Ji is really romantic!]

[I also want to listen to the song that Chairman Ji wrote for Qing Qing. Wu wu wu, Qing Qing, let me listen to it.]

[Qing Qing: No no no, it is a private collection.]

[Qing Qing is really likable when in love. Even I want to spoil him, let alone Chairman Ji.]

[Hehehe, I am smiling so much that the corners of my mouth are flying into the sky and standing shoulder to shoulder with the sun.]

[One world, one me!]

“Okay. Then I won’t listen to the song. Then Teacher Lin, do you think that Teacher Ji has any shortcomings or is there anything you don’t like about him and hope he can correct?”

“No.” Lin Luoqing thought for a while. “He is already perfect both on the outside and the inside. I like it very much. There is no need to correct it.”

“What about Teacher Ji? Teacher Ji, do you have anything you hope Teacher Lin will correct?”

“I can’t think of any shortcomings in him. I think he is very good now. I like how real and vivid he is now,” Ji Yuxiao said while holding Lin Luoqing’s hand.

The netizens: ???

[Why do you still move your hand between words? Can’t you just do the interview well without holding hands?]

[Hahaha. Chairman Ji: I have to hold hands when I want to hold hands. What’s wrong with me holding my wife’s hand? Hmph!]

[Chairman Ji: How long has it been since the start of the interview? I’ve put up with it for a long time, okay?!]

[Chairman Ji: As long as my movements are natural enough, you won’t notice [dog head].]

[He has already been discovered [amused].]

“In your usual relationship, what is the most impressive and moving thing for the two of you?”

Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Yuxiao. What impressed him most was the day Ji Yuxiao stood up. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw the other person standing in front of him, looking at him with open arms and gentle eyes.

Ji Yuxiao remembered the night Lin Luoqing sat on his bed with a black dressing gown and blindfolded, waiting for Ji Yuxiao’s hug in a firm and innocent manner.

“This is my secret. I don’t want to share it with everyone, so I won’t talk about it for now,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. Then he glanced at Lin Luoqing again.

Lin Luoqing immediately smiled. “Then I won’t say it. I also want to keep it private.”

[Hey hey hey! This is an interview. Why aren’t you saying anything? You want to keep it private!]

[What is going on? You are smiling so sweetly but you don’t want us to know at all!]

[Yes, we are all your people. Don’t be so ignorant, okay?!]

[Oh my god, this is too affectionate. Woof woof woof!]

[The dog food is delicious but I still want to know what Chairman Ji and Qing Qing are hiding!]

[Yes, what can’t be said? Is it beep—]

[That definitely isn’t it. I think the two of them just don’t want to tell us. Hmph. A little couple’s tricks!]

[Hahaha, even so, I still think it is a bit interesting.]

[The main reason is that the expressions of the two people are very cute. They don’t announce it. If you don’t say it, I won’t say it. We are proud as long as we both know.]

[I just said that the two of them came on this show to show affection. It is hateful. They are really good at showing off!]

[So sweet, so sweet. This small expression is also very sweet! I like it!]

[Silent +1.]

The host was simply overwhelmed by their words, so he could only change the subject. “Since the two of you are very satisfied with each other and have memorable moments, I don’t know if you have considered getting married in private?”

[Ahhhh it is finally asked! When will you get married? When will you get married?!}

[I have moved the Civil Affairs Bureau here! I’m just waiting for you to go in!]

[I have already prepared the money. I’m just waiting for your wedding!!]

[So when will you get married? Chairman Ji, you definitely want to get married, right?]

[Qing Qing, you must’ve thought about it too. Have you thought about when?]

[Get married, get married, get married. Can I still see you getting married this year?]

[Why aren’t the two of you speaking? Talk about it!!!]

[Yes, I’m dying. When are the two of you going to get married?]

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9 months ago

As much as I would find amusement in them revealing that on paper they married like 2 years ago, I think they answer about the ceremony that’s currently being planned. I just love the netizens’ interaction and can’t wait for their response either way.

9 months ago

Yeah yeah when? 🤭