FV: Chapter 28 Part 2

Ji Yuxiao sent a message to the group chat and said in a concise manner: [I got the marriage certificate. I will invite you to a meal.]

In an instant, the entire group shook!

Zhuang Yue: [??? So fast?]

Wei Junhe: [Although I wished you a happy wedding and a hundred years of marriage on that day, I didn’t think you would get married right away! It has only been a few days!]

Qu Yingzhe: […Congratulations!]

Zhuang Yue: [No, what’s going on here? Didn’t we just meet the day before yesterday? Why did you get the certificate today?]

Ji Yuxiao calmly replied: [He can’t wait.]

Zhuang Yue: [This is too impatient…]

Wei Junhe: [He can’t wait so you agreed?]

Qu Yingzhe: […Blessings!]

Ji Yuxiao chuckled: [There is no way. I’m so touched. Aren’t you touched? It has been 15 years so it is natural to be impatient.]

Zhuang Yue: [that’s right. I just feel that the speed of your marriage is too fast.]

Wei Junhe: [It isn’t just too fast, it is really too fast.]

Qu Yingzhe: […Happy marriage!]

Ji Yuxiao: [So come out and eat.]

[Okay.] The group of people agreed.

After he finished inviting his friends, he took Lin Luoqing’s marriage certificate, put it with his and took a photo of the cover.

“Do you mind if I post it on my Moments?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “Send it.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and pinched his face. Then he lowered his head and typed a few lines.

Lin Luoqing was curious about what the other person had written so he clicked into his Moments. The first one was Ji Yuxiao’s post.

Ji Yuxiao: [I’m married. I never thought that someone would be willing to sincerely wait for me like this. How can a broken me be worthy of an affectionate you? I only hope that everything goes well for you and the stars are open. If you don’t leave then I won’t give up.]

The accompanying photo was the cover photo of their marriage certificates.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at his newlywed partner. “Brother, have you seen something you shouldn’t have seen recently?”

“For example?”

“QQ popular quotations?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Looking at the quote from your Moments, I always feel that your next sentence should be ‘Whoever breaks his wings, I will destroy his heaven’.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “I learned. Wait for me to use it next time.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

“There will still be a next time?!”

Ji Yuxiao looked innocent. “Why wouldn’t there be a next time?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“So why are you doing this?” He wondered. “Deliberately showing it to others? Is it your father?”

Ji Yuxiao put down his phone, sighed with relief and answered, “There are too many people. How can it be just my father?”

Lin Luoqing, “……” So what happened between this father and son?

It was strange.

Ji Mu was just about to eat when he received a screenshot from Ji Huai. [They really went to get the certificate!]

Ji Huai: [F*k, it is disgusting. What did Lin Luoqing do to our cousin? Our cousin actually thinks he isn’t worthy of Lin Luoqing!]

Ji Huai: [Look at what he is saying now, like a lovestruck primary school chicken]

Ji Mu looked at it and his eyes fell on the word ‘broken.’

He naturally knew that people’s temperaments could change drastically after being disabled. Giving up on themselves and throwing one’s hands up in frustration were common. He just hadn’t expected Ji Yuxiao to do this.

This person was so arrogant before the accident. As a result, an accident occurred. Not only did his dearest older brother and sister-in-law die in front of his eyes but he also became disabled. This type of gap was unacceptable to anyone.

It was probably that the higher you stood, the more the harder you fell. How proud and arrogant was Ji Yuxiao back then and how self-abandoned was he now?

Ji Mu looked at the marriage certificate in the photo and finally believed that Ji Yuxiao had no fighting spirit.

After all, how could Ji Yuxiao say such a thing before the accident? He was so arrogant and pretentious while Lin Luoqing had no family lineage, background or talent. He was just a person with a good face. Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t even look at him, let alone marry him and say, ‘If you don’t leave then I won’t give up.’

Ji Mu sneered. It was too ridiculous, really ridiculous. Even Ji Yuxiao would have a day like today?

God truly opened his eyes. He deserved to be in this position.

Ji Mu clicked on the Moments and replied to Ji Yuxiao’s post: [Congratulations.]

No one would joke about marriage matters, especially someone like Ji Yuxiao, who didn’t know what it meant to be complacent since he was a child. Since he had withdrawn from this competition, Ji Mu felt the need to properly show his brotherly gentleness.

He sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao: [I already know about Xiao Huai. I apologize to you and Mr Lin on her behalf. Her gift will be sent tonight. Of course, as your cousin, I will also prepare a marriage gift for you. Happy marriage, Xiao Xiao. You will definitely get better in the future.]

Ji Yuxiao looked at the message on his phone and couldn’t conceal his contempt. At this time, his cousin didn’t forget to remind him that he wasn’t very good right now and was disabled. His cousin really wasn’t skilled yet he still wanted to compete with Ji Yuxiao’s brother every day. He didn’t even look at his own ability.

Ji Yuxiao coldly replied to him: [Yes]

He didn’t even bother with a punctuation mark.

Ji Mu was very used to his moodiness after the car accident and didn’t care about it. He just thought about how to tell Ji Zhenhong about this matter. It wasn’t known if Ji Zhenhong had seen Ji Yuxiao’s Moments.

Wei Junhe had just got into the car in the underground garage when he opened his Moments and saw his friend’s psychedelic speech.

Wei Junhe, “……”

Wei Junhe was so frightened that he almost threw his phone away. Was this Ji Yuxiao? The arrogant and proud boss, his third brother Ji Yuxiao?

What a joke. Don’t talk about his injured legs. He wouldn’t be able to say such a thing even if he was completely paralyzed!

Wei Junhe picked up the phone again with trembling hands and looked at it carefully.

This was obviously deliberately intended to be seen by people with different hearts. So was Ji Yuxiao’s hasty marriage actually related to his brother’s death?

Wei Junhe thought of this and sighed.

Unlike everyone who thought that Ji Yuling had died unexpectedly, Ji Yuxiao never felt that this car accident was an accident. He always thought it was a murder that had been planned.

The target was either Ji Yuling, who was driving at the time, Ji Yuxiao, who accidentally got into the car or perhaps it was all of them.

This was why Ji Yuxiao deliberately had people spread rumors that he abandoned himself and was moody after he woke up and returned home.

It was just that Wei Junhe never thought he would go this far for this matter.

Ji Yuxiao was someone who didn’t care when the most beautiful girl in school confessed to him. He said he had no feelings and if he wanted to fall in love, he had to find someone who could move his heart.

Now he quickly got married and got the certificate. In just a few days, he and Lin Luoqing fell in love at first sight, fell deeper in love at second sight and had to be together at third sight. Wei Junhe couldn’t believe it at all. The biggest possibility was that Ji Yuxiao was disguising himself.

He was injured and his legs didn’t work. He was also taking care of Ji Leyu so he needed to let the people behind the scenes let down their guard and stop taking him seriously. It was only in this way that he could ensure his own safety and the safety of Ji Leyu.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t care about his own safety but he cared about Ji Leyu. There were many times when Wei Junhe and the others were very glad that Ji Leyu survived the car accident.

It wasn’t known what would’ve happened to Ji Yuxiao if Ji Leyu had also died in that car accident.

Ji Leyu was young, weak and still a child. Therefore, Ji Yuxiao didn’t have time to be irritable and angry and to ignore others.

He had to live well and live in peace. He had to adjust his mentality and analyze and judge everything with the best mentality.

He had to give Ji Leyu a sense of security and warmth and make him feel that the sky was still blue and the sun was still shining.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to slowly heal his wounds and himself like other injured people. He had already abandoned the self-pity that he didn’t need. He took care of Ji Leyu as if he had never been injured and investigated the murderer behind the car accident.

Wei Junhe really hoped that it was just an accident, just like he hoped it was true that Lin Luoqing had a crush on Ji Yuxiao for 15 years and Ji Yuxiao married him out of true feelings.

He wanted his best friend since childhood to be happy, especially after Ji Yuxiao had experienced such heavy misfortune.

Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao arrived at the hotel one step ahead of Wei Junhe. Wei Junhe followed closely behind and Zhuang Yue arrived last this time. The moment he entered the door, he stared at Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao. “You really got married?”

“Or else?” Ji Yuxiao’s expression was casual. “Do you think my marriage certificate is photoshopped?”

“This is too fast. The last time we met, the two of you were still single and now you are married.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Are you envious?”

Zhuang Yue, “……” There was a bit of envy.

“Then when are you going to have the wedding?” Zhuang Yue asked.

The author has something to say:

After President Ji returned home, he opened the computer and searched for QQ popular quotations.

President Ji: Wow, I learned it. I noted it down.

Luoqing: …….

Proofreader: Wei

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1 year ago

JYX in the group chat: I’m married.
Everyone else: shocked desu Srsly? So fast? Unbelievable!
Qu Yingzhe: Grats! Blessings! Happy Marriage!

He was the only one lolol But those “…” all the time made it kinda sus again lol

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

9 months ago