FV: Chapter 28 Part 1

Lin Luoqing had already sent the two babies back to the house first. Xiao Li took the wheelchair out of the trunk while he bent down and picked up Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao looked at him and said softly, “I have good news for you.”

“What is it?” Lin Luoqing put him in the wheelchair.

“The agent I contacted for you is back and can come to see you at home tomorrow.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was surprised.

Then he quickly became confused again. “When did you help me contact an agent? How come I don’t know about this?”

Ji Yuxiao’s face was calm. “Is it possible for you to know everything?”

Lin Luoqing looked at him with shining eyes. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yuxiao leaned back against his wheelchair and said, “Jiayou, try to make money for your boss.”

“Definitely.” Lin Luoqing smiled and pushed him inside.

Ji Yuxiao reminded him, “The appointment with your company hasn’t happened yet. If you aren’t busy in the next two days, take the time to go and cancel the contract. Don’t go alone. Go with the lawyer and Wu Xinyuan. Wu Xinyuan is your future agent.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing’s face was full of smiles. He pushed Ji Yuxiao and entered the door with him.

On the day of receiving the marriage certificate, Lin Luoqing surprisingly got up early.

He accompanied Lin Fei to eat breakfast as usual. Then he took Lin Fei to school. It was just that this time, they took Xiao Li’s car instead of a taxi.

He looked at Lin Fei and suddenly said, “Once you come home from school in the afternoon, your Uncle Ji and I will be newlyweds.”

Lin Fei thought about it and told him, “Congratulations.”

“You can still say congratulations.” Lin Luoqing laughed.

“I watched someone get married on TV before. Others should say congratulations to them, right?” Lin Fei looked up at him.

Lin Luoqing stroked his head. “Yes, that’s right.”

He looked at Lin Fei and the feeling in his heart was very strong. It seemed to be light, cloud-like and airy. It seemed hazy and not very real.

Was he going to get married?

He was really getting married?

He had been in his own world for over 20 years without getting married. Now he had just crossed over to this world for a few days and he was about to get married so soon.

It was amazing.

Lin Luoqing sent Lin Fei through the school gate and returned to the Ji house by car.

Ji Yuxiao was ready and just waiting for him to come back.

Lin Luoqing was a bit nervous all of a sudden and hesitantly said, “I’ll go upstairs to change my clothes.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Okay.”

He went upstairs, entered Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom and looked at the clothes in his closet, but he didn’t know which one to wear.

Was white too plain?

Black was heavy.

It was getting the certificate. He should wear a bright color for such a festive event, right?

However, red was too bright, yellow was too young, orange wouldn’t match Ji Yuxiao’s clothes and purple was too strange.

He pondered for a long time, looking here and there with a rare hesitation.

Ji Yuxiao came in and saw him changing clothes in front of the bed. All types of clothes were scattered on the bed and he was raising his hand to take off a white hoodie, revealing a thin white back with clear bones and thin shoulders. There was the toughness of a young man and the softness of a young man who hadn’t grown up yet.

Ji Yuxiao instinctively turned his head away. Lin Luoqing turned around when he saw the sound. He saw Ji Yuxiao behind him and asked with surprise, “Why did you come back?”

“You didn’t come down so I wanted to see if you were planning to run away from the marriage.” Ji Yuxiao smiled.

Lin Luoqing’s nervousness was instantly dissipated by these words.

“I’m not running away. You’re dreaming if you want me to run away from marriage.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to look at the clothes on his bed. It was at this time that Lin Luoqing reacted violently. His upper body was now bare!

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing instantly turned his head to stare at Ji Yuxiao. Their eyes met and he wondered in disbelief, “You are looking so blatantly?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t really look much, let alone look blatantly.

However, he saw Lin Luoqing looking like a cat whose tail had been trampled on. His face was bulging and he seemed ashamed and angry. Ji Yuxiao’s heart was itchy and he wanted to tease this person.

“You’re right. I should really take a good look.”

He finished speaking and his gaze moved down the face, jaw, neck, collarbone…

Lin Luoqing couldn’t believe this person was so unprofessional. He picked up a piece of clothing in shame and threw it at Ji Yuxiao. Then he turned around and casually pulled on a piece of clothing.

Ji Yuxiao took the clothes that he smashed over and put them on his lap. He pushed the wheelchair over and saw Lin Luoqing glaring at him with annoyance and anger, his face red.

“Are you shy?” Ji Yuxiao said deliberately. “Aren’t you the one who usually shouts about inspecting goods? I just unpacked it and took a little look. How come you are like this?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

He was inspecting Ji Yuxiao, okay? Not him!

What could be inspected about him?

Lin Luoqing’s cheeks puffed up and he didn’t speak. He looked down at the clothes on the bed.

Ji Yuxiao followed his gaze and asked, “Do you not know which one to wear?”

Lin Luoqing hummed and ignored him.

Ji Yuxiao thought about it and helped get a white shirt for him. “Wear this. It matches my clothes.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and looked over. Ji Yuxiao was wearing a black shirt. The shirt had a very casual shape but exquisite design. He was handsome.

This white shirt really matched.

He proudly reached over and took it. He was about to change his clothes when he remembered something and looked at Ji Yuxiao. “You go out.”

“We are going to get married. What can’t I see?” Ji Yuxiao was straightforward and righteous.

Lin Luoqing turned and glared at him after hearing this. “Well said. We are going to get married and there is nothing we can’t see. Then Mr Ji, let me see it first!”

After he finished speaking, he glanced meaningfully at Ji Yuxiao’s chest before sweeping downward.

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “You are really impatient with me.”

“Now it looks like you are the impatient one,” Lin Luoqing retorted.

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “Change your clothes. I won’t tease you anymore.”

After he finished speaking, he turned the direction of the wheelchair and left.

Lin Luoqing knew that this person was deliberately teasing him. Really, this person liked teasing him every day. It was childish.

He changed his clothes and went out the door. Then he saw Ji Yuxiao waiting in the corridor.

Ji Yuxiao looked up at him and commented, “Very handsome.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing felt a bit flustered again.

He walked over, grabbed the handle of Ji Yuxiao’s wheelchair and whispered, “You are also handsome.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and said nothing.

The process of obtaining the certificate was really fast. They had taken the photo before and they just gave the photo directly to the staff member.

“I wish you a happy marriage and for you to grow old together.” The staff member handed Lin Luoqing the marriage certificate and said words of blessings in a friendly manner.

Lin Luoqing took it and told her, “Thank you.”

He looked at the red marriage certificate in his hand and couldn’t help smiling. Then he cautiously put away the marriage certificate.

They received the certificate and thought about going home.

Lin Luoqing remembered that before he crossed over to this world, his classmates would invite close friends to a meal to share their joy after receiving the certificate. Therefore, he asked Ji Yuxiao, “We have finished receiving the certificate. Do you want to invite your friends to a meal? Shouldn’t you let them know?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t think about this. In his original idea, getting the certificate to marry was just something he used to paralyze many people.

He wanted to create a look of being discouraged and abandoning himself after being injured. On top of that, if he married a person who seemed completely unworthy of himself then everyone would feel that he was resigned and had no fighting spirit.

It was just that this type of thinking had long dissipated in his day-to-day interactions with Lin Luoqing. He saw the expectations in Lin Luoqing’s eyes at this moment and nodded very cooperatively. “I should tell them. Call your friends as well and let’s have a meal together.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t have any friends now and he didn’t want to contact the original owner’s scoundrel friends. Therefore, he shook his head. “I don’t have any friends. Just call your friends.”

Ji Yuxiao silently looked at this person. He had investigated Lin Luoqing and naturally knew what kind of people he had around him. However, now Lin Luoqing said he didn’t have any friends.

Did he think his friends weren’t really friends? Or was it because of something else?

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t guess, just like he didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing was willing to marry him now.

There was always a reason for such a big thing, but until now, he didn’t know what the reason was.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. Ji Yuxiao thought that he would find out eventually.

“Yes, then I’ll ask my friends to come out and eat together.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing was happy.

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