FV: Chapter 27 Part 2

They followed the staff members into the new studio. They sat down one by one and started to take the family portrait.

The four of them took a few photos before the photographer took a few photos of Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao alone. Then he proposed to take a few photos of Lin Fei and Ji Leyu separately.

Lin Fei was paralyzed with his handsome little face the entire time while Ji Leyu was always smiling. The photographer saw this and felt it was interesting. The personality of the two of them was completely opposite from their parents. It was really like the saying ‘people marry because they share common traits.’

He finished taking the photos and showed it to Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao as usual.

Ji Leyu approached curiously. He stuck his head out to look at it and Lin Luoqing also called Lin Fei over.

This was the first time Lin Fei had taken a family portrait. He and Lin Luoxi hadn’t taken the so-called family portrait.

The first time he learned about the concept of ‘home’, he was surprised to find that other children had fathers while he didn’t.

He went to ask Lin Luoxi, “Where is my father?”

Lin Luoxi was silent for a moment before telling him, “He’s dead.”

At that time, Lin Fei hadn’t understood the meaning of death. He just looked at her doubtfully and asked her, “He can’t be with us after death?”

Lin Luoxi nodded. “Yes.”

Lin Fei lowered his head with some sadness. Lin Luoxi hugged him and said, “It doesn’t matter. You still have your mother. Your mother is with you.”

Lin Fei obediently agreed. Lin Luoxi kissed him and continued to focus on her own work affairs.

They only had the two of them in the family so Lin Luoxi didn’t have the awareness of a family portrait. As far as she was concerned, every photo was their family portrait.

Lin Fei had never even touched a family portrait so it wasn’t until today that he finally had his first official family portrait.

Lin Luoqing hugged him and smiled at him. “Isn’t it very good? Both you and Xiao Yu look handsome.”

Lin Fei noticed that Ji Leyu was smiling very beautifully. Beside him, the corners of Ji Yuxiao’s lips were slightly raised. Lin Luoqing was the same. The corners of his eyes were curved. It was just that he didn’t smile because he usually didn’t smile much.

The photographer was the one who had taken Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing’s marriage photo previously so he didn’t remind any of them to smile this time.

He just said, “Come on, smile. Oh well, just be natural.”

Lin Fei’s most natural expression was a calm and blank expression. He just stared at the camera, as calm as ever.

Right now, he was the only one in the photo who wasn’t smiling.

Lin Fei suddenly didn’t like himself in the photo very much. It felt as if he should’ve smiled as well but he didn’t smile.

They were dressed in one color and sat together, but only his expression was different from Lin Luoqing, Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu. The three of them were the same and only he was different.

He blinked as he stared at himself in the photo preview without speaking.

Lin Luoqing asked him, “Do you like it?”

Lin Fei said nothing.

Lin Luoqing asked suspiciously, “You don’t like it?”

Lin Fei looked up at him. “Do you like it?”

Lin Luoqing looked at his clear and beautiful eyes. His dense eyelashes were like a curtain of water that was lifted up, revealing a very shallow and almost untraceable depression.

The depression wasn’t sadness. It was a shallow dissatisfaction, as if it was an irreversible sigh.

It was really too subtle. It was hidden in Lin Fei’s calm eyes and it seemed like there was nothing there.

However, Lin Luoqing saw it and knew that Lin Fei didn’t like it.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know why he didn’t like it, but Lin Fei really wasn’t satisfied with this photo.

Lin Luoqing lowered his head and looked at the photo again, but he still couldn’t find a mistake. Lin Fei was very photogenic. In the camera, his silhouette became more distinct. He was so handsome that he didn’t seem to have been taken by a camera, but as if someone carefully selected the best painter to sketch him one by one.

So why didn’t he like it?

“I think I don’t look very good in the photo. Let’s take a few more, shall we?” Lin Luoqing smiled.

He didn’t know the reason but it was rare to take a family portrait. If Lin Fei wasn’t satisfied then take a few more photos.

Lin Fei heard his words and his eyes instantly lit up. Then it fell silent like the sea, returning to the calm of the past.

He nodded.

Ji Yuxiao naturally had no opinion and Ji Leyu was eager to take more photos with Ji Yuxiao.

They sat down again. This time, Lin Fei smiled slightly when the photographer said, “Look here, smile, smile, relax.”

He smiled softly and his fierce eyebrows softened. It was as if he had been coated with a layer of clear water.

Lin Luoqing looked at the newly taken photos and saw the change in Lin Fei at a glance.

He hadn’t expected that Lin Fei would be dissatisfied because he didn’t smile. This time, he actually smiled.

In the end, Lin Fei was still a child. No matter how mature he looked, he was still very tender and soft inside. This was why he would become angry with himself for this type of thing.

Lin Luoqing didn’t point it out and just turned to look at Lin Fei and asked, “Do you need to take a few more photos of you and Xiao Yu?”

Lin Fei shook his head. “No.”

There were only two people in his photo with Ji Leyu, so it didn’t matter if he didn’t smile.

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing replied.

He pinched Lin Fei’s face and Lin Fei didn’t show a disgusted expression this time. It was as if he was in a good mood.

“Let’s go.” Lin Luoqing rubbed his head. “We should go change our clothes after the shoot is over. Let’s go home.”

They changed their clothes, left the photography studio and ate a meal outside. Then they drove home without worrying.

At this time, Ji Mu arrived home.

Ji Huai saw her brother enter the door and hurriedly walked over. “I saw our cousin today.”

“So what?” Ji Mu didn’t think much. “What’s wrong with your feet?”

“Don’t mention it. I accidentally fell and twisted my foot,” Ji Huai spoke in an aggrieved manner.

Ji Mu was helpless. “You should be careful next time.”

“Yes. By the way, our cousin is really getting married. It is to that little star I told you about that day.”

“What did you say?” Ji Mu was interested.

“It’s true,” Ji Huai answered. “When I went there today, they were about to take a marriage registration photo. He said he would register for marriage tomorrow.”

Ji Mu’s eyes darkened. “Is he really going to marry that little star?”

“Yes.” Ji Huai nodded continuously. “Brother, I think he is really broken now. He isn’t going to the company and is raising a little star. He even wants to marry the star. Based on our family, who would marry a star, especially when the other person is obviously aiming for his money? He is already going to sign with Xingyi even before getting married.”

Ji Mu laughed. “If he really isn’t interested in going to the company then it doesn’t hurt to give him Xingyi.”

“How can that be?” Ji Huai felt dissatisfied when she thought of the arrogance in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes and the money that Lin Luoqing had asked for. How could she let things go as they wished? In particular, Lin Luoqing was obviously going for Xingyi. She couldn’t let him get his wish!

However, that wasn’t the point. The point was…

Ji Huai approached him and said softly, “Brother, now that our oldest brother is already dead and Ji Yuxiao has this depraved look, it is most appropriate for you to be the general manager, right?”

She added, “The position of general manager has been vacant for almost two months and it can’t be kept empty. I think it is better to wait these two days for our cousin to get married and then go to our uncle’s house to talk to him about it. One of his two sons is dead and the other is unwilling. He won’t let anyone else become the general manager, right? It is too inappropriate.”

Ji Mu naturally agreed with her words. In addition, he had worked hard for many years in the Ji Group with no credit. What he did was no worse than Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao. It was just that he wasn’t Ji Zhenhong’s son so he couldn’t compete with Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao. Now Ji Yuling was dead and Ji Yuxiao had given up on himself. It was naturally his turn.

“Once Dad comes back later, I’ll talk to him about it.”

“Yes.” Ji Huai nodded. “Brother, if you really become the general manager then our older brother’s accident was worth it.

‘That’s right,’ Ji Mu thought in his heart. This person died unexpectedly and Ji Yuxiao was injured. This was simply great news for him.

This person should’ve died a long time ago. If it wasn’t for Ji Yuling always dominating that position, Ji Mu would’ve been in power a long time ago. How could he still be just a director?

“It is a pity…” Ji Huai sighed. “Forget it, don’t say it. It has nothing to do with us anyway. It is just letting Ji Yuxiao off easy.”

After she finished speaking, she reluctantly said, “How good would it be if Ji Leyu was willing to follow us? In that case, we would have just cause and now we would be the ones to reap the benefits.”

Ji Mu smiled slightly. “It’s okay. Take it step by step.”

He looked at his sister. “Okay, I’ll go change my clothes. We’ll have dinner together in a moment.”

Ji Huai quickly grabbed him. “Excuse me, Brother. Can you give me some money?”

“What for?” Ji Mu wondered.

Ji Huai looked at him with depression. “Isn’t it that little star our cousin is marrying? He is just after money and asked for a marriage gift of 66 million.”

“66 million!” Ji Mu was shocked.

“Yes, the most infuriating thing is that our cousin is helping him. Just wait, once that star makes enough money from him, our cousin will be kicked away immediately because he is crippled. Then he will suffer. I’ve seen many people like that star.”

Ji Mu couldn’t help her and comforted her with a few words. “I understand, I’ll give you a check in a moment.”

He thought about it before saying, “Forget it, you don’t have to worry about this. I’ll find Ji Yuxiao and solve it.”

“Yes, thank you Brother.” Ji Huai finished speaking and comforted Ji Mu. “Let them be proud for a while. Once you take over the company, there is a way to make them spit out the money.”

Ji Mu felt that she was very short-sighted. “If I take over the company, why do I need to care about this small amount of money? If I can use this much money to buy love for Ji Yuxiao so that he doesn’t care about the company, don’t even talk about 66 million. I can give him 600 million.”

Ji Huai looked at him with surprise for a long time before nodding. “That is true.”

“I’m going to change clothes.” Ji Mu slowly walked up the stairs with his mind spinning.

Ji Huai moved her feet and limped toward the dining room.

At this moment, Ji Yuxiao’s phone rang. He said a greeting and listened quietly.

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