FV: Chapter 26

Ji Yuxiao let out a hum and didn’t bother to pay attention to her.

The staff member next to him quickly said, “Sister Ji took a set of photos here with us. She came here today to choose a photo. We have already rejected all the arrangements for this afternoon but Miss Ji is your sister. Therefore, we didn’t adjust the time for her.”

Ji Yuxiao was still humming as if to say that he knew.

Ji Huai wasn’t close to him in the first place. She saw that he was still so arrogant when his legs were ruined and became even more dissatisfied with her cousin Ji Yuxiao.

She turned her head and her eyes fell on Lin Luoqing. She just thought that this person was lucky. An 18th tier artist who couldn’t break out actually had the opportunity to marry into their Ji family. Then she thought about it. This person called Ji Yuxiao had been proud and arrogant all his life. Not only did he lose his legs but he also married a person with no family lineage and no background. This was considered retribution.

Looking at their Ji family, any one of them would have a better marriage partner than Lin Luoqing.

“I heard them speaking. Brother, you and your partner came to take a marriage registration photo. I wish you happiness and to get your license as soon as possible.”

I’m afraid that after getting your marriage license this year, you will get a divorce certificate next year.

How could Lin Luoqing not know what she was thinking? He smiled slightly and said softly, “Rest assured, Sister, your brother and I will be happy. Otherwise, how can we afford your good wishes?”

The moment Ji heard this, she knew that this person still remembered the last time.

She didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with her. One was a little star who wanted to be popular and the other was a crippled phoenix. What good future could these two together have?

She didn’t believe that a person like Lin Luoqing could really live a good life with her disabled brother.

“That is best.” Ji Huai smiled. “Otherwise, wouldn’t my brother’s friendship with you be in vain?”

“Got it.” Lin Luoqing smiled back. “Sister, you respect your brother so much. You must’ve prepared a wedding gift for me and your brother, right? I’m really looking forward to it.”

Ji Huai heard these words and her expression changed instantly. When did she prepare a wedding gift for Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao? Not only did Father Ji not approve of this marriage, but even if he approved it, Lin Luoqing was a little star who wasn’t as good as an Internet celebrity. What qualifications did he have for her to prepare a gift for her?

Ji Yuxiao was about to speak against it when she saw Ji Yuxiao look over. “No?”

Ji Huai could only say softly, “Brother, the family hasn’t agreed to your marriage yet.”

“Then you were just teasing me when you wished me happiness and to get the certification as soon as possible?”

“Of course not,” Ji Huai hurriedly said. “I’ll prepare it when I go back.”

Lin Luoqing heard these words and turned to look at Ji Yuxiao. He said softly,, “Your sister is just momentarily negligent and it isn’t a big problem. Don’t talk to her like that. I think your sister is very sincere. She was probably too embarrassed to take out a gift that isn’t 30-50 million.”

Ji Huai, “???” How much? 30-50 million? Was he joking?

Ji Yuxiao was instantly amused and his expression softened.

“You’re right,” he said softly.

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Ji Huai again with a cold face. “I will receive the certificate tomorrow. Please send the congratulatory gift before tomorrow night. Don’t let your Sister-in-law down.”

Ji Huai, “……”

Ji Huai never thought she would lose 30-50 million when going out to choose a photo. Her expression distorted. “Brother, I don’t have that much money.”

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “You don’t?”

He looked at Ji Huai. “It seems that Ji Mu can’t do it. He has been working in the company for so long and talked about so many projects. As a result, his sister doesn’t even have money. He still wants to manage the company like this? I think he might as well resign with me. He doesn’t need to write the resignation letter and I will help him write it. After all, he lacks the ability to write and resign. What do you think?”

Ji Huai was instantly frightened by this. Now that Ji Yuling was dead and Ji Yuxiao had no interest in his career, her brother was the most likely to take the position of general manager and take over the company in the future. How could such a thing happen at this time?

Ji Huai was afraid that she would pull down her brother into the water and once the time came, she would lose more than 30-50 million.

“I have it.” Ji Huai could only grit her teeth. “I will send the gift to Sister-in-law by tomorrow night.”

Ji Yuxiao snorted. “So you just didn’t want to send it?”

Ji Huai, “……”

Ji Huai felt that she was really going to cry.

Lin Luoqing didn’t really want to make her cry. He just didn’t like Ji Huai because of her attitude toward Ji Yuxiao, so he thought about letting her bleed a bit.

At this moment, he saw that she seemed to want to cry and quickly persuaded Ji Yuxiao. “What are you thinking? How can your sister not want to give it away? It must be that the number I said, 30-50 million has no meaning. Therefore, your sister wants to make it luck and send a congratulatory gift of 66 million. This way, we can get along smoothly. That is why she deliberately said she didn’t have it. She planned to give you a surprise.”

Ji Huai, “……”

Ji Huai cried even louder in her heart!

Ji Yuxiao turned to Ji Huai. “Really?”

Ji Huai didn’t dare to say no. Even if she was desperately shouting that this wasn’t the case in her heart, she had to respond obediently on the surface. “Yes.”

“It seems that your Sister-in-law knows you quite well. What should you say to him?”

Ji Huai, “……”

“Thank you, Sister-in-law.”

Lin Luoqing laughing. “We are family. Why so polite?”

Then you really aren’t polite. You are kind enough to open your mouth and say 66 million!

Ji Huai was angry and annoyed. She didn’t dare to say anything else and could only weakly say, “Then I will go and choose the photos.”

“Go.” Ji Yuxiao was indifferent.

Ji Huai moved her feet and left the dressing room, but she still felt resentful in her heart.

Ji Leyu silently listened to their words. Then he saw Ji Huai preparing to leave and told Lin Fei, “I’m going to the toilet.” Then he walked out.

“Auntie,” he called out to Ji Huai very politely.

Ji Huai only realized she was here when she heard this.

She was angry with Ji Yuxiao but didn’t dare show it to Ji Yuxiao. Now she saw Ji Leyu and suddenly thought of something. She pretended to have a gentle look as she walked toward him.

“Xiao Yu, you’re here.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu nodded obediently. “I came to take photos with my brother.”

“What photos?”

“A family portrait.” Ji Leyu smiled.

Ji Huai looked down at her simple little nephew in front of her. She bent down and approached him. “Yes, your father is going to get married and have a wife.”

“You will be miserable in the future~” She touched Ji Leyu’s head and sighed. “My poor little nephew. If Lin Luoqing or your father bullies you in the future, you must come to your aunt. Your aunt will help you out.”

Ji Leyu looked at him in a puzzled manner. “My father and Uncle Lin won’t bully me.”

Ji Huai laughed. “You know what. As the saying goes, if there is a stepmother then there will be a stepfather. Not to mention, your two fathers aren’t your biological fathers. You don’t know how much your father likes him. In the future, I’m afraid that everything will be for him and he won’t care about you. By the way, I heard he has a child that is around the same age as you?”

Ji Leyu nodded.

Ji Huai had a look of ‘my words are right’. “Then you are really unlucky. A person with his own child has married your father. How can you be regarded as his child? He will naturally like his own child more. Once he instigates things and says a few things, your father will also like that child more. After all, you aren’t his own child and Lin Luoqing is what he likes.”

Ji Leyu seemed a bit worried. “So what should I do?”

“What can you do?” Ji Huai sighed. “This is your family’s business and your aunt can’t help you. Your aunt can only say that when he beats you in the future, you can come to my house at any time. I will take you in.”

“Auntie, you are so kind,” Ji Leyu said sweetly.

Ji Huai smiled. “Xiao Yu, you have to remember to stay away from your stepfather. Once the time comes, he will beat you and say you don’t understand anything.”

Ji Leyu hurriedly nodded.

Ji Huai was satisfied with this and poked his nose playfully. “You aren’t allowed to tell others about this or your aunt will be miserable when the time comes.”

“I won’t say it,” Ji Leyu said obediently.

“You are really good.”

Ji Huai finished speaking and stood up, walking toward the selection room upstairs.

Ji Leyu waited until she was gone before removing the obedience on her face.

He looked at Ji Huai’s back, blinked quietly and smiled disdainfully.

Of course, he wouldn’t say it. He didn’t even believe these lies for deceiving children. How could he tell them to others?

Ji Yuxiao would always like him and like him the most. Ji Leyu knew this very well. So he didn’t believe a word of those who said in front of him that his uncle wasn’t good.

He hated it the most when others said that Ji Yuxiao wasn’t good.

Ji Leyu’s eyes flashed darkly for a moment. Then they soon regained their amber clarity.

He turned around and was walking back when he saw a roll of scotch tape on a table not far away.

Ji Leyu silently stopped and thought about it. Then he walked over and took the roll of scotch tape.

Ji Huai went downstairs after choosing photos and saw Ji Leyu taking candy from the front desk to eat. She called out, “Xiao Yu.” Ji Leyu looked over at her and obediently handed over the candy. “Auntie, do you want to eat candy?”

“No.” Ji Huai smiled. “I’m leaving.”

“Then I’ll send you off,” Ji Leyu said politely.

Ji Huai hummed and walked outside with him.

She continued to provoke him while walking. “Our Xiao Yu is so well-behaved. Who doesn’t like you? Unfortunately, it is Lin Luoqing.”

She sighed. “Your stepfather is amazing. Your aunt has been bullied by him.”

Ji Leyu was shocked. “Really?”

Ji Huai patted his head with pity. “You should seek more blessings. I hope he can let you grow up safely and not bully you.”

Ji Leyu lowered his head and stopped talking.

Ji Huai just thought he was scared and worried and the corners of her mouth curved happily.

It was good to be afraid. If he was afraid then he would distance himself, be defensive, resist and be dissatisfied. There just had to be such a preconceived concept and Ji Leyu wouldn’t be able to get along well with Lin Luoqing.

She wanted to see what Ji Yuxiao would do if Ji Leyu and Lin Luoqing were at odds.

One was the nephew he loved and protected and the other was his true love according to his words. If these two people fought then Ji Yuxiao would have a headache.

At that time, Lin Luoqing’s expression must look very good if Ji Yuxiao ended up protecting Ji Leyu.

It was even better if he protected Lin Luoqing. That way, she could let Ji Leyu come to their side and they could take back the things that shouldn’t belong to Ji Yuxiao in Ji Leyu’s name.

Ji Huai felt excited when she thought of this. She was eager to let Ji Leyu and Lin Luoqing fight now.

She was thinking this when she heard Ji Leyu whisper, “Stinky.”

He covered his nose as he spoke.

Ji Huai was puzzled. “What stinks?”

Ji Leyu pointed to the elevator in front of him. “Just now, a child peed inside.”

He frowned in disgust. “It isn’t clean at all. It is dirty.”

Ji Huai heard this and frowned suddenly.

“It must’ve been cleaned, right?” She wondered.

Ji Leyu just shook his head while frowning in disgust.

Ji Huai saw this and the resistance in her heart deepened.

The elevator came down and the doors opened. Sure enough, the elevator had a large water stain. Ji Leyu stepped back, his eyes full of disgust.

Ji Huai looked at her exquisite high heels and couldn’t move her feet. She had to let the elevator doors close again.

The elevator here was divided into single and double floors. Ji Huai saw that she couldn’t take this elevator and wanted to go downstairs to take the elevator there.

She walked to the stairwell. Ji Leyu stood on the stairs and waved to her. “Goodbye, Auntie.”

“Goodbye.” Ji Huai smiled.

Ji Leyu wasn’t in a hurry to leave, as if he wanted to see her leave.

Ji Huai turned back to him as he descended the stairs. “Yes, you go back quickly… Ahh—!”

Ji Huai suddenly became unsteady on her feet. She fell directly on the stairs with a loud sound. This caused her to hurt her butt and to sprain her feet.

It was only then that Ji Leyu showed a pleasant smile.

He was happy as he looked at Ji Huai, who couldn’t stop gasping with pain. This made his mood even brighter.

How could she say that his uncle wasn’t good?

His uncle was the best person in the world. No one could call him bad.

He restrained his smile and pretended to be concerned as he walked down the stairs and whispered, “Auntie, are you okay?”

Ji Huai hadn’t expected that she would fall so hard. She looked at the steps under her feet. The steps were smooth and abnormal. She looked closely and found there was clear scotch tape attached to it.

Ji Huai was instantly angry. “Where is the naughty child who put tape on the stairs?”

Ji Leyu listened as if saying it wasn’t him. His voice was full of concern. “Auntie, are you hurt from falling?”

Not only was Ji Huai hurt from falling but she also twisted her foot.

She stood up with difficulty. She was angry to death but there was nothing she could do.

There was no surveillance in the stairwell. Even if she wanted to check, she couldn’t find it.

In addition, Ji Yuxiao was currently in the studio. If she went back to make trouble, the boss might not dare to say anything but Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t let her do as she wished. She was afraid she would be the one hit in the face and made to get lost.

Ji Huai felt wronged when she thought about it. She had fallen so badly and it was painful. However, she couldn’t find the culprit and couldn’t vent.

Ji Huai was so angry that tears fell. However, she didn’t want to be ashamed in front of Ji Leyu so she quickly wiped away her tears and insisted, “It’s okay.”

Ji Leyu saw her crying and felt that she should really be in pain.

It was fine if she was hurt. He was satisfied with this.

“I’ll go first.” Ji Huai supported herself using the railing of the stairs and walked down step by step.

Ji Leyu stood on the steps and looked at her with a smile. He obediently said to her, “Goodbye, Auntie.”

He watched Ji Huai walk around the corner and leave his sight. Then he bent down toward the stairs and tore off the tape on the stairs.

It wouldn’t be good if everyone else fell down as well.

Ji Leyu carefully tore off the tape layer by layer. Then he clumped it up and threw it into the garbage bin on the stairwell.

He returned to the photography studio, washed his hands and headed to the place where he had been placed by the staff.

Lin Fei had already paused Animal World on his tablet and was waiting for him. He saw Ji Leyu come back and didn’t say anything. He just passed over the earphone in his hand.

“Where are Dad and Uncle Lin?” Ji Leyu looked around but didn’t see Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing. He had to ask Lin Fei.

“They went to take photos,” Lin Fei explained to him.

Ji Leyu nodded. He took out a piece of candy from his pocket and handed it to Lin Fei. “Yes, this is candy I just got from the front desk.”

Lin Fei took it and politely said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Leyu smiled.

He was eating candy and his smile was sweeter than sugar. No one could see what he had just done.

Ji Leyu lowered his head and continued to watch ‘Animal World’ on the tablet with Lin Fei.

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Isn’t it kinda creepy that he already has such deep thinking as a little kid? :’D

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It is… but he has this “Cutie privileged” Card and one of its benefits is I shall easily forgive him. Lol.

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Small demon and small angel, both are cute!!!!


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Check a few boxes for early signs of sociopathic behavior. Incidentally, the ‘acting cute to manipulate people’ is one of those boxes.

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