FV: Chapter 24 Part 1

“I miss my father,” Ji Leyu said softly.

Then he reached out for Lin Fei’s hand.

Lin Fei didn’t like to be in close contact with people and instinctively struggled when held by Ji Leyu. However, Ji Leyu had made up his mind to take this person out of here, so he didn’t let go. Instead, he raised his head and looked at Lin Fei in a pitiful manner.

Lin Fei was looked at like this and remembered the matter of Ji Leyu’s parents. His heart softened and he didn’t struggle any longer.

Ji Leyu pulled him back quietly, as if afraid of disturbing Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing, who had just fallen asleep.

He waited until he was a few steps away from Ji Yuxiao’s room before saying again, “I thought of my father and couldn’t sleep alone. I wanted Father to sleep with me but when I got to the door, I was embarrassed and couldn’t go in. I just stood by the door.”

He looked at Lin Fei, his tone soft while his beautiful face was both cute and pitiful. “Brother, don’t tell my father and Uncle Lin. I don’t want them to worry.”

Lin Fei heard these words and didn’t have many doubts. He just nodded.

He couldn’t sleep and wanted to drink water. However, there was no water in his room, so he wanted to go to the first floor to grab a cup of water. Then he passed the corridor where Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom was located and saw Ji Leyu standing near the doorway, sticking to the wall while as quiet as a cat.

Ji Leyu saw him nod and was relieved. He said in a sweet manner, “Brother, you are so kind.”

Lin Fei didn’t speak.

Ji Leyu had become used to this person not talking much and didn’t care, so he continued to pull Lin Fei back.

However, Lin Fei suddenly realized something and stopped.

Ji Leyu was puzzled and felt worried again. He whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Fei looked at his bare feet, tone as calm as ever. “You’re not wearing shoes.”

Ji Leyu hurriedly lowered his head and felt panicked in his heart again.

“I was in too much of a hurry,” he explained. “I had a dream, and it was terrible. I remembered my father and didn’t want to sleep alone.”

He curled his toes slightly and his white jade feet shrank inwards. His long eyelashes hung down like he was very sad.

Lin Fei hadn’t expected Ji Leyu to show an uncomfortable expression because of this and felt helpless for a while. He had always been alone. Even at school, he didn’t have many good classmates and friends. He had never encountered such a situation before, and it was a rare occasion where he didn’t know how to handle something.

He felt as if he should comfort Ji Leyu, but how to comfort someone?

Lin Fei thought about it before learning from the way Lin Luoqing comforted him every time. He reached out and touched Ji Leyu’s head, telling him, “You are good.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

At this time, shouldn’t you say, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘it is okay’? Why do you mean be saying ‘You are good?’’

Ji Leyu felt that his cheap brother really couldn’t comfort others at all.

Still, he would be good as long as Lin Fei didn’t doubt what he said.

Ji Leyu nodded cooperatively. “I’m good.”

Lin Fei watched him change back to a well-behaved and clever appearance. He didn’t want to cry as before. Therefore, Lin Fei felt that his comfort was probably a success.

It was the first time he had comforted a child of the same age who was a bit younger than him. He was successful so he was in a good mood. He touched Ji Leyu’s head again before withdrawing his hand and pulling the other person to his room.

Ji Leyu followed while thinking that he had successfully concealed it. He needed to be more cautious next time. When did this person come and why didn’t he make any sounds?

It was strange.

He glanced at Lin Fei and frowned slightly.

Lin Fei didn’t understand Ji Leyu’s complicated mood at all and directly dragged Ji Leyu back to his room.

It wasn’t until Ji Leyu entered the room that he was surprised to find he had lost his dominance and was taken to Lin Fei’s room by Lin Fei.

“Sit.” Lin Fei pulled him to the chair and spoke concisely.

Ji Leyu didn’t understand so he had to sit down while getting ready to see what this person would do.

“You wait,” Lin Fei instructed softly.

After he finished speaking, he turned and headed to the bathroom attached to his bedroom. Ji Leyu curiously stretched out his neck to take a look. He saw that in a few moments, Lin Fei came out with a basin of water.

He put the basin down in front of Ji Leyu’s chair. “Wash your feet.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Yes, he should really wash his feet.

Ji Leyu had to raise his feet to put them into the water. However, the moment his feet touched the surface of the water, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Hot.”

He looked at Lin Fei, his pretty face wrinkled in an aggrieved manner. The water in his bright eyes was gentle, as if it had rained. The moisture was distressing.

Lin Fei had tried it and it didn’t feel hot. Then he thought about it. Ji Leyu was smaller than him and might be more intolerant of heat. He had to say softly, “Wait.”

He turned around and went back to the bathroom. Ji Leyu watched his back and tentatively put it back in the water. He was afraid of the heat and lifted it again. He was like dragonflies skimming the water as he played happily.

Lin Fei came out and saw Ji Leyu lifting his feet. It seemed that Ji Leyu really couldn’t stand the heat. His white toes were slightly pink, like petals that had just been dyed.

Lin Fei took the small basin and added some water to it. “Try it.”

Ji Leyu stretched out a foot and placed it in the water. This time, he didn’t feel it was hot so he looked up and smiled at Lin Fei. “Thank you, Brother.”

“No thanks.” Lin Fei still had a calm expression.

He handed Ji Leyu a towel and put the small basin back in the bathroom. Then he walked to his cabinet, took out a pair of slippers and placed them at Ji Leyu’s feet.

They were the slippers Ji Yuxiao had prepared for him when he and Lin Luoqing moved in. It was just that Lin Fei had brought his own slippers, so he didn’t wear the ones Ji Yuxiao prepared for him. He was still wearing his own simple black and white slippers.

Ji Leyu looked at him and asked, “Do you want me to wear them?”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

“Thank you, Brother,” Ji Leyu said sweetly.

He slowly and methodically washed his small feet. Then after washing, he raised his feet to show Lin Fei. “It is clean.”

Lin Fei saw the white and tender little feet and nodded with satisfaction. Ji Leyu picked up the towel and wiped them.

Walking in shoes would make a noise so every time he eavesdropped; he was used to going barefoot. He hadn’t expected to bump into someone this time.

Ji Leyu thought of this and looked at Lin Fei’s feet. It was strange that Lin Fei was wearing shoes but didn’t make a sound. Or had Ji Leyu just been careless, so he didn’t notice?

Ji Leyu wiped his feet while thinking about this. Then he put on the slippers and stood up.

“Pour the water out,” Lin Fei told him.

“Yes.” Ji Leyu obediently picked up his foot wash basin and walked toward the bathroom.

He poured the water, put the basin on a shelf and came out of the bathroom, prepared to leave.

“I’m done pouring it and the basin has also been put away.” Ji Leyu habitually showed his good side first.

Lin Fei heard this and nodded. Then he patted the pillow next to him. “Then come and sleep.”

Ji Leyu who was just about to say that he was leaving, “???”

He looked at Lin Fei with doubts in his eyes. “Sleep?”

“Didn’t you not want to sleep alone?” Lin Fei asked bluntly.

Ji Leyu was puzzled. “So you are going to sleep with me?”

Lin Fei cocked his head. “Otherwise?”

“You didn’t want to sleep alone so you went to find your father in an embarrassed manner, right?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt he couldn’t understand his cheap brother who spoke a bit coldly.

He walked to Lin Fei’s bed. There was only one pillow on Lin Fei’s bed. Fortunately, the pillow that Ji Yuxiao had prepared for him was very large. They were still small and could make do with it.

“Come up,” Lin Fei said. “I’m going to sleep.”

Ji Leyu thought about it for a moment before taking off his shoes and getting on the bed.

“The quilt is on top of the cabinet. I can’t reach it so we will share a quilt.”

Ji Leyu nodded.

“If you don’t mind the trouble then you can go get your quilt,” Lin Fei added.

“No.” Ji Leyu looked at him with a smile. “It is enough to use one.”

Lin Fei saw this and didn’t say anything else. He signaled for Ji Leyu to lie down and turned off the lights.

Ji Leyu hurriedly lay down and covered himself in the quilt. Then he saw Lin Fei turn off the lights and lie down beside him.

They were very close. Ji Leyu turned sideways and asked Lin Fei softly, “Brother, you won’t tell my father and Uncle Lin about today’s events, will you?”

“No,” Lin Fei replied.

Ji Leyu was relieved and said sweetly, “Brother, you are so kind.”

Lin Fei didn’t speak and closed his eyes.

However, Ji Leyu didn’t want to sleep and continued to ask, “Brother, did you deliberately sleep with me because I said I didn’t want to sleep alone?”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

“You’re so kind.” Ji Leyu sweetly said again.

Lin Fei still had that cold and indifferent expression.

Ji Leyu inwardly frowned while thinking that Lin Fei was so strange. ‘You say you like me, but you never show any expression to me. You don’t speak and you don’t even smile. But if you don’t like me, why are you willing to sleep with me just because I don’t want to sleep alone? Do you like me or do you not like me?’

Ji Leyu, who was the trinity of the best looking male student, best looking female student and best student in kindergarten , thought about it carefully. He felt that there were very few people who didn’t like him after he took the initiative to show his favor. He guessed that his cheap brother probably liked him but was born with such a cold and indifferent look. This was why he treated Ji Leyu this way.

Ji Leyu understood so he closed his eyes and said softly, “Good night, brother.”

“Good night,” Lin Fei replied.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

In the middle of the night, it wasn’t known how much time had passed but Lin Fei suddenly felt someone grab him. It was a very tight grip. Their arms were across his chest, and they were hugging him tightly.

Lin Fei opened his eyes and faintly heard a low sobbing sound. “Dad…”

He froze for a moment. Then he looked to the side. It wasn’t known when Ji Leyu moved over but his head was next to Lin Fei’s and he seemed to be crying.

His voice was very soft, and his crying was faint as he called out for his parents. Lin Fei listened quietly and didn’t move.

Ji Leyu should be dreaming about his parents.

Lin Fei felt Ji Leyu’s hand grasping him tighter. This person was obviously soft and sticky, but his strength was unexpectedly great.

He wanted to open his mouth to tell Ji Leyu to let go of him. However, his mouth just opened before silently closing again.

Ji Leyu couldn’t see his parents anymore. it was rare to see them in his dreams so let him spend a bit more time with his parents.

Lin Fei opened his eyes and looked into the dark night. He felt the strength of Ji Leyu’s hands and couldn’t help thinking of his mother.

He hadn’t dreamed about his mother in a long time. If he could, he wanted to dream about his mother too.

He slowly raised the arm that was close to Ji Leyu and reached out to touch Ji Leyu’s head.

“You are good,” Lin Fei said softly.

This was the only method of comfort that he had learned from Lin Luoqing.

He stroked Ji Leyu’s hair in a gentle and quiet manner.

Ji Leyu slowly calmed down and his sobbing gradually disappeared. The strength of his hands was much looser, and he fell asleep again.

In his dream, his mother hugged him and his father gently touched his head. His father said, “Dad misses you very much as well. Both your mother and father miss you but you are still young. You can’t come to see us.”

His mother kissed him and coaxed him by saying, “Xiao Yu, you can come find us when you grow up later, okay? I want to see how Xiao Yu grows up. You are so good-looking. After you grow up, you must be handsome like your father.”

Ji Leyu nodded and replied obediently, “Okay.”

“Xiao Yu, promise your father that you will live with your uncle well. Your uncle likes you so much. He will take good care of you like me.”

Ji Leyu still nodded. “Okay.”

“Xiao Yu is so good.” His father looked at him with a smile and love in his eyes.

Ji Leyu shook his head and hugged his father tightly. He wasn’t good at all. He knew that he had never been a good child. He was just willing to always be a good child in his parents’ eyes and in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes.

He could agree to anything they said as long as they could be by his side.

“I miss you so much,” Ji Leyu said softly. “Every day, I think about you.”’

Lin Fei turned on the night light by the bed. The light was weak, gentle and not dazzling. He looked down at Ji Leyu beside him.

Ji Leyu’s eyelashes were dark and thick. They were wet like crow feathers and looked beautiful and fragile.

He slept soundly, as if immersed in a rare dream and was unwilling to wake up. 

Lin Fei reached out to wipe the tears from the corners of Ji Leyu’s eyes. He hesitated for a moment but eventually didn’t break away to get out of bed and go to the toilet.

He turned off the light and closed his eyes again.

It was a safe night.

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