FV: Chapter 23 Part 1

Lin Luoqing almost laughed due to the words. He looked down at Ji Yuxiao and thought this person was quite cute.

He thought Ji Yuxiao was cute but Tan Kai didn’t think he was cute.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao, sneered and withdrew his hand. “How could I forget? Young Master Ji’s legs are ruined now so you are naturally sensitive. You can’t see people who have healthy limbs. I am the rude one. I shouldn’t have appeared in front of a crippled person.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and his expression turned cold. He mocked Tang Kai, “Do you have healthy limbs? I think you have well-developed limbs and a simple mind? We generally call it a mental disability. It is recommended for you to seek treatment.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and didn’t speak.

Tan Kai hadn’t expected him to say this and looked at him in disbelief. “Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Why? Is it not only your brain that isn’t good? Do your ears also not work?” Lin Luoqing pretended to be surprised. “Then it is best to go to the hospital quickly. If you have a disease then you should treat it early. Don’t hide the disease and avoid medical treatment.”

Tan Kai smiled angrily. “Are you trying to show your heartfelt feelings to Ji Yuxiao? It seems you are satisfied with the branch you have climbed up.”

“I’ve always been happy with him.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

“Really?” Tan Kai said deliberately, “Why don’t I remember you as someone satisfied when you tried to seduce me?”

The moment he spoke, the expressions of Wei Junhe and Zhuang Yue changed. They looked at Lin Luoqing with surprise, as if they hadn’t expected him to have such a thing.

On the other hand, Qu Yingzhe knew what happened between them before so his expression didn’t change. He just watched and waited for the explanation.

Lin Luoqing knew he was in trouble from the first moment he saw Tang Kai.

His crush on Ji Yuxiao was false but it was real that the original owner liked Tang Kai. He had chased after Tang Kai several times like a ‘licking dog.’ He didn’t catch Tang Kai but this didn’t affect the original owner’s obsession with him.

Previously, Tan Kai didn’t pay attention to the original owner and didn’t even bother to give him a look when they met. As long as he didn’t go looking, Tan Kai was bound not to look for him. Then everything would naturally be over.

Unexpectedly, he bumped into this person today.

Even more unexpectedly, Tan Kai didn’t regard him as an invisible person and took the initiative to provoke trouble.

Lin Luoqing thought that this person was really annoying.

He sighed calmly and thought of an excuse. “Who said that I don’t remember? I just remember too much, so I noticed it. Otherwise, why would I notice you? Based on your ugly and contrived appearance, I don’t even like looking at you. If it wasn’t for the fact that you came from a rich family like him, I wouldn’t have endured the humiliation and used you as his stand-in.”

Tan Kai, “???!!!”

Qu Yingzhe, “!!!”

Wei Junhe, “!!!”

Zhuang Yue, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing crouched down and looked at Ji Yuxiao in an affectionate and guilty manner. “I have one thing I haven’t told you.”

Ji Yuxiao looked into his tearful eyes and thought, ‘There is more than one thing you haven’t told me, right?’

“Say it,” he cooperated.

“During my 15 years of secret love, as I felt unattainable love again and again while feeling unwilling to let go as well as the satisfaction of missing you—I knew it wasn’t right and I knew that doing it wouldn’t help, but I still did a stupid thing. I found a stand-in and used a delusion way to forget, so I could stop my wishful thinking.”

“The stand-in was him.” Lin Luoqing finished speaking and pointed at Tan Kai.

Tan Kai, “!!!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Wei Junhe, Qu Yingzhe and Zhuang Yue followed the direction of his finger and the three of them looked at Tan Kai with shock. The look in their eyes was extremely clear. ‘You are too miserable. After all this trouble, you are only a stand-in!’

Tan Kai, “……”

“I’m not!” Tan Kaie exclaimed angrily.

Lin Luoqing ignored him and continued with showing affection. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have treated him as an independent person due to love, I shouldn’t have cared about others due to my feelings and I shouldn’t do immoral things due to my feelings. However, I really had no choice. I liked you too much. For 15 years, my liking has gone deep into my bone marrow and I couldn’t let go. I could only use this method to try and extricate myself. I’m sorry.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt this person was no longer a talent. He was simply a genius.

He looked up at Tan Kai and spoke in a deep tone, “I knew it was impossible but I was so affectionate that I was a bit touched. Were you touched?”

Tan Kai, “???”

Tan Kai couldn’t believe what this person was saying.

“F*king nonsense! Lin Luoqing, make it clear. Who is Ji Yuxiao’s stand-in?”

Lin Luoqing heard the words and looked at him with disgust. “What is this tone? I might’ve used you as a stand-in but it is an honor to be his stand-in. You should be satisfied.”

Tan Kai, ‘??? Was this f*king something that someone could say?!’

Do I have to thank you for not knowing how to appreciate the favor?

“Don’t be ignorant and appreciate the favor.” The next second, Lin Luoqing added.

Tan Kai, “……”

Tan Kai laughed angrily. “Good good, Lin Luoqing, you really have something.”

“There is a lot more than that.” Lin Luoqing smiled at him. “Did you really think I liked you? No, no, no one really thought I liked you, right?”

Tan Kai, “……”

“Didn’t you like trying to hook up with me every day? The moment I appear, you are like a fly, smelling and flying around me. Aren’t you ashamed to say that you don’t like me?”

Lin Luoqing looked disdainful. “Isn’t it that I can’t see the white moonlight so I look at the cabbage. I see it reflect his noble elegance and I am reminded of his handsome face.”

Tan Kai, “……”

“How do I look like him?” Tan Kai gritted his teeth?

“Are you joking?” Lin Luoqing was surprised. “How can you look like him? Don’t insult my male god!”

“Then why say that I am his f*king stand-in?!”

“Hey.” Lin Luoqing sighed. “Some people look for stand-ins due to the similar faces and some people look for stand-ins due to the similar temperament. Meanwhile, I look for a stand-in due to the similar identity. It might be different in terms of actual conditions and this is an insult to my male god, but for me, the identity backgrounds are different from mine. Therefore, every time I see you, I know that my secret love is destined to die in my heart.”

“After all, a fake can’t even look at me, let alone my white moonlight male god.”

His white moonlight male god immediately smiled in a gentle and warm manner.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly praised him. “My male god looks really beautiful when you smile.”

The smile on Ji Yuxiao’s face deepened.

He looked at Lin Luoqing and felt this person was really cute. Such a cute person was really heartwarming, even if Ji Yuxiao did nothing and just kept Lin Luoqing by his side.

“What an insulting and burdensome love. I can’t help being touched when I hear it. Are you touched?” The ruthless touched machine, Ji Yuxiao looked at Tan Kai again.

Tan Kai, ‘…What nonsense!’

“Don’t do it next time.” Ji Yuxiao retracted his gaze and told Lin Luoqing. “For the sake of your crush on me for 15 years, I won’t care about previous events. However, you aren’t allowed to have any similar situations in the future.”

“Of course.” Lin Luoqing didn’t hesitate. “I can see you every day. Why would I go to look at fakes? I’m not blind.”

The fake Tan Kai, “……”

“Lin Luoqing, you are really shameless.” Tan Kai was angry. “Previously when you flattered me, you were eager to kneel down and be my dog. Now that you have Ji Yuxiao, you don’t recognize me? Ji Yuxiao, you don’t really believe his lies, right? Just last month, he leaned on me when he was drunk and asked me if I wanted to open a room with him.”

There was a ‘slap’ and Tan Kai felt a fiery pain on his face. He turned his head sideways and saw a paper bag falling beside him and making a heavy noise.

“Pay attention to your words.” Ji Yuxiao leaned back on the wheelchair and retracted his hands. His tone was slow and his expression was cold. “Know that I am sensitive and irritable now. Control your mouth and don’t speak any nonsense.”

Tan Kai raised his head. The left side of his face was red. The edges and corners of the paper bag seemed to have scraped his face, leaving a shallow mark. He gritted his teeth and rushed directly toward Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly stood up and tried to block Ji Yuxiao. However, Ji Yuxiao raised his hand and held him down.

Lin Luoqing turned to look at him in a nervous and guilty manner. “I didn’t.”

He really didn’t do it. The original owner might’ve meant it but Lin Luoqing didn’t. In addition, the original owner didn’t succeed.

“I really didn’t.” He looked at Ji Yuxiao and his tone was imperceptibly panicked. It was as if he was afraid that Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t believe him. “I really didn’t do anything with him.”

Then he called out ‘Brother’ in a low voice. He was well-behaved and flattering.

Ji Yuxiao saw his confused and innocent eyes and raised his head to touch Lin Luoqing’s head, reassuring him. “I believe you.”

Lin Luoqing was relieved. He scolded Tan Kai in his heart again and also complained about the original owner.

He looked up and found that while he had exchanged a few words with Ji Yuxiao, Zhuang Yue and Qu Yingzhe had already pressed Tan Kai against the wall.

“Calm down.” Zhuang Yue was dissatisfied. “Isn’t it just being a stand-in? Why be so angry and annoyed that you bite at people everywhere? Sister-in-law was trapped by love. Anyone who drinks from the cup of love will get drunk. He was drunk. Why care about a drunkard?”

“Nonsense!” Tan Kai exclaimed angrily.

Zhang Yue was afraid this person would provoke Ji Yuxiao again so he raised a hand to help Tan Kai shut up. “Don’t say anything. This person has been obsessed for 15 years. Even if you are unwilling, it is useless. Admit that you have lost to love. Don’t frame people. It just makes you look ugly.”

Tan Kai, “……”

Tan Kai really wanted to do something but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Ji Yuxiao saw that this person had stopped talking and his cold eyebrows finally relaxed. He asked the waiter to re-pack the desert for him. Then he left the hotel with Lin Luoqing and got into the car.

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