FV: Chapter 200

Chapter 200

Ji Yuxiao returned to the company after eating. Ji Mu had already packed his things and moved to the office of the marketing director.

Seeing the familiar office, Ji Yuxiao thought about how his brother had worked here and talked to him here. He felt emotional in his heart. Fortunately, Tan Jiaji hadn’t come here.

He was thinking this when he heard a knock on the door. Ji Yuxiao responded and the person who came in was Ji Mu.

Ji Yuxiao wasn’t surprised that he appeared here at this time. If there was one thing unexpected, it was that Ji Mu would take the initiative to bow his head at this morning’s regular meeting and say that he was willing to be demoted to the marketing department.

After so many years, it was really rare for Ji Mu to have a brain. This made Ji Yuxiao take a second look at him.

Ji Mu entered the familiar office. He had been the owner of this office before the morning meeting but now he had left here.

He didn’t understand it. Why did Ji Yuxiao come back?

Why did he come back at this time?

Was he really planning to take this seat in place of his brother and become the new general manager of the Ji Group?

Ji Mu looked at him, mind full of thoughts.

“What do you want to do? Ji Yuxiao, if you want to be the general manager then you could’ve sat here after your brother died. Why wait for this time? Why let me sit here for so long? Is it because of Ji Leyu? I let Fang Xin appear in front of Ji Leyu so you are getting revenge on me?”

“Isn’t that all your imagination?” Ji Yuxiao laughed.

Ji Mu frowned. “If not, why?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t intend to let Ji Mu know about his revenge plan. The two of them had no friendship at all and he didn’t like to talk about his thoughts with unrelated people.

“You don’t need to know. This has nothing to do with you. Ji Mu, over the years, the time when you acted the smartest is your performance at today’s regular meeting. Many times, knowing things isn’t necessarily good. Not knowing is also a type of happiness.”

Ji Mu became even more puzzled. He looked at the person in front of him in confusion. “I really don’t understand you at all.”

“You don’t need to understand. For the sake of your performance at the regular meeting, I will tell you this. As long as you don’t act like last time, I won’t target you. You were the marketing director when my brother was alive so now you are returning to this position. Isn’t it very suitable?”

“Are you really going to be the general manager?”

“It isn’t that I want to be the general manager or want the Ji Group. It is all my brother’s. Now that my brother is gone, it belongs to Xiao Yu. No one can steal it from him. I won’t allow anyone to steal it from him, including myself. Right now, Xiao Yu is too young to sit here. I will sit here for him and keep what belongs to him. Once he grows up, I will return all of his brother’s properties to him completely.”

“I’ve never been interested in the Ji Group but I won’t let my brother’s things fall into the hands of others, do you understand?”

Ji Mu understood.

He didn’t say anything else. He was already very clear about what type of status Ji Leyu had in Ji Yuxiao’s heart. So in this life, it was impossible for him to have the Ji Group again.

When Ji Yuxiao wasn’t interested in the Ji Group, he was qualified to fight for it as Ji Zhenyang’s son. However, once Ji Yuxiao said that the Ji Group was his then he didn’t even have an admission ticket.

Ji Zhenhong wouldn’t choose him over his son, so his dream was over.

“So you fired Tan Jiaji because he coveted the position of general manager?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled but didn’t speak. Ji Mu regarded this as him acquiescing.

He cleaned up everyone who had ideas about the rights to the Ji Group. No one would try to compete with him in the future.

Ji Mu sighed in his heart. He turned and walked out. He had just taken two steps when he heard Ji Yuxiao say to him, “Help me take a message to the HR manager. Just say that he shouldn’t be in a hurry about Tan Jiaji’s dismissal letter.”

Ji Mu was puzzled. “What does this mean?”

“You will find out soon.” Ji Yuxiao’s tone was gentle.

Just as Ji Mu came to find Ji Yuxiao, Ji Zhenhong finally went to find Tan Jiaji.

Tan Jiaji saw him and stood up anxiously. He walked over quickly and pretended to be pitiful. “Dad, why did this happen?”

He pulled Ji Zhenhong’s arm and his eyes were aggrieved. “I don’t want to leave the Ji Group. I still have many things to do. Dad, I don’t want to leave.”

Ji Zhenhong heard these words but had already made up his mind to let him leave first.

He patted Tan Jiaji’s hand and comforted him. “It’s okay. You leave the company for a while first. Once there is an opportunity later, I will find a way to let you come back.”

Tan Jiaji couldn’t believe it. “Later? When later? When will there be an opportunity? Dad, this isn’t what you said. You said when I came back this time that as long as I was obedient and listened to you, the company would be mine. Why are you letting me go now? Why do I have to leave as soon as Ji Yuxiao appears? I am your son too!”

Ji Zhenhong frowned. “Isn’t this also for your own good? If you continue to stay in the company, what if Ji Yuxiao becomes suspicious and doubts you? What if he discovers what you did before?”

“Didn’t you already erase all traces for me? For so long, he didn’t find it so he won’t be able to find it.”

“That was when he didn’t know you existed!” Ji Zhenhong looked at him and told him seriously. “He didn’t know about your existence so he naturally wouldn’t think much and check more. Once he finds out that you are also my son and that you have met Yuling, he will inevitably think more and he won’t be able to stay still!”

He patted Tan Jiaji’s shoulder and persuaded him. “Yuxiao has a bad temper and he had a good relationship with his brother since he was a child. If he knows that you designed the accident and found the driver, he will definitely let you pay for his brother’s life!”

Ji Zhenhong thought of this and felt upset and sad.

He never expected that Tan Jiaji would find someone to deliberately create an accident and kill Ji Yuling.

He seemed to go back to that day. He had just heard the news of Ji Yuling’s car accident and when he returned home at night, he received a call from Tan Jiaji.

Tan Jiaji cried that he was wrong and he regretted it. He didn’t know that everything would turn out like this.

He said that he found someone to hit Ji Yuling’s car. He was just angry, angry that Ji Yuling could have a father and live with a father, while not allowing Tan Jiaji to live with his father.

Therefore, he wanted to teach Ji Yuling a lesson. He didn’t think that Ji Yuling would die. He just wanted Ji Yuling to be injured so he would have no time to care about Tan Jiaji’s affairs. He never thought it would be such a serious car accident. He regretted it, he was wrong and he didn’t dare to do it in the future.

He cried and said he didn’t want to go to jail. He just wanted to live with his father. He had no father since he was a child. Other children had a father to protect them when bullied but he could only hide and cry alone. He just wanted a home with a father and he hadn’t expected it to become like this.

Tan Jiaji cried pitifully and his words were moving. He played the emotional card while talking about his fears.

Ji Zhenhong was so shocked that he almost couldn’t hold his phone. It took a while for him to finally accept that his youngest son killed his oldest son.

He was about to explode and the anger in his heart rose to the sky. He cursed Tan Jiaji angrily for more than an hour before finally daring to think about this matter.

He thought about it while listening to Tan Jiaji’s crying. Tan Jiaji cried so pitifully and at the end, he said he was sorry for his mother. He would no longer be able to visit her grave when he went to prison. He felt pity and pain.

He had already lost one son and he couldn’t lose another.

Even if Tan Jiaji didn’t do the right thing and even if he deserved it, Tan Jiaji was still his son. Everything he did was because Ji Zhenhong wasn’t by his side since he was a child. Tan Jiaji longed for fatherly love and to live with him.

Of course, he was wrong but Ji Zhenhong didn’t want to lose another son.

Therefore, he let Tan Jiaji go abroad overnight. Then he found someone to help him erase Tan Jiaji’s traces in this matter.

He placed Tan Jiaji in a closed off nursing home in a remote foreign country, forbidding him to contact anyone in China. He should repent and accept punishment there.

Immediately afterward, he quickly found the driver who caused the accident, sent him to prison and warned him that no matter who asked him anything, he couldn’t mention Tan Jiaji.

He did all of this and uneasily and sadly waited for Ji Yuxiao to wake up.

He was afraid that Ji Yuxiao would suspect this wasn’t an accident and  would investigate. He kept praying that Ji Yuxiao would be less sensitive about this matter. Maybe God pitied him. He got his wish. Ji Yuxiao went to see the driver but didn’t manage to get any answers.

Ji Zhenhong arranged for the driver’s suicide so there would never be any future troubles.

He thought that everything could go back on track now. He never thought that Ji Yuxiao would become passive and decadent due to this incident and his legs.

He refused to take over his brother’s job and indulged in love. He even allowed Ji Mu to sit in the seat that should’ve belonged to him.

In the beginning, Ji Zhenhong wanted to use Ji Mu as a shield.

He was afraid that Ji Yuxiao was deliberately pretending to be like this. It happened that Ji Mu jumped out at this time and wanted to take over as the general manager.

He pushed the boat along the water, making Ji Mu the person who benefited the most from the car accident and tried to make Ji Yuxiao turn his attention to Ji Mu.

Then day by day, month by month… a year was approaching and Ji Yuxiao was still at home in a decadent and self-defeated manner. He even gave Xingyi to Lin Luoqing, a little star. He lived without meaning or pursuing anything.

He saw that Ji Mu’s reputation in the company was getting higher while Ji Yuxiao only knew how to degenerate and please Lin Luoqing. He didn’t want to let Ji Mu grow bigger so that the company really belonged to his second brother. Therefore, he took the risk and let Tan Jiaji return to China.

However, he didn’t want to attract Ji Yuxiao’s attention. He secretly introduced Tan Jiaji to Ji Zhengao under the guise of Ruohua’s President Zhao. He had Ji Zhengao, who didn’t get along with Ji Zhenyang, to bring Tan Jiaji into the company.

In this way, everyone thought that Tan Jiaji was Ji Zhengao’s person and he could secretly help Tan Jiaji without anyone knowing.

Ji Zhenyang didn’t suspect him.

Ji Zhengao didn’t suspect him.

Even Ji Mu didn’t suspect him.

Everything went in the direction he imagined. In particular, Ji Mu’s project with Aoyu failed and he helped Tan Jiaji gain Aoyu’s project. This allowed Tan Jiaji to be promoted to deputy general manager.

At this time, he just had to weaken the amount of shares in Ji Yuxiao’s hands and transfer them to Tan Jiaji and Tan Jiaji could sit firmly in the company.

He originally wanted to let Ji Mu deal with Ji Yuxiao. He just wanted to be the oriole behind the mantis stalking a cicada.

He didn’t think that Ji Mu, that useless thing, would be unable to do anything.

Fortunately, Ji Yuxiao still didn’t know what Tan Jiaji’s identity was. He didn’t know Tan Jiaji was related to his brother’s death. Therefore, Tan Jiaji was still safe as long as he left early.

“Jiaji, listen to Dad. Dad is also doing it for your own good. As long as I have the opportunity in the future, I will bring you back.”

“When will I have to wait until? When exactly?”

Ji Zhenhong saw his disobedient appearance and was angry. “What did you promise me before? Didn’t you say that you would listen to me when coming back this time?”

Tan Jiaji looked at him. “But Dad, you also said that Ji Yuxiao gave up on himself and has no interest in the company. The company would be mine in the future. What happened? He clearly wants to fight with me now!”

“If I didn’t say so, would you let him go?” Father Ji hit the nail on the head and tore open the hypocritical appearance. “If I didn’t say so, could he still live well while sitting in a wheelchair? Tan Jiaji, do you really think I am a three year old child to believe that you found someone to cause an accident just to make Ji Yuling slightly injured?”

“It was a car accident! Do you think you can cause a slight injury in a car accident?” Father Ji looked at him with tears in his eyes. “Do you really think I have no feelings for Yuling? He was my first child, my proudest son! I naturally loved him. I loved him more than I loved you or Yuxiao! But he died and he was killed by you. What could I do? Could I send you to prison? Could I lose another son after already losing one son?”

“I couldn’t! So I helped you. But in the same way, Yuxiao is also my son and I don’t want him to have an accident. If I didn’t tell you this and let you think he wouldn’t fight with you, who knows if you will hit him as soon as you come back?”

“I’m warning you, Tan Jiaji. If you do something to Yuxiao this time, I won’t forgive you. Even if I have to give it cheaply to others in the company, I won’t give it to you!”

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So in the end, nothing is FU Ji’s fault, his conscience is clear and he sleeps like a baby. I look forward to him continuing with this mindset inside a prison cell.


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