FV: Chapter 2

Lin Luoqing: No need!

He thought so but he didn’t dare say it.

“I believe you!” Lin Luoqing nodded firmly. “Based on your condition, your engine must be big, strong and good. I believe you so there is no need for you to open the box for an inspection!”

It didn’t matter if he believed it or not. Driving or not was more important!

He didn’t want to get in the car as soon as he came here. It was too fast!

Ji Yuxiao listened to him and slightly raised an eyebrow. “Is it? At this time, you believe me again.”

“I’ve always believed in you!” Lin Luoqing held his hand with a look of genuine emotions. “I’ll always believe you.”

Ji Yuxiao: …Acting again!

“Even if I’m a disabled person?”

“Your body might be injured but you are determined!”

“A toad who wants to eat swan meat?”

“Where are you?” Lin Luoqing refused to admit it. “I must be the humble toad and I want to eat your noble swan flesh.”


…Did he have to say all the harsh words of the original owner?

“It is me, I am the one who is shameless!” Lin Luoqing felt helpless.

Ji Yuxiao continued calmly, “I have no shame?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing could only tearfully say, “That is me as well.”

“Even if there is no mirror, I should pee and see how I look?”

“It is me, it is me, it is all me. It is my humble, deep, uncontrollable and unattainable faithful love for you!”

“Every day, under the torture of such conscience and self-reflection, I continue my feelings for you. It is painful to maintain this secret love without ending. Brother, it is really too difficult for me!”

Lin Luoqing said this and silently lowered his head with a sad look like it was difficult to restrain himself.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt that this so-called reversing black and white and the distortion of facts was just like this. This was being really addicted to acting, movie emperor!

“It is really touching.” Ji Yuxiao sighed. “Even I am moved by this secret love. Since you like me so much, I have nothing to hesitate about. Go to the guest room next door and take a shower. You go first and I’ll come over in a minute.”

Lin Luoqing: ?????? No, what was going on with the matter of taking a shower?

Ji Yuxiao saw the doubts in his eyes and smiled slightly. “Naturally, it is to check our suitability. Didn’t I just say it?”


He was really going to check!

Really playing!

Lin Luoqing looked at the other person and was unable to move his legs.

“Don’t you want to?” Ji Yuxiao asked him. “I thought you were so humble, affectionate and determined that you couldn’t wait.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Or were all your words just a lie?”

“Of course not!” Lin Luoqing quickly made a decision. It was just a shower. He was going now!

“I didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly. Brother, I’m so happy!”

He said as he firmly shook Ji Yuxiao’s hand, pretending to be excited as he walked toward the door.

It was just a bed scene. He would accept it!

A good actor was never afraid of any challenges!

The same went for bed scenes!

Ji Yuxiao watched him going outside excitedly and thought, ‘No, can someone really act out this step? He really wants to drive with me? What? Looking at my current state, he will have to move the car himself!’ 

Didn’t he dislike bicycles?

This was too humiliating!

Ji Yuxiao was thinking about it when he heard the knock on the door. Then the door opened and Lin Luoqing poked his head through.

“That—Brother, can you lend me some pajamas? I didn’t bring any clothes. I can’t wear nothing after taking a shower.”

Ji Yuxiao, ‘You really want to play with me on a bicycle?’

Ji Yuxiao had a headache and pressed a hand against his forehead. Then the phone on the table rang in time.

He picked it up in a hurry and responded with a few ‘mmms’ before hanging up.

“You go back first,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly. “I have something to do and have to go out temporarily.”

Lin Luoqing almost cheered but instead, a hint of regret passed over his face.

“Now? Can’t you be late?”

Ji Yuxiao, ‘…So you really want to drive with me? A bicycle?’

Even if this was an undercover, the level of dedication was amazing!

“Another day.”

“When is the day? Today?” Lin Luoqing continued to maintain his character setting. “Will we meet again tomorrow?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“You said you are a star, right?”


“Then you must be a good actor.”

“I’m okay,” Lin Luoqing modestly admitted. “I haven’t won a prize yet.”

“It will be soon.”

Based on his acting skills and professionalism, the movie emperor would soon be in his pocket.

“So you can go back now.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

“We can discuss that later.”

“Definitely!” Lin Luoqing insisted. “I’m still waiting to marry you.”

Once he finished, he glanced shyly at Ji Yuxiao and closed the door silently.

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help leaning back against the chair and started to wonder calmly what Lin Luoqing was after.

Lin Luoqing felt relieved and quickly walked out of the Ji house.

He walked so quickly that he didn’t see a four or five year old child coming out of the door not far behind him.

The child was very beautiful with skin as white as snow. It was hard to tell if he was male or female. He lay against the railing and watched the door that had just closed. His beautiful phoenix eyes blinked gently and he cocked his head with doubt. So this person liked his uncle?

The first words weren’t pleasant to hear but based on the later developments, he seemed to like his uncle.

Would his uncle marry this person?

He was thinking about this when he heard movement coming from the study not far away. It was Ji Yuxiao coming out so he quickly ran to his room.

“I’ll go out for a while.” Ji Yuxiao knocked on the door. He opened the door of his nephew’s room but he didn’t go in. He just sat in the wheelchair and spoke.

Ji Leyu raised his head, revealing a beautiful, white and soft voice. He nodded in a skillful manner. “Okay.”

“Dinner will be cooked for you. Don’t wait for me to eat.”


“Then I’m going.”

Ji Leyu waved to him. “Dad, come back early.”


Ji Yuxiao changed the direction of the wheelchair and controlled it to move forward.

Ji Leyu looked at him and put down his pen.

He lay down on the table. It wasn’t known what he was thinking as he slowly closed his eyes.

Lin Luoqing had just left Ji Yuxiao’s house when the phone rang.

He took it out and saw that the screen read ‘agent.’

Lin Luoqing picked it up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? Lin Luoqing, you really don’t want to accept this drama do you? You aren’t even coming to the audition? I thought you were just talking. Now it seems that you really don’t like this third male lead role!”

Lin Luoqing: ???

“Third male lead?”

What was wrong with the third male lead? Don’t treat supporting actors like they were nothing!

As a dedicated and good actor (which was how he advertised himself), Lin Luoqing immediately replied, “I’ll go right now. Can you give me the address again?”

The agent looked up at the sky helplessly. “If you can’t do it this time, I’ll never help you pick a drama again.”

Lin Luoqing reassured him. “Don’t worry, Brother Li. I will audition properly and finish the task well.”

Brother Li didn’t believe him. Which previous audition hadn’t he been confident and which audition hadn’t he returned empty-handed from? If it wasn’t for this face, he really would’ve given up on Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing’s heart was higher than Heaven but he didn’t have that strength. He acted like a young master every day but he wasn’t a young master!

The agent sent him an email but he didn’t pay attention to it. He was busy with other things.

Lin Luoqing took a taxi to the address and soon arrived at the hotel where the audition was taking place.

Brother Li wasn’t here. He had just called Lin Luoqing because he was asked by the staff member about why Lin Luoqing hadn’t arrived yet. At this time, it wasn’t known where his agent was.

Lin Luoqing didn’t blame him. The original owner was an 18th tier artist and the agent wouldn’t be looking after him alone. It was perfectly normal that Brother Li wasn’t here.

He asked a staff member about the current audition situation, left his contact information and was ready to find a quiet place to rehearse in advance.

Lin Luoqing left the meeting room and headed up the stairs. He found that the design of this hotel was very unique and the parking lot was actually a rooftop one. As a result, this floor was silent.

Still, wasn’t it a suitable place for him to rehearse?!

Lin Luoqing coughed. He took out his phone and looked at the lines before starting his performance.

Ji Yuxiao sat in the car, raised his hand and looked at his watch. He intended to get off in an hour.

“Aren’t you getting out of the car, Young Master?” The driver asked him.

“There is no hurry. Tell them to wait,” Ji Yuxiao whispered.

The moment he finished speaking, he heard a mournful male voice coming from outside the open car window. “Why?! Why did you leave me?!”

Immediately afterward, the voice changed and became filled with sadness. “I don’t want to. It is just, Brother, we… we don’t have a future.”

“How can that be? Xiao Wei, you know I love you. You love me too, right?”

“However, I’m your sister! Brother! I am the long-lost sister you have been looking for!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at the familiar face not far away and deeply felt that this script wouldn’t pass the review.

However, the other person was still immersed in the dog blood brotherly and sisterly love. He constantly switched roles and played both the brother and sister. For a moment, he seemed crazy. Then the next moment, he was tragic and desolate. Ji Yuxiao unknowingly lowered the window and enjoyed it with great interest.

Lin Luoqing was very committed to his performance and even acted out three different roles.

Then Ji Yuxiao became more and more sleepy. The more he watched, the heavier his eyelid became. He looked at Lin Luoqing, who was switching roles not far away. Then he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep against the car seat.

By the time Ji Yuxiao opened his eyes again, an hour had passed. The driver woke him up and asked him, “Young Master, are you getting out of the car?”

Ji Yuxiao sat in the back seat in a daze. He wondered, “Did I just fall asleep?”

The driver nodded. “Yes, Young Master.”

Ji Yuxiao was silent for a long time. Then he raised his eyes and looked at the place where Lin Luoqing had been standing not far away.

He fell asleep?

He hadn’t fallen asleep easily since the accident.

He had gone to see a doctor and psychologist but there was no effect. Every day, he couldn’t sleep no matter how tired or sleepy he was.

He seemed to be trapped in the accident, trapped in the moment when his brother and sister-in-law died. Yet just now, he fell asleep.

It was amazing and a bit rare.

At this moment, Ji Yuxiao felt that everything else didn’t matter. So what if Lin Luoqing had another purpose or if there was anyone behind him? It didn’t matter.

If he could sleep soundly then nothing else would bother him.

People could only do things when they were alive. A person who couldn’t sleep normally for a long time couldn’t be healthy.

He still had many things to do and Ji Leyu to raise. He didn’t intend to leave so early.

Ji Yuxiao made a decision. He found Lin Luoqing’s mobile phone number and sent him a text message.

[Congratulations, you can see me tomorrow.]

Lin Luoqing had just finished going to the bathroom when he saw this short message. He shook his head. ‘Tsk, man. Your name is narcissism! Look at how smug you are like it is an honor for me to see you.’

Then he quickly pretended to be excited. [Really? Great, I’m so happy!]

[Then you should be happier.] Ji Yuxiao quickly replied with a new message.

Lin Luoqing: [For example?]

[For example, I am willing to satisfy your wish and give you a chance to achieve your dream. I promise to marry you.]

Lin Luoqing was overjoyed and immediately sent several kissy face emojis. Then he directly added Ji Yuxiao’s WeChat and said: [Brother, you are so kind. I knew I didn’t fall in love with the wrong person [Kiss][Kiss][Kiss]] 

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao saw this enthusiastic response and thought that Lin Luoqing had really superb acting skills and business ability. At this time, he still didn’t forget his secret love. He was a really good actor. His salary wasn’t in vain!

The author has something to say:

President Ji: This man is damn (sleep-inducing) sweet!

Luoqing: Man, your name is narcissism!

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And the misunderstanding continues XD

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His performance was so good that the audience fell asleep lololol

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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His adaptability Is really good

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