FV: Chapter 199

Ji Yuxiao saw the anger on his face and slowly laughed like he was in a good mood.

He turned to look at Ji Mu. “Now you can report your work.”

“Ji Yuxiao!” Tan Jiaji roared out angrily. “Why do you want to fire me?”

His chest was full of anger. What did Ji Yuxiao mean now?

Ignoring him?

The expression on Tan Jiaji’s face became more and more distorted.

All the same!

They were all the same!

Every single one of them, they acted as if they were so awesome, noble and unattainable!

It was like looking at him would just waste their time!

It was as if he was an ant on the ground and they were disdainful!

“What qualifications do you have to fire me? Are you the chairman? What have you done in the company and what contributions have you made? I just negotiated a cooperation with Aoyu. If you mention firing me now, do you think Aoyu will agree?”

Ji Zhenhong listened to his words and quickly gave him a look, not wanting him to have too much of a presence in front of Ji Yuxiao.

“Okay, Xiao Tan. You go out first, we will talk about your work later.”

“Let’s talk about it now,” Ji Yuxiao said in a deep voice. “I’ll be responsible for Aoyu’s side. You don’t need to worry about it. So Deputy General Manager Tan, can you go and pack your things and leave the company?”

“You will be in charge?” Tan Jiaji sneered. “If you want to be responsible, it depends if the person from Aoyu agrees or not. The cooperation is halfway through. If the person in charge is changed halfway through, see if the other person agrees or not.”

“Xiao Xiao, what Xiao Tan said makes sense. Don’t be in a hurry about this matter. We can talk about it after the regular meeting is over,” Father Ji tried to persuade him.

“There is no need for that.”

Ji Yuxiao turned to look at Ji Mu. “You were in contact with Aoyu before, right? Do you have the phone number of the person in charge of Aoyu? Try calling it.”

Ji Mu was a bit confused but he still called Zhao Cheng.

Zhao Cheng saw the call and immediately had a headache. It had been so long. Why was Ji Mu still calling him?

In the end, it was the company he was cooperating with after all. He had to accept it. He picked up and said politely, “General Manager Ji, are you looking for me for something?”

Ji Mu glanced at Ji Yuxiao. Ji Yuxiao said calmly, “Open the speaker mode.”

Ji Mu thought, ‘…What is he going to do?’

Ji Mu was forced to turn on the speakers.

“Zhao Cheng, it’s me. I’ve returned to the Ji Group.” Ji Yuxiao looked in his direction and his tone didn’t change. “I will take over the cooperation between Aoyu and the Ji Group.”

Zhao Cheng, “!!!”

F*k, when did he go back?!

Then he would return to them soon?!

Zhao Cheng immediately agreed. “Okay, Senior. Contact me at any time if you have anything in the future.”


Ji Yuxiao finished speaking and looked at Tan Jiaji. “Do you have anything else to say?”

Tan Jiaji couldn’t believe it. He looked at Ji Yuxiao and shook his head instinctively. “Impossible, this is impossible!”

How could it be so easy, so easy?

It was impossible!

He walked over, picked up the phone and said, “President Zhao, it is me. Ji Yuxiao just came back and doesn’t know anything. I know about the progress of the project. It is more convenient for me to continue being in charge. It isn’t a good thing for the cooperation between two parties to change people at will.”

Zhao Cheng didn’t bother paying attention to him. “It’s okay, I believe in President Ji.”

“But he doesn’t understand such a project at all and he doesn’t know about Aoyu.”

Zhao Cheng thought, ‘…Do you know where the Yu in Aoyu came from?’

“That’s okay. President Ji was my idol in my student days. I can do anything as long as I can cooperate with him. Anything he doesn’t understand, I can personally explain it to him. As long as President Ji has time, I will always be there.” Zhao Cheng was good at talking.

Ji Mu, “……”

Ji Zhenhong, “……”

The rest of the board of directors, “……”

Tan Jiaji, “……”

Was this still that tough bone Aoyu?

This was just a licking dog!

It was too outrageous!

Tan Jiaji couldn’t believe it.

On the contrary, Ji Zhengao laughed loudly. “Hahaha, Xiao Xiao, you and President Zhang of Aoyu actually has such a relationship. You should’ve said it earlier. This way, our General Manager Ji Mu wouldn’t have fallen in such a big manner to Aoyu at that time. Oh no, it is Director Ji Mu now, Director Ji.”

Ji Mu, “……”

Ji Mu took back his phone and glanced at Ji Yuxiao quietly. He thought in his heart, ‘What does he want to do?’

Ji Zhenyang saw a chance to hit a person when they were down. He immediately remembered how Tan Jiaji was stuffed into the company and fought against Ji Mu, so he said, “Yes. Since Yuxiao and President Zhao have such a relationship and President Zhao said this project would be handed over to Yuxiao, there should be no business for Deputy General Manager Tan. Shouldn’t you pack up and prepare to leave?”

Tan Jiaji glared at him and turned to look at Ji Zhenhong angrily.

Ji Zhengao listened to his second brother’s words and deliberately said, “Okay, I don’t care. Now that Yuxiao is back and wants to fire Xiao Tan then fire Xiao Tan. Who let Yuxiao be the new general manager? I will listen to Yuxiao.”

Ji Zhenyang, “……”

Ji Zhenhong, “……”

Tan Jiaji once again scolded Ji Zhengao in his heart.

Both Ji Zhenyang and Ji Zhengao expressed their support for Ji Yuxiao’s decision. As a father, Ji Zhenhong objecting at this time was simply telling everyone that he was at odds with his son. Ji Zhenhong could only follow the trend and say, “Then Xiao Tan, go back to your office first.”

Tan Jiaji, “???!!!”

Tan Jiaji couldn’t believe it.

He looked at Ji Zhenhong and almost called out ‘Father.’ Then he received Ji Zhenhong’s look, gritted his teeth and held back.

Ji Zhenhong watched him turn around and leave the office angrily while thinking that this was good.

Ji Yuxiao was back and Tan Jiaji wasn’t suitable to stay here any longer. If Ji Yuxiao found something that shouldn’t be discovered then it wouldn’t be good.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Ji Zhenhong turned to look at his son.

“There is nothing else,” Ji Yuxiao said. “You can start the regular meeting.”

Ji Zhenhong saw his indifferent appearance and felt helpless and inexplicably a bit relieved.

Ji Yuxiao made a big move as soon as he came back. He fired Tan Jiaji, demoted Ji Mu and became the general manager himself. This made Ji Zhenhong feel that Ji Yuxiao didn’t put him in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes at all and that Ji Yuxiao didn’t have his father in his heart. At the same time, he felt that Ji Yuxiao was indeed very powerful.

From the time Tan Jiaji came back till now, he had been openly and secretly helping to make Tan Jiaji the deputy general manager. He even gave up several points when discussing the cooperation with Aoyu. Yet Ji Yuxiao solved Aoyu with a few words and didn’t need his help at all.

He was obviously more capable than Tan Jiaji and he was indeed more suitable for the Ji Group. It was more suitable to hand over the Ji Group to him.

If only he could have a better temper.

Ji Zhenhong glanced at his assistant and signaled for him to continue presiding over the regular meeting.

After the regular meeting, the directors and management had basically determined that Ji Yuxiao should be the next future leader of the Ji Group. Ji Mu and Tan Jiaji had fought for many months but someone else fell from the sky. It was really funny and wonderful.

Everyone ate melons, held the meeting and returned to their jobs again.

Ji Zhengao was in a good mood and said to Ji Yuxiao with a smile, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. Xiao Xiao, let’s go. Your third uncle will invite you to dinner. It can be regarded as a celebration of you taking office.”

“Okay,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

Ji Zhenyang snorted coldly and turned away.

Ji Mu glanced at him, as if wanting to say something. In the end, he didn’t say anything and followed Ji Zhenyang to leave.

Ji Zhengao didn’t want to see them and didn’t care. He looked at Ji Zhenhong and said, “Let’s go. Brother, you should also go with us.”

“I still have business. You and Xiao Xiao go.”

Ji Zhengao was puzzled. “What is more important than eating with Xiao Xiao?”

Ji Zhenhong heard this and thought about it. He really hadn’t eaten with Ji Yuxiao in a long time. It was rare for the father and son to get together and it wasn’t impossible to have a meal together.

He said, “Then let’s go.”

Xiao Li pushed Ji Yuxiao and followed the two of them out.

Tan Jiaji returned to the office and smashed the things on his desk angrily.

He sat on the sofa, waiting for Ji Zhenhong to come to him.

Ji Zhenyang and Ji Mu passed by and heard the sound of him smashing things. Ji Zhenyang had anger in his heart. He couldn’t fight with Ji Zhengao so he deliberately opened open Tan Jiaji’s door and said sarcastically, “Yo, our Deputy General Manager Tan hasn’t left yet? You can’t be here waiting for my third brother who promised you, right?”

Ji Zhenyang sneered. “He has long gone to dinner with the Ji Zhenhong father and son. Ji Yuxiao is back and he is Ji Zhenhong’s own son. Why? Do you still expect Ji Zhengao to protect you? Didn’t you see that he couldn’t wait to put aside his relationship with you to curry favor with Ji Yuxiao? What are you? Do you really think that Ji Zhengao took you seriously? What a joke.”

Tan Jiaji grabbed something and threw it. Ji Zhenyang easily avoided it and said sarcastically, “The dog who lost his home, get out early.”

He finished talking and turned to walk away.

Tan Jiaji sat on the sofa. He was so angry that his chest couldn’t stop rising and falling.

He was still here waiting for his father’s arrival. Then what about his father?

He had already gone to dinner with his beloved son.

As long as there were still the two brothers, Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao, he would never enter his father’s eyes and he would never see the light!

Tan Jiaji thought again about when he first found Ji Zhenhong. He was pleasantly surprised and excited. He said that he was Tan Zhu’s child and Ji Zhenhong’s son. Ji Zhenhong was surprised. Then he seemed to remember something and went to get a paternity test done.

The test results showed that they were indeed father and son. He looked at his father longingly, choking up about how his mother was no longer here. He only had his father and he hoped to live with his father.

However, Ji Zhenhong refused. He was unwilling and asked Ji Zhenhong about the reason. Ji Zhenhong sighed. He said he never knew he had another child outside, let alone expected Tan Jiaji to come to him.

Ji Zhenhong’s face was full of embarrassment. “You appeared too suddenly. I can’t recognize you now, do you understand?”

Of course, Tan Jiaji didn’t understand. He only knew that Ji Zhenhong was the chairman of the Ji Group and it was like a pie fell from the sky. He was eager. “Then let me work in the Ji Group. Dad, I don’t want to leave you any longer.”

Ji Zhenhong looked hesitant and didn’t directly agree.

He transferred money to Tan Jiaji and bought him a house. This way, he could live and stay here well first.

Tan Jiaji lived in a big house that he had never enjoyed. He looked at the extra wealth in his bank card and felt that his life was so good.

He wanted to go back to the Ji family even more. He wanted to enter the Ji family and get money and power. He wanted to make the second half of his life outstanding, no longer like ordinary people.

Before he could return to the Ji family, it was Ji Yuling who came to him first.

Ji Yuling had accidentally discovered that something seemed to have happened to his father recently. He checked his father’s transfer records and found the new house bought by his father.

Ji Yuling looked over and saw Tan Jiaji, who was around the same age as Ji Yuxiao.

At that time, Tan Jiaji wasn’t called Tan Jiaji but Tan Jia.

He looked at the person who suddenly appeared and immediately matched him with the information of the Ji family that Ji Zhenhong had given him. It was Ji Yuling, his father’s oldest son and the current general manager of the Ji Group.

He remembered his father saying that Ji Yuling was gentle, easy to talk to and the most reasonable one. He was very fond of his younger brother, so Tan Jiaji politely called him ‘Brother’, let him into the house and gave him water.

Of course, Ji Yuling hadn’t expected his father to do such a thing. He looked at the young man, saw the other person’s resemblance to his father and tentatively asked, “You are my father’s other son?”

Tan Jiaji was surprised. “Brother, do you know me?”

Ji Yuling smiled and said, “Now I know.”

His face instantly became cold. He looked around and felt that his father really didn’t treat this illegitimate son badly.

“How old are you?”

Tan Jiaji hesitated to say his age, which was around the same age as Ji Yuxiao.

The fire in Ji Yuling’s heart slowly ignited.

After Ji Yuxiao was born, he and his mother were busy taking care of him most of the time. His father was busy and he understood very well. Therefore, he didn’t complain about anything.

Later, his mother fell ill and died. He took care of Ji Yuxiao alone but Ji Yuling had no complaints. This was his younger brother, his relative. It was natural to take care of him.

Moreover, he had always liked his younger brother.

He took good care of his brother and understood his father’s hard work, but his father might not have been working. Instead, he was spending time with another woman.

He had time to have a child with another woman who was around the same age as his brother, but he had no time to take care of looking after Ji Yuling’s brother. Ji Yuling felt it was ridiculous and became cold.

He cheated on their mother behind her back and left behind a product of cheating. After more than 20 years, he still had to take care of this product and let this product appear in their field of view, tearing off the illusion of happiness and warmth of their family of four.

It was disgusting and sad.

If Ji Yuxiao knew all this, what would he think?

Based on his personality, he definitely wouldn’t be able to accept that his father was such a person or accept that their family wasn’t as happy as he thought.

Ji Yuling made his decision in the blink of an eye. He didn’t talk to Tan Jiaji again or drink the water. He directly went home.

He argued fiercely with Father Ji that day and had only one request. Tan Jiaji had to get lost as far as possible and Ji Yuxiao absolutely couldn’t see him or know about him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let Tan Jiaji go or his father go.

Ji Zhenhong had never seen his oldest son like this. He tried to persuade Ji Yuling that Tan Jiaji wouldn’t affect anything, but Ji Yuling was unwilling to back down in this matter.

He was always persistent when it came to Ji Yuxiao. He hoped that his younger brother could live a happy life. Even if it was just an illusion, he wanted to maintain it.

Father Ji was forced to agree.

Tan Jiaji heard his father asking him to leave and he couldn’t believe it. He cried and begged Father Ji, saying he didn’t want to leave. He said he had changed his name and it was now Tan Jiaji to commemorate the Ji family. Since Father Ji couldn’t recognize him and give him the surname of Ji, he would use this character to commemorate their father-son relationship.

Father Ji instantly relented.

After all, he loved Tan Jiaji’s mother. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have slept with her after marriage or given Tan Jiaji a house and money to make up for it.

He was soft-hearted and hesitated.

Tan Jiaji took advantage of his absence to find Ji Yuling.

His father said that all the conflicts were with Ji Yuling. If Ji Yuling relented then he didn’t have to leave. Perhaps he could return to the Ji family.

Tan Jiaji fantasized that Ji Yuling would agree to his request out of pity. He even thought about his lines and how he would cry and talk when the time came. It went as he thought. He cried and burst into tears. He cried in a heartbreaking manner and looked pitiful and pathetic as he begged Ji Yuling to accept him.

He said he wouldn’t fight him for anything. He just wanted to have a family.

He begged, “Brother, I can do anything. I don’t want anything. I beg you. Don’t let Father drive me away. I only have this one relative. I don’t want to live alone.”

However, there was no trace of pity on Ji Yuling’s face. He seemed to be watching a boring play. It was only when the last line fell that he asked, “Are you finished? Then you can go.”

“Brother…” Tan Jiaji called out to him.

Ji Yuling said coldly, “Don’t call me that. I only have one younger brother. As for you, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. You are disturbing me at work. It is time for you to leave.”

He pressed the phone on his desk, called his assistant in and threw Tan Jiaji out.

Tan Jiaji stood outside the door and couldn’t accept it. How was this mild and reasonable?

How could he do this?

Tan Jiaji was also his younger brother. How could Ji Yuling not look at him, as if saying one more word to him would be a waste of life?

Was he so unbearable?

At this moment, he was jealous and resentful of the two brothers, Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao.

He had acted lowly, behaved in a small way and begged, only asking for Ji Yuling’s tolerance. However, Ji Yuling wasn’t even willing to give him this understanding.

Instead, Ji Yuling drove him out with disgusted indifference.

What was he?

They were all Ji Zhenhong’s sons. Why could Ji Yuling act so lofty?

No matter whether it was the Ji family or the Ji Group, he obviously had a share of it. Then he should take it back instead of giving it cheaply to Ji Yuling, who looked down on him, for nothing!

Tan Jiaji instantly became murderous and wanted to replace him. However, he was soon packed up by Ji Zhenhong and thrown elsewhere.

Ji Yuling covered up his father’s payment records and the house where Tan Jiaji had lived out of fear that Ji Yuxiao would find a clue.

Nothing seemed to have happened.

It was just like a summer rainstorm. Ji Yuxiao didn’t even have time to notice Tan Jiaji’s appearance when Tan Jiaji had been sent away, leaving behind a clear blue sky.

No one thought that this heavy rain would hit again and develop into a typhoon that instantly eroded at Ji Yuling’s life.

Tan Jiaji’s eyes were fierce. He had already killed Ji Yuling for the sake of the Ji Group. It wasn’t a big deal to kill Ji Yuxiao as well.

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11 months ago

I’m actually really curious about his mom’s thinking and why he didn’t pop up while he was younger.

Also curious about FU Ji’s reasoning for covering it up.


9 months ago

Old Ji you don’t have any place complaining about Yuxiao’s temper when your illegitimate son plotted to murder the other 2, your daughter-in-law and grandson…

7 months ago

his father obviously isn’t suited to be a chairman. 🤷🏻‍♀️ can’t even control his entitled ‘son’ and not even caring about his sons. illegitimate killing legitimate and yet he still chose wrong.~
no wonder he was set up for demise. ◡̈

3 months ago

The father is delusional if he is aware that his lovechild murdered his eldest child and still continues to let him hang around. It was an accident that Yuxiao and Leyu survived, his lovechild literally planned to murder all four of them. I’m surprised father ji isn’t at all concerned that maybe this psycho kid might eventually plot his own death too. How come both father ji and lin seem so arrogant to think their sons would love them and bend over backwards for them?

1 month ago
Reply to  Jaein

It really enforces the arrogance of a patriarchal way of thinking and that will be their demise. So kids, don’t learn from them and live with morals and compassion

1 month ago

Tan Jiaji can cry all he want but only father Ji owes him, not the Ji brothers who have every right to hate him and the father.
The man should take responsibility for the bastard child he had while cheating, but out of his own funds and not touching the property of the Ji family that belongs to the brothers. Tan Jiaji is not entitle to anything else

1 month ago

Father Ji is aware that is illegitimate son killed his oldest son and daughter in law, crippled his youngest son, and left his only grandchild with permanent trauma. He did nothing about it and he just expects him and the victims to live happily ever after? Not only did he do nothing he’s even supporting the killer to take over the brothers inheritance….

This guy must be the epitome of delusion.