FV: Chapter 198

Ji Zhenhong arrived not too late. The moment he entered through the door, he saw Ji Yuxiao sitting in the main seat. He froze for a moment. Ji Zhengao, following behind him, also stopped.

“What’s wrong, brother?”

Ji Zhenhong didn’t speak and walked in silently. Then Ji Zhengao saw Ji Yuxiao looking at them.

He wore a delicately tailored suit. Perhaps it was because he had stayed at home for a long time without seeing the light but his skin was a sickly white. However, it accidentally gave him a layer of noble arrogance. He was like a noble prince who didn’t eat the pleasures of the world.

Ji Zhengao hadn’t seen Ji Yuxiao for a long time. Now he saw him and found it a bit strange. “Yuxiao, why are you here?”

“Can’t I come?” Ji Yuxiao still spoke the same sentence as before.

Ji Zhengao laughed. “Of course not. It is good that you came. Your brother died and his affairs originally should’ve been taken over by you. If I have to say something, you should’ve come a long time ago.”

He said while walking over to his seat and sat down.

Ji Zhengao’s words were sincere.

Ji Zhenhong was their oldest brother. He had a bad relationship with Ji Zhenyang since he was a child and wouldn’t be able to get a position. His oldest brother, Ji Zhenhong was the most suitable.

Now he had a son and daughter. His daughter wasn’t here and his son was too young to take over the Ji Group. Therefore, he supported Ji Yuling to be the general manager. Now that Ji Yuling was gone, he supported Ji Yuxiao.

It was just that Ji Yuxiao gave up on himself and there was no room for Ji Zhengao to support him or a position to place him. Now Ji Yuxiao was willing to appear in the company and it was at the time of the company’s regular meeting. Didn’t it mean he had adjusted his mentality and planned to take over his brother’s responsibility?

Ji Zhengao was simply ecstatic. Now Ji Mu would definitely step down.

As for Tan Jiaji, he was an outsider and his surname was different. How could Tan Jiaji compare to Ji Yuxiao, the nephew he had watched grow up?

Ji Zhengao wasn’t a good person or leader. From the beginning, he just wanted to use Tan Jiaji to suppress Ji Mu, so as to prevent Ji Zhenyang from becoming bigger and things from becoming disadvantageous for him. But with Ji Yuxiao, who cared about Tan Jiaji?

Therefore, he didn’t think about whether Tan Jiaji cared or not or what mood Tan Jiaji would have.

But… Ji Zhengao looked at where his nephew was sitting. Did he take the wrong seat?

That was his father’s seat and his brother’s seat was on the right hand side. He was sitting incorrectly.

Ji Zhengao was about to ask when he heard his oldest brother’s voice.

“What’s wrong? Why did you come today?”

“There is no rush.” Ji Yuxiao looked up at his father. “Wait a while until everyone is here and the regular meeting begins.”

He patted the seat on his right. “Sit, Dad.”

Ji Zhengao, “???”

The others thought, ‘…Ah, this…’

The atmosphere of the scene instantly became subtle.

Ji Zhenhong frowned. He was dissatisfied with his son for blatantly doing disrespectful things on such an occasion.

He wanted to reprimand his son but he was sensitive to the fact that Ji Yuxiao suddenly appeared but sat in the main seat. Could it be that Ji Yuxiao finally realized that the shares in his hands were the most among all the shareholders?

Ji Zhenhong wasn’t sure but he didn’t want others to know about it. Therefore, he reluctantly put up with it. He pretended to be a loving father who was very tolerant of his stubborn son and sat in the seat Ji Yuling previously sat in.

Seeing his actions. The others couldn’t help sighing in their hearts. ‘Director Ji really dotes on his son and actually allows him to sit on the main seat.’

It seemed that a new change was about to occur in the company.

Ji Mu and Ji Zhenyang came in and saw such a scene.

Ji Mu subconsciously touched his neck. He felt that the place where he had been injured previously had started to hurt again.

He had gone to the hospital to get medicine and bandage his wound. Ji Huai and his father had asked him what was going on and he only said he was careless. It wasn’t a big deal.

He didn’t want to scare them, let alone have his father and sister provoke Ji Yuxiao without understanding anything.

Only, how could Ji Yuxiao be here now?

Didn’t Ji Yuxiao always have little interest in the Ji Group?

Ji Mu sat in his seat and secretly wondered.

Ji Zhenyang was just as puzzled as him. He glanced at his older brother but found that his older brother’s face was heavy like he was thinking about something.

It was weird.

Tan Jiaji came late, but fortunately, he wasn’t late to the meeting. The moment he entered through the door, he habitually glanced at the main seat and the smile instantly froze on his face. How could Ji Yuxiao be here?

Shouldn’t he be giving up on himself at home right now? How could he appear at the Ji Group’s regular meeting?

Did he plan to cheer up and take over his brother’s previous position?

Tan Jiaji immediately regretted it.

He had wanted Ji Yuxiao to die in that car accident. Who would’ve thought that Ji Yuxiao’s luck was so good? His legs were wasted but he didn’t die.

Later, he thought about killing Ji Yuxiao when he returned to China. However, he was warned and stopped by Ji Zhenhong who said Ji Yuxiao had already given up on himself and wouldn’t fight.

Tan Jiaji observed on his own for a while and it seemed that Ji Yuxiao did stay at home all the time. The rest of the Ji family also mentioned they hated his stubbornness and he was reassured.

He killed Ji Yuling before and Father Ji was already very angry. Therefore, it was for the best when seeing Ji Yuxiao like this.

There was no need to make Father Ji angry and risk a new accident while he could still get the power and money he wanted. It was the best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t like it?

Now Tan Jiaji saw Ji Yuxiao sitting upright in the main seat of the meeting room and thought to himself, ‘He should be killed.’

It was only after he died that the property of the Ji family and the Ji Group would completely belong to him.

If Ji Yuxiao didn’t die then he would always be a hidden danger.

He regretted it.

Ji Yuxiao felt Tan Jaijia’s gaze and was disdainful. He didn’t even give him the slightest attention.

It seemed that the more he looked, the dirtier his eyes would become.

He touched the knife in his trouser pocket to calm himself down a bit.

Five minutes later, everyone was assembled. Ji Zhenhong’s assistant whispered something to him and they were ready to start this week’s regular meeting.

Ji Zhenhong looked at Ji Mu. “Then let’s start reporting from Xiao Mu first.”

“Okay,” Ji Mu had just spoken when he heard Ji Yuxiao’s voice.

“Wait a minute.” The voice was gentle and low. It wasn’t in a hurry at all and there was a faint alienation and indifference that allowed no one to enter. It was very pleasant to hear.

Ji Mu looked over at him. Ji Yuxiao turned his head and their eyes met. Ji Mu subconsciously lowered his head.

His neck hurt again.

“I have two things to say before today’s regular meeting,” Ji Yuxiao said lightly.

The others heard this and couldn’t help looking at him.

Ji Zhengao saw that Ji Mu’s words were interrupted and guessed that this matter was likely related to Ji Mu. He immediately supported it. “Okay, Xiao Xiao, you say it.”

He was a director of the company and a member of the Ji family. The moment these words came out, everyone could only listen.

Ji Yuxiao looked at Ji Mu again and Ji Mu became nervous.

Then he heard Ji Yuxiao’s unhurried but unquestionable words. “From October last year to now, the company’s profit has fallen by 10%. Ji Mu, based on this, it is better for you to go back to the marketing department and continue to be the marketing director.”

Ji Zhenyang heard this and slapped the table, standing up angrily. “Who are you to say this? This isn’t a place where you have the right to speak!”

Ji Mu hadn’t expected that Ji Yuxiao would care about the company’s affairs. He looked at Ji Yuxiao in a stunned manner. What did he want to do?

Did he want to take his brother’s place?

Then why didn’t he directly take over previously?

He picked this time to come back and say this. Was it due to Ji Leyu?

Or did he have other ideas…

Ji Yuxiao didn’t care about the doubts in Ji Mu’s eyes and looked at Ji Zhenyang.

Ji Zhenyang was glaring at him angrily, his face full of anger.

Ji Yuxiao felt that this person really didn’t have a good brain so he said calmly and indifferently, “I own the most shares and the largest proportion is currently in my hands. I am the largest shareholder of the company. Can’t I say this?”

The moment these words came out, some middle and high-level executives of the company and even some directors who didn’t understand the inside information looked at him in shock. Then they looked at Ji Zhenhong cautiously.

It was only then that they finally understood why Ji Yuxiao sat in the main seat. It turned out to be like this.

Then Ji Zhenhong sat next to him without saying anything. Was it because he also knew it and accepted it?

“You might not know this,” Ji Yuxiao leaned against the chair, his voice clear. “My brother wrote a will before the accident and gave me all his shares. Add his shares and the shares I am holding in my hands and the person holding the most shares in the company isn’t my father but me.”

“In this way, I should be able to have a certain say in personnel appointments and dismissals, right?”

Everyone’s thoughts instantly came alive.

No one thought that such a thing would happen at today’s regular meeting of the company. Before this, the number one shareholder of the company had always been Ji Zhenhong and he had always been the chairman. Now Ji Yuxiao suddenly said that the proportion of shares in his hands was even higher. A few directors roughly calculated it and found that it was true.

Then the chairman, Ji Zhenhong, might not be able to sit still.

As long as Ji Yuxiao was willing, he could request the new selection of a chairman. At that time, it was inevitable that no one would support Ji Zhenhong.

Ji Zhenhong felt the embarrassing silence at the scene and the anger in his heart continued to rise.

He didn’t argue with Ji Yuxiao about his seat because he didn’t want other people to know about it. Now Ji Yuxiao said this and wasn’t it slapping him in the face?

He was about to say they would talk about this matter later when he heard Ji Mu break the silence, “I accept. I am willing to return to the marketing department.”

Ji Zhenyang was shocked. Ji Mu gave him a look and signaled for him to not be impulsive.

Ji Zhengao immediately said, “That is good. Now Yuxiao is back and the position of general manager should be returned to him. Previously, Yuling was in charge. Now Yuling is gone and it is logical for Yuxiao to be responsible. Hahaha.”

Tan Jiaji, “???!!!”

Tan Jiaji gritted his teeth and scolded Ji Zhengao in his heart. It was really shameless. Tan Jiaji was still sitting here but Ji Zhengao just said this. Did he forget what he promised Tan Jiaji in the first place?!

D*mn thing!

He silently turned his gaze to Ji Zhenhong, hoping his father would stand up and refute this sentence.

However, Ji Zhengao said so and Ji Zhenhong naturally couldn’t do anything about it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t look like a father.

—Even outsiders are willing to support your son. Isn’t it too strange if you, his father, don’t support him?

Ji Zhenhong didn’t speak but he inwardly thought it was okay. Originally after Ji Yuling died, he hoped that Ji Yuxiao could replace his brother. It was just that Ji Yuxiao was unwilling and this made it cheap for Ji Mu. Now the chaos was corrected. Ji Mu stepped down and everything seemed to return to the original idea.

It was a good thing. For the rest, he would wait until he returned home to talk to Ji Yuxiao.

“Xiao Mu, since you are willing then go back to the marketing department. Yuxiao will be the general manager.”

Ji Zhengao nodded in satisfaction.

Tan Jiaji looked shocked and couldn’t accept it.

He worked so hard to do so much. It wasn’t to give it cheaply to Ji Yuxiao!

How could his father do this?

Did his father forget that he was still in the company?

Did he forget that he said that the company would be Tan Jiaji’s in the future?!

Tan Jiaji gritted his teeth and decided to talk to Ji Zhenhong after the meeting.

The people at the meeting were busy watching the internal turmoil of the Ji family. Naturally, no one cared about Tan Jiajia. They felt that they had already seen it. This wave was the return of the prince. He was the number one shareholder and his father was the chairman. He was the logical future heir of the company and what was there to hesitate about? Ji Mu himself had surrendered and everyone just clapped along.

The directors said a few beautiful words. Ji Yuxiao listened and said with a smile, “The first thing has been solved. Now I can get to the second thing.”

He finished speaking and finally looked at Tan Jiaji.

An alarm bell instantly rang in Tan Jiaji.

Just now, he was scolding Ji Yuxiao in his heart. Now when Ji Yuxiao finally looked at him, he felt that something was wrong and his heart started beating faster.

“Tan Jiaji, you are unworthy of the position of deputy general manager of the company. You abused your power for gain. In order to protect the interests and images of the company, Tan Jiaji is now fired and will never be hired again.

“What right do you have?!?” Tan Jiaji was so angry that he immediately stood up and shouted unwillingly.

It was hard for him to finally enter the Ji family and sit in this position today. What qualifications did Ji Yuxiao have to expel him?

He didn’t want to leave the Ji Group!

He wanted the Ji Group to belong to him forever!

Ji Yuxiao!

Tan Jiaji clenched his fists, his heart full of hatred.

It was thanks to his mercy that he let Ji Yuxiao go, but Ji Yuxiao actually bit back at him. Then Ji Yuxiao might as well have died in that car accident!

It was so that Ji Yuxiao could never get in his way again!

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