FV: Chapter 193

Ji Leyu fell asleep in class. The teacher saw him and didn’t know what to say. If Ji Leyu’s grades weren’t good enough, she would’ve been angry and woken him up. However, they weren’t bad and were instead very good, so she didn’t say it. However, it didn’t seem right if she didn’t say anything.

The math teacher was about to call him up to answer the question, hinting tactfully at him. But before she could speak, she saw Lin Fei raise an index finger to his lip.

The math teacher, “????”

In the end, this was her favorite student. The math teacher looked at him helplessly and finally didn’t wake up Ji Leyu.

Once the class was over, the math teacher finally said, “Lin Fei, come here.”

Ji Leyu woke up and opened his eyes in confusion. He thought the teacher was going to give extra questions to Lin Fei again.

He hoped that there were fewer questions this time because Lin Fei would have him do it after he finished answering it. It was very tiring, okay? This school-weary person strongly condemns it!

“Look at Ji Leyu’s state in the past two days. Even if you are his brother, you can’t protect him so much. Isn’t it bad if his grades drop?” The math teacher headed toward the office while educating Lin Fei with good intentions.

Lin Fei was very calm. “No, I’ll teach him when we go back.”

The math teacher, “……”

“Then what if your grades drop while you give him all your time?”

“It won’t happen.”

“You are pretty confident.” The math teacher laughed.

Lin Fei still had a casual expression. “Every paper is very simple and there is no reason for it to drop.”

The math teacher who was just told by the year’s leader that the math papers for this year’s midterm exam were too difficult, “……”

However, it was also true. She didn’t want to admit it, but for Lin Fei, whose knowledge reserves were obviously much higher than the first year curriculum, these papers might really be too simple.

“Then I’ll give you one that isn’t so easy later. Go back and do it. Give it to me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied calmly.

The math teacher saw his expressionless little face and thought of the little ‘shh’ gesture he made to her in class just now. She felt that he had an unexpectedly childish and cute side.

She reached out to touch Lin Fei’s little head but was avoided by Lin Fei.

The math teacher, “……”

The math teacher silently withdrew her hand. As long as she wasn’t embarrassed then neither of them would be embarrassed.

In any case, Lin Fei definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed.

When Lin Fei and the math teacher went to the office to get the new math questions, Ji Leyu met Ma Shuai, who had come to get revenge on Lin Fei.

He was hit by Lin Fei and was in pain for a long time. Finally, he went back and brought his brother over, only to see Lin Fei holding Ji Leyu and coaxing him.

He was thinking of acting but the class bell rang. He could only watch as Lin Fei and Ji Leyu went downstairs. Then after class, he quickly went downstairs to find Lin Fei.

He didn’t find Lin Fei but he ran into Ji Leyu, who was using the wind to sober himself up.

Ma Shuai saw that he was beautiful and cute before and wanted to play with him, but now he couldn’t.

He purposely stood not far from Ji Leyu. He hugged his friend and said in a sarcastic manner, “Why did you come to him? Why didn’t you tell me? Wu wu wu, you are so annoying. You didn’t want me to come and you secretly came by yourself. What is there that I can’t know? Wu wu wu, I didn’t hide it from you but you hid it from me. Wu wu wu.”

His friend touched his head cooperatively. “Be good.”

The people with him laughed and the sound reached Ji Leyu’s ears. Ji Leyu turned to look at them, feeling that their voices were very harsh.

He was already in a bad mood. He had relied on the love of his family and Lin Fei’s appeasement to suppress the violence in his body. Now there were still people who hit the muzzle of the gun.

“Is it funny?” Ji Leyu approached and asked in a gentle tone.

Ma Shuai laughed without knowing that danger was imminent. He immediately said, “You are like this now, you aren’t well-behaved. You must be well-behaved~”

Ji Leyu smiled. His eyes were delicate and he was as beautiful as a precious doll in the window.

He smiled so sweetly and brightly that Ma Shuai regretted it a bit. He wanted to play with Ji Leyu again. He had never seen such a good-looking little brother before.

“If you play with me in the future, call me Brother and ask your friend to apologize to me, I will let you go. How about it?”

Ji Leyu’s smile became brighter.

He raised his hand and beckoned. Ma Shuai thought he had something to say and leaned over. Then his collar was grabbed by Ji Leyu and he was directly kicked.

Ma Shuai cried out in pain and his friend immediately rushed to avenge him.

Ji Leyu grabbed him, twisted him and kicked his knee, causing the other person to kneel down on the spot.

He was already good at fighting, plus he had been practicing with Luo Jia since the beginning of the semester. It was easy for him to deal with these people. In a short time, he beat all four people who came to him to the ground.

Ji Leyu walked in front of Ma Shuai. Ma Shuai saw his indifferent, sharp eyes without any trace of emotions and his legs became soft.

No matter what, he couldn’t connect the person in front of him with the person who leaned in someone’s arms in the last class, being coaxed and seemingly needing protection.

He backed away silently, turning to run away. He had just taken two steps when someone grabbed him by the collar from behind.

The person grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back fiercely. Ma Shuai felt his neck being strangled. Then his knee socket hurt and he fell to his knees on the spot.

Ji Leyu leaned close to his ear and asked in a gentle tone, “Are you serious about wanting him to apologize to you?”

Ma Shuai quickly shook his head.

He wanted to talk but he felt the collar around his neck becoming tighter and tighter. He was more and more uncomfortable and wanted to reach out and pull away the collar so he wouldn’t be as uncomfortable. He had just touched his collar when Ji Leyu directly smashed down his head.

There was a bang. Then Ji Leyu grabbed his hair and lifted his head again.

He looked at Ma Shuai’s forehead. There was no bleeding and there was only a slight bruise. It seemed that the injury wasn’t serious.

Very good. Ji Leyu was very careful. If it wasn’t serious then Lin Fei wouldn’t say anything to him.

“Do you still want him to apologize to you?” He grabbed Ma Shuai’s hair and asked.

Ma Shuai quickly shook his head and said in horror, “I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I don’t dare any longer.”

“No. If you don’t dare any longer, who will find me to make trouble and where can I vent my anger?”

Ma Shuai was even more afraid and he shook his head desperately. “I really don’t dare any longer.”

Ji Leyu saw his fearful appearance and slowly laughed. His eyes curved and his tone was soft. “Do you still want to be my brother?”

Ma Shuai shook his head again while thinking that this person was terrible.

Ji Leyu let him go.

He looked at the person in front of him who had fallen to the ground while shivering, and said with a smile, “If you aren’t convinced then you can come to me at any time to take revenge. No matter when you can come.”

Ma Shuai saw the smile on his face and shook his head uncontrollably. He couldn’t stop panicking in his heart.

He was wrong, he was really wrong. He thought this person looked beautiful and cute, like a little girl. He must be easy to bully. In fact, this person was much more terrifying than Ma Shuai expected.

Ji Leyu had enough fun. He clapped his hands, glanced at this person contemptuously and turned to walk toward the bathroom.

He went into the bathroom and washed his hands in an expressionless manner.

After venting, he seemed to not be as irritated any longer.

Ji Leyu raised his head and saw his face in the mirror. He was arrogant, indifferent, bad and full of disdain. He was far worse than Ma Shuai and the others.

He smiled and the person in the mirror also smiled, pure and harmless.

He liked the way he looked and he liked to keep it this way in front of the people he liked.

Ji Leyu liked the word ‘good’ but he only liked hearing it from the mouths of the people he liked.

It was acceptable if Ji Yuxiao said it, Lin Luoqing said it and, naturally, Lin Fei said it, but others couldn’t.

He only showed this look to them, not to others. What qualifications did they have to talk to him?

Ji Leyu tilted his head and looked at himself in the mirror. Fighting was allowed. This was said by Lin Fei himself, so Lin Fei wouldn’t be unhappy.

He wiped his hands, threw the paper in the trash and went back to class.

Lin Fei returned to his seat. Before he sat down, he heard the class monitor say to him. “Lin Fei, Ji Leyu fought with others but he was so powerful. They couldn’t beat him.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…I just went out for a while and he got into a fight with someone. As expected of him.’

Lin Fei nodded, indicating that he understood.

“However, the teacher said you can’t fight. You had better talk to Ji Leyu and let him not fight next time. Otherwise, it will be miserable if the teachers call his parents,” the class monitor said enthusiastically.

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

The class monitor finished speaking and felt that he had fulfilled his responsibilities as the class monitor, so he returned to his seat.

Fights between boys were common so the class monitor didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with Ji Leyu fighting this time. He simply felt that he was the class leader. Ji Leyu was in his class while the ones he fought were in another class. If the students from the other class complained and his parents were called, it would be miserable.

This was why he specifically came to Lin Fei so he could help Ji Leyu.

Lin Fei’s grades were so good and the teachers and parents liked him. It would definitely be useful if he helped intercede for Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu didn’t know that Lin Fei already knew about his fight.

He slowly returned to the classroom and saw that Lin Fei was already sitting in his seat.

“The math teacher gave you questions again?” He returned to his seat and sat down.

“Yes,” Lin Fei said calmly.

Ji Leyu knew this would happen. Ah, the math teacher really liked to give questions to Lin Fei. She gave Lin Fei questions and Lin Fei gave him questions. In the end, he was the one who suffered.

Ji Leyu lay on the table and felt even less energetic.

Lin Fei saw him looking listless and comforted him, “I won’t let you do it today. You can start doing it again in two days.”

Ji Leyu was pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

Lin Fei nodded.

He looked at Ji Leyu and tilted his head slightly. His eyelids lowered and he seemed to squint, but he wasn’t squinting. His eyelashes were too long and dense so Ji Leyu couldn’t see the meaning in his eyes. Ji Leyu just felt a bit uncomfortable. “What… what’s wrong?”

“Do you have anything to tell me?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Did he see it again?

Ji Leyu was speechless. How could he see it every time?

Nothing escaped his eyes!

“I got into a fight.” Ji Leyu was justified. “You said it is okay to fight. Besides, he mocked me first and imitated my speech. He also said you should apologize to him. He deserves it!”

Lin Fei was silent.

Ji Leyu raised an eyebrow and raised his voice, “You won’t deny your own words, right?”

Lin Fei snorted. He felt that Ji Leyu being worried and pretending to be calm was a bit interesting. “Did I say anything to you?”

“Then why look at me like that?”

Lin Fei looked him up and down a few times. “You aren’t injured?”

“Just them? Do they deserve it?” Ji Leyu was very proud.

Lin Fei nodded. He thought it was good that Ji Leyu wasn’t hurt and turned his head.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to intend to pursue this matter, Ji Leyu approached curiously. “You don’t want to ask?”

“There is nothing to ask.”

“Then you don’t want to say anything to me?”

“I won’t break my word.”

Ji Leyu was relieved. He had been worried that Lin Fei would say something to him. After all, Lin Fei was very strict with him in this regard. Fortunately, it seemed that fighting was indeed possible.

He lay on the table in a better mood.

Lin Fei watched him quietly and felt that Ji Leyu was in a better mood than when class started.

Wait until noon to coax him and perhaps he would be happy again.

Lin Fei was used to Ji Leyu’s usual happy appearance and didn’t want him to be unhappy due to Fang Xin’s appearance.

Ji Leyu was different from him. He didn’t like to talk or laugh, but Ji Leyu was so lively and liked to laugh. Let him laugh more.

At noon, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu had lunch. Then Lin Fei took him out for the lunch break.

“Why?” Ji Leyu didn’t understand.

Lin Fei pulled him to the store in front of the school. He pointed to the dolls on the shelf and asked him, “Which one do you like?”

Ji Leyu, “???”

He looked up and saw the fluffy dolls sitting on the shelf, cute and naive.


“Are you going to give it to me?” He wondered.

Lin Fei nodded.

Ji Leyu was surprised. “Why do you suddenly want to give me a gift? Today isn’t a holiday, right?”

In addition, why a doll?

Lin Fei simply wanted to coax him and make him happy.

He usually coaxed Ji Leyu by touching his head, hugging him or kissing him.

However, he had used these methods for the past two days and Ji Leyu still looked wilted. He was like a flower bud that couldn’t be illuminated by the light.

Lin Fei remembered when others coaxed children on TV, they would give gifts and dolls. Therefore, Lin Fei wanted to give Ji Leyu one.

“Which one do you like?” He asked Ji Leyu. “Do you have a favorite?”

Ji Leyu looked again. There was nothing that he particularly liked.

He had never been interested in such dolls. If Lin Fei wanted to give him something, it was better to give him toy guns, a bow and arrow or a knife.

No. Lin Fei probably wouldn’t give it to him, especially a knife. He said that a knife wasn’t allowed.

Ji Leyu shook his head.

Lin Fei saw that he didn’t like it and changed stores.

The two of them looked at three or four stores. Then as they passed by the door of a store, Ji Leyu suddenly saw a doll in the doll-catching machine.

“It is a baby shark,” he told Lin Fei.

The other stores were full of baby dolphins but there was a baby shark here.

Lin Fei asked him, “Do you like it?”

Ji Leyu tilted his head. “I feel like it is hard to catch.”

“We can try.”

Lin Fei finished speaking and walked over to buy coins. Then he started to try and catch it.

Ji Leyu leaned close to him, watching him try to catch it for a long time without being able to catch it. Then he suggested, “Let me try it.”

Lin Fei gave him the remaining coins. Ji Leyu tried several times but he didn’t catch it.

Ji Leyu pouted. “Forget it, I don’t want it.”

He said childishly, “It isn’t that there aren’t any other dolls cuter than it.”

Then he pulled Lin Fei and went to the store next door.

He ended up buying a little lion that was very comfortable to touch. Lin Fei had a little tiger doll and this could be placed next to the little tiger.

Lin Fei looked at his watch. Class was about to start.

A passing classmate called out their names, ran over and walked back to school with them.

It was a pity that Lin Fei never spoke much and the talkative Ji Leyu was too lazy to talk today. Therefore, it was always the classmate talking.

“This little lion is so cute,” the classmate said while reaching out to touch it.

Ji Leyu immediately hugged it to his side. “Don’t touch it. My brother bought it for me.”

The classmate was envious. “Lin Fei is so good to you. He teaches you homework and buys you toys. This is different from my brother, who only steals my toys!”

Ji Leyu laughed. “Yes.”

He also thought that Lin Fei was very good. Thus, he wanted to be with Lin Fei forever and no one could steal Lin Fei from him.

The three of them entered the classroom together. Ji Leyu put the little lion on his lap and it was quite safe all afternoon. He didn’t go to find Fang Xin and he didn’t go to sleep.

Once school was over in the afternoon, Lin Fei watched Ji Leyu get into the car. Then he remembered something and asked, “Do you want to eat ice cream?”

Summer started and ice cream was starting to be sold.

Ji Leyu nodded.

“I’ll go buy it.”

“I’ll go with you,” Ji Leyu said.

“You wait here obediently.” Lin Fei pushed him back.

Ji Leyu had always been obedient to him. After being pushed back, he just sat and waited obediently.

Lin Fei walked into the store with the little shark. He found the owner and asked her, “Hello, I want to buy the baby shark in the doll-catching machine outside. Is it okay?”

The owner was a young and beautiful girl. She was on lunch break at noon when her employee was working, so she hadn’t seen him.

She looked at Lin Fei. She thought he was handsome with a cold face, but he was unexpectedly polite. She bent down and smiled at him. “No, the dolls in the doll machine are to be caught. If you catch them, you can take them away. If you want, I can give you coins to catch them.”

“I can’t catch it,” Lin Fei said frankly. “I will practice more in the future. You can let me buy it first. Once I practice it later, I will catch other dolls and won’t take it away. I will return it to you, okay?”

He said seriously, “I can pay more. Thank you.”

The store owner had never met a child like him who seemed to discuss things with her. She was a bit hesitant for a while.

Lin Fei looked at her while waiting for her reply.

“Okay.” The store owner compromised. “For your sake, I will quietly open the back door for you once. Come to my store to buy things in the future, okay?

Lin Fei nodded and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

‘So cute,’ the owner couldn’t help thinking. He was very polite and really likable.

She took the key and walked to the doll machine. She opened the doll machine and took out the little shark inside.

“Here.” She returned to the store, walked up to Lin Fei and handed him the little shark.

“Thank you,” Lin Fei said again.

“You’re welcome.” The store owner smiled.

Lin Fei walked to the freezer, took out three ice creams and asked her, “How much?”


She took a bag and helped Lin Fei pack it.

Lin Fei opened his school bag, took out a small wallet from it and paid for it.

He carried the bag back to Luo Jia’s car.

Ji Leyu opened the door and looked at him. “Why were you gone for so long?”

“Here.” Lin Fei got into the car, took out the small shark from the bag and handed it over.

Ji Leyu was surprised and a bit confused. “You… caught it?”

Lin Fei shook his head. “I bought it from the boss.”

He said, “I will practice more in the future. No matter what you want, I will catch them and give them to you.”

Ji Leyu blinked. He still didn’t quite understand why Lin Fei gave him the doll.

He looked down at the little shark in his arms and then at Lin Fei. His voice was soft and his amber eyes were clean and clear. “Why did you give me this?”

“I will coax you,” Lin Fei said calmly. “Are you happy now?”

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