FV: Chapter 192

It was impossible for Ji Leyu to let Ji Yuxiao know about this. Lin Fei understood, so he thought perhaps Ji Leyu would be willing to let Lin Luoqing know.

“Let him transfer or we can transfer.”

Ji Leyu shook his head.

He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know. He hadn’t thought about what he wanted to do but he didn’t want Fang Xin to leave his sight.

“Let’s talk about it later,” Ji Leyu said calmly. “I want to think again.”

Lin Fei thought for a while and thought he could allow this.

Ji Leyu wanted to kill Fang Xin but he had promised Lin Fei that he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Lin Fei would also watch him, so nothing should happen to Fang Xin.

Then he could give Ji Leyu more time.

He touched Ji Leyu’s head. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu turned to look at him, hugging him tight as if he wanted to attach himself to Lin Fei. There was a subtle sadness coming from his body.

Lin Fei didn’t let him study at night. He watched cartoons with Ji Leyu for a while and then slept in the same bed as him.

Ji Leyu obediently hugged him and Lin Fei kissed him, fulfilling the promise he made at school in the afternoon.

Ji Leyu closed his eyes. In his dreams, he pushed Fang Xin down the stairs, pushed him out onto the crowded road, pushed him into the endless sea and he sat in a car and drove toward Fang Xin.

His dream was dark and his heart was beating fast when he woke up from the dream.

Lin Fei was woken up by his movement. He turned on the night light at the end of the bed and looked at his watch. It was only after 4 o’clock in the morning.

He looked at Ji Leyu, who sat up. Then he saw Ji Leyu crying.

His tears kept pouring out of his eyes, one by one like beads breaking off of a thread.

Lin Fei touched his head and hugged him.

Ji Leyu leaned into his arms, unable to stop the tears from falling. At the end of his dream, he drove toward Fang Xin. But the moment he was about to hit him, Fang Xin turned around and took on Ji Yuxiao’s appearance.

He wanted to stop the car in horror, but he couldn’t.

He woke up from his dream in fear, avoiding the harsh, bright redness in his dream.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Fei hugged him and asked, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Ji Leyu nodded, uncomfortable and aggrieved, frightened and afraid.

Lin Fei’s voice was low as he coaxed the other person. “It’s okay. The dreams are all fake. Don’t be afraid. Dreams are illogical.”

Ji Leyu grabbed his pajamas and didn’t let go.

Lin Fei coaxed him for a while before Ji Leyu was finally coaxed back to sleep.

He hugged Ji Leyu and told him in a good voice, “Sleep, I’ll hold you.”

Ji Leyu listened to his words and looked up at him.

His eyes were still red. They were just washed by tears and covered by thin waves of water, making his eyes clear and moist.

“You will always be with me, right?” He asked.

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

“Will you always like me the most?”

Lin Fei thought for a while before answering honestly, “Except for Dad.”

Ji Leyu smiled, eyes full of the waves of water. They looked like stars as he said in a small voice, “I didn’t say that I wouldn’t let you like Dad.”

Lin Fei let out a low ‘hmm’ and said softly, “He likes you too and your uncle likes you. Everyone likes you.”

Ji Leyu pursed his lips and the corners of his lips unknowingly curved up.

Lin Fei hugged him in the hazy light. “Let me tell you a story.”

Ji Leyu hadn’t heard him tell a story and asked curiously, “What story do you want to tell me?”

“What do you want to hear?”

Ji Leyu didn’t know. “I’ll listen to whatever you say.”

Lin Fei thought about it and told him the story of Aladdin’s Lamp.

His voice was soft. Ji Leyu listened with closed eyes and fell asleep in a daze.

In the dream, he also had a lamp. The lamp god asked him, “What is your wish?”

Ji Leyu answered him very seriously, “I want my parents to always live with me and my uncle’s legs to get better soon.”

The moment he finished speaking, his parents instantly appeared in front of him. Ji Leyu laughed, his face full of a child’s innocence.

Lin Fei watched him slowly smile and finally stopped his storytelling, not talking again.

He had never seen Ji Leyu like this before. Ji Leyu was like a trapped little beast, irritable but helpless.

‘I have to meet Fang Xin,’ he thought. Ji Leyu didn’t want him to tell Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao. Then he had to determine by himself whether Fang Xin’s father was the murderer who killed Ji Leyu’s parents or not.

He had to make sure of this before making plans for the next step.

Lin Fei made a decision. Then he turned off the lights and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Lin Fei paid attention to Ji Leyu. He saw Ji Leyu get up and go to the bathroom. Then he silently put down the pen in his hand. “I’ll go with you.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu was a bit helpless. “I’m not going to find him.”


“So you don’t need to stare at me like this.” Ji Leyu snorted. “Don’t follow me.”

Then he walked toward the door of the classroom.

Lin Fei heard him say this and didn’t follow. He thought about it and also left the classroom to go to the third class of the second year.

The moment Fang Xin came out of the toilet with his head down, he was stopped by someone.

He stepped back in fear and raised his head in horror. Then he found that it wasn’t Ma Shuai and the others.

It was a boy he never met before. He was very handsome with no expression on his face. He wasn’t fierce but was cold and composed.

“Fang Xin, is it?” He heard the other person speak. “I have something I want to ask you.”

Fang Xin pursed his lips. He didn’t know what this person wanted to ask him, whether it was his father’s business or whether this person wanted to bully him.

“In August last year, did your father hit a car with his car? Two people in the car died and one person was injured. The ones who died were a man and a woman and the injured man had both legs disabled.”

Fang Xin’s face turned white and he looked at the other person with fear. How did he know? Why did he know? What did he want to do?

Lin Fei saw his pale face and wide eyes and repeated his question, “Is it?”

The moment he finished speaking, he heard a male voice behind him. “Oh, you are here.”

“Who is this?” The other person walked over and tilted his head to look at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei ignored him and just stared at Fang Xin.

The boy looked between the two of them and asked Lin Fei suspiciously, “Are you his friend?”

Lin Fei was too lazy to look at him and kept staring at Fang Xin.

Seeing Lin Fei ignore him, Ma Shuai laughed and asked Fang Xin, “Your friend?”

Fang Xin shook his head.

“So why are you talking here?”

Fang Xin lowered his head. “I’ll go back now.”

He was about to leave but Lin Fei took a step forward and stopped him.

Fang Xin raised his head and looked at him pleadingly.

“You just have to answer me. Yes or no,” Lin Fei said calmly.

“What is it?” Ma Shuai placed his hand on Fang Xin’s shoulder and asked Fang Xin. “What did he ask you?”

Fang Xin didn’t speak.

Lin Fei saw him with his head lowered and at a loss. He thought that with other people around, Fang Xin definitely wouldn’t be willing to answer this type of question.

“I have something to say to him. Please leave first, thank you,” he told Ma Shuai.

Fang Xin was surprised and Ma Shuai found it strange.

“You want me to leave?” Ma Shuai pointed to himself and mocked. “Who are you? You told me to leave and I will leave?”

Lin Fei didn’t want to talk nonsense with him and glanced at Fang Xin. “You come with me.”

He turned around and wanted to go to another place. Then he found that Fang Xin hadn’t moved. Ma Shuai pressed against his shoulder and Fang Xin didn’t dare to move at all.

Lin Fei hurriedly walked over. Without giving Ma Shuai time to speak, he directly took Ma Shuai’s hand away from Fang Xin’s shoulder.

Ma Shuai was stunned for a moment. Then he angrily clenched his fists to hit Lin Fei. Lin Fei directly grabbed his wrist, pulled him forward, raised his knee and struck him in the stomach.

Ma Shuai immediately cried out in pain.

Lin Fei let go of his hand, ignored him and looked at Fang Xin again. “Come here.”

Fang Xin stared at him in amazement. He hadn’t expected this person to make Ma Shuai scream in pain in the blink of an eye.

He had been bullied by Ma Shuai in the last few days. He couldn’t beat him and didn’t dare to scold him. Fang Xin was afraid every day and none of his classmates helped him. This was the only one who took the initiative to help him.

Fang Xin followed him almost uncontrollably.

Lin Fei stopped in a place without many people and asked him, “Am I right?”

Fang Xin pursed his lips, not daring to answer. He was afraid that the moment he answered, this person would also look down on him and laugh at him.

“I just want to know if it is true or not. Tell me and I won’t come to you again.”

Fang Xin was stunned for a moment.

He asked, “What grade are you?”

He wanted to go to this person’s class.

“Answer first. Yes or no? If you aren’t willing to answer this question, you can directly tell me that you aren’t willing. I have other things to do.”

Fang Xin heard these words and subconsciously gripped his clothes again in a nervous manner.

Lin Fei stared at him silently, waiting for his answer.

If it wasn’t for Ji Leyu, he would’ve already left. He hated Fang Xin’s hesitant personality and didn’t have the patience to waste time here.

But now he needed that answer.

“My dad didn’t mean it,” Fang Xin finally spoke nervously.

He thought it was useless even if he didn’t admit it. Everyone in the class knew. Even his former school’s classmates knew and his neighbors knew.

They all knew it and stayed away from him, fearing that he would be the same as his father.

Even if he didn’t admit it, this person just had to ask his classmates and he would know.

In addition, this person had just helped him teach Ma Shuai a lesson and seemed to be very powerful. Fang Xin wanted to be friends with him and play with him so that Ma Shuai wouldn’t bully him.

“My father is a good man. He never did anything bad. He didn’t mean it.” He anxiously defended his father. “My grandmother said he did it for her. He is a good son. Really, I’m not lying to you. Don’t be afraid.”

He stretched out his hand as he spoke like a drowning man trying to grab the last straw. But before he could touch Lin Fei, he heard a voice explode not far from him.

“Fang Xin!” The voice was ruthless and cold, like heavy iron striking water. It absorbed a lot of anger and instantly smashed his eardrums.

Fang Xin was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move immediately. He looked over reflexively and saw the beautiful doll-like boy he had seen before.

The anger in the other person’s eyes was like a burning fire and he trembled all over instantly.

Ji Leyu glared at him angrily while hatred surged in his heart like the rising tide, setting off a monstrous wave. He was wrapped in anger and instantly lost his sense of reason.

What was he doing?

What did he want to do?

What were he and Lin Fei talking about?

Did he just want to touch Lin Fei?

His father had already taken away Ji Leyu’s parents. Now he wanted to take away Lin Fei too?

How dare he?

Was he worthy?

Ji Leyu gritted his teeth and stepped forward, walking toward Fang Xin step by step.

He shouldn’t have hesitated at all.

What was there to hesitate about?

He should’ve killed Fang Xin!

Kill him and make him pay for Ji Leyu’s parents’ lives!

Why did his father take away Ji Leyu’s parents and only paid with one life?

He should also lose two lives!

Ji Leyu had lost the people he cared about most!

Then the other person naturally couldn’t have a good time!

He deserved to lose the person he cared about most!

Lose his son!

Let his son die with him!

That was fair!

Ji Leyu’s steps were firm and he walked faster and faster. Fang Xin watched this boy walking toward him and trembled inexplicably. He couldn’t help retreating, as if wanting to escape. Finally, he reached a wall and was blocked.

Ji Leyu approached step by step, his eyes like sharp knives gouging fiercely at Fang Xin’s flesh and blood.

He approached Fang Xin, clenching his fists and letting the surging hatred eat up his sanity.

Suddenly, someone cut off his line of sight. He couldn’t see Fang Xin leaning against the wall but instead reflected another person—it was Lin Fei.

Ji Leyu was stunned for a moment. The next second, Lin Fei pressed Ji Leyu into his arms.

He touched Ji Leyu’s head. The hand holding Ji Leyu’s waist was firm, but the hand on his hair was gentle and careful.

“Be good,” he coaxed Ji Leyu. “Be good.”

Ji Leyu was silent.

The violence of his body instantly quieted down, as if the machine was powered off. It seemed as if the machine that had just been powered on had returned to normal.

His reason slowly returned and the hatred that permeated his sense of reason faded like a tide. It was replaced by grievances and dissatisfaction.

He reached out to push Lin Fei away, but he was hugged tightly by Lin Fei and couldn’t break away. Ji Leyu just felt more and more wronged. “What are you doing?”

He looked at Lin Fei, his entire body like a hedgehog with its spikes exploding. He was sharp and fragile. “Why did you look for him? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you come to him while I wasn’t present? You didn’t let me come but you sneaked over yourself. What can’t I know? Lin Fei, I didn’t hide it from you but you hid it from me!”

Lin Fei saw his reddened eyes and touched his head.

Ji Leyu turned his head and didn’t accept the touch.

Lin Fei couldn’t help kissing him on the cheek.

“You are good,” he said softly.

He touched Ji Leyu’s head again and the spines on Ji Leyu’s body slowly closed off. He was like a closed flower, returning to his harmless appearance.

He pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Lin Fei saw that he seemed to be more stable and opened his mouth to explain to him. “I just wanted to ask him a question, so I came to him. Next time, I won’t do it. There will be no next time.”

He lied. He deliberately picked a time when Ji Leyu wasn’t there.

He knew too well what status Ji Leyu’s parents and Ji Yuxiao had in Ji Leyu’s heart. He was afraid that if Fang Xin really admitted to Ji Leyu’s face that it was his father who killed Ji Leyu’s parents and harmed Ji Yuxiao like this, Ji Leyu wouldn’t be able to control himself and would do something dangerous on the spot.

He didn’t want Ji Leyu to be like this, so he could only carry Ji Leyu on his back and ask Fang Xin himself.

Fortunately, Ji Leyu always believed him and obeyed him. Lin Fei said so and he believed it.

Of course, he knew that Lin Fei would lie but he had always been willing to believe in Lin Fei and listened to him.

The class bell rang. Lin Fei let go of him and held his hand. “Let’s go back.”

He dragged Ji Leyu down the stairs and back to class.

Ji Leyu’s face had no emotions but he seemed more energetic than before.

“What question did you ask him?” He asked suddenly.

Lin Fei didn’t hide it from him. “I asked if his father killed your parents.”

Ji Leyu stared at him instantly. His entire body was like a bow, ready to shoot an arrow at any time.

“Is it him?” He asked.

Lin Fei saw the hatred in his eyes and replied calmly, “He didn’t say.”

There were no fluctuations in his eyes as he said, “You came before he replied.”

Ji Leyu leaned back against the table and said firmly, “It must be him. Why else did he not say no? You asked and he didn’t say now. His classmates asked and he didn’t say no. Then isn’t it him?”

Lin Fei didn’t speak and just touched his head.

Ji Leyu held his hand. Then he thought of something and asked Lin Fei. “Did he touch you? Wasn’t he trying to pull you before? How many words did you say to him? Did you touch him?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei looked at him with 30% helplessness, 50% tolerance and 20% connivance. “No, he didn’t touch me and I didn’t touch him. I just asked him if it was his father, yes or no.”

Ji Leyu was satisfied. He took Lin Fei’s hand and put it in his arms. “You aren’t allowed to talk to him again, let alone touch him. He also isn’t allowed to touch you or I will chop off his hand.”

Lin Fei, “……”

He should know that Lin Fei wouldn’t allow him to chop off other people’s hands, right?

Lin Fei sighed silently in his heart. He thought that he still had to let Fang Xin transfer or let him and Ji Leyu transfer. Otherwise, Ji Leyu’s emotions would easily become unstable when facing Fang Xin.

“Do you promise or not?” Ji Leyu waited for a while without hearing an answer before urging him. “You promise me.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei followed his heart and agreed. “I got it.”

Ji Leyu was relieved this time. He pulled Lin Fei’s hand for a while and let him go to answer questions. Ji Leyu closed his eyes and fell asleep on his desk.

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