FV: Chapter 191

Ji Mu wanted to say something but found that Ji Leyu had already hung up.

He hurriedly called back but Ji Leyu didn’t answer.

Was he feeling fear and discomfort? Ji Mu wondered. Ji Leyu was so small. Hearing this, he would definitely be uncomfortable and worried. It would take time for him to digest it.

He let out a low sigh. If it wasn’t for Ji Leyu being too close to Ji Yuxiao, he actually didn’t want to use this method. After all, Ji Leyu was still just a child. He was too young and it wasn’t necessary to do this to a child.

Still, it didn’t matter. Ji Mu comforted himself like this. He would compensate Ji Leyu later when Ji Leyu came to him.

At that time, he just had to be nice to Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu went upstairs, step by step, his steps heavy.

He saw where the third class of the second year was instantly. It was right next to the staircase. The front and back doors were open and students were partly playing outside the classroom or inside the classroom.

He walked over and stood at the back door. He could clearly see the scene in the classroom and he heard a male voice say, “Why did you transfer schools? Why did you suddenly transfer to our class? They say that your father is a murderer. Is that true?”

Ji Leyu heard this and saw several boys surrounding a boy near the wall.

“Speak,” the previous voice continued. “Is your father a murderer? How many people did he kill? What about you? You are the son of a murderer. You must’ve done bad things, right?”

“Give me back the pen.” Another voice was heard.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

The boy stood on the chair as he spoke. He raised the pen high and deliberately said, “You say it first. Did you? Are you?”

Ji Leyu saw someone standing up. He wasn’t too tall, he was around the same height as Ji Leyu. He looked thin. His back was to Ji Leyu and his face couldn’t be seen clearly. He was trying to grab his pen back.

Was this Fang Xin?

The son of the murderer who killed his parents?

Ji Leyu clenched his fists. For a moment, he wanted to rush over and press his head directly against the wall.


This person’s father killed his parents while his uncle couldn’t stand up. He deserved to die. He should never be able to stand up again!

How could he still be alive?!

How could he still sit here in class?!

Ji Leyu was full of hatred in his heart. He watched these people tease Fang Xin, laughing as they pushed him to the ground.

The beast in his heart was constantly roaring as if it wanted to rush out of his chest to tear and bite the person in front of him.



His parents are both dead. Two people had died in his family. Why did the murderer only need to pay for one life?

He should pay for two lives!

His son should die with him!

Ji Leyu gritted his teeth and glared fiercely at the person in front of him, eager to tear the boy’s flesh and blood and make him pay with his life as well.

Suddenly, the class bell rang. The sound of the jingling bells urged students to return to class.

Someone bumped into him and wondered, “Classmate, who are you looking for?”

Ji Leyu didn’t speak. He turned around and left the back door of the third class of the second year. He went downstairs and walked toward his class.

He returned to the classroom in silence.

He lay on the table and didn’t say a word.

Lin Fei glanced at him and saw him lying on his stomach. He thought that Ji Leyu was just lazy and didn’t want to listen to the class, so he didn’t care about Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu had never liked to study and had slept in class more than once or twice. Lin Fei was used to it.

In any case, he would teach anything that Ji Leyu couldn’t do later. It didn’t matter if Ji Leyu listened to the lecture or not.

Ji Leyu closed his eyes but didn’t sleep. The rage and hatred that roared in his heart made him unable to calm down for a long time.

It seemed to appear in his eyes again. His parents with their eyes closed and Ji Yuxiao lying unconscious on the hospital bed. He looked at them but he couldn’t do anything. He held his parents’ hands but they never woke up again.

He called out ‘Mom and Dad’ over and over again, but his parents could no longer look at him, hold him or call him Baby.

After waking up from the accident and learning that his parents were gone, Ji Yuxiao was still in a coma on the hospital bed and Ji Leyu didn’t know when he would wake up. Ji Leyu curled up next to Ji Yuxiao every night, afraid he would end up like Ji Leyu’s parents.

He lost two of his closest people overnight and his world fell apart. It was all thanks to the driver who crashed into their car.

He hated the other person, hated him to the point where he felt happy and that he deserved it when he learned that this person committed suicide in prison.

Now he saw that person’s son, the son of the man who killed his parents and made his uncle unable to stand up.

His son was still alive and well with healthy limbs.

How could he live so safely and healthily?

How could he still be alive?

His father killed Ji Leyu’s parents. It was two lives and he should pay for it!

If his life wasn’t enough then his son should pay for him!

Ji Leyu was angry and resentful. He kept clenching his fists. Then after hearing the bell for the end of the class, he left the classroom again.

He went to the door of the classroom of the third class of the second year.

This time, he saw the familiar back before he even got closer.

The people who snatched the boy’s pen before were surrounding him, constantly pushing him and laughing at him. “Fight back. Why don’t you fight back? Don’t you dare? Isn’t your father a murderer? Why don’t you dare?”

Fang Xin looked at them helplessly, tears rolling down his eyes. He couldn’t speak.

He just wanted to go to the bathroom but they blocked the hallway.

He pitifully begged the person in front of him, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

The other person laughed. “Why? Are you afraid you will pee your pants? Let me see if you will pee.”

Fang Xin became even more aggrieved.

“Are you going to cry?” The person who took the lead laughed. “What should I do? He seems to be crying. Hahahaha. You aren’t a girl. Why are you still crying?”

Fang Xin didn’t want to cry but he was so scared that he shed tears.

Ji Leyu watched coldly. He watched Fang Xin being pushed around, watched him cry and watched him finally run to the toilet due to the mercy of these people.

He heard the wanton laughter of these people but he said nothing and did nothing.

He didn’t take a step closer. He was silent like a shadow until the bell rang again. Then he turned and walked toward his class.

The third time he came to the third class of the second year, the group of people bullying Fang Xin seemed to have finally noticed him.

They glanced at Fang Xin, who was kicked to the ground by them. Then he glanced at the expressionless but beautiful child who was staring in this distance not far away. He asked, “Classmate, why are you staring at us?”

He kicked Fang Xin with his toes. “Do you want to help him?”

Fang Xin looked at Ji Leyu hopefully, but only met his cold, disgusted eyes.

“No,” Ji Leyu said calmly. He looked at Fang Xin. A smile overflowed as he said cruelly, “I just want to see, I want to see.”

The light in Fang Xin’s eyes instantly turned into ashes.

The rising curve of Ji Leyu’s mouth became more obvious. He watched coldly but there was no joy in his heart. Hatred and disgust poured out along the corners of his raised mouth and his cold eyes.

He heard the group of people say, “You don’t seem to like him either. Do you want to come over and hit him a few times?”

Ji Leyu didn’t go over. He knew that when he pushed Ji Xin into the water, he didn’t want Ji Xin to die. He also knew that when he made Ji Huai fall, he didn’t want Ji Huai to die.

But now he wanted Fang Xin to die. He really wanted Fang Xin to die.

It didn’t matter whether he rolled down the stairs, was hit by a car, stabbed with a knife or drowned. He wanted Fang Xin to die to pay for his parents’ lives.

So he couldn’t go over.

The moment he went over, he might really kill Fang Xin.

However, he couldn’t kill Fang Xin. His uncle would be shocked, Lin Luoqing might be afraid and Lin Fei wouldn’t allow it.

So he couldn’t go over.

Ji Leyu restrained the beast in his heart. He stood at the entrance of the stairs and didn’t take a step forward. He firmly nailed himself within the red line.

“No,” he refused.

The person who invited him laughed while thinking this was right in his heart. This person looked like a doll and was more beautiful and cute than a girl. Naturally, he couldn’t be the same as them, who were thorns in the eyes of the teachers.

He didn’t invite Ji Leyu again and continued to bully the person in front of him.

Ji Leyu watched. Then after hearing the class bell, he turned to leave.

By the time he came to the third class of the second year for the fourth time to find Fang Xin, he finally found Fang Xin alone.

There were no bullies around him and he seemed relieved as he sat in his seat and quietly did his homework.

Ji Leyu leaned against the door and watched. A student saw that he looked good and came over to ask him, “Classmate, who are you looking for?”

Ji Leyu ignored him.

The boy followed Ji Leyu’s gaze and found that it was Fang Xin. He kindly called out, “Fang Xin, someone is looking for you.”

Fang Xin turned his head and saw Ji Leyu looking at him, coldly and indifferently, with disgust and hatred.

Fang Xin was taken aback. He didn’t know who this person was and how he provoked this person.

He looked at Ji Leyu and didn’t dare ask why Ji Leyu was staring at him. He sat down silently and looked down at the book.

Ji Leyu didn’t go in either and stared at him.

The group of people who bullied Fang Xin came back from playing. They saw him, walked over curiously and asked him, “Brother, do you know him?”

Ji Leyu was too lazy to pay attention to them.

The leader liked him very much. “Brother, which class are you in? Play with me in the future and I will help you beat him up.”

Ji Leyu didn’t speak. The boy reached out and placed an arm around his shoulder. The beast in Ji Leyu’s heart jumped. He twisted the other person’s arm and directly knocked this person against the wall.

He was about to laugh and say ‘you deserve it’, when he became stunned—not far away, Lin Fei was looking at him.

Ji Leyu hadn’t expected Lin Fei to appear and didn’t know what to say for a while. He looked at Lin Fei and Lin Fei stared directly at him, expression calm.

Ji Leyu slowly let go and walked to Lin Fei’s side.

The class bell rang. Lin Fei turned around and walked down the stairs to head back. Ji Leyu followed him without speaking.

At the end of the class, Ji Leyu didn’t leave his seat again. Lin Fei turned to him and asked, “Aren’t you going to see him?”

Ji Leyu didn’t speak.

“Who is he?” Lin Fei asked again. “Didn’t you watch him during the last recess and between classes?”

“Yes,” Ji Leyu answered calmly.

“Who is he?” Lin Fei asked again.

Ji Leyu turned to look at him and suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

He stared at Lin Fei, his amber eyes full of sadness. “I miss my parents.”

Lin Fei hadn’t expected him to say this so suddenly and was a bit surprised for a while. However, Ji Leyu’s voice was sad and he looked like he was about to cry.

Lin Fei raised a hand, touched his head and told him, “Be good.”

Ji Leyu also wanted to be good.

He wanted to grow up obediently and to be a good child in his parents’ hearts. He wanted to be the most obedient and cute child in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes.

However, God wanted to take away his parents, let the hatred in his heart grow and make him unable to live so obediently.

He stared at Lin Fei with grievances in his eyes.

Lin Fei had seen his aggrieved appearance many times. He was the best at pretending to be aggrieved and his mouth would flatten as if he had been bullied. Yet this time, he pursed his lips tightly.

He was really aggrieved and sad.

Lin Fei reached out and took Ji Leyu into his arms. He touched Ji Leyu’s head and coaxed him, “Yes.”

Ji Leyu hugged him and quietly leaned against him.

He said, “Brother, I want him to die.”

Lin Fei couldn’t help being shocked.

Of course, he always knew what type of person Ji Leyu was, but Ji Leyu had never thought of killing anyone.

Even when pushing Ji Xin into the water, he emphasized over and over again, “I didn’t want to drown him. I saved him. I didn’t want him to die.”

Yet now, by his own admission, he wanted someone to die.

Who was he?

Lin Fei didn’t know it very well. He suspected that it was the person Ji Leyu had been staring at the door of the third class of the second year. However, who was the boy and why did Ji Leyu suddenly want him to die?

“No.” He made a rare emphatic tone. “This is absolutely not possible.”

Ji Leyu also knew this but he really wanted to kill the other person and make this person pay for his parents’ lives.

“Be good.” Lin Fei coaxed him. “If you are good, I will sleep with you at night and accompany you to watch a movie, okay?”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Okay.”

Lin Fei looked down at him. Ji Leyu’s face was expressionless, as if he had no emotions and seemed to have never said those shocking words.

He kissed Ji Leyu’s face in a soothing manner. “Be obedient and I will kiss you again in the evening.”

Ji Leyu nodded while looking really well-behaved.

Lin Fei was relieved and asked him, “Who is he?”

Ji Leyu was silent for a while before saying to him, “It was his father who killed my parents and made my uncle stay in a wheelchair.”

Lin Fei was shocked.

He wondered, “How do you know this?”

“Ji Mu told me.”

Ji Mu called him again later, saying that he must not tell others about this or Ji Mu wouldn’t be able to help him in the future.

But to Ji Leyu, this was like garbage in a garbage can. Ji Leyu didn’t care at all, let alone refuse to tell Lin Fei due to this promise.

Lin Fei frowned and asked him, “What did he say?”

Ji Leyu repeated what Ji Mu said and Lin Fei understood. “He is trying to provoke the relationship between you and your uncle. Don’t believe him.”

“I know.” Ji Leyu looked at him. “Of course, I don’t think there is anything bad about my uncle. I will always believe in him and like him the most. However, Fang Xin’s matter is also true. His classmates said he is the son of a murderer and he didn’t refute it. If he wasn’t, he should say so. He didn’t say no, so he is.”

Lin Fei was silent.

A long time passed before he told Ji Leyu, “Then don’t go to him again.”

Ji Leyu didn’t speak.

Lin Fei thought about it and felt that this seemed a bit difficult for Ji Leyu, Therefore, he changed his words. “If you really want to go, I will accompany you.”

Ji Leyu let out a ‘hmm.’

In fact, he was at a loss himself.

He couldn’t get close to Fang Xin. He was afraid that he would really kill Fang Xin if he got close.

Yet he couldn’t be happy just looking at Fang Xin from a distance.

He wasn’t happy about Fang Xin being beaten and bullied but he also wouldn’t be happy if Fang Xin wasn’t beaten or bullied.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do and was afraid of what he was going to do.

Ji Leyu couldn’t figure it out.

His instinctive wickedness drove his anger and unwillingness, but he could only restrain his malice in order to not scare Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing.

He stood at the crossroads, confused and directionless.

Once the bell rang for the end of school, Ji Leyu and Lin Fei got into Luo Jia’s car as usual and headed home together.

He obviously didn’t have much energy when he was in school but the moment he saw Ji Yuxiao, he immediately smiled again. His eyes curved and no one could see how many complicated and crowded emotions were piled up in his heart.

“I’ll talk to Dad,” Lin Fei told him after he finished eating and returned to the bedroom.

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1 year ago

I feel bad for Fang Xin 🙁

9 months ago

Thanks for the hard work!!

I’m glad Xiao Yu has some more self control now. That felt very dangerous. Honestly these kids all need therapy ewe””””

1 month ago
Reply to  Ruubix

Therapy is an understatement….

2 months ago

Sociopathy isn’t cute. And why is it that every single Chinese novel with a school setting depicts the teachers as being utterly incompetent in dealing with the students in the school? I’ve never yet seen a single one where the teachers did their job properly. If they aren’t ignoring obvious, blatant school bullying, they are actively promoting it. I don’t understand why this is such a popular portrayal.

1 month ago
Reply to  Silver

I give you a 100 likes👍🏼 for this comment….

1 month ago

It’s bad, was Fang Xin’s father a true accomplice or was he a scapegoat? If it’s the latter, it just makes him all the more pitiful. Even if he did become a murderer, his son shouldn’t be bullied for actions of his father.