FV: Chapter 190

Ji Mu got into the car, glanced at the students leaving the school and instructed the driver, “Let’s go.”

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and his eyes lit up instantly. Even if Ji Leyu listened to Ji Yuxiao, he loved his biological father the most. Ji Mu just had to start with Ji Yuling and Ji Leyu would inevitably have a gap with Ji Yuxiao.

He thought about it silently and the plan in his heart slowly formed.

Lin Luoqing had been filming for half a month and the crew planned to move the filming location to film the plot of Lu Ming, Xiang Wen and Fu Xi going on the road together to find Fu Shuyi.

On this trip, Fu Xi had a fierce quarrel with Lu Ming because he was dissatisfied with him. Finally, the two of them reconciled due to Xiang Wen’s mediation and the three of them continued to move forward.

Wen Ziming and Lin Luoqing practiced the lines of this scene but they always felt it was wrong.

“Xiao Lin, what’s wrong with you? Do you have something on your mind? This isn’t your usual level. Are you not feeling well?” Wen Ziming asked with concern.

Lin Luoqing shook his head.

It wasn’t that he was feeling unwell. He just felt awkward and inappropriate when reading this line.

Wen Ziming thought he was a restrained actor. He could hold back his acting but couldn’t let go. Therefore, he taught Lin Luoqing. “You have to release your emotions and express your anger and dissatisfaction. Is it because I am older than you so you are embarrassed? Don’t be afraid. Just express it as much as you want. I can bear it.”

“But…” Lin Luoqing looked at him. “Would Fu Xi be so emotional… so angry and dissatisfied?”

Wen Ziming couldn’t help thinking after hearing this.

That’s right. His little nephew in the movie expressed things with his eyes and never spoke. He could say one sentence but would be too lazy to say another sentence. Would he be so emotionally outgoing and quarrel so fiercely?

Lin Luoqing saw him frowning and also frowned. “I just feel that this part of Fu Xi’s personality feels changed and isn’t quite right. That is why I have been acting awkwardly.”

“But this part is the climactic part for Fu Xi, right?” Wen Ziming said. “It is a display of your acting skills. If this is changed, it won’t be good for you, right?”

Lin Luoqing didn’t care about this. He was acting as the character in the movie, not himself. Acting was for the sake of playing the character and story well, not to show off his skills. There was no need to ruin the character to add brilliance to himself.

“Teacher Wen, do you think I can talk to the editor and have him delete this part?” He consulted Wen Ziming.

Wen Ziming had no opinion. Lu Ming was the first male protagonist and there were too many highlights. Deleting such a scene had no impact on him.

But this wasn’t necessarily the case for Lin Luoqing.

“If you insist then you can go and talk to Screenwriter Guo. However, you should think about it. This scene being deleted is quite a loss for you. The audience has always preferred explosive performances. Fu Xi’s personality means he rarely explodes. This is the only one. If you delete it, there will be no second place to show an explosive performance.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “I know. Still, I think it is better to remove it.”

“Then you can go and talk to Screenwriter Guo.” Wen Ziming supported him.

Lin Luoqing let out ‘hmm’ in agreement. He took advantage of when the crew was busy setting up the scene in the evening and went to find the chief screenwriter Guo Han.

Guo Han had gone out to do something. He received Lin Luoqing’s call but asked him to go to the screenwriter called Ning Yu first.

“You talk to Xiao Ning first and let Xiao Ning write down the problem. I will look at it when I come back.”

“Okay. You’ve worked hard.”

“You’re welcome.” Guo Han cheerfully hung up the phone.

Lin Luoqing found Ning Yu’s room according to the room number given by Guo Han and knocked on the door.

It was almost 9 o’clock at this time. Lin Luoqing guessed that Ning Yu shouldn’t have slept yet. Sure enough, the door soon opened.

“Hello,” Lin Luoqing said politely. “You are Teacher Xiao Ning, right? I am Lin Luoqing. There is a plot in the script that I think isn’t appropriate. Screenwriter Guo isn’t here and told me to come to you.”

Ning Yu smiled. His baby face made him look very young like he was still a university student. “Teacher Lin, I have watched your drama. You don’t need to introduce yourself. I know you.”

He said softly, “Come in and say it.”

He stepped aside and Lin Luoqing walked in.

Once he entered, he found that Ning Yu was staying in a very ordinary single room. It wasn’t big but it was very clean.

There was an open laptop next to a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the only desk in the room.

Ning Yu walked to the computer and picked up the glasses. He put them on and grabbed the script. Then he looked back to see Lin Luoqing still standing there, so he patted the bed and told him, “There is no sofa here. Teacher Lin, you can sit on the bed.”

“It’s okay. If you don’t mind then I will sit directly on the bed.” Lin Luoqing walked over and sat down with him.

Ning Yu picked up the script and immediately entered work mode. “Teacher Lin, where do you think the problem is?”

“Right here.” Lin Luoqing opened the script and pointed to it. “Fu Xi and Lu Ming are arguing but I don’t think it is in character. According to Fu Xi’s personality, he won’t quarrel with Lu Ming, let alone quarrel so fiercely.”

Ning Yu saw that it was this paragraph and felt a bit helpless.

“I mentioned this to Teacher Guo before but Teacher Guo felt it was Fu Xi’s climactic scene and we shouldn’t touch it. The other screenwriters didn’t think there was a problem so they kept this scene.”

“I see.” Lin Luoqing looked at the text on the script. “But I don’t think it is appropriate. I want to delete this scene.”

“Then I will help convey it to Teacher Guo when he comes back. Then you can talk to Teacher Guo. You are different from me. You are the actor and you have more power to speak. If you say it, Teacher Guo might listen.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing said.

He originally thought he would spend a lot of time on this matter. He didn’t expect that the other person had the same thoughts as him and he didn’t need to explain it. He just began and it was already fast-forwarded directly to the end.

“Then I won’t bother you. Teacher Xiao Ning, you can go back to work. I will go back and continue to read the script.”


Ning Yu stood up and sent him out.

At noon the next day, Guo Han found Lin Luoqing with Ning Yu.

“Xiao Ning said that you want to delete the scene where Fu Xi and Lu Ming quarreled?” Guo Han got straight to the point.

Lin Luoqing nodded.

Guo Han took the script and seriously analyzed it with him. “This is Fu Xi’s only outburst scene. If you delete this, Fu Xi’s character will become flat and the emotional ups and downs are very small. This isn’t conducive to everyone remembering him.”

“However, according to Fu Xi’s personality, he won’t quarrel with Lu Ming at all, let alone do it so fiercely.” Lin Luoqing was serious. “He came to see Lu Ming and Xiang Wen because he wanted to fulfill his mother’s last wish. He doesn’t have much affection for the two of them himself. It isn’t until the bonfire when Lu Ming and Xiang Wen let go of their hearts and shook hands to make peace that he felt a bit of emotional identification with them.”

“Before the bonfire, he didn’t care about Lu Ming and Xiang Wen at all. How can he argue so fiercely with Lu Ming?”

“It is because Lu Ming’s irresponsibility made their journey more troublesome. He wants to find his mother quickly but Lu Ming hurt him in the opposite direction,” Guo Han explained.

“But Fu Shuyi died a long time ago. Fu Xi knew from the beginning that Fu Shuyi is dead and his mother won’t be there at the destination. He knows it better than anyone.”

“What if his mother isn’t dead? For Fu Xi, he is angry because Lu Ming doesn’t know that his mother is dead. Lu Ming thinks his mother is alive but he made trouble and caused the journey to slow down. Fu Xi feels that Lu Ming doesn’t care about his mother at all.”

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “Fu Xi won’t have such thoughts at all. We will have this type of thought because we are very emotional. This isn’t the case with Fu Xi. He doesn’t feel excessive emotions at all. So from the beginning, he won’t have this type of thought and naturally won’t feel any emotion, let alone quarrel with Lu Ming for this.”

“How can you be sure? He just became an adult.”

“Because Fu Xi is such a person.” Lin Luoqing pointed to the plots related to Fu Xi written in the script and explained it to him seriously.

Ning Yu listened and felt that he was a really careful actor. He wasn’t just careful, but also very respectful of the character and plot. He thought this and couldn’t help looking at Lin Luoqing a few more times. He carefully looked at Lin Luoqing for a while before lowering his eyes again.

Guo Han frowned, not quite understanding what the other person was thinking. “Fu Xi’s character doesn’t have many scenes compared to Lu Ming and Xiang Wen. Now you have taken the initiative to delete this scene, which is the only explosive scene. Xiao Lin, I promise you that this matter is simple to do, but you are the only one who will suffer a loss.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Luoqing didn’t care much. “Fu Xi is a very interesting person and the charm of his character isn’t in this field. So even if this scene is deleted, I believe the audience will like him.”

“Okay,” Screenwriter Guo sighed. “I’ll talk to the director to see if he agrees or not. If he agrees then I will delete it.”

“Thank you, Teacher Guo.”

“No need.” Guo Han looked at him. “I just think that Fu Xi’s emotions have been flat the entire movie and one explosive scene can reflect his character highlights. That is why I wanted to keep the scene. You are good. You actually have the same idea as Xiao Ning.”

He glanced at Ning Yu while speaking. Ning Yu smiled and looked obedient.

He retracted his gaze and happened to feel Lin Luoqing’s gaze. He raised his head and met the other person’s eyes. The two of them smiled at each other in a slightly embarrassed manner.

“Then I’ll go and find Director Li.” Guo Han stood up.

“I’ll send you.” Lin Luoqing hurriedly sent him out.

At night, Lin Luoqing received a call from Ning Yu.

“Teacher Guo is busy so I will tell you. Director Li agreed to modify and delete the conflict scene. Teacher Guo will rewrite that part.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Ning Yu replied gently. “Teacher Lin, feel free to ask me if you have any other questions.”


Lin Luoqing hung up and sighed with relief. This was good. Now he wouldn’t feel so awkward when he read the script.

On the other hand, Director Li saw the revised script and couldn’t help laughing.

“He is really honest. It is rare to have such an honest young man these days.”

“Right? I’ve only seen people who add scenes to themselves. It is the first time I’ve seen someone delete the climax scene,” Guo Han agreed.

“Still, he is pretty cute, don’t you think?” Director Li asked with a smile.

“Is that why you keep teasing him?”

“Where did I tease him?” Director Li wasn’t convinced.

“When haven’t you teased him? Aren’t you the one who says ‘you don’t look like him’ all the time?”

Director Li laughed. “It is because he is very interesting. Every time he finishes speaking, he immediately stops smiling and has a cold face. He tries to pretend to be Fu Xi.”

‘…What type of bad taste is this?’

Guo Han silently shed tears of sympathy for Lin Luoqing.

After filming for another half a month, the crew and Lin Luoqing changed to a new filming location.

Lin Luoqing looked at the landscape not far away and sighed. He took a photo and sent it to Ji Yuxiao.

[Changed the filming location~~ Isn’t it beautiful?]

Ji Yuxiao had been busy staring at Tan Jiaji and Ji Zhenhong recently and had no time to visit Lin Luoqing on the set. For this reason, he always felt sorry for Lin Luoqing.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t been able to take Fei Fei and Xiao Yu to visit you.”

Lin Luoqing said generously, “It’s okay. It is the same if you come after you finish your work. Besides, this movie changes locations too quickly. You will have to take a plane to see me and it is too troublesome. Once we return to the place where we filmed in the beginning, you can come and see me then.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao calculated the time. “I will definitely go to see you.”

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing replied with a good temper.

He felt the wind blowing through his hair and his body and mind were relaxed. “Once you are well in the future, we will take Xiao Yu and Fei Fei out to play together. We haven’t traveled with the whole family yet.”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

Not only had they never traveled as a family, but he and Lin Luoqing hadn’t gone out alone. Once he was well, he could accompany Lin Luoqing wherever he wanted to go and see the scenery together.

Ji Yuxiao thought while silently looking at his legs.

He could now walk a certain distance smoothly without the help of external forces. His pace was a bit slow but it was clear that he was getting closer and closer to recovery.

Once Tan Jiaji was solved, he would be able to stand and appear in front of Lin Luoqing, approaching him step by step and walking in front of him.

It wasn’t far away. Ji Yuxiao remembered what Lu Qiao had told him this morning. Tan Jiaji had already taken one step into the trap and he just needed to wait for the other foot to follow.

“I’ll see you as soon as possible,” he said gently.

“It doesn’t have to be so soon. Your career is also very important. Take care of your career first and then come to see me when you have time. We still have a lot of time, so don’t worry.”

“But I’m in a hurry,“ Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. “I am in a hurry every day when I can’t see you.”

Lin Luoqing instantly felt a bit hot. There was a burst of joy in his heart as he whispered, “Yes.”

A breeze hit, blowing into the valley and carrying the summer flowers as he smiled.

Ji Leyu washed his hands and left the bathroom. He didn’t rush back to the classroom but walked to the side of the teaching building. He leaned against the wall and looked at the scenery not far away.

He yawned lazily, a bit sleepy.

A passing classmate asked him if he wanted to play a game together but Ji Leyu refused. He held his hands together while looking at the trees not far away.

He wanted to let the blowing wind wake him up. Otherwise, he would definitely fall asleep again in the next class and Lin Fei would look at him with disdainful eyes again.

Ji Leyu thought of this and silently puffed out his cheeks. It wasn’t that he wanted to sleep. It was summer and it was a good time to sleep. In addition, the teacher taught slowly and it was hypnotic.

In any case, he knew those things. Why despise him?


He was thinking this when his phone in his trouser pocket rang.

Ji Leyu took it out and found that it was Ji Mu’s call. He didn’t answer and pressed to mute it.

Then during the next recess, Ji Mu called again.

The next class was still the same.

Ji Leyu was puzzled. What was wrong with this person?

He wasn’t interested in Ji Mu but what if it was something related to Ji Yuxiao?

Ji Leyu knew that he was too young and Ji Yuxiao liked to protect him. Ji Yuxiao would avoid many things and not tell him. At such times, he had to find out about it from others.

Thus, he picked up when Ji Mu called him the third time.

“Hello.” He looked at the scenery not far away and said in an obedient voice, “Uncle, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, Xiao Yu. I have something I want to say to you.”

“What is it?” Ji Leyu asked.

Ji Mu sighed. He seemed a bit helpless and even angry. “In fact, it doesn’t have much to do with you. The main thing is that Yuxiao is really undeserving. How can he be so careless? Does he not take you seriously at all?”

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…Is he trying to create bad feelings for Father?’

Once they met again next time, Ji Mu could also roll down the stairs.

He didn’t speak. Ji Mu thought he didn’t understand and continued to put on an act of concern for him. “Xiao Yu, don’t feel bad when you hear this. No matter how Yuxiao treats you, the rest of the family loves you and so do I. Do you understand?”

Ji Leyu said sweetly, “Yes.”

It was just that there were no trace of emotion in his eyes.

He listened quietly, wanting to hear how this person planned to provoke his relationship with his uncle. That would decide how he got revenge when he saw him later. Then Ji Mu’s next words made him freeze in place, unable to move.

“Xiao Yu, you don’t know but the son of the person who killed your parents is also in the school you are currently attending. How can Ji Yuxiao let you and him study at the same school? What is he thinking? Even if he only has Lin Luoqing’s son in his heart and wants to help him transfer schools, Ji Yuxiao shouldn’t let you go to school with him. This is too inappropriate.”

Ji Leyu was stunned. His hands unknowingly clenched and he heard himself ask, “What year is he in? What is he called? What does he look like?”

“He’s in the third class of the second year,” Ji Mu replied to him. “Xiao Yu, don’t care too much. Uncle can help you transfer schools. Once the time comes, you can come to me and I will help you choose a new school you like.”

“No thanks.” Ji Leyu’s eyes were cold and he stared at the tree not far away like he was looking at a dead thing.

“Tell me what his name is and what he looks like.”

“He is just an ordinary little boy called Fang Xin. Xiao Yu, why are you asking about these things? Leave him alone and stay away from him, okay? His father is a murderer and he can’t learn well from a young age. You will be in danger. Stay away from him and don’t go near him before transferring. Protect yourself well, understand?”

“Understood,” Ji Leyu said calmly.

Once he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and turned upstairs. He was walking toward the third class of the second year.

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