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FV: Chapter 189

“Talk to him and keep him hanging. Don’t refuse him easily but don’t agree too easily either,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

“Okay,” Zhao Cheng agreed.

He instructed Huang Xin and Huang Xin was a bit puzzled. What did he mean by being able to talk?

So in fact, he was still willing to cooperate with the Ji Group?

He just didn’t want to sign with Ji Mu?


He tentatively asked Zhao Cheng and Zhao Cheng just said, “You don’t have to care about this. Just do it.”

Huang Xin didn’t continue to ask questions and did as Zhao Cheng said.

After talking for almost half a month, Tan Jiaji’s side gave everything that could be profitable and all the benefits that could be given were given. Zhao Cheng let go and was willing to sign a contract with him.

Tan Jiaji was ecstatic and mentioned this at the company’s regular meeting the next day. “I will accelerate the communication with Aoyu this week and strive to reach a cooperation with Aoyu within the week.”

Ji Mu’s expression immediately changed the moment he said this.

Ji Zhengao laughed. “Awesome, Jiaji. You actually have a way to deal with customers that our Ji Group can’t win. It is really scary.”

Tan Jiaji said with a smile, “You are overpraising me.”

“I want to say that if Jiaji has this much ability, it is too much of a waste to be the deputy manager of the sales department. If you really can achieve this with Aoyu, you must be promoted.”

His intention in saying this was obvious. Ji Mu’s father, Ji Zhenyang, immediately said, “Why? Is Deputy Manager Tan not satisfied with his current position?”

“It isn’t that I am dissatisfied. It is just that people go to high places and water flows to low places. When Mr Ji talked to me, he mentioned the general manager. But at that time, everyone didn’t trust my ability. Now that my ability has been confirmed, I naturally hope to get the proper weight in the company.”

Tan Jiaji was undaunted and didn’t restrain his ambition in the slightest. “Therefore, I naturally hope that my position can be promoted.”

His words were so frank and reasonable that Ji Zhenyang didn’t know what to say.

At the critical moment, Ji Zhenhong said, “Okay okay. The contract hasn’t been signed yet. Everything can be said after the contract is signed. Xiao Tan, you have a good ability and you are dedicated to the company. The company knows this and we definitely won’t wrong you. You can rest assured.”

“Chairman Ji said so. I am naturally relieved.” Tan Jiaji laughed.

After the regular meeting, Ji Mu and Ji Zhenyang were in a bad mood.

The moment they returned to Ji Mu’s office, Ji Zhenyang couldn’t help saying, “Your third uncle is really uneasy. There were so many people yet he couldn’t wait to ask for credit for Tan Jiaji. Isn’t it because he isn’t satisfied with you sitting in the position of general manager so he wants Tan Jiaji to take the position? He is thinking too beautifully!”

Ji Mu frowned, always feeling that things weren’t so simple.

Aoyu knew that he wanted to cooperate with them and he talked with them before. Then, in the end, they refused him. Now they were willing to sign a contract with Tan Jiaji. What was going on? Were they joking with him?

“Xiao Mu, what is going on with Aoyu? Didn’t they decide not to cooperate? How come it is okay when Tan Jiaji goes to talk to them?”

“I don’t know either.”

“Did he give Aoyu any benefits? Why else would Aoyu give up on you and choose him?”

Ji Mu also thought so. He pressed the phone and told the secretary, “Let Tan Jiaji come over.”

As a result, Ji Zhenhong arrived before Tan Jiaji did.

Ji Mu saw Ji Zhenhong and knew what this person wanted to say. He was a bit embarrassed and was anxious to push away the responsibility. “Uncle, Aoyu did say they wouldn’t cooperate when I talked with them before. I suspect that Tan Jiaji might’ve given them some benefits that shouldn’t be given, so they are willing to agree to him.’

Ji Zhenhong frowned. “What are you talking about? It is fine if you don’t admit that your skills are inferior but why frame others? I came here today to tell you. It doesn’t matter whether it is you or Tan Jiaji. It is good that Aoyu has been won over. I know that you have put a lot of thought into this cooperation before and you don’t want him to steal your limelight, but Aoyu is one of our key cooperation companies this year. Since Tan Jiaji has already negotiated it, don’t interfere. If this project is ruined then don’t blame me for suspecting that you did it.”

Ji Mu was shocked. “Uncle, why do you think of me like that?”

Ji Zhenyang said angrily, “Big Brother, what are you talking about? Xiao Mu is loyal to the company. Ever since Yuling was in the accident and Yuxiao was in a slump, the company has been managed by Xiao Mu. How can you say such things to Xiao Mu?”

“Of course, I believe in Xiao Mu’s character. I’m just afraid he will fight with the third child and the company will suffer in the end.”

“Then it is our third brother who is wrong. How can there be someone like him? Every day, he wants to pull his nephew down. He thinks anyone in the world can be the general manager but Xiao Mu can’t!”

“Okay,” Ji Zhenhong persuaded. “We are all brothers and don’t say it. I haven’t made Tan Jiaji the general manager, have I?”

“The third child won’t give up as long as he is around. Big Brother, I’m not talking nonsense. He is the one who is hurting the feelings between us brothers too much. You should take care of him.”

“Okay okay, I have a sense of measure,” Ji Zhenhong soothed him.

The moment he finished speaking, he heard a knock on the door. The door pushed open and Tan Jiaji walked in.

Ji Mu’s secretary was a bit embarrassed. “I told him that Chairman Ji was inside but Deputy Manager Tan didn’t listen. I couldn’t stop him.”

Ji Mu waved his hand and motioned for her to go back to work.

Tan Jiaji closed the door and looked at him. “General Manager Ji, are you looking for me?”

There were no outsiders present. Ji Mu didn’t shy away and directly asked him, “How did you manage to talk with Aoyu? What made Zhao Cheng agree to you?”

Tan Jiaji heard this and laughed. “How can I tell you the details of the conversation? But perhaps it is because I am more sincere, unlike General Manager Ji. I am used to being a person and don’t speak in a lofty manner. Perhaps I speak well, so President Zhao agreed.”

“What are you talking about?” Ji Zhenyang roared angrily. “Do you really consider yourself a person?”

“If I’m not a person, what is General Manager Ji who isn’t even as good as me?” Tan Jiaji turned to look at him. “Didn’t General Manager Ji ask me how I talked to them? Am I wrong to answer truthfully?”

He had no scruples at all. In any case, his father would help him. What was there to be afraid of?

Sooner or later, he would achieve the highest position. Why should he hold back his anger here with Ji Mu?

Besides, the ones he hated the most were Ji Mu, Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao, the young masters of the Ji family who grew up in the Ji family since they were children and didn’t have to care about anything.

Why were they all in the Ji family but he wasn’t able to grow up in a beautiful house while Ji Mu and the others could?

Tan Jiaji’s heart was full of resentment but it was quickly relieved again.

Ji Yuling died and Ji Yuxiao was crippled and had no fighting spirit. There was only Ji Mu left, who wasn’t in his father’s eyes at all. So in the end, the Ji Group would be his.

Whoever had the last laugh was the winner.

Ji Zhenhong frowned and glanced at him.

“Go back,” he said in a disgruntled tone.

Tan Jiaji noticed the sullen look in his father’s eyes and didn’t speak. He turned around and walked back.

Ji Zhenyang was so angry that he pointed to the door that Tan Jiaji disappeared through and said irritably, “Brother, look at him like this. He clearly has a grudge against Xiao Mu and covets Xiao Mu’s position. He isn’t convinced at all!”

“He just won a project that Xiao Mu didn’t win. It is normal not to be convinced. Okay, don’t be angry. I will go to find the third child and talk to him,” Ji Zhenhong helplessly persuaded him.

Ji Zhenyang nodded. “Big Brother, I don’t want to say too much but no matter whether it is Ji Yuling, Yuxiao or Xiao Mu, we are all a family. Tan Jiaji is obviously an outsider. How can you give any rights to him?”

Ji Zhenhong nodded. “I know.”

Then he opened the door and walked out.

He said this but in the next two days, Tan Jiaji and Aoyu successfully signed the contract and Ji Mu heard faint rumors from the company that Tan Jiaji was more powerful. He graduated from a foreign high-quality school and made a great achievement not long after he came. Chairman Ji planned to change his position.

Ji Mu’s heart sank and he went to find Ji Zhenhong.

At the same time, Zhao Cheng reported to Ji Yuxiao, “The contract has been signed. Should we cooperate normally after that?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to cooperate normally but his senior didn’t seem to want to cooperate normally.

“Of course,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly. “In a few days, I will send someone over. Once the time comes, you will help take care of him and let him show his face more in front of Tan Jiaji.”

“Okay. Then I will let him follow Old Huang. Once the time comes, I will let him be in charge of Tan Jiaji with Old Huang.”


“Senior, if you have anything else then tell me again.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao nodded.

He hung up and called Xiao Li, “Let’s send Lu Qiao to Zhao Cheng tomorrow.”

“Good,” Xiao Li replied.

Ji Yuxiao put away his phone and leaned back against the chair. Now he just had to wait for Tan Jiaji to enter by himself.

Soon, it was time for him to go to where he should’ve been a long time ago.

Once Tan Jiaji went into prison, his father wouldn’t be far away.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t plan to send his father in with his own hands. For someone like Tan Jiaji, he would inevitably bite at his father as long as he entered prison. At that time, his father would experience the reality of their father-son affection and experience how his dear son loved him.

It was really exciting.

On the other side, Ji Mu and Ji Zhenhong were arguing fiercely. “Uncle, what do you mean by this? What did you say before? If you act like this now, are you saying I am inferior to Tan Jiaji?!”

“Of course, I don’t mean that.” Ji Zhenhong looked at him, acting like he hated it. “Xiao Mu, think for yourself. What have I done for you in the past half a year? Haven’t I supported you? It is just that Tan Jiaji has made achievements and your third uncle has been speaking for him. The directors also think he is a talent we should retain. For the sake of the company, I agreed to let him be the vice general manager first. It is just the vice general manager. What are you worried about?”

Ji Mu sneered. “What am I worried about? Uncle, what do you think I am worried about? He is promoted to vice general manager. Isn’t this a slap in the face in disguise? What will people in the company think of me in the future? Tan Jiaji was originally dissatisfied with me. Won’t he refuse to listen to me even more in the future?”

“That is why you need results!” Ji Zhenhong lectured him. “If you don’t get results then it is normal for others to disagree with you. Shouldn’t you use this as an incentive to work hard to improve yourself?”

He looked at Ju Mu helplessly. “Xiao Mu, it isn’t that I’m not partial to you. This company is yours and now so many people are watching. Tan Jiaji’s business ability is stronger than yours and your third uncle is protecting him. What can I do?”

“Would you do the same if it was Ji Yuxiao?”

Ji Zhenhong was stunned for a moment. It seemed he hadn’t expected Ji Mu to bring up Ji Yuxiao. If it was changed to Ji Yuxiao then he naturally wouldn’t do this. Ji Yuxiao was his own son and he would naturally help Ji Yuxiao.

However, Ji Yuxiao didn’t care about this at all or Ji Zhenhong wouldn’t have let Tan Jiaji return to China so quickly.

Ji Zhenhong thought of what happened to Tan Jiaji and was shocked. He couldn’t let Ji Yuxiao know Tan Jiaji’s true identity, let alone what Tan Jiaji had done. He had to find a way to let Tan Jiaji gain a foothold in the Ji Group and a way for him to finally succeed in replacing Ji Mu.

Ji Zhenhong instantly calmed down and continued his plan.

“It is meaningless for you to say that.” His face turned cold. “Since you think I only care about Xiao Xiao, you should resign now. In any case, you aren’t Xiao Xiao. What qualifications do you have to sit in this position?”

Once he said this, Ji Mu’s anger that had just risen suddenly weakened.

Almost instantly, he recognized his weakness and bowed his head. “I’m sorry, Uncle. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Ji Zhenhong glanced at him, helpless and angry. But in the end, he just sighed. “Xiao Xiao is like that and I just want to favor him. What can I do? Now, aren’t you the only one in our Ji family who is competent? Who can I help if I don’t help you?”

“Your problem now is with your third uncle. You aren’t capable enough to shut him up and your combined shares with your father are about the same as his. Thus, you don’t have a louder voice. Xiao Mu, if you really want to sit in this position then in addition to improving yourself, you must also increase the chips in your hands, do you understand?”

Ji Mu hadn’t expected him to say this and seemed to understand a bit in an instant.

He thought that Ji Zhenhong would be very cautious about him increasing the shares in his hands. Unexpectedly, Ji Zhenhong didn’t care about it.

Was Ji Zhenhong really on his side?

But how could he increase the shares in his hands?

Most of the company’s shares were in the hands of the elders of the Ji family and the Ji family. None of these people would sell the shares to him at this time. How could he increase his shares?

Suddenly, Ji Mu thought of someone.

Ji Yuling. Ji Yuling’s shares weren’t lacking compared to anyone, not to mention that he was now dead.

His will wrote that everything he had was given to Ji Yuxiao, but Ji Yuxiao didn’t intend to distribute the shares he left behind to others.

Then what if these shares were exchanged for Ji Leyu?

Ji Yuxiao cared far more for Ji Leyu than for the shares left by Ji Yuling. He just needed to create a gap between Ji Leyu and Ji Yuxiao, allowing Ji Leyu to have a good impression of him and be willing to live with him. Then he could completely exchange the shares in Ji Yuxiao’s hands for Ji Leyu.

Ji Mu still remembered that Ji Leyu smiled very well every time they met and Ji Leyu was very close to him. It didn’t hurt to give it a try.

In any case, his number of shares wouldn’t decrease if he failed. If he succeeded, he would immediately increase his shares. He could give it a shot.

He looked at Ji Zhenhong and humbly said, “I see.”

Ji Zhenhong waved his hand and let him leave the office.

He watched Ji Mu leave before carefully calculating things again.

He had already considered that it was impossible for Ji Mu not to care about the shares. Now, the most coveted ones were nothing more than the shares left by Ji Yuling.

If he really succeeded then Ji Yuxiao’s combined shares would decrease and Ji Zhenhong would still be the person with the largest number of shares in the company. He would remain the person with the most say in the Ji Group.

Ji Zhenhong had actually been very worried. Ever since Ji Yuling’s will was exposed, he was worried that Ji Yuxiao would suddenly realize that he was now the person with the most shares in the company. He was worried that Ji Yuxiao would know everything and that he would return to the company.

Ji Yuxiao was upset and gave up. Ji Zhenhong was upset and looked down on his son, but at the same time, he was inexplicably a bit relieved.

Ji Yuxiao just had to stay away from the Ji Group, not touching the truth or disturbing the current peace.

Ji Zhenhong sighed. No matter what, the Ji Group must be inherited by his people. Since it was impossible for Ji Yuxiao now, it could only be Tan Jiaji. It was absolutely impossible for it to be Ji Mu.

Ji Leyu finished school, took Lin Fei’s hand and walked out. However, the moment he left the school, he saw Ji Mu whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Ji Mu walked in front of him with a smile, eyes kind. “Guess what good thing your uncle has brought you?”

Ji Leyu was puzzled. “What is it?”

Ji Mu took out the high-priced toy hidden behind him and smiled. “Do you like it?”

Ji Leyu thought it was ordinary. Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing liked to buy toys for him. He had many toys and wasn’t enthusiastic about toys.

However, he was still very cooperative and surprised. “Wow, it is so big. I like it very much. Thank you, Uncle.”

Ji Leyu reached out and took it. Ji Mu touched his head. “It is fine as long as you touch it. I found a very good children’s restaurant a few days ago and immediately thought of our smart and cute Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu, do you want to have dinner with your uncle?”

“No,” Ji Leyu said obediently. “I will go home for dinner.”

“It’s okay. Uncle will send you home after eating,” he coaxed softly. “Uncle hasn’t seen you for a long time and I miss you so much. I have prepared other gifts for you. Don’t you want to go?”

If this was changed to another child, they probably couldn’t help following. However, this was Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu had no concept of relatives. Let him give up eating with Ji Yuxiao to eat with others? Ji Mu was dreaming.

“I don’t want to go,” he replied sweetly. Then he looked up at Luo Jia, who was quietly waiting for him to speak.

Luo Jia actually came over the moment Ji Mu appeared, but Ji Mu was talking to Ji Leyu. He didn’t forcibly disturb them and gave Ji Leyu time to speak.

Now that Ji Leyu signaled him to go home, he unceremoniously pushed Ji Mu aside and told him, “Don’t block the child from going home to eat.”

Ji Mu didn’t know when this person had come and looked over in surprise. He secretly thought, ‘When did he appear?’

Ji Leyu took the opportunity to pull Lin Fei toward the car.

Ji Mu wanted to chase but was stopped by Luo Jia.

He gritted his teeth in a depressed manner and watched Ji Leyu get into the car.

It seemed that this simple way wouldn’t work.

He had to change his method. But how to change it? How could he make Ji Leyu feel disgust or hatred for Ji Yuxiao?

He slowly frowned.

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What stupid family members, they keep trying to abduct a child from his beloved family :/

Not even thinking about his happiness….

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Actually i thought ml’s current shares is higher than even his father’s due to combining with his big bro, cant he just strip his father of his position? I guess hes waiting to send them to jail instead

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