FV: Chapter 188

Wei Junhe did what he said and didn’t let Ji Yuxiao wait too long. He soon gave a relevant reply.

He sent a few photos to Ji Yuxiao’s WeChat and said in a caring manner, [To put it simply, they are father and son.]

Ji Yuxiao looked at it and replied to him: [Okay, I see.]

Wei Junhe stared at his reply for a long time before calling him in a worried manner, “Are… are you okay?”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao answered calmly.

He looked at the photos sent by Wei Junhe and then the photos of Tan Jiaji that he had previously saved on the computer, his face calm.

“Do you need me to visit you today?” Wei Junhe asked with concern.

“No need.” Ji Yuxiao’s tone of voice didn’t rise or fall.


“I’ve already guessed these things a long time ago. There is nothing to be surprised about, so don’t worry about me,” Ji Yuxiao explained.

However, guessing was different from having it confirmed, Wei Junhe thought. A guess was just a guess. It was proven that Father Ji had really cheated and his illegitimate son might’ve caused the car accident to ascend to the throne.

It was his father’s illegitimate son who killed people and it was his own brother who died. Now his father let his illegitimate son into their company. How could Ji Yuxiao tolerate this?

Wei Junhe couldn’t help scolding Father Ji and Tan Jiaji several times in his heart.

“So what? Did you find the relationship between him and the driver at the time? Or evidence of the transaction between them?” Wei Junhe asked.

Ji Yuxiao’s voice was cold. “If I had those things, would he still be jumping around in the Ji Group? He would’ve been gone a long time ago.”

“Still, it is okay.” Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Even without these things, I can send him to prison. It is the same goal.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Not for the time being. Take care of your own affairs. I won’t be polite when I need your help.”

“Okay.” Wei Junhe nodded. “Then I’ll wait for you to ask at any time.”

After speaking, he inwardly sighed and hung up the phone.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the photos in front of him. The more he looked at it, the more disgusted he felt. For such a miscellaneous thing, his brother and sister-in-law had to die young. Did he deserve it?

What type of thing was he? How dare he attack Ji Yuxiao’s brother?

In addition, for such a disgusting thing, Ji Zhenhong would rather Ji Yuxiao’s brother die in vain and for his nephew to have no parents.

He really deserved to be Tan Jiaji’s good father!

What a dear father and son!

Ji Yuxiao silently clenched his fists and various plans flashed in his heart.

He tried his best to suppress these bloody and violent thoughts as he picked up his phone and called a number.

“How did Ji Mu and Old Huang talk?” He asked.

“It’s okay. What’s wrong, Senior? Do you want to agree with him? If so, I will tell Old Huang.”

“No.” Ji Yuxiao glanced at the photos on the computer. “Have Old Huang reject Ji Mu within the next two days.”

Zhao Chen was puzzled. “Are you not cooperating with the Ji Group?”

“Cooperate, but don’t let Ji Mu be the one to sign it.”

“Then who?” Zhao Cheng didn’t understand any longer. “Senior, what are you trying to do?’

“You will know in two days. After Old Huang rejects Ji Mu, you can speak to me again if no one else from the Ji Group contacts Aoyu. However, this probably won’t be the case.”

Aoyu was one of Ji Mu’s key projects this year. He had talked to them for so long but now the talk had collapsed. This would obviously affect his prestige in the hearts of the directors.

At this time, wouldn’t Tan Jiaji be more capable than Ji Mu if he could succeed in the talks?

He would naturally be more suitable for Ji Mu’s position.

Ji Zhenhong had already helped his son negotiate two cooperations and he couldn’t give up such a good opportunity this time. He would definitely ask Tan Jiaji to take the initiative after Ji Mu failed. Therefore, he just had to wait for Tan Jiaji to take the initiative to bite the hook.

“Do as I say.”

“Okay,” Zhao Cheng agreed. “By the way, Senior, I saw that Sister-in-law’s new movie has started. Congratulations. The movie looks quite good.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed with a rare sense of sincerity. “Once it is released, please go and watch it. Let the employees join us when the time comes. They can take a break.”

“Wow. Then I will take President Ji on behalf of the company’s employees.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Ji Yuxiao finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Now it was time for Tan Jiaji.

He closed the photo on the computer and didn’t look at this person who made him feel disgusted. Instead, he sent Lin Luoqing a WeChat message. [Is filming still smooth? Is there anything unsatisfactory?]

Lin Luoqing filmed very smoothly. Director Li was a mature commercial movie director and his team was also very mature. Additionally, his acting partners were Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu. One was a Best Actor winner and the other had the strength to win it. The acting skills of the two people have long been perfected. It was inevitable that Lin Luoqing was lacking compared to them but he also learned a lot from them. There was also Director Li’s guidance and he was becoming more and more skillful.

He started a new movie and it was Director Li’s movie. There was also the popularity accumulated previously so just a few days after filming started, new brands found Wu Xinyuan to talk about an endorsement cooperation.

Wu Xinyuan controlled Lin Luoqing’s endorsements very strictly. It was only after a round of screening that he asked Lin Luoqing to take a look.

Lin Luoqing examined them and selected a few. Then he heard the WeChat sound, picked it up and saw that it was from Ji Yuxiao. He replied: [It is very smooth. There is nothing unsatisfactory.]

After he replied, he sent a video invitation call to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao picked up and saw the person he was missing. “We really have a tacit connection. I was just about to make a video call to you.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Have you been feeling better lately? What about Fei Fei and Xiao Yu? Nothing happened with the two of them recently, right?”

“No,” Ji Yuxiao reported to him with a smile. “What can the two of them do? They are so well-behaved.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Yes, that is true in front of you.’

“What about you? Are you better?”

“It is better than before.”

Lin Luoqing became happy again. “That’s good.”

He had been relatively busy these two days. He didn’t have time to talk to Ji Yuxiao and had saved many words in his head. Now he said them all at once.

“Teacher Wen was so good. When I read his lines, I felt that some of the lines were very consistent with his personality but they would be a bit irritating. However, he doesn’t have that nasty feeling when saying them. It is quite amazing.”

“Teacher Hou is very funny. He told me that on the day he first met me, he thought I was very cold and was the same as Fu Xi. Therefore, he didn’t know how to talk to me at first. Hahaha. In fact, I only act like that when Director Li is present.”

“Director Li is simply an awesome man. Every time he praises me and I smile happily to thank him, he immediately says, ‘This won’t work. Your expression doesn’t look like him now.’ So every time I see him, I need to have a cold face. In the beginning, Teacher Hou thought I was very brave to not smile at the director.”

Ji Yuxiao listened quietly and his originally irritable mood subconsciously calmed down. It was as if the stirred-up water surface was restored, returning to the tranquility after sunset.

Lin Luoqing spoke for a while before finding that he was the only one talking all the time. He said with a bit of embarrassment, “I just talked about me and I didn’t let you speak. Say it, I will listen to you.”

“It’s okay,” Ji Yuxiao said gently. “I like to listen to you. Right now, I can’t go to your side so it is good to listen to you talk about the crew. It won’t be strange to me when you talk about it next time.

Lin Luoqing heard him say this and couldn’t help laughing again.

“Why are you so nice to me?” He whispered in a spoiled manner.

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Otherwise? If I’m not good to you then who should I be good to?”

This was true. Lin Luoqing nodded. “Then it is more appropriate for you to be good to me.”

Ji Yuxiao was amused by his unscrupulous words.

“Okay,” he agreed.

The two people talked sweetly for more than an hour. Ji Yuxiao saw that the time wasn’t early and was afraid Lin Luoqing would have to wake up early tomorrow. Therefore, he said goodnight and let him go to bed early.

Lin Luoqing obediently hung up the video, took a bath and lay on the bed.

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t sleep at all. His previously improved state returned to its initial state again after he discovered Tan Jiaji’s existence.

Ji Yuxiao lay on the bed and tossed and turned for half the night. Then he took sleeping pills and fell asleep with the help of the medicine.

He didn’t sleep well. His dream was absurd and weird, gloomy and cold. When Ji Yuxiao woke up, he still wasn’t over it. He was dizzy and had a terrible headache.

He sat on the bed for a long time until he felt the intensity of the headache decrease. Finally, he got out of bed and went to the study.

Ji Mu finished the work at hand and contacted the person in charge to connect with him again, wanting to continue to talk to him about the cooperation. However, the other person didn’t agree to his invitation this time and looked helpless. “I’m sorry, General Manager Ji. About the cooperation, perhaps my side can’t promise you. So this matter… I’m sorry.”

Ji Mu heard this and almost stood up in a hurry. “Why are you only saying sorry to me? Mr Huang, haven’t we been talking well before? What is going on?”

“I don’t know either. It is President Zhao’s side that doesn’t agree. I’ve already helped say good things about you, but I can’t help it if President Zhao doesn’t agree. I’m sorry, General Manager Ji. I really want to cooperate with the Ji Group, but President Zhao said so. I have no choice.”

Ji Mu heard this, hung up the phone and found Zhao Chen. Zhao Cheng smiled softly and comforted him. “It is just not cooperating now. It doesn’t mean we will never cooperate in the future. Right now, our side is busy and it is indeed impossible to cooperate. General Manager Ji, don’t worry. Once the time is ripe in the future, we can naturally cooperate.”

“So why not now?”

“We naturally have our own thoughts.” Zhao Cheng didn’t say the reason and went back and forth with these polite words. Ji Mu was speechless. “Do you think your side isn’t receiving enough benefits? If so, we can talk again.”

“General Manager Ji, why do you think so? You are overthinking.”

Ji Mu listened to his words and instantly had a headache.

Aoyu was one of his key projects this year. Now that Aoyu said not to cooperate with him, many of his plans couldn’t be implemented. How could this be good?

Ji Mu was unwilling. He left the Ji Group and went to find Zhao Cheng.

Yet no matter how hard he tried, Zhao Cheng didn’t let go. He only acted like it was really inappropriate now and persuaded Ji Mu to wait for a chance in the future.

Of course, Ji Mu couldn’t wait for later. He continued to talk to Zhao Cheng while finding other companies that could replace Aoyu.

He was looking for it when Ji Zhenhong got the news and found out about Ji Mu’s failure to cooperate with Aoyu.

He pretended to find Ji Mu and asked him, “What’s going on?”

Ji Mu saw his frown and soothed him. “Uncle, don’t worry. I will definitely convince Aoyu. Give me some time and I promise to solve this matter.

Ji Zhenhong pretended to be thinking about him. “You know that your third uncle is now staring at you. Such a thing happened at this juncture. If Tan Jiaji knows about it and goes to Aoyu to talk, what will the rest of the board think when the time comes? Even if they don’t have any thoughts, your third uncle will jump out. At that time, will they still obey you? Aren’t you giving your third uncle and Tan Jiaji a loophole to drill through?”

“It probably won’t happen.” Ji Mu thought about it. “I can see that Aoyu’s side is really stubborn and doesn’t want to cooperate for the time being. It isn’t that they don’t want to cooperate with me, it is that they don’t want to cooperate with our group. Even if Tan Jiaji goes, there will be no result.”

“Hopefully.” Ji Zhenhong sighed and educated him. “You still have to be careful. If your third uncle makes trouble, I might not be able to protect you.”

Ji Mu sneered in his heart and thought, ‘Isn’t it because you don’t want to protect me? If you want to protect me, how can you not protect me?’

It was because he wasn’t Ji Zhenhong’s son. He wasn’t Ji Yuling or Ji Yuxiao. Otherwise, it would be meaningless even if his third uncle kept talking and jumping higher.

However, he still said mildly, “I know. Don’t worry, Uncle. I will do the rest.”

“That’s good.”

Ji Zhenhong finished speaking and encouraged him with a few more words before leaving.

However, within two days, Ji Mu learned something shocking from his secretary. “Tan Jiaji went to Aoyu to discuss the cooperation.”

Ji Mu’s hand holding the pen paused. He quickly called Zhao Cheng. Unfortunately, Zhao Cheng’s phone was busy and he couldn’t get through. He could only call Huang Xin instead.

“Oh, there is indeed such a person who found me and it is my side that is responsible for it. General Manager Ji, don’t worry, I didn’t agree.”

Ji Mu sighed with relief. “Old Huang, I discussed this matter with you first. You also know my status in the Ji Group. If Aoyu changes its mind and is willing to cooperate with the Ji Group, you must sign the contract with me.”

“Of course,” Huang Xing replied. “Don’t worry, General Manager Ji. I will contact you immediately if President Zhao changes his mind.”


Huang Xing hung up and then called Zhao Cheng. “President Zhao, there is a man named Tan Jiaji who came to talk to me about the cooperation between our side and the Ji Group. Should I refuse?”

‘There is really someone,’ Zhao Cheng thought. ‘Senior really knows his company well!”

“You wait. I’ll ask.”

He quickly called Ji Yuxiao and got straight to the point. “Senior, is Tan Jiaji the one you are waiting for? He contacted Old Huang and said he wants to cooperate with us.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed. This was really impatient. How long had it been since the news of Ji Mu’s cooperation failing was released? Tan Jiaji already came to the door?

It was worthy of his father. It was exactly the same as what he thought. This was even more conscientious than what he thought. This person was really a good father to Tan Jiaji!

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