FV: Chapter 187

On April 9th, ‘All the Way to the West’ officially started. Lin Luoqing and the other main creators of the crew participated in the opening ceremony.

After turning on the camera, the leading actors did their makeup and they were officially ready to start filming.

The official Weibo posted photos of the opening ceremony. Lin Luoqing’s fans immediately rushed over and commented excitedly.

[Ahhhhhhh filming has finally started. I’m looking forward to it. Jiayou to the crew!]

[All the Way to the West, jiayou. Lin Luoqing, jiayou, Fu Xi, jiayou!}

[Warmly celebrating the start of All the Way to the West. Forward this Weibo and I will draw five lucky people and send them Lin Luoqing’s latest endorsement~]

[Wu wu wu, I haven’t seen my brother for a few days and he looks as good as ever. He was already beautiful on the TV. Wouldn’t it be a crit in a movie?

[I don’t know what personality Fu Xi has but I believe Brother will be able to control it perfectly.]

[I’m so happy. My life and my wall are cooperating. I hope you can work together happily.]

Fans praised Lin Luoqing while helping to forward the official Weibo post.

It was also moved to the forum with the post: [All the Way to the West has started filming.]

[So soon? Wasn’t it officially announced just a while ago?]

[It is estimated that the filming location has been selected a long time ago and the preparations have been made. They were just waiting for the official announcement.]

[It was said that Director Li was stuck on picking actors. He finally settled on Wen Ziming, Hou Wenyu and Lin Luoqing.]

[Then Lin Luoqing is really lucky. It was just in time for the explosion of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak.’ How else could he get to cooperate with Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu?]

[Yes, but that is also fate. Now there is this configuration and who isn’t envious?]

[Then you must be able to eat this resource. Don’t be beaten by Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu’s acting skills every day.]

[It will definitely happen. It just depends on what it looks like.]

[To be honest, I advise Lin Luoqing to calm down. It is normal for his acting skills to not be as good as Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu. He just has to not hold them back too much.]


Lin Luoqing’s fans actually thought so as well. It wasn’t that they were looking down on their idol. They were looking at age and results. Wen Ziming had been nominated for Best Actor three times and won once. Hou Wenyu hadn’t won but he had won Best Supporting Actor and was nominated for Best Actor twice.

Lin Luoqing had only filmed four works. They were all supporting roles and the first two were his black history. How could he compare with a Best Actor winner? The gap was simply like the sky and the ground.

Therefore, they only begged their brother not to fall behind the other two too much. Lin Luoqing’s fans didn’t have any requirements other than this.

However, Lin Luoqing obviously didn’t think so.

Since he had accepted this role, he naturally wanted to film it well. It didn’t matter who the actors opposite him were. He would try his best to play his own role. He wouldn’t be perfunctory due to the poor acting skills of the other person, nor would he be afraid because the other person had excellent skills.

He calmly let the stylist do the styling for him. Then he changed his clothes and went to film the first scene.

The first scene was the meeting between Fu Xi and Lu Ming.

Fu Xi was wearing a white t-shirt and green jacket with a black school bag on his back. In the early morning sunlight, without any warning, he appeared in front of the unkept Lu Ming, who hadn’t woken up and whose pajamas were obviously old.

The two people with completely different styles looked at each other and Lu Ming asked doubtfully, “Who are you looking for?”

Fu Xi said coldly, “I am Fu Xi, Fu Shuyi’s son. I am looking for Lu Ming, in other words, you.”

Lu Ming didn’t react for a while. Then he slammed the door shut with a bang. Fu Xi was speechless and stood outside the door for a while before he saw the door in front of him slowly open again.

Lu Ming was in disbelief as if finally remembering him. He asked uncertainly, “Fu Xi?”

Fu Xi nodded.

“Why did you come to see me?”

“My mother is missing,” Fu Xi said calmly.

There was no panic in his eyes so Lu Ming felt that this person was probably lying to him.

However, the person standing at the door of his house slowly overlapped with the little Fu Xi with a cold face that he had seen when Fu Xi was a child. This made him slowly open the door and he let Fu Xi in.

The handsome and bright Fu Xi entered Lu Ming’s house and it was as if a tender plant had accidentally fallen into a garbage recycling bin.

His eyes instantly became filled with 30% speechlessness, 30% consternation and 40% disgust as he slowly looked over the environment of the living room. Finally, they fell on Lu Ming as if asking with his eyes, ‘Is this really not a garbage dump?’

Lu Ming, “……”

“Shouldn’t you talk about your mother first? You are too calm,” he complained.

It was only then that Fu Xi calmly explained about his mother.

The plot of the first scene went very smoothly and it was beyond Director Li’s expectations. Lin Luoqing had a much better grasp of Fu Xi’s personality than he had thought.

He had been worried that due to Fu Xi’s cool and indifferent setting, Lin Luoqing would be too cold. As a result, his eye scenes were quite rich, especially when the door closed and he was disgusted after seeing Lu Ming’s house. He didn’t say a word but it made people laugh.

Director Li took another take before allowing them to film the second scene.

The back of the second scene hadn’t changed. It was still Lu Ming’s house, but this time, Xiang Wen had brought Fu Xi back and was arguing with Lu Ming.

Xiang Wen accused Lu Ming of being irresponsible. Why did he just leave Fu Xi at the gate of Xiang Wen’s community? Lu Ming said that Xiang Wen was hypocritical. Why else did he come here instead of taking Fu Xi directly to find his mother?

The two of them started to quarrel until Fu Xi finally couldn’t bear it and started to clean up Lu Ming’s house.

The focus of this scene was on Lu Ming and Xiang Wen’s argument and contained a lot of laughter points. Fu Xi in this scene was just a background existence without any lines. He was responsible for doing housework.

Lin Luoqing rolled up his sleeves and started to pack up the clothes on the sofa. He folded them quickly and neatly, looking like he often did housework.

It wasn’t easy to finish folding the clothes when Hou Wenyu suddenly laughed. “Hahahaha. I can’t do it. This sentence is really funny. Let me laugh for a while.”

He stood in place and laughed for a while. Lin Luoqing silently unfolded the clothes and restored them to their previous position according to his memory.

Hou Wenyu laughed enough and started filming the scene again.

He pointed to Wen Ziming. “You have always been like this. Since you were a child, you had no sense of responsibility at all.”

Wen Ziming wasn’t to be outdone and argued back.

Lin Luoqing silently rolled up his sleeves again, folded the clothes one by one and placed them on the sofa.

Then after a while, Wen Ziming also laughed and stumbled over his lines. He repeated them in his mouth several times before smoothing out the sentence and starting again.

This scene was filmed a total of five times. Lin Luoqing silently folded the clothes five times, swept the floor twice and mopped it once.

Once Lu Ming and Xiang Wen finished arguing, Xiang Wen pointed out, “Can a normal person treat his house as a pigsty?”

Then he turned around and was filled with unspoken surprise.

Lin Luoqing stood in the bright living room and didn’t raise his head until Xiang Wen called out to him. “Xiao Xi…”

Lin Luoqing looked at him in disgust and said with an expressionless face while mopping the floor, “You guys continue.”

Xiang Wen, “……”

Lu Ming, “……”

Xiang Wen was inwardly embarrassed while Lu Ming was in ecstasy as he looked at his room. His little nephew was really diligent. He was exactly the same as when he was a child!

Therefore, he grabbed Xiang Wen and continued to argue.

The focus of this scene was on Lu Ming and Xiang Wen, but Director Li couldn’t help glancing toward Lin Luoqing every few minutes.

It was for no reason other than the fact that Lin Luoqing was a really role-conscious actor.

What was role awareness?

It was that he would do things that were in line with the character’s personality, rather than doing nothing if there was nothing specific written in the script.

In this scene, Lin Luoqing’s script had no lines and only the words ‘do housework’ on it.

Many young actors would be very perfunctory in this situation. After all, the camera wasn’t on them and would only occasionally cut to them as a background existence. They just needed to show the action of doing housework when the camera cut to them.

Meanwhile, Lin Luoqing wasn’t like this. He was obviously very organized. He started with the clothes first and then swept and mopped the floor.

The camera wasn’t given to him but he was working seriously. Therefore, when the camera did switch over, he didn’t have to look at the camera at all or be reminded. He did it methodically according to the previous process, which made his shots very natural. There was no need to give him reminders or worry about him.

In addition, Director Li was surprised to find that his memory was good and his positioning was controlled quite well.

He could remember the location of each piece of clothing and how it was thrown on the sofa, so he could restore it on his own without the help of the crew when Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu started filming again. He put the clothes back in their original position and even maintained their original appearance.

Director Li had specially checked it and it was basically exactly the same.

Combine this with his excellent positioning. He was basically within the range of the camera that he had been reminded of before filming started. This meant he could be easily captured by the camera and there were no unsatisfactory scenes. There would be no problems where he couldn’t be in the same frame as the protagonists of this scene and it greatly increased his available appearances.

He had done so much and was more tired in this one scene than the two leading actors, but he didn’t say anything. Even when Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu laughed because of the scene, he just silently restored the folded clothes without reminding them or complaining.

This type of behavior of only doing and not talking was very similar to Fu Xi, but it should just be his own personality. Director Li couldn’t help being a bit more interested and fond of him. This was really an actor where no faults could be found. It was rare to find this in someone so young.

Lin Luoqing was actually quite tired. He had been working for so long and it was impossible not to be tired.

So the moment he returned to the rest area, he slumped on the chair while Xiao Wang massaged his shoulders. Lin Luoqing drank water and enjoyed his massage. He felt it was no wonder why everyone wanted to be a capitalist. It was comfortable to be served by others.

“You massage well. I’ll send you a red envelope later,” he said while looking up at Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang was surprised and pressed down harder. Lin Luoqing almost cried out, “Do it lightly. Don’t be so excited.”

Xiao Wang smiled and seemed a bit embarrassed. He quickly controlled his strength and maintained his previous strength.

Lin Luoqing took his phone and sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao: [Today is the day for your check. Don’t forget it.]

Ji Yuxiao naturally didn’t forget. Not only did he not forget, but he also brought two things with him.

“This is?” Wen Junhe looked at the bags that were handed over.

“There are two hairs in it. Help me send it for identification and check what their relationship is.”

Wei Junhe was shocked and he stared at Ji Yuxiao in disbelief. “Who are you suspecting?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t speak.

Wei Junhe already had a guess. “Your father?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Soon, we will know whether he is only my father or someone else’s father.”

Wei Junhe clenched his hands tightly and his eyes became heavy for a moment.

He lowered his head, not daring to let Ji Yuxiao see the pity in his eyes.

“How did this happen?” Wei Junhe was puzzled. “When did this matter… is it related to the death of your oldest brother?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled with some sarcasm. “If not, would I waste time on this type of broken thing?”

Things had developed to this point and Ji Yuxiao had long stopped caring about his relationship with his father. It didn’t matter if his father cheated or had an illegitimate child. What Ji Yuxiao cared about was whether Tan Jiaji was the murderer who killed his brother.

Did Ji Zhenhong protect the murderer?

Did he cheat while Ji Yuxiao’s mother was still alive?

Did he kill his brother and sister-in-law after hurting his mother?

As for Tan Jiaji and Ji Zhenhong, who cared if they lived or died?

Wei Junhe saw his cold expression and gripped the bag in his hand tightly. “I will give you the result as soon as possible.”


“Yuxiao, no matter what, you have to be calm. Yingzhe, Zhuang Yue and I will help you. So you must not take any risks by yourself, understand?”

“I know.” Ji Yuxiao looked up at his friend. “Don’t worry. After waking up from the car accident and finding that Xiao Yu is alive, I am no longer qualified to be impulsive. Now I am even less qualified to be impulsive.”

“I will take care of myself, don’t worry.”

“That’s good.” Wei Junhe looked at him. “By the way, what about Luoqing? Why didn’t he come with you today?”

“He went to film,” Ji Yuxiao answered calmly.

Wei Junhe was a bit surprised. According to Lin Luoqing’s concern for Ji Yuxiao, could he still go to film without distractions if he knew about this?

“You didn’t tell him what you found?” He guessed.

“It isn’t necessary,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly. “He has his own matters and there is no need to involve him in such a dirty thing.”


Wen Junhe looked at him and thought, ‘Isn’t this the time when you need him the most?’

Ji Yuxiao definitely didn’t think so.

He had always been proud and even arrogant. Therefore, he didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know about this at all. He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to be worried and accompany him to danger.

For Ji Yuxiao, he hoped that the person he liked would always live in peace and happiness, whether that was Lin Luoqing, Ji Leyu or Lin Fei. They didn’t need to experience the wind and rain, nor did they need to understand the intrigue outside the window. They just needed to live under his wings with peace and happiness everywhere.

Therefore, he never wanted Lin Luoqing to take revenge with him and bear this responsibility and pressure together.

He hoped that Lin Luoqing was just Lin Luoqing. He could share Lin Luoqing’s pressure and troubles and help him solve any problems. However, Lin Luoqing didn’t have to get involved in his responsibilities and pressure or worry about him.

Wei Junhe had known him for so long and naturally understood his personality. “But if Lin Luoqing knows, he might want to face it with you.”

“Then isn’t it okay not to let him know?” Ji Yuxiao said calmly, “Once everything is over, I will tell him. I will tell him that the matter has been settled and I have taken revenge. Isn’t it good?”

“Yuxiao, I think that no matter whether it is love or marriage, some things should be faced by both parties. ‘I want to protect you so I face it alone.’ Perhaps your lover won’t like this.”

“I know,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly.

He knew that with Lin Luoqing’s personality, Lin Luoqing hoped to be with him in everything.

But it was due to this that he didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know.

“The reason for my brother’s death is just related to my family, related to the surname Ji. It has nothing to do with him. I married him and I involved him in this turmoil. I can’t let him bear even more things.”

“If he gets involved and gets hurt due to this, I will never forgive myself in my life.”

“But if he doesn’t know, how can he protect himself?” Wei Junhe reminded him.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I didn’t say it explicitly but he is very smart. He is obviously suspicious of my father. As for Tan Jiaji, someone has been watching him and his movements are very clear to me. I won’t let him have the opportunity to contact Luoqing. In addition, Luoqing has a bodyguard now and his bodyguard knows about Tan Jiaji’s existence. He won’t allow them to have any contact.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his friend. “I understand what you want to say to me. You are right and I agree, but I can’t do it. If I could do it, I wouldn’t be the Ji Yuxiao you know.”

Wei Junhe heard this and nodded helplessly.

When there was a fight in high school, Ji Yuxiao was the one who fought the hardest and rushed to the front. He was like this to his friends, let alone his lover.

The more he cared about someone, the more he didn’t want the other person to get hurt. He was like this with Ji Leyu and even more so with Lin Luoqing.

He hoped that later, Lin Luoqing would be able to understand his decision after knowing about this.

Wei Junhe sighed and glanced at the bag in his hand. “I’ll give you an answer as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

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