FV: Chapter 186

“They should’ve met. Tan Jiaji went to see Mr. Ji Yuling once.”

Ji Yuxiao’s eyes were cold. Why was he looking for Ji Yuxiao’s brother?

To tell him that he had a brother outside?

How dare he?

Ji Yuxiao was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

He asked, “Before and after my father’s accident, where was he, what was he doing, why didn’t you find him before, and where did my father hide him?”

The other person was silent for a while before answering, “Your father is a very cautious man. He was probably afraid that you would find this person, so he went abroad the day after the accident. After that, he stayed in a closed nursing home, so I couldn’t find him.”

“As for before your father’s accident, he was in China. It seems that he had just left his job at that time and hadn’t started a new job.

“From the resume you sent me, I called to check the information and the HR of the other company said that he did hold the position written on the resume. However, when I checked it over myself, I found that 80% of it was fake, including his education.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t speak. He didn’t seem to know what to say, and he seemed to have nothing to say.

If he really had the talent to do the job then it was fine, but this was obviously false.

Then why did General Manager Zhao of Ruohua specifically introduce such a person to Ji Zhengao? Why was it Ji Zhengao and not someone else? What benefit could he gain from this?

How could he be sure that Ji Zhengao would definitely stuff Tan Jiaji into the Ji Group? How could he be sure that the Ji Group would only collect background information by phone rather than investigate deeply?

It was very simple. From the beginning to end, it wasn’t General Manager Zhao who planned this matter but his father.

He knew very well what type of personality his third brother had. He also knew that his third brother wasn’t happy with Ji Mu’s position in the company, so he knew that as long as he had the opportunity, his third brother definitely wouldn’t let it go. Even if Ji Zhengao couldn’t take down Ji Mu and just disgusted him, this was worth it for Ji Zhengao.

As long as Tan Jiaji entered the company, Father Ji could naturally send Tan Jiaji to the position he wanted this person to go. Even Ji Mu wouldn’t hate him but would only hate Ji Zhengao.

What a smart man. For Tan Jiaji, his son could die in vain, his grandson could have no parents, his brother could be used as a pawn, and his brother’s son could be used as a shield.

He could use everyone and he wouldn’t be merciful as long as it would protect him and Tan Jiaji, whom he wanted to preserve.

Ji Yuxiao hung up the phone. He sat quietly in his wheelchair and stared at the moonlight outside the window.

After a long time, he called another number. “I want two hairs from Tan Jiaji as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” the other person agreed.

The moonlight fell on his body, but it couldn’t reach his eyes.

Ji Yuxiao was silent. His eyes were dark and deep, like a sea with a hidden storm.

At this time, Lin Luoqing pushed open the door and walked in the room. His steps were brisk, and his tone was as warm as ever. “You are here. I thought you were in the study, but the study was dark. So I thought you might’ve gone back to the bedroom.”

Ji Yuxiao quickly adjusted his emotions and looked back at him with a smile. “I came back after I was done with work. Have you finished talking to Xiao Yu and Fei Fei?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing walked to him and sat down. “I just told the two of them that I am leaving. Xiao Yu was quite reluctant. Fei Fei didn’t say anything, but he must be feeling reluctant as well.”

“It’s okay. Once the two of them have a holiday, I will take them both to the crew to visit you.” Ji Yuxiao comforted him.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

He looked at the person in front of him with a bit of embarrassment. Then he couldn’t help reaching out to hug the other person’s neck. “Will you miss me when I am gone?”

“I have already started thinking about you before you leave,” Ji Yuxiao said seriously.

Lin Luoqing laughed. “Then tonight, we can go to bed early while I am still here.”

His words ‘go to bed early’ were soft as if they contained sugar. It was sweet.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t hold back. He raised his hand and pressed it to the back of Lin Luoqing’s neck. Then he kissed Lin Luoqing directly on the lips.

Lin Luoqing smiled and kissed him back. Then after a while, the initiative was taken away by Ji Yuxiao and he could only passively bear the kiss.

The two kissed in a sweet and lingering manner. Lin Luoqing pressed against his forehead and the water in his eyes shone, as if full of clear light in the moonlight.

Ji Yuxiao hugged and kissed him again and again.

It was destined to be a gentle and long night. It wasn’t until the sun was high at noon the next day that Lin Luoqing slowly woke up.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei had already gone to school. Lin Luoqing was a bit depressed. He had wanted to send the two of them to school today and stay with them for a while.

Ji Yuxiao comforted him. “I’ll let them video call with you when the evening comes.”

Lin Luoqing sighed while thinking that it could only be like this.

He got up, changed his clothes, grabbed his suitcase, and prepared to leave.

Ji Yuxiao stopped him. Lin Luoqing turned around and saw Ji Yuxiao leaving the wheelchair and slowly standing up.

He seemed to have recovered a bit more than before. This time, his standing up movement wasn’t as difficult as before. It was much smoother.

He opened his arms and looked at Lin Luoqing tenderly.

Lin Luoqing dropped his suitcase in an instant. He rushed over and hugged this person tightly, rubbing his head against Ji Yuxiao’s shoulder.

Ji Yuxiao doted on him for a long time before kissing the top of his head and saying gently, “Come back early.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. He raised his head again and kissed Ji Yuxiao on the chin.

Ji Yuxiao kissed his lips delicately.

The sun was shining outside the window, and the peach blossoms were in full bloom.

Ji Mu dropped the document in his hand with a bang and paced back and forth in his office angrily.

His father, Ji Zhenyang, poured a cup of tea, looked up at him, and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you so angry? Is it that Tan Jiaji again?”

“What do you think Third Uncle is doing?” Ji Mu couldn’t understand the recent developments. “How much does he dislike me that he has to stuff in an outsider in order to disgust me?”

“So what? Tan Jiaji doesn’t look like a capable person. Don’t worry about him.”

“Don’t worry about him?” Ji Mu pointed at the document on the table. “This is already the second contract he negotiated this month. Previously when Third Uncle protected him, didn’t Uncle say that he should go to the sales department first to see if he has any abilities and make sure that it isn’t just talk on paper? He actually talked to me and said that Third Uncle strongly recommended this Tan Jiaji, so I should work hard. If I am really inferior to this Tan Jiaji, then Third Uncle will definitely bring up old things again, and it won’t be good for everyone at that time.”

“Now Tan Jiaji has only been here for a short amount of time, and he has already negotiated two contracts that aren’t too big or too small. Third Uncle must seem more reasonable now, and his tail is soaring into the sky.”

Ji Zhenyang frowned. “Your Third Uncle really isn’t a person. He knows that Ji Yun can’t be used and Ji Zhong is too young. He definitely can’t get real power, so he doesn’t want you to get real power and make it cheap for me. He is such a person. When he was young, he didn’t want me to manage the company, so he supported our older brother. Now it is the same even though we are older. He can accept Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao, but not you.

“Still, you don’t have to worry. This Tan Jiaji is an outsider. Don’t you know your uncle? If it wasn’t for Ji Yuling’s death and Ji Yuxiao being unable to be relied on, could he let you manage the company? You are ranked after Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao. How could he really let that Tan Jiaji be the general manager? He is an outsider, and your uncle won’t consider it at all.”

“Haven’t you been talking with Aoyu recently? As long as you can gain Aoyu’s cooperation this time, it is useless even if Tan Jiaji signs more of these types of contracts. Don’t mess yourself up over this.”

Ji Mu sat on the sofa while feeling irritable.

What annoyed him wasn’t just the fact that Ji Zhengao supported Tan Jiaji. It was that in his opinion, Tan Jiaji obviously shouldn’t have had such achievements, but he quickly gained such results.

It felt like he had never seen the other person in his eyes, let alone feel that this person was qualified to compete with him. Then suddenly, this person not only had the qualifications but also posed a threat to him.

How could he possibly have real talent?

This wasn’t scientific.

Ji Mu couldn’t accept it and felt his mood becoming more and more irritable.

Tan Jiaji was in a good mood as he looked at his office in a satisfied manner. Finally, he had a place here.

Soon, he would leave this office and go to a bigger office.

What he wanted, everything would come true.

Tan Jiaji thought of his weak and humble self who wasn’t valued by others. He had no qualifications to step foot in here. He could only stand downstairs and look up at this unattainable existence.

Now he was standing here, and he no longer needed to look up to others.

He stood up, walked to the French windows, and looked at the busy traffic outside the window. The pedestrians on the street were in a hurry and were as insignificant as ants. That was him in the past, but now he was no longer an ant.

He laughed proudly with an indescribable contempt in his eyes.

Lin Luoqing slept with his eyes closed for a while before he was woken up by Wu Xinyuan. “We’re here.”

He rubbed his eyes and got out of the car with Wu Xinyuan, his assistant Xiao Wang, and his newly appointed bodyguard Gao Chi. They all entered the hotel together.

Director Li still hadn’t arrived, so Lin Luoqing read the script in his room for a while. He checked the schedule and re-read his lines for this week again. He made sure it was okay before going to eat with Wu Xinyuan and the others.

Wu Xinyuan’s phone rang when they were eating. He picked up, listened for a while, answered ‘okay’, and hung up.

“We will test makeup in a while. Director Li is almost here.”

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing agreed.

The makeup for comedy movies generally wasn’t too delicate. Lin Luoqing originally thought that would be the case with him as well, especially when he saw Wen Ziming’s styling. This person was wearing a gray coat and trousers that didn’t look like they cost more than 100 yuan. He was also wearing a pair of obviously fake Adidas.

His hair was messy and he wasn’t as handsome as he usually was when attending events.

Seeing him come in, Wen Ziming glanced at him and asked, “Fu Xi?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Hello, Uncle.”

Wen Ziming smiled. “You are really a handsome little guy.”

The moment he finished speaking, Director Li arrived and immediately said with disgust, “Who did his hair? Why does it look like it hasn’t been washed in 300 years? Redo the hairstyle and don’t make it so messy. It should be like he just woke up and didn’t care about it. In addition, cut it short so it isn’t so long.”

Then he looked at Lin Luoqing, who immediately turned cold-faced and silent.

Director Li nodded slightly. “Sit. Stylist, come and style Fu Xi.”

Lin Luoqing sat obediently as he felt the stylist moving around his head.

His hairstyle didn’t change much. He kept his forehead hair, making him look younger. The rest of his hair was trimmed, weakening the sunny gentleness that was released from his body.

The makeup artist looked at his facial features and redrew his eyebrows and slightly changed the outline of his eyes. In an instant, the gentleness of his face was much less. He looked a lot colder with his expressionless face.

Lin Luoqing was surprised. The artist had really magical hands.

Director Li examined it carefully for a while and felt it wasn’t bad, so he didn’t have the makeup artist make any other changes for him.

Lin Luoqing had a plain and pure face before the makeup was applied, so he naturally didn’t care about this type of semi-plain makeup style. He followed the stylist to change his clothes and reappeared in front of the crew after changing.

His clothes were far more delicate than Wen Ziming’s. They didn’t look like they were from famous brands, but the colors and styles were good. They made him look like the most handsome male student in school.

Lin Luoqing looked at himself in the mirror and then at Wen Ziming, who was doing his hair again. He always felt that their styles didn’t match.

It was like a life drama over there, while his side was like an idol drama. It wasn’t very good…

“Not bad.” Director Lin stroked his chin. “Xiao Lin is still very handsome.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“But I don’t think my style matches with Teacher Wen’s style,” he expressed his opinion in a low voice.

“That’s right.” Director Li didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. “You are a genius high school student. How can you be the same as a middle-aged man with an unsatisfactory life? You are very dazzling.”

Wen Ziming instantly turned around. “I’m still sitting here! I used to be dazzling as well, okay?!”

“You also used before, not now.”

Wen Ziming, “……”

Wen Ziming snorted angrily and continued to do his styling.

After a while, his new look appeared again. This time, his hair was less messy, and his cut hair showed off his handsome eyes. He looked much more handsome than before.

Director Li was much more satisfied and made Lin Luoqing and Wen Ziming stand together.

“It is kind of interesting.” Director Li looked at the two people in front of him, crossed his arms, and said critically, “Go and get a bright coat for Fu Xi, the light green kind.”

The stylist heard his words and quickly asked his assistant to bring one over. Lin Luoqing took off the black coat on his body and replaced it with a light green one.

Director Li’s eyes brightened. “It is much better. Xiao Lin, you will wear this set tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing was cold and indifferent, maintaining the appearance of Fu Xi in front of Director Li’s eyes.

It wasn’t until the two of them finished trying on makeup that Hou Wenyu finally appeared.

“Sorry, sorry, my plane was delayed. I’m sorry,” he apologized politely.

Lin Luoqing turned around. Hou Wenyu also happened to be looking at them. Their eyes met and he was quite surprised. “Fu Xi?”

Lin Luoqing nodded, glamorous and noble.

Hou Wenyu thought, ‘…Is my nephew in the movie so cold outside the movie? Is he acting in his true colors?’

During the time when Lin Luoqing was trying on the outfit, Ji Yuxiao got a sample of Tan Jiaji’s hair.

He opened his drawer and took out another transparent bag from it, which contained another strand of hair. This was specially taken from Father Ji’s collar by Ji Yuxiao during the Spring Festival.

He looked at the hairs in his hands with a heavy heart.

Tomorrow was the day he went to the hospital for a follow-up. Then he would know if his thoughts were right or wrong.

He was thinking this when his phone rang. It was a message from Lin Luoqing on WeChat: [I’m still trying on clothes. I’m guessing it will be late when I finish. You and the children should go to sleep first. Don’t wait for me.]

Ji Yuxiao replied to him: [Okay.]

He put the small bags containing the hairs back into the drawer and pushed his wheelchair to Lin Fei’s room.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei were really squeezed together. They looked cute and well-behaved. Perhaps they heard the door open, but the two children turned around together, facing him.

“Rest early,” Ji Yuxiao instructed.

“I got it.” Ji Leyu smiled sweetly.

Ji Yuxiao saw the smile on his face and his mood finally improved. He beckoned to Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu didn’t know the reason why his father was beckoning him over, but he still put down his book and ran over to him.

Ji Yuxiao hugged him and patted his head.

Ji Leyu reached out and hugged him, kissing him on the cheek.

Ji Yuxiao laughed. He looked at Ji Leyu gently, his heart full of cherishment.

Fortunately, he was still alive.

His brother’s only child was still healthy and happy by his side.

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