FV: Chapter 185

On Sunday, Lin Luoqing took Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to the theater together with Ji Yuxiao.

The family of four watched a movie and had dinner. Then Lin Luoqing packed up his luggage and prepared to leave.

Before he left, Ji Yuxiao helped him find a CEO to help manage Boyuan in his absence. Lin Luoqing didn’t tell Lin Bo about this new development. Of course, he didn’t need to say that his cooperation with Zhuang Yue went very smoothly, and the company’s directors were very satisfied. Lin Bo’s shares were all in his hands, and Lin Bo was so busy with the divorce with Chen Feng that he didn’t care about other things. What was the difference if he didn’t tell him?

He only needed to deal him one more fatal blow after Lin Bo and Chen Feng divorced. For the rest of the aftermath, Lin Luoqing was too lazy to deal with him.

Ji Yuxiao felt a bit sad in his heart as he watched Lin Luoqing pack up his belongings and prepare to leave.

‘Still, this is good,’ he thought. If Tan Jiaji really wanted to do something, Lin Luoqing would be in the crew and it would be impossible for him to act out in front of so many people. Lin Luoqing would naturally be safe.

He had Xiao Lin on his side. Lin Fei and Ji Leyu had Luo Jia on his side, so the four of them would be fine.

He thought this, but he couldn’t help worrying in his heart that Lin Luoqing had no one around him to protect him. What if Tan Jiaji really wanted to attack him?

If his brother was really killed by Tan Jiaji, then Tan Jiaji’s heart was far more extreme than ordinary people. In this case, it was difficult to guarantee that he would not still want to do something despite knowing that Lin Luoqing was a star.

‘I still have to find a bodyguard for Lin Luoqing,’ Ji Yuxiao thought.

He thought so and called Luo Jia. He asked Luo Jia to help him find a more reliable friend who would accompany Lin Luoqing and be a bodyguard.

Luo Jia listened to his words and asked sensitively, “Did something happen? Why are you suddenly looking for a bodyguard for him?”

“Nothing has happened yet, but I don’t want to expose him to unnecessary danger in the future because of my negligence.”

“What do you mean?” Luo Jia didn’t understand what he was implying. “Have you found anything?”

Ji Yuxiao was silent for a moment before truthfully answering him, “It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if my guess is correct, the person who caused the accident has already appeared.”

Luo Jia was taken aback. “You found him?”

He said anxiously, “Ji Yuxiao, let me remind you that murder is illegal. You are married and have children. It is okay if you don’t take your life seriously, but think about your spouse and children, understand?”

Ji Yuxiao listened to his anxious tone and smiled. “Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion.”

“That is for the best.” Luo Jia sighed with relief.

He still remembered Ji Yuxiao’s expression when he came to visit after hearing that Ji Yuxiao was injured. Ji Yuxiao was gloomy and cruel and wasn’t at all what he remembered.

At that time, Luo Jia had no doubt that if the murderer appeared right in front of Ji Yuxiao, Ji Yuxiao would kill him without hesitation. Even if it was a desperate fight, he would want the other person to die without leaving his body intact.

Fortunately, he now had scruples.

“I know. I will arrange a bodyguard for Luo Luoqing. Don’t worry.”

“Okay,” Ji Yuxiao said softly.

Luo Jia was very efficient in doing things. He spoke with his friend the same day. The next day, his friend went to Wu Xinyuan to report to them.

Wu Xinyuan had already received a notice from Ji Yuxiao. He said that this new person was a bodyguard specially for Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing was now popular, and a bodyguard could better protect his safety.

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘…It is Su Tong who doesn’t deserve to be a top artist! He has been popular for so many years, and he doesn’t have a single bodyguard!’

Then he thought about it more. Lin Luoqing was the boss’ wife and Su Tong wasn’t. He was indeed not worthy!

He gladly accepted the news and told Lin Luoqing about it.

Lin Luoqing heard Wu Xinyuan say that Ji Yuxiao had assigned him a bodyguard, and he was a bit confused.

“Does the company have this kind of tradition?”

“The company has not had this tradition before. It might have had it later.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…This double standard is too obvious.’

He turned around, went into the study, and discussed the news with Ji Yuxiao. “Is it appropriate for me to have a bodyguard alone?”

Ji Yuxiao felt that it was quite appropriate. “Aren’t you popular now? I’ve read your previous news at the airport, and there were too many fans. It is safer for you to have a bodyguard.”

“But no one else has them.” Lin Luoqing tried to persuade him. “I also think it is enough for me to have Brother Wu and Xiao Wang.”

Ji Yuxiao looked up at him. “Are the others the boss’ wife?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“The boss’ wife must look like the boss’ wife.” Ji Yuxiao was righteous.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Isn’t this too arrogant?”

“Then let them come to me. In any case, I have decided on this matter and any objections are invalid.” Ji Yuxiao lowered his head slightly like he couldn’t change the outcome.

Seeing him like this, Lin Luoqing naturally couldn’t say anything else. “Okay.”

He agreed. It was just a bodyguard. Ji Yuxiao could give it to him if he wanted to, even though the artists of their company didn’t like to use bodyguards very much. However, artists didn’t like to use bodyguards, so it was nothing.

However, he still acted like a thief and immediately assigned two bodyguards to Su Tong.

Su Tong, “……”

Su Tong was puzzled: [Why did you suddenly give me bodyguards?]

Lin Luoqing was able to speak eloquently. [You are the top artist of the company! This is how the company shows its care for you!]

Su Tong: […Is this the first day that I have been a top artist? If you cared about me so much, why didn’t you give me such care earlier?”]

Lin Luoqing stepped on another person without hesitation. [It can be seen that Chen Liwei really isn’t a person. He doesn’t care about you at all, unlike me, who breaks my heart for you every day.]

Su Tong thought, ‘…Such a talkative person deserves to be the general manager!’

Chen Liwei was once again whipped today!

Lin Luoqing sent two bodyguards to Su Tong and logically accepted his new bodyguard. He was second in popularity to Su Tong in the company right now. So Su Tong had two bodyguards, and it was normal for him to have one.

Ji Yuxiao watched him add bodyguards to Su Tong as a pretense and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Still, he accepted a bodyguard and Ji Yuxiao was relieved.

There was a new CEO and Lin Luoqing was busy with the handover work. Then he stopped going to the company and prepared for his new movie.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t accompany him and went to the third floor for rehabilitation.

His rehabilitation time over the past few days was obviously longer than before. His mentality during rehabilitation was also much more impetuous.

He once even threw something angrily. Ji Yuxiao knew that his emotions were affecting his results. He had digested the violent emotions that showed up after Tan Jiaji’s appearance to the greatest extent that he could, but it was inevitable that he would become impatient due to Tan Jiaji.

He wanted to recover as soon as possible, not like now where he could barely take a step or two. He wanted to walk like a normal person and do what he wanted to do.

Xiao Li saw the impatience in his eyes and tried to persuade him. “There is still time. If you mess up first at this time, won’t everything you have done before be in vain?”

Ji Yuxiao sat quietly for a long time before standing up again and continuing to practice walking.

He was now able to take three or five steps with the help of external force. However, every time he withdrew the external force, his steps were difficult to take and he looked unstable. At this time, Xiao Li was able to catch him so he wouldn’t fall and get injured again. The bruises on his legs had finally decreased.

Lin Luoqing actually wanted to go up to the 3rd floor to see his recovery, but he didn’t go due to Ji Yuxiao’s face-saving personality.

He comforted himself like this. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to help crying, and Ji Yuxiao would have to come comfort him.

That wasn’t good.

‘Ah, I really hope he can get better soon,’ Lin Luoqing prayed silently.

In the midst of his prayers, the start date of ‘All the Way to the West’ was approaching. Lin Luoqing bid farewell to Ji Yuxiao, Ji Leyu, and Lin Fei to join the crew.

Ji Leyu was very reluctant to say goodbye to him. He hugged Lin Luoqing and asked him. “When will you come back?”

Lin Luoqing answered truthfully, “I guess I will be back in July or August.”

Ji Leyu immediately flattened his mouth in an aggrieved manner.

Lin Luoqing rubbed against his face. “Dad will miss you.”

“Me too,” Ji Leyu said sweetly. “I will miss Dad as well.”

Lin Luoqing kissed him and went to see Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was watched expectantly by Lin Luoqing and could only say ‘hmm’, admitting that he would miss Lin Luoqing as well.

Lin Luoqing smiled and rubbed his head before also kissing him on the side of the face.

After saying goodbye to the two children, he went back to his room and was ready to say goodbye to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao was answering the phone.

“Tan Jiaji’s mother has died, but he wasn’t called by this name before. He was originally called Tan Jia, but he changed this name four years ago. It was also four years ago when his account received stable payments every month. I checked. The source of this money was easy to track at the beginning, but it became more troublesome later on. Still, at present, it is basically certain that the money was all sent from your father’s account.”

Ji Yuxiao listened, his face as heavy as iron. “Then what?”

“I checked Tan Jiaji’s mother, and her related past has been deliberately erased. However, she and your father were graduates of the same university. They should’ve known each other before he married your mother.”

‘No.’ Ji Yuxiao frowned. Tan Jiaji was around the same age as him. This meant that if his father and Tan Jiaji’s mother had an affair, then it would have been around the time before or after his birth.

“If they only met in university, then Tan Jiaji wouldn’t have been born.”

“Did they meet each other again before and after my birth?”

“This part was erased, and I couldn’t find any information. But… I found something else.”

“What is it?”

“If my guess is correct, President Ji, your brother Ji Yuling should’ve also checked up on Tan Jiaji before.”

Ji Yuxiao was shocked. Then he almost instantly thought of the argument between his brother and his father that he had accidentally overheard before.

At that time, his brother was angrier than ever and he said, “You had better not let Xiao Xiao know about this!”

He slammed the door and walked out. Then he bumped into Ji Yuxiao and didn’t have time to control the consternation on his face.

He asked, “What am I not allowed to know?”

His brother only said, “Dad intends to make me the chairman.”

His explanation at the time was, “You are obviously more suitable than me, and you should be the one taking over the company. I already rejected him once, but he still wants to persuade me. I was so angry that I yelled at him.”

At that time, he didn’t think much of it. He believed in his brother’s words and persuaded his brother that it wasn’t worth being angry over. Then later, his brother died and he found that his father might not have been what he thought he was. He had doubted that sentence more than once. Now he finally had a more suitable explanation.

If his brother knew about Tan Jiaji’s existence one step ahead of him, then his anger could naturally be explained.

“Has my brother seen him?”

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