FV: Chapter 184

In the end, Ji Yuxiao didn’t let Lin Luoqing help him undress. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on, and the end result wouldn’t be very good.

Lin Luoqing smiled, watched him untie the strap of his dressing gown, and watched him lie down. He helped apply medicine and massaged Ji Yuxiao for a while. Then he got up and prepared to pick up the two children from school.

Ji Yuxiao sent him out before going to his study.

He was just about to look at the documents for the day when his phone rang. Ji Yuxiao picked it up to look at the caller ID. Then he accepted the call.

“What’s wrong?”

“As of today, the people recruited this spring have basically stabilized. The people you have arranged have all entered into their corresponding positions.”

“Good job. You’ve worked hard.”

“It is nothing. But President Ji, during this period, your third uncle inserted a person into the company. Now he is working as the deputy manager of the sales department.”

Ji Yuxiao frowned slightly. “Who did you say? My third uncle?’

“Yes, General Manager Ji Mu and your third uncle argued about this. Your third uncle actually wanted him to be the general manager or deputy general manager. Isn’t this hitting General Manager Ji Mu in the face? How could General Manager Ji Mu agree? His father also didn’t agree. Therefore, the board of directors meeting a few days ago was really lively. That’s why he went to the sales department to become the deputy manager there. It is said that he is the deputy manager, but he seems to be acting more like the manager.”

“What about my father? What does he think?” Ji Yuxiao asked. “Does my father know about this?”

“He knows. It was your father who coordinated the transfer and allowed him to enter the sales department as the deputy manager.”

Ji Yuxiao was silent for a moment. Then after a long time, he said, “Send his information to my mailbox.”

“Okay, President Ji.”

“Help me keep an eye on him. Tell me immediately if there is anything suspicious.”


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Then I’ll hang up first.”

Ji Yuxiao hung up the phone and leaned against the chair. Why did Ji Zhengao suddenly stuff a person into the company?

Did he want this person to be general manager from the beginning?

If he wanted to hire a professional manager, he should’ve stuffed him in and fought when Ji Mu first came to power. Why wait until this time?

In addition, his father didn’t drive him away and let him stay in the company in the sales department.

Did he simply not want Ji Mu to become bigger, or was there another reason?

Ji Yuxiao was just thinking this when his inbox showed that a new email had been received. Ji Yuxiao opened it and looked at the photo and name of the new deputy manager.

Tan Jiaji, 26 years old. He graduated from a famous university abroad and had a good resume and good-looking face. Unfortunately, Ji Yuxiao didn’t like it.

He picked up his phone and called Ji Yun.

Ji Yun answered quickly, “What’s wrong, Brother Xiao?”

“Do you know Tan Jiaji?”

“I seem to have heard of this name.” Ji Yun thought for a while. “But I’m not sure. What’s wrong with him?”

“Your father just stuffed this person into the company a while ago. He originally intended to make this person the general manager, but now he has gone to the sales department to act as the deputy manager.”

Ji Yun didn’t quite understand what he was saying. “My father?”


“Brother, do you think there is something wrong with this person?”

“A little bit. Help me test your dad and find where he knows this person from, where he found this person, and why he crammed this person into the company now. Don’t ask him directly. It is better for you to wait until he is drunk to ask questions.”

“Okay.” Ji Yun didn’t hesitate. “Brother, you still care about the company, right?”’

“My brother worked hard to make the Ji Group develop into what it is today. I won’t let the others ruin it, rest assured.” Ji Yuxiao gave her an affirmative answer.

Ji Yun finally laughed. She said, “Brother, I knew it. Once you figured it out, you would definitely come back. Don’t worry, Brother. No matter what, I will support you.”

Ji Yuxiao listened to her words and signed emotionally. His cousin knew to trust him and give him time, but his father easily accepted the illusion that he cast. There was no trust between the father and son.

“Thank you, Xiao Yun.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yun’s tone was light. “I’ll try to call you back tomorrow morning.”


Ji Yuxiao hung up the phone and continued to look through the resume of the person discussed on the phone.

From September last year to March this year, he didn’t hold a position. This was a very coincidental time, a very coincidental blank period.

Even more coincidentally, the company he previously worked at was the company Ji Yuxiao had people investigate. It was the company where his father’s payments went to the HR department.

After being dormant for so long, it seemed that his father couldn’t help but let out the snake.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the photo in front of him. The other person’s eyes were very thin with single eyelids. It was different from him and different from his brother and Ji Leyu.

However, it was the same as his father.

Ji Yuxiao, his brother, and Ji Leyu all inherited his mother’s eyes. It wasn’t a characteristic of the Ji family. This was a symbol of their mother’s bloodline. Now the same eyes as his father had appeared.

These thin and seemingly emotionless eyes.

Ji Yuxiao opened the drawer and slowly took out the dagger that his brother had given him.

The dagger was very beautiful. The dragon on the silver scabbard stepped on the clouds and looked out at the world.

Ji Yuxiao pulled out the sharp blade inside. He took out a cloth to wipe the dagger and wiped it slowly.

He wiped it very seriously, just like when he woke up after a car accident and became determined to avenge his brother.

At that time, he also sat quietly and wiped the dagger again and again, but his face was gloomy and terrible.

If he could, Ji Yuxiao couldn’t wait to insert the dagger into the other person’s heart now. It was best to cut him with a thousand cuts and let his father watch to vent the hatred in his heart.

But he couldn’t do this.

It was illegal to kill, and he couldn’t become a murderer himself for the sake of exacting revenge on a murderer.

He wasn’t alone now. He had a family, his own lover, and children. He couldn’t destroy himself for the sake of others.

Ji Yuxiao tried his best to not be so violent. He had been waiting for so long, and it wasn’t to let himself die with the other person. He couldn’t be impulsive.

He didn’t want to kill the other person, but he couldn’t file a lawsuit at this time.

The driver who caused the accident had already died, and the other evidence was erased by his father. At this time, the difficulty of the investigation would undoubtedly increase. Who knew when it would be delayed to? Who knew if he would be convicted in the end?

He had to let the other person go to prison. This was the only thing that couldn’t be questioned.

The punishment wasn’t just to go into prison, but to spend the rest of his life without hope or expectations.

Therefore, he had to calm down a bit and think hard about how to make the other person have no chance to turn things around.

Ji Yuxiao wiped the sharp blade in his hand over and over again. Emotions were rolling in his eyes for a long time before he finally calmed down like the ebbing tide at sea.

He forwarded the email and made a phone call. “Help me find out about this person, especially everything he has done from the last year to this year.”

“Okay,” the other person agreed.

Ji Yuxiao hung up the phone and heard footsteps coming from the corridor. Lin Luoqing had already picked up the children and returned.

He quickly reinserted the dagger into the scabbard, rolled it up with cloth, and stuffed it back into the drawer.

By the time Lin Luoqing pushed open the door and walked in, he had returned to his usual appearance. It was the same as before he left. He was gentle and inclusive as if nothing had happened. It was as if the previous gloom didn’t exist.

“Aunt Zhang said the meal is ready. Let’s eat.”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao replied warmly.

The dinner table in the evening was still as warm as ever.

Lin Luoqing was about to go and film, so he wanted to take the two children out this weekend.

Ji Leyu naturally raised both hands in support, and Lin Fei had no objection. The family of four made a weekend trip plan, but it wasn’t a weekend trip. It was just to go watch a movie.

Before Ji Yuxiao’s legs healed, Ji Leyu obviously didn’t want to go to places like amusement parks. Therefore, there weren’t many places for them to go. The most common place was the movie theater.

Ji Leyu ate his meal and curiously asked, “Dad, when you finish your work this time, can we go see you in the theater in the future?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “Once the time comes, Dad will take you to see me in the theater.”

“Okay.” Ji Leyu was looking forward to it.

Lin Fei was also a bit curious. He watched ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ with Ji Leyu at home a few days ago. He watched Lin Luoqing on TV, but he hadn’t seen Lin Luoqing in the theater yet.

Once it came to this, Ji Leyu had something else to say. “Dad, do you also have someone you like in this movie? Just like last time when you were on TV.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You still care about this.”

Ji Leyu nodded. He was very concerned.

‘Yes,’ Lin Luoqing thought. Ji Leyu almost smashed the TV when he saw Lin Luoqing hugging another person on the TV in ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak.’

Later, he unwillingly watched this episode on the tablet again and was so angry that he dropped the tablet. After he dropped it, he had to hum and snort angrily. Fortunately, the quality of the tablet wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t broken. Otherwise, he would have to change the tablet again.

If he asked Ji Leyu which star was his favorite, his answer was obviously his father Lin Luoqing.

There was no need to think about who he hated the most. Needless to say, the number one person he hated was his official partner in the drama, Wu Jia. Second was Yao Momo, who often fought with Lin Luoqing, and third was Li Hanhai, who dared to place an arm around his dad when on TV.

Anyone who had intimate contact with Lin Luoqing would be blocked.

Lin Luoqing obviously didn’t know the attributes of his youngest son, who was a CP fan, so he smiled and replied, “No, there is no one I like in the movie.”

“Good.” Ji Leyu was happy.

It was a movie and was much better than a drama! His father should go make movies in the future, not dramas!

The next morning, Lin Luoqing went to Boyuan, and Ji Yun called Ji Yuxiao back.

“Yesterday, my dad happened to be drunk. I questioned him when I helped him back to his room. He said that he listened to the introduction of Ruohua’s General Manager Zhao. You know that my dad hasn’t been very satisfied with Ji Mu as the general manager. It is even more so since Ji Mu has been sitting firmer in his position. Then he heard General Manager Zhao recommend this person to him and he was tempted to accept his recommendation. Therefore, he arranged this person into the company.

“I asked him if uncle said anything to him and he said no. He said that your father isn’t Ji Mu’s father, and how could he want Ji Mu to sit firmly as the general manager? The sales department is the easiest place for a person to get results. Once Tan Jiaji gets results, then it will be easy for him to be promoted…”

“Ruohua, General Manager Zhao…” Ji Yuxiao thought for a while. If he remembered correctly, this General Manager Zhao should know his father’s friend, Mr. Xu. It was really more and more of a coincidence.

“I understand.”

“Brother, I think this is a bit too much of a coincidence, you know?”

“Why do you say that?”

“My father didn’t know this General Manager Zhao before. They only met when he was doing errands this year. Then General Manager Zhao recommended this person to you. You know my father. He doesn’t get along with Second Uncle’s family, so he purely stuffed in Tan Jiaji out of anger. If the general manager was replaced by someone else, Tan Jiaji might not have been able to join the company.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Xiao Yun, you are more careful than I thought.”

“It is because you think he has a problem, so I started thinking more. Is my dad being used as a pawn?”

“Don’t worry,” Ji Yuxiao comforted her. “There are more chess pieces in this chess game, and nothing will happen to your father. It isn’t a big deal. Rest assured.”

Ji Yun was relieved by this. That was okay, but who else was a pawn?

Ji Yuxiao listened to her question and slowly laughed. “Whoever jumps the highest is naturally the best chess piece.”

From beginning to end, Ji Yuxiao never suspected Ji Mu because Ji Mu jumped too high. He was afraid that the others wouldn’t know that he had coveted the position of general manager from a long time ago.

He jumped so high that his father didn’t choke him to death, but allowed him to jump until now. This showed that he was just a useful pawn, a shield.

So what Ji Yuxiao always cared about wasn’t Ji Mu. It was the person his father wanted to use Ji Mu as a shield to protect.

The other person killed his brother. Maybe he really wanted to take Ji Yuxiao away as well to ensure that he would be the only one who could inherit the Ji Group.

His father obviously knew that such a thing existed, but rather than avenge his own son, he hid everything and even helped this person solve the key matter of the driver. This showed that his father cared about this person and wanted to protect him.

Then this person couldn’t be an enemy.

At this point, the answer was obvious.

With his father’s personality, how could he allow the company to fall into Ji Mu’s hands? The higher Ji Mu jumped, the happier his father became. The longer Ji Mu sat in the position of general manager, the more worried his father became.

That was why he was disappointed by Ji Yuxiao’s inaction again and again, so he instead found a way to suppress Ji Mu. Once he found that this path didn’t work, he naturally changed paths.

Maybe it was a desperate move, but did his father think that maybe his despairing self wouldn’t discover the clues?

Ji Yuxiao sneered. His father really didn’t know him well from the beginning to the end.

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Drielly Sena
Drielly Sena
13 days ago

The plot of the illegitimate child! Damn, this is terrible, the bastard brother tried to kill the brothers who never did anything to him!

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