FV: Chapter 183

Father Lin transferred the assets under his name to Lin Luoqing, and he confidently and boldly filed for divorce with the court.

Of course, Chen Feng didn’t agree. The two of them each found a lawyer, insisted on their own opinions, and started a divorce battle.

Lin Luoqing didn’t watch from the sidelines but continued to be busy in the company. He took advantage of Father Lin’s lack of time to manage the company’s affairs and improve his prestige in Boyuan.

Before he knew it, the end of April arrived and Director Li’s ‘All the Way to the West’ officially announced its starring actors and was ready to start filming. Lin Luoqing was announced as the third male lead.

Lin Luoqing’s fans hadn’t heard of any related news before this. Now they suddenly saw such explosive news and were stunned. There was a burst of ecstasy in the group.

[Ahhhh, it is Director Li, Director Li! The partners are Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu. It is so cool, so cool. I am happy!]

[God, I never dared to dream of such a big resource. I was so surprised. Wu wu wu, Brother is so good!]

[I almost died on the spot. If this wasn’t an official announcement, who would dare to believe it?]

[There is this type of movie resource at the beginning of his career. Brother is too awesome. Is this the idol I am a fan of? I don’t deserve this!]

[So happy, so happy, so happy. I will definitely charter a venue and invite everyone to watch the movie when the time comes.]

[Me too, me too! Hahaha, it is finally time for me to spend money to watch a movie!]

The fans forwarded it one after another and very politely said: [I’m looking forward to Lin Luoqing’s wonderful performance. I’m looking forward to ‘All the Way to the West!’]

Soon, someone moved the news over to the forum. The netizens on the forum hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing could obtain such resources. They were simply more shocked than the fans.

[Is this the Director Li I know? Director Li Ruize?]

[There is Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu. My god, the box office of this movie has stabilized!]

[Lin Luoqing has had a really good fate. The moment he debuted, he acted in ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’, which exploded. Now he is in Director Li’s movie, and he is partnered with Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu. Who wouldn’t say words of envy when seeing this?]

[So what… he didn’t explode as soon as he debuted. He acted in two terrible dramas after he debuted and his acting skills were very poor. Thus, he stopped all activities and concentrated on practicing his acting skills. This can be regarded as a reward for his efforts.]

[Yes yes yes, some actors should take a good look at him. Don’t act badly every day without bothering to correct yourselves. Learn from Lin Luoqing. This is the future!]

[But he is really lucky. His drama road went so smoothly, and now he is in a movie as soon as his drama exploded in popularity. Lin Hanhai and Yao Momo, the male and female protagonists of his drama, haven’t received a movie, right?]

[It was Lin Luoqing who auditioned himself. Li Hanhai and Yao Momo were also able to go to an audition if they were willing. Did they go?]

[Em… am I the only one worried that his acting skills will be beaten by Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu at the time of filming? I don’t need to say anything about Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu’s acting skills, right?]

[Hasn’t Lin Luoqing’s fans always praised Lin Luoqing’s acting skills before? It was okay before. It didn’t matter if a mule or a horse came out for a while. What acting skills are needed in idol dramas? You have to look at movies if you want to see acting skills!]

[This is a comedy. It is quite difficult to act well in a comedy, especially in front of big names like Wen Ziming and Hou Wenyu.]

[I have one thing to say. Lin Luoqing doesn’t look like a comedy talent at all, right?]

[I’m already worried about him…]

[I’m really afraid that the day the movie is released will be when Lin Luoqing appears in his original form.]

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…There is no need to worry about me so much. I shouldn’t have much of a problem… right?’

Lin Luoqing shook his head. He didn’t care about the remarks on the Internet and started to read the script.

Yes, there was only a week left before the start of the movie and Director Li’s script had finally been sent.

The story was actually very simple. The male protagonist Lu Ming was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door one morning. He opened the door to find that it was his nephew Fu Xi, whom he hadn’t seen for over ten years.

When he was still young, he played with a boy and a girl in the same courtyard. The girl was called Fu Shuyi and she was older than them. She regarded them as younger brothers. The boy was called Xiang Wen, who was younger than him. Thus, he became the youngest brother.

It was just that over ten years ago, the three of them had parted ways. Fu Shuyi went abroad and never came back. Xiang Wen and him had a deep misunderstanding. The two of them slowly grew older and lost contact with each other.

In his memory, he had only met Fu Xi two or three times. He hadn’t expected Fu Xi to be so big when seeing him again.

Fu Xi said that his mother disappeared and left him a letter and a map to find his two uncles, Lu Ming and Xiang Wen.

Lu Ming had a headache and let this nephew, whom he hadn’t seen for many years, into the house. He saw Fu Xi looking around his house with a look of disgust. Lu Ming remembered that his nephew was different from him. He was unrestrained and casual. He threw things away casually and piled up clothes casually. His nephew had always been obsessed with cleanliness and did things in an orderly manner. He was smart and calm.

Lu Ming didn’t want to live with this nephew, who was completely different from his personality. He hurriedly changed his clothes and took Fu Xi to find his former younger brother Xiang Wen, whom he hadn’t seen for over ten years.

He wanted to throw Fu Xi at the door of Xiang Wen’s house, but Lu Ming took Fu Xi back. The two of them quarreled and Fu Xi started to clean up the house in an obsessive-compulsive manner.

Once Fu Xi cleaned up the house and the two of them finished arguing, they decided to take Fu Xi to find his mother, their sister Fu Shuyi.

On this road to the west, three people with completely different personalities encountered big and small roadblocks, causing many ridiculous events. In the end, Lu Ming and Xiang Wen resolved their misunderstanding. They confessed that they had actually let go of it many years ago, but they couldn’t show it. They were afraid that the other person would still mind and never dared to bow their heads to each other.

The two of them shook hands and made peace. They decided to wait until they found their sister this time, and the three of them would live well, the same as before.

It wasn’t until they reached their destination that Fu Xi told them his mother was actually dead.

Before she died, what she regretted the most was parting ways with them when she was young. She understood later that all three of them were wrong at the time. They were too young and willful. Unfortunately, she understood it too late and there was no time for her to resolve things. Therefore, she hoped that Lu Ming and Xiang Wen could cherish each other, cherish their former relationship, and be good brothers again. This was why she asked Fu Xi to help her.

This place was once chosen by the three of them when playing a random game. They agreed to come here on a road trip, but then they parted ways. She wanted to fulfill their agreement and let her son help her see the scenery she missed.

Lu Ming and Xiang Wen hadn’t expected such an ending and they regretted it.

They looked at the setting sun and cried silently.

Fu Xi smiled lightly. He felt that if his mother was still here, she would be very happy to see such scenery and to see her two younger brothers reunited.

At the end of the story, both Lu Ming and Xiang Wen wanted to raise Fu Xi. However, Fu Xi refused and said he could live alone. Lu Ming and Xiang Wen were sad. Fu Xi saw this and said he was willing to live near them. They could come to visit him if they wanted.

Lu Ming and Xiang Wen were instantly joyful. They saw Fu Xi take out a stack of papers which was full of things they needed to know before the two of them entered the house. Lu Ming and Xiang Wen were shocked and the story ended joyfully.

Lin Luoqing read the first half of the script and let out laughing sounds from time to time. He was amused by the interaction of the three people, making him lean forward and backward. Then he saw the end and couldn’t help feeling a bit sad. This was until the director covered up the sadness with a funny interaction between the three of them. This type of design added  a layer of depth and meaning to the movie. However, it wasn’t rigid and overpowering, allowing the audience to maintain a good mood while watching the movie.

It had to be said that the script was really good. It was no wonder why the screenwriter submitted it so late.

In the beginning, Lin Luoqing thought that Fu Xi wouldn’t have many scenes as the third male lead. Then after looking at the script, he found that he had a lot of scenes, and the amount was even almost the same as the two male protagonists. If he acted well this time, he would definitely be able to squeeze smoothly into the movie industry and perhaps he could be nominated for Best Supporting Actor or something.

He hadn’t won an award yet. He wanted one.

Lin Luoqing thought of this and quickly entered into work mode. He started to memorize his lines.

After Ji Yuxiao finished his rehabilitation session, he opened the door and walked into the room. Once he saw Lin Luoqing sitting on the small sofa and silently reciting lines, he knew that Lin Luoqing was about to leave, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit sad in his heart.

This time, the movie was considered a road trip movie, so there were more filming locations. It wouldn’t be fixed in several studios like before. This meant that him visiting was far less convenient than before.

Lin Luoqing noticed him, quickly put down the script, and walked over to his side to care for him. “Are you done with the rehabilitation?”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “Have you memorized your lines?”

“I just memorized them,” Lin Luoqing said. “The lines of this movie are quite interesting and very easy to memorize.”

“That’s good.” Ji Yuxiao patted his head.

Lin Luoqing knew Ji Yuxiao couldn’t bear his departure, so he bent down and hugged Ji Yuxiao. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back as soon as I’m finished. I won’t stay any longer than that.”

“That isn’t necessary,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. “If the crew needs you, then you should stay. It is more important to have a good relationship with the crew. They are all your seniors.”

“But I also want to come back sooner to see you,” Lin Luoqing told him.

Ji Yuxiao squeezed his face. “It’s okay.”

He said, “Once I can walk, I’ll go see you. Wherever you go, I will go see you.”

Lin Luoqing instantly smiled. His tone was soft, longing, and cautious. “When will you be able to walk?”

“Soon,” Ji Yuxiao looked at him and said.

He had started to practice walking. He fell very hard practicing, but he could almost take a step. Once this step was taken, there would be nothing that would stop him from walking.

Lin Luoqing heard him say this, and the surprise in his heart surged like waves. He couldn’t help staring at Ji Yuxiao with joy. Then he hugged Ji Yuxiao fiercely, leaning against his shoulder.

He wanted to say, ‘Then you must hurry.’

He also wanted to say, ‘Don’t worry, take your time. I’ll wait for you.’

He hoped that Ji Yuxiao would get better soon, but he didn’t want to put any pressure on Ji Yuxiao. Thus, he didn’t say anything in the end. He just hugged Ji Yuxiao and snuggled against him tightly.

“I’ll apply medicine,” he let go and said gently.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing pushed him to the bed, picked him up, and placed him on the bed.

He was a bit embarrassed, but he still took the initiative to ask, “Can I help you undress?”

Ji Yuxiao, “!!!”

If you talk to me in such a tone, it will really make people think crooked thoughts!

It isn’t even evening? Is it good to be so provocative?

Ji Yuxiao felt that he was really restless!

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