FV: Chapter 182

Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao arrived at the Lin house quickly. Chen Feng was sitting in the living room watching TV. She opened the door and smiled when she saw him. “You came at this time. It seems your father really plans to transfer his property to your name?”

“You know?” Lin Luoqing was surprised.

Chen Feng sneered. “Of course, I know. This is originally what I deliberately hinted at to him. How could I not know?”

Lin Luoqing was puzzled. “You hinted at it?”

“Otherwise?” Chen Feng looked at him. “I told him that as long as we don’t divorce, Xiao Jing and I will still get a share of his property. No matter when Xiao Jing comes out of prison, Xiao Jing is his son. If he dies, half of his inheritance belongs to Xiao Jing.”

“But if he insists on divorcing me, I will get half his property. If it isn’t half, I can ask for as much as I want and I will keep it for Xiao Jing.”

“He doesn’t want to. I laughed at him and asked what he could do. We are a couple and Xiao Jing is his son. It is useless even if he doesn’t want to unless he has no money. However, how can he have no money? Did he transfer his money to someone else? If he doesn’t want to, who will he give it to? Lin Luoqing? No matter how much he respects you, you don’t trust him. Therefore, he can only give us the money.”

“He might not feel it if I say this type of thing once or twice. However, if I say it 10 times, 20 times or 100 times, he will put it in his heart and think about it. Then he will feel, ‘Why can’t I do this?’ He will want to try it. Now you are here, proving that he really intends to do it.”

Lin Luoqing never thought that this matter would be related to her.

He didn’t understand. “What is in it for you to do this?”

It couldn’t be that Chen Feng suddenly found her conscience, made up her mind and planned to make up for her past mistakes?

“Of course, there are benefits.” Chen Feng gritted his teeth. “He caused my son to go to prison before graduating from university. Then I also want him to experience this pain. He naturally won’t give me half the money and I don’t know how much I can get if we go to court. However, if he believes me, wavers and gives you the money then isn’t it interesting?”

Chen Feng looked at him with shrewd eyes. “You won’t tell me that you are really filial to him, respect him and want to be his good son, right? Lin Luoqing, I still remember what you said to me that day.”

“You pretended for so long. Isn’t it to cheat him of his money and company? I can’t have these things anyway. It is better to give them to you so that he doesn’t have them either. Let him see what the good son in his mind looks like. Let him see what the company he worked hard for half his life is like in the hands of others. Let him find out at the end that there is no one around him. His wife is gone. One son wants to kidnap him and the other wants to defraud him. Everything he knows is fake and he has nothing, neither people nor money. Isn’t this ending satisfying?”

Chen Feng smiled openly, her eyes full of the pleasure of revenge.

Lin Luoqing listened quietly, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Obviously, Chen Feng didn’t need him to say anything and she gave way to him. “I’ve paved the road for you. Lin Luoqing, don’t let me down.”

‘Of course not,’ Lin Luoqing thought in his heart as he pushed Ji Yuxiao toward the staircase.

Father Lin was in the study on the second floor and Ji Yuxiao couldn’t go upstairs. Therefore, he picked up Ji Yuxiao. The aunt at home helped move the wheelchair to the second floor.

Lin Luoqing thanked her and pushed Ji Yuxiao to Father Lin’s study.

He knocked on the door. Father Lin quickly came over and opened the door.

Lin Luoqing looked at the face that appeared behind the door and was momentarily stunned. Father Lin was different from when he was in the hospital. He was much older and his body didn’t seem to be very good. He couldn’t stop coughing.

Father Lin saw him coming and said happily, “Come in.”

He turned around and walked back. Lin Luoqing saw his somewhat weak back and felt that this person had changed a lot in half a month.

Anyone would be hit after experiencing this type of thing one after another.

His own son had kidnapped him, his wife pushed him down the stairs and there were endless quarrels and constant stimulation while lying on the hospital bed. It was already rare that Father Lin could stand here well.

He was in his 50s, not 15 or 25. At this age, he was stimulated by his wife and his son and it was hard for him to not take it seriously.

After all, they were people who had been with him for half his life.

Lin Luoqing followed him into the study.

Father Lin took out several documents and handed them to him in turn. “These are the assets under my name. I will now transfer it to you so you can help me keep it first. Once I finish my divorce, you will return it to me.”

Lin Luoqing took it and asked, “Do you have to divorce? Auntie has been with you for many years. Don’t you like her very much? Dad, or…”

“It is nothing. You don’t need to persuade me any longer. I must divorce her and I will do it in a few days.” Father Lin interrupted him. “That shrew, I can’t live with her for another day. She is a madman, a shameless b*tch! She still wants a share of my money to support that traitorous son. She is dreaming!”

Lin Luoqing sighed. “My younger brother was just confused for a while. Dad, you should give him another chance. He still loves you.”

“Why are you still saying good things about that villain?” Father Lin glanced at him and hated him for being weak. “If it wasn’t for him, would you have had such a miserable life before? Have you forgotten how he treated you? Have you forgotten what their mother and son did? Both of them have never said good things about you. Are you still talking on their behalf? Are you stupid?”

Lin Luoqing stopped talking and lowered his head.

Seeing this, Father Lin comforted him again. “Okay, Dad knows that you have a good heart. Don’t feel bad. Originally, the two of them have nothing to do with you. Now it is fine like this.”

“Yes, Luoqing. Don’t worry about Uncle. Uncle is so old. How can he not know what he wants?”

Ji Yuxiao said while taking the documents from Lin Luoqing’s hands and reading them. Then he found that there was nothing he wanted.

He pondered for a moment before slowly suggesting, “Uncle, why don’t you transfer your shares to Luoqing? You are doing everything right now so that you don’t leave anything to Chen Feng and Lin Luojing. Now Auntie Chen Feng is in a hurry and it wouldn’t be good if she does anything else.”

Father Lin sneered. “Why? Can she still kill me? If she kills me then she will have to enter prison herself. Then she can accompany her son!”

“I don’t mean this. I mean, no matter whether you and Aunt Chen Feng divorce or not, legally Lin Luojing has the rights to your assets inheritance, just like Luoqing. You are giving your money to Luoqing but the shares are still with you. Aunt Feng might set her sights on the shares if she can’t get the money.”

“She will naturally go to prison but Lin Luojing will enjoy Boyuan’s inheritance rights. Once he comes out of prison in a few years, he can inherit Boyuan and live well.”

“She is dreaming! I will soon write a will. If I die, all the assets under my name will belong to Luoqing. That unfilial son Lin Luojing won’t receive anything!”

“Dad, what are you doing?” Lin Luoqing frowned. “I don’t want you to die.’

“Yes, Uncle. If you are like this then how uncomfortable will Luoqing be at that time?” Ji Yuxiao also agreed.

Father Lin had just experienced a kidnapping from his son and sarcastic remarks from his wife. He was in a period of emotional need. He heard Lin Luoqing say this and was a bit moved. His eyes became much gentler as he looked at Lin Luoqing for a while.

He remembered what Chen Feng said. “You don’t love Lin Luoqing and you don’t believe in him. No matter how much he does, you consider him invisible. The poor child was kicked out by you before he became an adult and ran back like a lost dog to enter the house, but you didn’t let him in. You keep saying that others don’t love you and don’t care about you, but who do you love and care about? You just love yourself.”

“I’m telling you, Xiao Jing doesn’t love you, I don’t love you and Lin Luoxi didn’t love you before she died. Qiu Yongxin as well. No one in this world will love you. Lin Luoqing? He might really love you and treat you as a father, but you don’t care. That is why you are still alone. You lived to this age and you are alone. No one will hold a funeral for you when you die.”

No! Father Lin thought that Lin Luoxi loved him and Qin Yongxin as well. Lin Luoqing loved him even more. He wasn’t alone. It wasn’t that he lived to this age and everyone around him only wanted his money. No!

He believed in Lin Luoqing!

He believed in Lin Luoqing’s feelings for him!

“Uncle, you and Luoqing worked hard to develop your current father-son relationship and Boyuan is also thriving. Everything is developing in a good direction. Don’t talk about death. Luoqing has his own things and there is no shortage of money. He doesn’t want your inheritance. If you really leave then he will have no blood relatives. You definitely can’t have an accident,” Ji Yuxiao continued his efforts.

“How about this? You transfer the shares to Luoqing and tell Aunt Chen Feng that everything you have is now with Luoqing. Even if you really encounter an accident one day, Lin Luojing won’t receive any benefits. This way, her hatred will be transferred to Luoqing accordingly and she won’t attack you.”

“How can that be?” Father Lin had a rare attack of conscience. “Wouldn’t Luoqing be in danger?”

“No, I can protect him,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly. “In addition, Luoqing is a star and there is a lot more attention on him than on you. It will be more difficult for Aunt Chen Feng to attack him.”

“Yes, Dad.” Lin Luoqing looked worried. “I’m usually on the set and she can’t see me. Meanwhile, she lived with you for so long and knows you so well. I am worried. What if she really tries something?”

Lin Luoqing burst out into tears. “I don’t have my mother and sister any longer. I can’t live without you as well, Dad.”

Father Lin looked at the tears in his eyes and finally made up his mind. He nodded. “Yes, don’t worry. Dad will be fine.”

He walked over and hugged Lin Luoqing, filled with a belated desire to make up for his fatherly love. He hoped that they could always have such father-son warmth.

A few days later, Father Lin handed over the shares transfer agreement to Lin Luoqing, sighing a bit. “In fact, 20% of this should be your mother’s shares. At that time, a group of us started a business together and your mother contributed a lot. She should’ve taken 20% of the shares but she gave them directly to me in order to let me have more of a say.”

As he spoke, he seemed to remember that woman again.

Recently, he had always been thinking of Qiu Yongxin. He remembered the gentleness and quietness of the other person. He remembered the books she liked to read and remembers her helplessly telling him, ‘Don’t touch my flowers.’ He remembered her kindly asking him, ‘How about this? Will it help you?’

They had many good times. He was sorry for her.

After experiencing so many things and at a time when he wanted to escape from Chen Feng, he couldn’t help wanting to hide in the memories that belonged to Qiu Yongxin.

Once people reached middle age, memories were always unavoidable, especially when they experienced many changes. Father Lin was like this. He thought he would be emotionally rich when he had more money, but in the end, he found that there might be no one who really loved him. He wanted extravagant feelings and wanted to argue that someone really loved him.

He sighed and said with nostalgia, “Your mother was a good woman.”

What was the use of this?

Lin Luoqing thought. She was betrayed by you, cheated on by you, had her home occupied by your mistress and her children driven away.

So what was the use of saying this at this time?

He reached out and took the document. He looked at the somewhat old man in front of him and said in his heart, ‘The game is finally over.’

Lin Luoqing showed Ji Yuxiao the transfer agreement. There was nothing wrong with it. Now all the shares of Lin Luoqing’s father would belong to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing laughed and took Lin Fei to Lin Luoxi’s gravestone the next day.

Lin Luoxi’s gravestone was erected and clearly had a sentence written on it: established by her younger brother Lin Luoqing.

It was a pity that the world was different and he wasn’t the original owner.

I’m sorry for taking your brother’s body, but I helped you take back everything that should belong to you and Lin Fei. For his sake, please forgive me.

Lin Luoqing bowed deeply to her.

In the future, I will raise Lin Fei well. I promise, I will love him and let him grow up healthy and worry-free.

After making the promise, he silently glanced at Lin Fei who was staring at the photo on the gravestone with deep longing in his eyes.

“You said before that you aren’t from our world.” After worshiping Lin Luoxi, Lin Luoqing led Lin Fei outside the cemetery. He heard Lin Fei ask him in a low voice, “Does this mean that there are actually many worlds? Even if a person dies, they might go to another world?”

“It is possible.” Lin Luoqing didn’t understand it either. He didn’t transmigrate after he died, but he managed to transmigrate. It wasn’t impossible for a person to die and go to other worlds.

“Then my mother might’ve gone to another world,” Lin Fei said calmly.

He said, “Your world doesn’t have me and the world she goes to might not have me, but if you came here and met me, she might meet other children when she goes to a new world.”

He stopped and looked up at Lin Luoqing. “Maybe she will meet a cute and loving child who likes to talk and make friends. She won’t have to worry about him not liking to talk or make friends.”

Lin Luoqing touched his head and said softly, “Then she will definitely miss you the most and want to meet you the most. It is because no matter how you are, she loves you the most. The reason why she was worried was because she loved you too much, so she was afraid you would be bullied. It wasn’t that she didn’t love you.”

“I know,” Lin Fei said calmly. “So I don’t want her to worry about me.”

Lin Luoqing listened to this and his heart was soft. It was like spring rain dripping and hitting his heart, soft and wet.

“Then she will definitely want to meet you more because there are no other children who are as worry-free as you.”

Lin Fei blinked like he didn’t understand it very well. Obviously, his mother had always been worried about him.

Lin Luoqing smiled and rubbed his head again. Then he pulled Lin Fei outside the cemetery.

After leaving the cemetery, there was still a short road to travel along. Lin Luoqing pulled Lin Fei to walk on the side of the road and said a few words from time to time.

The shade of the tree was mottled. Sunlight shone through the gaps between the branches and leaves, sprinkling on the road like small starlight, tiny and shimmering.

Lin Fei was walking on the inside of the road and saw from a distance that among the weeds next to the trees, there were a few wildflowers scattered sporadically and swaying.

He suddenly remembered that his mother actually liked this wildflower. Sometimes when she went out to play and encountered it, she would pick one, smile and place it in her hair. She would ask him, “Does it look good?”

Lin Fei let go of Lin Luoqing’s hand and went to the tree to pick a few. He didn’t pick too many because he had learned in language class: the little flower is sleeping, don’t disturb it.

Lin Luoqing watched him let go of his hand and ran to the tree. Lin Fei picked a few wildflowers and came back. This made Lin Luoqing smile. “You are still like this.”

“My mother likes it,” Lin Fei said calmly. “Can we go back again? I want to give these to my mother.”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected him to pick flowers for this and was stunned for a moment.

The cemetery wasn’t an interesting place. The roads were long, there were many steps, the colors were dull and the atmosphere was depressing. Few children wanted to come to this type of place, let alone go back just because of some humble wildflowers.

He saw how clear Lin Fei’s eyes were and thought in his heart, ‘He is really a rare child.’

If he was Lin Luoxi, he would definitely hope to meet such a child like Lin Fei in another world.

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing said gently. “She will definitely be very happy and want to kiss you.”

Lin Fei didn’t speak but the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

They returned to the cemetery. Lin Fei placed the flowers in front of Lin Luoxi’s gravestone.

‘I will send you off,’ he said in his heart.

He looked at his mother’s photo. He seemed to see her familiar smile as she placed the flower in her hair and asked him, ‘Does it look good?’

‘It is very beautiful,’ Lin Fei replied to her.

He smiled at Lin Luoxi’s photo and pulled Lin Luoqing to walk out again.

Lin Luoqing noticed that he was holding a flower in his hand. It was pink and very tender in color, like a girl’s skirt. He reminded Lin Fei, “Why did you forget one?”

Lin Fei didn’t speak. He looked at the flower in his hand, twisted it lightly between his fingers and looked up at him.

“Lower your head,” he said softly.

Lin Luoqing bent down doubtfully. “What’s wrong? Do you want to talk to me about something…?”

He didn’t finish his next words because Lin Fei raised the hand holding the flower, tiptoed and pinned the pink flower behind his ear.

He stood up again and looked at Lin Luoqing, who was a bit confused. His eyes curved like a crescent moon full of stars, shining brightly.

He said, “It is beautiful.”

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