FV: Chapter 180

Lin Luoqing finally saw the scene he wanted.

A few days later, Father Lin and Lin Luojing were found. They were left in an abandoned factory and their kidnappers had already fled. Both of them were injured and they were lying in hospital at the moment.

Lin Luoqing rushed over with the mentality of watching the excitement. He carried a fruit basket and went to Father Lin’s hospital room with a passion for eating melons.

Father Lin was talking to the police and scolding them. “Why are you still keeping this type of rebellious son? Immediately put him in prison and let him stay for 30-50 years. It is best to never let him out!”

Chen Feng stood in front of his hospital bed and repeatedly retorted, “Xiao Jing was just ignorant for a while. He is still just a child. Why are you treating him like this?!”

“He already learned his lesson and you are okay now. Why treat him like this?”

“Can’t you feel sorry for him? He is your son!”

Father Lin became even angrier when he heard this. “My son? What son? You also know that he is my son! Was he lacking when it came to food and clothes? He eventually kidnapped me. Is he still a human? If I have to say something then I will directly forget the death penalty. The death penalty is too much for this type of unfilial piety!”

The moment Lin Luoqing walked through the door, he heard this sentence and said in his heart, ‘Wow, it is really as I guessed. Sure enough, Lin Luojing did it!’

Lin Luoqing pushed open the door and walked in, looking concerned. “Dad, are you okay?”

Father Lin saw him at this time and actually felt somewhat comforted after experiencing a disaster.

Now when he saw Chen Feng, he only thought of Lin Luojing and felt qi and blood attacking his heart. His breathing wasn’t smooth and his entire body wasn’t good.

In comparison, Lin Luoqing’s face was particularly attractive.

“Luoqing, you are here.” Father Lin took his hand and sighed. “Your brother isn’t human! He is a beast!”

“What is going on?” Lin Luoqing was curious. “Dad, why did you and my younger brother disappear? Are you okay?”

Father Lin was angry when he mentioned this. “How could I disappear? It is due to that beast Lin Luojing! He can actually cheat his own father. He is simply inferior to a beast!”

Lin Luoqing was surprised at the right time. “What? How can this be?”

Then Father Lin told him what happened.

It was actually simple.

It was just as Lin Luoqing thought. Lin Luojing was a flower in a greenhouse. He finally got a bad heart and courage, but he was just a university student. He knew a lot of people but they were just serious businessmen or ordinary people. There were no evil forces.

In addition, Lin Luojing didn’t want to alarm too many people, let alone make it a big deal. He just wanted to use this to win Father Lin’s attention back to him. After some hesitation, he found a few gangsters near his school and asked them if they wanted to make money.

Of course, the three gangsters agreed. Lin Luojing told them his plan, but he was afraid that these people would feel it was dangerous and they wouldn’t dare to cooperate with him. He just said it was a father-son conflict and his father wouldn’t pursue it.

The gangsters heard they would pay him millions of yuan to do this and their hearts were instantly moved. They calculated that they wouldn’t be able to earn so much money in their lives. It was better to take risks. In any case, he just said that it was a father-son contradiction and he was the mastermind. If something really happened then he would have to enter prison with them.

After that, Lin Luojing provided them with Father Lin’s itinerary. The gangsters took advantage of the time when Father Lin was alone and took him by surprise. They attacked from behind and tied him up.

Then they woke up Father Lin according to the process. They found Lin Luojing’s phone number from his phone and called him to ask for money.

Lin Luojing’s performance could be called realistic. He said in a hoarse voice that he could give any amount of money as long as they didn’t hurt his father. He told his father not to be afraid and he would definitely pay the ransom.

Father Lin was indeed moved. He felt that his son was sincere and really loved him. Even if the two of them had been arguing for the past few days, he didn’t refuse when something happened to Father Lin and agreed to everything as long as Father Lin was okay.

Good son! A good son!

Father Lin even thought that as long as he was safe and sound this time, he definitely wouldn’t blame Lin Luojing for the past and would let him work in the company.

However, just as Lin Luojing came with the money and handed it over to the people, something happened.

The yellow-haired one among the gangsters thought about it and felt that this matter was too big. Now the contradiction between father and son was resolved and the son was filial to the father, but what about them?

What if Father Lin went back and called the police, letting the police come to find them? Would they gain no benefits and instead only receive a loss?

Lin Luojing had promised them that they would be fine later and the money was also theirs, but he could design the kidnapping of his own father. Who could ensure that he didn’t design against them?

What if he went back and accused them of kidnapping Father Lin in front of the police, saying he was a victim and didn’t know anything? They hadn’t recorded it and there was no evidence. Wouldn’t it be impossible for them to argue against it?

One was a serious university student and the other was a petty thief. Who would believe them?

Therefore, the yellow-haired gangster was ruthless. After the money was paid, he knocked Lin Luojing unconscious and tied him up.

He looked at the three million in his hand and became daring. He thought he should directly kill Lin Luojing and Father Lin. In any case, this money was enough for them to spend.

However, the two punks besides the yellow-haired gangster didn’t have such courage. Making money was one thing and killing people was another thing!

For this reason, the three of them argued. The yellow-haired gangster wanted to act but was stopped by the remaining two gangsters, who didn’t allow him to do it. After another two days, the best time to act was over.

It was too dangerous to kill people at this time. It was better to leave with the money. It just so happened that the yellow-haired gangster knew a smuggler. The three people took the money and made an appointment with this smuggler and were ready to leave the country.

Before leaving, the yellow-haired gangster said everything in front of Father Lin. “Don’t blame us. This matter was planned by your son from the beginning. The three of us just did it for money. If you don’t believe it, go and check your son’s account to see if he is missing three million? We asked for a ransom of 50 million but he only took out three million. Think about it. Can the amount of 50 million be transferred so quickly?”

“This is what we deserve. We just want to make money and we don’t want to kill people. Spending three million to see the true face of your son isn’t a loss for you. So don’t trouble us if you are rescued in the future. The mastermind of this matter is your son and we were just used by him. If you act against us then don’t blame us for what we will do then.”

The yellow-haired gangster finished his cruel words and ran away with his brothers, leaving only Father Lin who was disbelieving, angry, out of breath and with dark eyes. Lin Luojing shook his head and tried to protest. “It isn’t me. I didn’t do this. Don’t talk nonsense.”

It was a pity that both of them were tied up and gagged. Father Lin was blindfolded the whole time, so he couldn’t express how angry and aggrieved he was.

This caused Father Lin’s first words after being rescued to be, “Rebellious son! You are a rebel! How can I, Lin Bo, have a son like you? I am going to send you to prison today!”

However, Lin Luojing had also been injured and starved for many days. Therefore, he was sent to the hospital instead of prison.

Lin Luoqing listened to this and was speechless for a while. After a long time, he silently applauded his brother in his heart. It was very good and interesting, very tortuous and worthy of handcuffs. Thank you, Lin Luojing for such a wonderful performance. This allowed Lin Luoqing to better dominate Boyuan while eating melons.

‘Hahaha,’ Lin Luoqing couldn’t help laughing in his heart. This time, Lin Bo must be very angry. In the future, he probably wouldn’t be able to swallow his anger every time he thought of this and he wouldn’t be able to wait to beat Lin Luojing. Lin Luoqing wanted to die of laughter.

Lin Luoqing looked embarrassed. “This…”

He pretended to persuade Father Lin. “Xiao Jing was just confused for a while. He wanted to get your attention and favor. He didn’t mean it.”

Chen Feng nodded quickly. She might not understand why Lin Luoqing was speaking to help Lin Luojing, but it was also what she wanted to say. Therefore, she didn’t stop persuading Father Lin.

“Forgive Xiao Jing. Don’t hold him accountable at this time. He definitely won’t do it again in the future.”

“In the future?” Father Lin instantly raised his tone. “Does he still have a future? He will be locked up now. Comrade policeman, you all heard what he said. He is an unfilial son who did an unreasonable thing. Take him away now and put him directly in prison! Don’t let him out for 30-50 years!”

“Lin Bo!” Chen Feng exclaimed angrily. “How can you be so ruthless?”

“I’m ruthless? Am I ruthless or is he ruthless? This is your son, your carefully raised son. Now you are still calling me ruthless? Chen Feng, you are really skilled!”

The policeman listened to the argument between them and his mood was quite complicated.

The son kidnapped the father and also got tied up. This was the first time they saw this. Therefore, after they finished talking with Lin Bo, they were ready to see if Lin Luojing was awake and to hear what he had to say.

Chen Feng followed immediately. She smiled awkwardly, her tone full of humility. “Police comrade, you can see that this is just a joke between father and son. We are a family and there is no need to make things so serious.”

“Ms Chen, this is a kidnapping.” The policewoman glanced at her.

Chen Feng hurriedly said, “But there are no casualties, right? It ended up okay so let’s forget it. His dad has a temper but he doesn’t really want to let Luojing enter prison. Don’t look at the way he is shouting now. He will regret it in a while.”

“Ms Chen, if the kidnappers had been a bit more ruthless then you wouldn’t have been able to see your husband and son right now, do you know? It is kidnapping and it isn’t a joke. No matter your son’s intentions, it is a kidnapping right now.”

Chen Feng couldn’t bear it. How could it be calculated like this?

In any case, Lin Bo was fine. Why insist on filing a case and arresting Xiao Jing?

He was just a child!

He just wanted to gain Father Lin’s attention, not kill him!

Why do this to him?!

“It is me. I am the mastermind. I had him kidnap his father and everything was designed by me.” Chen Feng pointed to herself.

The police, “……”

The police calmed her down with a few words, telling her not to interfere with their official duties. Then they entered Lin Luojing’s room.

Lin Luojing had woken up and another policeman was communicating with him.

Chen Feng immediately threw herself on him, crying and hugging him. She said that it was all her fault. She did everything and it was her fault.

Seeing her crying face, Lin Luojing couldn’t help shedding tears. He hadn’t expected the matter to develop to this point. He thought that as long as he rescued his father, his father would be fine and nothing would happen.

Everything would be the same as before without anyone knowing. They were still a happy family and it wasn’t bad.

However, he never expected that those gangsters would turn against him, tie him up and tell his father everything before leaving.

Now the police had intervened and everything was different.

No matter how stupid Lin Luojing was, he also knew that the police couldn’t be alerted about this matter.

Once the police knew about this, it couldn’t just remain a conflict between father and son.

However, he couldn’t blame Chen Feng. Chen Feng did it for him. She was also desperate and there was no way. If the police hadn’t become involved, they would still be in that abandoned factory and waiting for others to find and rescue them.

Therefore, he could only shake his head and honestly say that this matter had nothing to do with her. Everything was done by him alone. He had designed it and his mother didn’t know anything.

The most fortunate thing at this time was that he hadn’t told Chen Feng anything. She really hadn’t known anything, so even if he was caught, it was only him who was caught.

It was better than getting his mother involved.

Not long after, Lin Luojing was arrested as a suspect.

Ji Yuxiao heard this and his mood became subtle again.

It was really as Lin Luoqing said. It was really incredible.

Lin Luoqing looked at the Internet in a happy mood. He took the initiative to check for Lin Luojing that this matter would require being imprisoned for several years.

“Alas, my poor brother. How could he really do such a thing? It isn’t worth it for such a scumbag father!”

“Then I can only wish for him to reform well and become a new person as soon as possible.”

“I hope he has fun sewing bears inside, but his hands are so clumsy. He should just copy the university entrance examination papers.”

Once Lin Luoqing said this, he thought of something and turned to look at Ji Yuxiao. “Fei Fei and Xiao Yu seem to be able to take the midterm exam?”

“It should be. I seem to have heard Xiao Yu say it the other day.”

“Then he has to work hard and try to get his certificate on the wall of honor.”

Lin Luoqing glanced at the wall of honor not far away while talking. Ji Yuxiao followed his gaze while thinking it was difficult. He already thought it was fortunate that Xiao Yu got 8th place last time. What place could he get this time?

However, it definitely wasn’t in the top three! After all, he knew his son too well!

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1 year ago

Wow I’m eating melons seeds alongside Lin Luoqing, I had a feeling the development would end up like but it’s really retribution!!

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Aeanbelle Frost
5 months ago

Welp, they did it on themselves