FV: Chapter 179

Lin Luoqing was building the wall of honor in his bedroom when he received Chen Feng’s call. Yes, it was a wall of honor for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at the certificate of Lin Fei’s first place in the exam that was hanging on his left and the birthday family portrait painted by Ji Leyu on his right. No matter how he looked at it, he felt that these two shouldn’t appear together.

“You call this an honor?” He pointed to Ji Leyu’s painting.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “It is a great honor.”

Then Ji Leyu next to him nodded. “Uhuh.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Fei, “……”

“You really want to hang it up?” Ji Yuxiao asked his wife. “Hang it with Fei Fei’s award certificate?”

It was Lin Fei who didn’t let him frame the greeting card, so he could only hang the certificate.

“I think it is good,” Lin Luoqing said. “Otherwise, how lonely would it be just hanging Xiao Yu’s painting alone?”

Ji Leyu agreed. “Uhuh.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao silently glanced at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei’s eyes were filled with 30% helplessness, 20% calmness and 50% indulgence. It was a pity that Ji Yuxiao could only see the indulgence in their eyes.

‘Okay,’ he thought. ‘Since neither party has an opinion, so be it.’

In any case, he wasn’t the one who would cry when he grew. He tried to stop it so it was okay.

Therefore, Ji Yuxiao started to instruct Lin Luoqing on how to hang it and design and decorate this honor wall.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei held his forehead. It was fine as long as they had fun.

The family of four was happily designing the wall of honor when Chen Feng suddenly called.

Lin Luoqing didn’t answer at first, but Chen Feng called several times in a row. Lin Luoqing couldn’t stand it and picked it up. “What’s wrong?”

Then he heard Chen Feng’s crying voice. “Luo Luo, something is wrong. Luojing and your father are missing!”

Lin Luoqing was confused. ‘??? Eh?’

Lin Luojing and Lin Bo were missing?

This was a good thing!

Lin Luoqing almost laughed.

He wondered, “What’s going on? Why did they disappear?”

Chen Feng cried, “I don’t know. Your father didn’t come back two days ago. I called his friend and his friend didn’t know where he went. Who would’ve thought that Luojing would also go missing?”

Chen Feng asked anxiously, “What should I do about this?”

She didn’t suspect that this was Lin Luoqing’s doing. It was possible if it was just Lin Luojing who disappeared, but Father Lin’s disappearance wasn’t good for Lin Luoqing.

Who didn’t know that he had been favored by Father Lin recently? He didn’t do anything when he wasn’t favored and was kicked out of the house by Father Lin. Now that he had started receiving his father’s kindness and filial piety, he shouldn’t take any action no matter how one thought about it.

And… Chen Feng could vaguely feel that there was something wrong with Lin Luojing two days ago.

She told him that Father Lin hadn’t come back and said that she wanted to call someone else to ask, but he stopped her. He said not to worry and that his father might just be out entertaining.

She said that Father Lin’s phone was turned off and never turned on and he said it might be out of battery.

He said, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll try to call my father and other uncles. You can just leave it alone.”

Then he disappeared.

The more Chen Feng thought about it, the stranger she felt. Therefore, she didn’t dare to call the police. She wanted to find someone to discuss it with, but she didn’t dare tell others about this. She thought about it and she found that she could only call Lin Luoqing, who was part of the Lin family.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected this type of thing. He talked to Lin Fei and Ji Leyu and let them stay at home well. After a few words with Aunt Zhang, he rushed to the Lin house with Ji Yuxiao.

Chen Feng was sitting on the sofa and seemed restless. She saw them coming and quickly walked over and asked them what to do.

“Did you call the police?” Lin Luoqing asked.

Chen Feng shook her head. “I don’t dare.”

“Why don’t you dare? Dad has been missing for so long. If you don’t call the police and something happens to him, are you planning to collect his body?”

“But…” Chen Feng hesitated.

Lin Luoqing took his phone and was ready to call the police. Chen Feng grabbed him and opened and closed her mouth. Finally, she said helplessly, “Xiao Jing wouldn’t let me call the police.”

Lin Luoqing was confused. ??? He refused to call the police?

What did he want to do?

Solve the case himself?

Was he not afraid of their father dying outside?

Chen Feng saw his doubtful eyes. Emotions flashed in her eyes and said nothing.

The day after Lin Bo disappeared, she wanted to call the police but Lin Luojing refused. He said he would handle it and there was no need to call the police. If his father was fine and they alarmed the police, his father would definitely be angry again based on his personality.

Chen Feng thought of Father Lin’s temper and felt that his words were right. This was why she didn’t call the police. Now a series of things happened and she became even more afraid. She didn’t dare to call the police any longer. She was afraid that if the police were really called, there would be consequences that she wasn’t willing to face.

“Lin Luoqing wouldn’t let you call the police? Why?” Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Lin Luoqing took the initiative to ask, “Wasn’t he in a hurry when Dad disappeared? What was he thinking? Why didn’t he let you call the police?”

Chen Feng shook her head, not wanting to say it or perhaps not daring to say it.

Lin Luoqing looked at the way she lowered her head and knew that she was hiding something from him.

He never had a lot of affection for Lin Luojing and Father Lin. He saw that Chen Feng was like this and simply turned around and prepared to go home. “Auntie, since you don’t trust me then I am too lazy to waste time here. I have other things to do and I will go first.”

Chen Feng quickly grabbed him. “How can you do this? This is your own father. Don’t you care? You usually pretend to be filial. Why are you like this now? Aren’t you his good son? At this time, will you stop pretending?”

Lin Luoqing sneered. “Then let’s call the police. Aren’t you the one who doesn’t want to call the police? What can I do if you don’t tell me anything and you won’t let me call the police? I’m an actor and I’m not a policeman. How can I help you find your son and husband?”

Chen Feng heard this and instantly lost her momentum. She completely collapsed.

She really couldn’t help it. She had to explain what was strange about Lin Luojing in the past few days.

Lin Luoqing listened. The more he listened, the more subtle he felt.

“Was he so calm?”

Chen Feng nodded.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“How much money is in Lin Luojing’s account?” Lin Luoqing asked her. “Are there millions?”

“Of course,” Chen Feng replied.

Lin Luojing didn’t have much money himself but she had given him money. After so many years, how could he not have millions?

“Have you checked how much money he still has in his account?”

Chen Feng listened to his words and became nervous. “What do you mean by this?”

“Before, you asked me not to call the police. Didn’t you doubt it yourself?”

Chen Feng was a bit at a loss. “What doubt?”

“What doubt can it be? Something so big happened. My dad is missing. Your reaction is the reaction of a normal person but Lin Luojing’s reaction obviously isn’t normal. Didn’t you doubt it?”

“Why are you talking nonsense? What is doubtful or not doubtful? Luoqing, I trusted you. I thought that now there are only the two of us left in the Lin family and that is why I told you this. Don’t slander people.”

Ji Yuxiao heard this and finally understood.

He was a bit surprised. “This probably isn’t the case.”

“The son planned to kidnap his father. Even if Lin Luojing is stupid, he can’t do this right? It is a crime. What if the kidnappers see the money and deal with Lin Luojing directly to ensure their own safety?”

Chen Feng exclaimed that this couldn’t be the case.

Lin Luoqing looked at her. “Now you know why your son also disappeared.”

He finished speaking and turned to look at Ji Yuxiao. “Ordinary people can’t do this type of thing, but believe me. An idiot like Lin Luojing can do anything.”

How happily had Lin Luojing lived since he was a child? His father loved his mother and loved him. Even if he knew that he had invaded someone else’s house, he could still confidently think of it as his own house. He could watch and laugh as the original owner and Lin Luoxi were kicked out.

He had lived in a greenhouse since he was young. He hadn’t been beaten by society. He did everything according to his own likes and dislikes. He naturally had little reverence for law and morality.

In addition, he was only 22 years old and hadn’t graduated from university. He was strong and vigorous. Why couldn’t he do this out of momentary anger?

Lin Luoqing guessed that he probably didn’t regard this as a big deal at all. Lin Luojing felt that as long as he didn’t say it, the kidnappers didn’t say it and Father Lin didn’t say it afterward, this was just a secret that only a few of them knew. He could completely retreat after saving his father.

Yes, based on Lin Luojing’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t dare to really kill his father. The purpose was definitely not to kill Father Lin. He must want to regain Father Lin’s attention and compare himself to Lin Luoqing.

It was just that judging from the current results, he probably lost this game. He didn’t gain any advantages and only suffered a big loss. He got caught up in it as well.

“Hurry up and call the police,” Lin Luoqing said helplessly. “Call the police now and perhaps your son might only be in prison for a few years. He will still be alive. If you don’t call the police, you might really have to collect his body.”

It all depended on whether the kidnappers were ruthless enough.

Chen Feng was frightened by him, so she finally called the police and told them what happened.

She still couldn’t believe that Lin Luojing did this. She hung up the phone and shook her head constantly. “Impossible. It is impossible. Xiao Jing isn’t such a person.”

Lin Luoqing felt that it was 90% likely, or he wouldn’t have behaved like that before.

Ji Yuxiao watched and felt incredulous. Was there really such a fool?

It shocked him too much!

The call was made. The rest depended on Chen Feng’s cooperation with the police. Lin Luoqing didn’t live in the Lin house and he really didn’t know anything about this matter. In addition, Lin Luoqing and Lin Bo had no close feelings. However, out of the human nature of wanting to eat melons, he wanted to watch the excitement and was curious about the truth of this farce of fatherly kindness and filial piety.

Lin Luojing and Lin Bo wouldn’t really die like this, right?

However, he wasn’t a policeman after all. He could only go home and wait for news. Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao stayed for a while before preparing to go home.

Before returning home, he advised Chen Feng. “If you really want Lin Luojing to be okay, tell the police clearly what you know, think and suspect. The more you hide, the greater the danger to your son.”

Chen Feng was already in a state of disbelief and she wanted someone to accompany her to feel at ease.

She looked at Lin Luoqing and begged in a low voice, “How about you not leave today?”

Lin Luoqing never expected her to say this to him. He laughed and asked in a slightly puzzled manner, “Are you begging the child of the married man you got involved with and hope that I can accompany you to alleviate the panic caused by the unknown whereabouts of your son after the mistress ascended to the throne?”

He looked at her suspiciously and mockingly. “Why do you think I will agree? Didn’t you have an affair with my mother’s husband while she was alive and didn’t you swagger into her room and kick out her son and daughter after she died?”

“Chen Feng, Lin Luojing has such a day today. He is stupid but aren’t you also partly responsible? It was you and Lin Bo who gave birth to him. You were the one who swaggered into our house with him and stole the places of my mother, sister and me. This made him feel that as long as he snatches something then it is his. It was you who constantly instilled the idea that everything in the Lin family belonged to him so that he couldn’t tolerate me at all. You even found Chen Ming on your own initiative to let him appear in front of Lin Fei so that the shares that belonged to him completely ended up in my hands.”

“You gave birth to him and raised him so he reached this point today. This is your retribution. You have no morality, which is why your son doesn’t care that much about morality and the law. He dares to do anything and doesn’t take anything seriously. Don’t you think it is ridiculous that you now want me to stay with you?”

Chen Feng heard his words and it was like she was instantly struck by lightning. She froze in place.

Her face was pale as she looked at the smiling Lin Luoqing, unable to say anything.

“I won’t care too much about this matter. If the police need anything then I will cooperate. It isn’t because I have feelings for them, but because I am a law-abiding citizen. I am willing to assist the police in solving the case. I am moral and abide by the laws. But if something happens to them, I can only say that they both deserve it.”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and turned around to push Ji Yuxiao to leave.

Chen Feng stared at his back for a long time before finally covering her face and crying.

For the first time, she regretted that she hooked up with Father Lin behind Qiu Yongxin’s back. It wasn’t due to belated morality, but because she hadn’t expected the final ending to be like this.

Could she not know what type of pain Qiu Yongxin felt after discovering that the person who slept next to her was cheating?

Of course, she knew.

She knew that Qiu Yongxin and Lin Bo had worked hard together for Boyuan and she knew how such a woman who was as quiet and gentle as Qiu Yongxin let go of her pride to beg people to help her husband. She worked endlessly and this left the roots of many diseases in her.

She knew everything. She even knew that if she and Lin Bo hadn’t been caught cheating by Qiu Yongxin in bed, perhaps Qiu Yongxin might not have died so early.

But she didn’t care.

It naturally didn’t hurt if the knife wasn’t stuck in her own body. Who didn’t want to live a good life? She just wanted to live a good life. What was wrong with this?

She was righteous and never felt that there were any problems.

Now she was starting to pay for her good days.

The first thing was that her son’s life or death was unknown. Even if he was alive, he would be sentenced to prison and his life would be ruined.

This was her retribution.

Chen Feng cried bitterly in her heart. She would rather such retribution fall on her than on Lin Luojing.

Lin Luojing was her life, the most important baby she gave birth to after a lot of struggle. He was so young. How could he end up like this?!

She forgot that Lin Luoqing and Lin Luoxi were also children that Qiu Yongxin gave birth to after working hard. She threw them out of the house like garbage and told them not to come back.

If a person walked more at night, they would always encounter ghosts. If a person did too many bad things, there would always be retribution.

Ji Yuxiao got in the car and was still immersed in the father-son farce of the Lin family.

“Is your brother really that stupid?” He was still a bit incredulous.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes, Dear. Your former fiance is so stupid.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Thankfully, Lin Luojing took the initiative to give Lin Luoqing to him or he definitely would be dying of anger right now.

“The smartest thing he did in his life must be to let you marry me.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Maybe he thinks this is the stupidest thing he did and he regrets it very much.”

“Then it will be his fate to regret it.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Yuxiao. “Say, does my father now know that everything that happened to him was designed by his precious son? If he knew, how would he feel?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“He must be in disbelief,” he said sincerely.

“I wish I could see his face after he knows the truth.” Lin Luoqing sighed and held his cheeks. He wondered if he could see it.

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My god, such a big melon

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Lol, reminds me when I complain to my friends about my family and they be like: are they really that crazy?

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It seems that every genetic father in this story is particularly selfish and obtuse. It’s only adoptive fathers that are portrayed as having affection for their adopted offspring. An interesting take… Although not terribly surprising, given the extreme patriarchal attitude. Offspring are just to prolong the father’s fame and name. I’m always puzzled in stories like this as to why the ‘unwanted offspring’ don’t change their surnames. The maternal line usually seems much more reliable.