FV: Chapter 178

Ji Yuxiao had always done things properly. Since he wanted Lin Luoqing to enter Boyun, he naturally wouldn’t let him show his face in front of ordinary employees.

“It just so happens that there will be a board meeting tomorrow and Luoqing is back now. You can take him with you and take the opportunity to let him, the newly appointed general manager, meet the shareholders of the board of directors. This can also tell everyone about the company’s upcoming cooperation with the Zhuang Group, so you can have some face, right?” Ji Yuxiao told Father Lin.

Father Lin felt that there was no need, but the signing was imminent. If he refused Ji Yuxiao at this time, Ji Yuxiao might not guarantee that President Zhuang wouldn’t stop cooperating with them. Therefore, he could only agree. “Okay. Have Luoqing come before 10 o’clock in the morning.”

“Yes, I’ll take him there tomorrow morning.” Ji Yuxiao finished speaking and hung up the phone.

“So I am going to attend the board meeting tomorrow?” Lin Luoqing looked at him.

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao took out a piece of paper. “Take a look. After your father introduces you, follow this.”

Lin Luoqing received it and took a look. It mainly wrote about the future development direction of Boyuan and why he cooperated with the Zhuang Group at this time.

“Okay.” He read it quickly. “I will definitely memorize every word.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “That is your strength.”

Lin Luoqing smiled and flicked the paper in front of him. “I accept this show.”

“Then read it first. I will go and take a bath.”


He sat on the bed and silently memorized it.

Early the next morning, Lin Luoqing was woken up by the alarm clock and went to Boyuan with Ji Yuxiao.

Father Lin went downstairs to pick them up. Ji Yuxiao didn’t go into the meeting room with Father Lin and Lin Luoqing but waited in Lin Luoqing’s new office.

He pushed the wheelchair to the window, looked at the traffic outside the window and smiled slowly.

Lin Luoqing followed Father Lin. An employee passed by and made a puzzled expression after seeing him. However, she didn’t dare to look more. She couldn’t help making guesses in her heart. Why did this person look so familiar, like Lin Luoqing? However, why would Lin Luoqing come to their company?


On the notice issued two days ago, wasn’t the new general manager called Lin Luoqing?

It was this name and he looked like this! Was this her idol, Lin Luoqing?!!!

The excited employee instantly rushed back to her workstation and discussed it with her colleagues.

“Is it really Lin Luoqing?” Her colleagues were surprised.

“Absolutely. I sleep looking at his poster every day. Can I not know him?” The employee lowered her voice.

“I didn’t think he would be Chairman Lin’s son. I thought it was a duplicate name when I saw the name before. I didn’t expect it to be him!”

“God, isn’t our brother rich and handsome?” Her colleague was pleasantly surprised. “He is rich and he started as a supporting actor. He is so well-behaved.”

“If I was him, I would’ve thrown money toward obtaining resources for myself.”

“So why did he come to the company today?”

“I don’t know but today is Wednesday. It is customary to hold a board meeting today. I think he might be here for this.”

“Yes yes, Chairman Lin was going in the direction of the meeting room.”

“My god, so acting is just a side job for him? This is too powerful. My brother is quite versatile.”

“He is worthy of being the man I fancy! It is awesome!”

The employees of the company were discussing it quietly in private while Lin Luoqing entered the meeting room with Father Lin.

The other directors saw Lin Luoqing coming in and secretly guessed that Lin Bo was planning to train this son of his.

Didn’t he kick Lin Luoqing out of the house before?

Did they reconcile again?

What about Lin Luojing?

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help looking at Lin Luoqing a few more times. After seeing him, some people found that he was a bit familiar.

Wasn’t this the actor in the drama that his daughter watched recently?

Was this him?

If it was him, what was he doing here instead of acting well?

Everyone thought about it while Father Lin sat in the main seat and arranged Lin Luoqing on his right. Then he gave an introduction. “This is Luoqing, my son and the new general manager of the company.”

The directors had come today for this purpose. For so many years, Lin Bo had been accompanying the position of general manager himself and he refused to share power. Unexpectedly, today he actually gave the title of general manager to his son.

He still had the final say but the meaning was already obvious. He really planned to train Lin Luoqing.

From now on, it seemed that the company didn’t belong to Lin Luojing, but the person in front of them.

Lin Luoqing smiled slightly after hearing Father Lin’s words and politely greeted everyone. He started to repeat what Ji Yuxiao wrote for him from shallow to deep.

He spoke in an unhurried and orderly manner. Finally, he said that based on such development prospects, he decided to cooperate with the Zhuang Group. He had already agreed and was just waiting for the formal signing of the contract with President Zhuang this afternoon. This was the fundamental reason behind his father appointing him as the general manager.

When he first entered, the directors thought he was just a decoration behind Father Lin. Even when he took his seat, they didn’t take him seriously.

Most of the rich second generation were like this. After graduating, they entered their family’s company but they didn’t know anything. It was already good if they didn’t drag the company back. No one expected them to gain achievements as soon as they joined. The directors hadn’t expected Lin Luoqing to have such insights and start to do practical things as soon as he came!

This was the Zhuang Group!

Boyuan could actually cooperate with the Zhuang Group. The directors instantly had smiles on their faces and their eyes toward Lin Luoqing became kind.

“Luoqing is right. This is really like father, like son. Chairman Lin, your son is like you!”

“Right? Luoqing already has such ability at a young age. It is really the youth who become heroes! Chairman Lin, you will have a blessed future!”

“I was wondering why Chairman Lin suddenly let someone else become the general manager. It turned out to be like this. With Luoqing’s vision, it should be like this. Chairman Lin, you have such an excellent son. Why didn’t you let him join the company earlier?”

“That’s right. Chairman Lin, you have been hiding it for too long.”

Father Lin was puzzled but he was in a good mood after receiving compliments from everyone. Therefore, he smiled and teased them a bit. It wasn’t until the board of directors meeting ended that he asked Lin Luoqing, “What did you say at the meeting just now? Did you think of it yourself?”

“Of course not.” Lin Luoqing knew too well what type of personality he had in his father’s eyes. “It was Ji Yuxiao who told me this. He asked me to memorize it or else it would be too humiliating for you if someone asks me a question and I can’t answer. They would laugh in private at you for having such a stupid son. It doesn’t matter if I am ridiculed but I can’t let my father be laughed at. That is why I memorized it.’

Lin Luoqing looked at him a bit shyly. “What I said was okay, right? I was afraid they would ask me, so I simply said it so they wouldn’t ask.”

Father Lin thought, ‘…I was wondering how he could say those words. Sure enough, they were taught by Ji Yuxiao.’

He was relieved. Then he thought about how Lin Luoqing memorized so many words just so Father Lin wouldn’t be ridiculed, and felt that his son was really filial.

What a son!

Wasn’t this more sensible than Lin Luojing?

“You are good.” Father Lin patted him on the shoulder.

Lin Luoqing’s eyes lit up. “Dad, you praised me!”

Father Lin saw his joyful expression. He rarely reflected on himself and found that he really didn’t praise his son. For a while, he felt some guilt so he didn’t ask Lin Luoqing why he took the credit for the signing matter.

‘In any case, it must be for my own good,’ Father Lin thought. There was no need to ask more.

He knew his son too well.

Lin Luoqing finished the board meeting and returned to his office to find Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao had already arranged an assistant for him. This person would come with him when he came back to Boyuan in a few days.

Lin Luoqing listened to this and kissed him. “You are really reliable.”

“Right?” Ji Yuxiao was proud. “Now only the contract is left.”

In the afternoon, Zhuang Yue arrived and signed a contract with Lin Luoqing.

The moment this contract was signed, the partnership was formally established.

Zhuang Yue looked at Lin Luoqing and said deliberately, “If I have problems in the future, I will often come to you, General Manager Lin.”

“No problem,” Lin Luoqing responded with a smile.

Father Lin was already smiling at this time and said enthusiastically, “Then let’s have a meal together. President Zhuang, what do you want to eat? I will treat you.”

It was a pity that Zhuang Yue was too lazy to waste time here. He said there were things he was busy with and left.

Lin Luoqing had achieved his goal and didn’t bother to act any longer. He said that he was going to pick up the children and pushed Ji Yuxiao away.

Seeing this, Father Lin personally sent them off. His entire body was filled with joy.

He was happy but Chen Feng and Lin Luojing weren’t happy. In particular, their mood became even darker once they heard he actually took Lin Luoqing to the board of directors meeting.

Chen Feng couldn’t help shedding tears again, feeling that her life was too miserable.

Lin Luojing silently went back to his room while thinking about something.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know about this at all and didn’t care about it. He was preparing for tomorrow’s audition. As long as this audition passed, he could successfully move from the TV industry to the movie industry.

He watched a few audition clips that the director had sent to Wu Xinyuan again. He pondered on it for a while before going to meet Director Li confidently.

Director Li was still the same as before. He had a simple ponytail and a mustache and looked like an artist.

However, he wasn’t an artist. He was a businessman, a very successful businessman.

He calmly looked at the person in front of him. Lin Luoqing actually wasn’t a cold person, but every time he appeared in front of the director, he had a cold face and no expression. He looked like Fu Xi in the movie.

He was indeed the actor who was closest to Fu Xi’s character. He was exquisite in appearance. He was young and handsome and looked like a student. He also had the best acting skill among everyone, not to mention that he was very popular now.

It seemed there was nothing to be picky about.

However, it was indeed a bit uncomfortable for Director Li to let someone who never acted in a movie directly enter his movie and it was an important role like the third male lead. He was accustomed to using actors with rich filming experience.

There was just nothing to fault Lin Luoqing for.

He let Lin Luoqing try two more Fu Xi solo scenes. Lin Luoqing still acted them well.

‘Maybe he is the chosen Fu Xi,’ Director Li thought.

“Okay, there are no problems.” Director Li sat up straight. “This movie is expected to start in late April and early May. You should prepare for it. Don’t delay the schedule at that time.”

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing replied in surprise.

He couldn’t help smiling once he finished speaking.

Once he smiled, his true nature was exposed. Director Li commented, “You don’t look like Fu Xi.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt a bit helpless and the corners of his mouth collapsed again.

Director Li was satisfied. “This is more similar.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Okay, he would definitely greet Director Li with a cold face when seeing him in the future! He would be as merciless as the autumn breeze sweeping up the leaves!

Lin Luoqing passed the audition. He wanted to read the script in advance, memorize the lines and prepare for it.

Director Li listened to his thoughts and felt that he was quite serious, so he nodded with satisfaction.

It was just that…

“The script is still being revised and will be sent to you after the change. It can’t be sent now. However, you don’t have to worry. It will definitely be given before filming starts.”

This type of thing was common in the movie industry. After all, some directors didn’t give the script when filming started. They would let the actor act like this in the morning and then change it in the afternoon. All the directors in the movie industry had their own personalities, especially this type of famous director. Lin Luoqing was fine with it. He just asked a few more questions before leaving with Wu Xinyuan.

“That’s good.” Wu Xinyuan had been worried about this resource for so long. Now that Lin Luoqing finally got it, he instantly became much more relaxed. “Director Li’s movies have always been very good at the box office. Fu Xi’s character is also very good. It is good for you to use this movie as a stepping stone for you to enter the movie industry.”

Lin Luoqing also felt it was difficult to act in a comedy, especially a comedy where he was playing a serious and not funny person. If he acted well, he would naturally gain a lot. If he didn’t act well, he was the one who was easiest to be scolded.

Lin Luoqing pondered on it. He was ready to watch at least one comedy movie every day from today onwards to figure out some acting methods suitable for comedy.

Ji Yuxiao heard the news of his successful audition and was happy for him for a while. Then he realized that Lin Luoqing had successfully auditioned and would have to leave for about three months, and he became sad about the parting.

“If only I was an actor. Then we could join the crew together and film together,” he lamented.

“Won’t that be harder?” Lin Luoqing looked at him and said seriously. “How can we film every project together? At that time, it is more likely that you haven’t finished filming after I finish. I will also be filming when you have time. We won’t be able to get together.”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…So being an actor really affects falling in love!’

“Then I can only hope that you will finish filming soon.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing promised him with a smile.

Everything went well on his side but it wasn’t so smooth on Chen Feng and Lin Luojing’s side.

Chen Feng argued with Father Lin several times over Lin Luojing’s matter. After a fierce quarrel, Father Lin even proposed a divorce.

Chen Feng immediately shut her mouth and didn’t dare to speak. Meanwhile, Lin Luojing’s sense of crisis became heavier.

Under such a sense of crisis, he quietly hatched a plan. He wanted to kidnap his father. More precisely, he would hire people to kidnap his father and then rescue his father himself.

Lin Luojing was really young. He couldn’t sit idly by and watch everything that belonged to him be snatched away by Lin Luoqing. It was because he was young and he didn’t have a heart deep enough to do more terrible things.

He just felt that his father liked Lin Luoqing more because Lin Luoqing was useful and more obedient. This made his father choose to give Lin Luoqing what originally belonged to Lin Luojing. Then as long as Lin Luojing desperately saved his father in this kidnapping that he wrote and directed, his status would naturally rise with Father Lin.

He wanted to be a filial son and sensible son who cared about his father, so he would be such a person.

In this way, if Father Lin wasn’t willing to return what originally belonged to him then Lin Luojing would have a reason to accuse him and he could… act more ruthlessly!

After all, this was his biological father and they had been living together for so many years. It was impossible for Lin Luojing to have no feelings for Father Lin. He wanted money and a future, but he didn’t want to kill his father.

Therefore, he hoped that staging a kidnapping could improve the relationship between them and get them back on track, letting him get what he deserved.

Lin Luojing was struggling in his heart, but he kept persuading himself that he could no longer sit idly in order to seek wealth. If this continued, Lin Luoqing would really sit firmly in Boyuan. At that time, there would really be no place for him and his mother!

He had to take a chance!

It was just that many areas needed to be improved in this plan. He still needed to think carefully and be more thoughtful.

He lowered his head and looked at the white paper in front of him that was full of writing.

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How can he think that? kidnapping his own father is not the answer to his problems!

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well… at least thats btr than harming the family of four.~