FV: Chapter 176

“By the way, is it okay if you are like this?” He looked at Ji Yuxiao. “What about that President Zhuang? If you let him sign a contract with Boyuan, do you have to give him other compensation?”

“No need,” Ji Yuxiao said indifferently. “This project is beneficial to him and he actively raised his hand. He insisted I choose him, or I would’ve been too lazy to choose him.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘That’s good.’

“Then I thank President Zhuang.”

Ji Yuxiao heard his words and the corners of his lips curved up. “Then don’t be too surprised when you meet him.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

“I know him?” He wondered, “Who is it?”

“You’ll know it at the time.” Ji Yuxiao deliberately kept him hanging.

Lin Luoqing thought for a long time before his eyes suddenly widened. “You aren’t talking about Zhuang Yue, right?”

He didn’t know anyone else with the surname Zhuang.

Ji Yuxiao raised an eyebrow. “I am really surprised that you remember.”

“Isn’t he your friend? How can I not remember? I just didn’t expect it to be him. I will thank him well when I see him next time.”

“Then you should thank me well,” Ji Yuxiao said. “What is the use of thanking him? Thanking me is the most logical.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Yes, thank you, President Ji. Our President Ji is a wise man. You are smart, clever in your schemes and can determine victory from thousands of miles away.”

Ji Yuxiao was satisfied. “That’s more like it.”

Lin Luoqing felt that he was inexplicably cute. He smiled and kissed Ji Yuxiao on the face. Then he went back to packing his luggage.

Chen Feng knew from her old classmates that she placed in the company that Father Lin had appointed Lin Luoqing as the general manager and was preparing an office for him!

“Just now, Chairman Lin gave a notice to the personnel side. He is asking us to draft an official document and to send it to our company’s employees. What is going on, Sister? Shouldn’t this be for our Xiao Jing? Wasn’t Lin Luoqing kicked out by Chairman Lin earlier?”

Chen Feng clenched her hands in shock and her nails were embedded in her palms. How could this be?

How could he do this?

He had already given Lin Luoqing the shares. How could he give him authority as well?

If he did this, what about Xiao Jing? Had he considered Xiao Jing’s feelings?

Chen Feng hung up the phone in a perfunctory manner. Then she followed Father Lin into the study once he returned home at night and asked, “You are letting Luoqing go to the company?”

Father Lin’s expression was cold. “What does this have to do with you?”

“How can you do this?” Chen Feng couldn’t believe it. “Luojing hasn’t joined the company and has no shares or positions. Meanwhile, Luoqing has already taken his shares. Why do you still want to give him a position? It is also the general manager! If you treat him like this, is it fair for Luojing? He is also your son. Why is Luojing receiving nothing?”

“Then you should ask yourself and him.” Father Lin snorted coldly. “Do you need me to tell you again what the two of you have done?”

He looked at the woman in front of him and said irritably. “I thought you had settled down for a bit but you have become like this again. Chen Feng, let me tell you, I have the final say in this family and it is the same in the company. If I want, Luojing can naturally have shares and positions. But if I don’t want to, he will receive nothing! You had both better understand this sooner rather than later. Don’t go against me, understand?”

What was the point of talking to him about what was fair or unfair every day?

Lin Luoqing had been kicked out of the house by him for so many years, but did Lin Luoqing complain that it was unfair?

This was the son he needed!

He was well-behaved, sensible, didn’t talk much and only listened to Father Lin’s words. What was the point of someone like Lin Luojing, who only cared about his mother?

Father Lin said in annoyance, “You go back and don’t disturb me. Can’t you see that I have something else to do?”

Chen Feng looked at him, her heart full of resentment. For so many years, she had followed Father Lin, from young to now, from before Lin Luojing was born till Lin Luojing was 22 years old, she had followed him for half her life. She had given birth to a child for him but in the end, he said such things to her!

What did it mean that her son would receive nothing if he didn’t want it?

Xiao Jing was his son and should naturally have the right to inherit. He should inherit his shares and the company rather than having them snatched away by Lin Luoqing!

What qualifications did Lin Luoqing have? He was a fool who had long been kicked out. Why did he snatch her son’s things?

“Do you really want to be so unfeeling toward Xiao Jing?” She asked Father Lin.

Father Lin said indifferently, “Am I unfeeling? He is the one who is disobedient, unfilial and not sensible! Since he can’t be a good son, don’t think about his father treating him well!”

“He only said a few words to Lin Luoqing. He didn’t do anything. Didn’t he listen to you enough? What else do you want?”

“Get out.” Father Lin was only annoyed by her. “Why didn’t I find you so noisy before? In the end, you aren’t from a scholarly family and you have no brains. Qiu Yongxin is much quieter than you!”

Chen Feng instantly became even more resentful when she heard him mention Qiu Yongxin!

She sneered. “Then why did you think she was boring and acted behind her back to be with me? Did you think she was quiet back then?”

Father Lin hadn’t expected her to say this. He was so angry that he picked up the cup and smashed it at her. “You still have the face to say this? Aren’t you the one who took the initiative to seduce me? If you hadn’t seduced me, how could I be with you? Get out!”

Chen Feng wasn’t hit hard by him, but her heart hurt so much that she couldn’t say anything. She seduced him?

Yes, she seduced him but in the end, wasn’t it him who couldn’t control his lower body?

Could she conceive Lin Luojing by herself?

When he cheated, the two of them hit it off. He fell in love with his mistress. Now that he was turning over old accounts, he said that she took the initiative to seduce him?

Obviously, he wasn’t a good thing but he picked himself clean!

How could he think that she seduced him? Wasn’t it because his eyes were always on her back then?

Sure enough, this was a man!

A man who could cheat!

Chen Feng turned around and walked toward the door.

She opened the door and saw Lin Luojing standing outside the door.

Chen Feng was a bit surprised and a bit embarrassed. She didn’t know how much her son had heard and she could only ask him, “When did you come back?”

“When you said that he gave everything to Lin Luoqing,” Lin Luojing replied.

Chen Feng was embarrassed and at a loss. “Your father is just confused for a while. He loves you, you know. In the end, the company will still be handed over to you.”

Lin Luojing didn’t think so.

He had already seen from the last time when his father asked him to get out that his father didn’t love anyone, only himself.

Especially now when Lin Luoqing was obviously more valuable than him. His father wouldn’t think about him any longer.

He was about to graduate but his brother already had shares and sat in the position of general manager. if Lin Luojing continued like this then he would really have nothing.

He had to fight for himself.

Lin Luojing returned to his room and thought carefully.

He didn’t plan to attack Lin Luoqing. The situation had changed too fast. Right now, Lin Luoqing was a popular star. If something happened to him, his fans would definitely make a fuss. This wasn’t what Lin Luojing wanted.

Moreover, Lin Luoqing was just the recipient. It was his father who really decided everything.

Thus, his father was the source.

He had to figure out a way to get everything back on track.

He sat on the bed and kept thinking about it.

Lin Luoqing obviously wasn’t as troubled as the Chen Feng and Lin Luojing mother and son. He was helping the two children bathe. He told them he was going out for two days and would come back the night after tomorrow.

Lin Fei heard him say it was the night after tomorrow and his heart was a bit happy. It was rare for Lin Luoqing to only go out for a short time.

Ji Leyu nodded obediently and said to him in a spoiled manner, “Dad, come back early.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing kissed the two children one after another. “Dad will fly back immediately after work and bring you small gifts~”

Ji Leyu shook his head obediently. “I don’t want a small gift, I just want Dad~ It’s fine as long as Dad comes back~”

Lin Luoqing smiled and pinched his face. “I know~”

He couldn’t help kissing Ji Leyu on the cheek again. Then he kissed Lin Fei, who was beside him and continued to bathe them.

Early the next morning, he sent Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to school and then asked Luo Jia to send him to the airport.

Wu Xinyuan had been waiting at the airport entrance for a long time.

He didn’t plan to let Lin Luoqing take the VIP passage this time because he wanted Lin Luoqing to feel his current popularity.

Lin Luoqing didn’t take it seriously until he walked into the airport and was surrounded by a crowd of fans. Then he found that he seemed to be a bit more popular than he thought.

This was the first time that fans had seen him since he became popular. They couldn’t help sighing. “Ahhhh, Brother. You are so handsome!”

“How can anyone look better than they do on TV? This is too amazing!”

“Brother, this is for you.”

“This and this are for you.”

“Brother, are you going to record a variety show this time?”

“Brother, have you decided your next work? What is the theme of your next work?”

“When will ‘Radiance’ be aired? I really want to see Brother wearing a police uniform.”

The fans asked while following him.

Lin Luoqing didn’t accept any of the gifts they handed over. He just accepted the handwritten letters from fans and answered the few questions that he could answer.

Wu Xinyuan and his assistant surrounded him and constantly said, “Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze. Give Luoqing a bit of space. Thank you.”

The fans in the front immediately retreated back, but the number of fans was too large and they couldn’t take many steps back.

Lin Luoqing saw it and once again exclaimed in his heart, ‘This is really… much more popular than I thought.’

He talked with fans all the way to the security checkpoint. Then Lin Luoqing passed the security check and waved to them. The fans immediately raised their hands and waved back at him, asking him to take care of himself.

He smiled and nodded before walking toward the boarding gate.

“The situation is so big,” Lin Luoqing told Wu Xinyuan. “There were much more people than I expected.”

“Thus, you are popular.”

“It is quite sudden.” Lin Luoqing sighed.

“Stars are like this. A drama or a song might make you popular. However, it is easy to be popular for a while but it is difficult to stay popular.”

“Of course.”

“But you should be able to be popular for a long time,” Wu Xinyuan looked at him and said sincerely. “You have a good mentality. In this way, you can go further.”

He looked at the person in front of him who didn’t show any excessive joy or excitement. Perhaps it was because his star path was too smooth so that even after such a scene, he just smiled slightly and looked no different from usual.

Lin Luoqing was actually quite excited and happy, but there had been too many surprises recently. The fact that Ji Yuxiao stood up had a huge impact on him. Therefore, he was surprised but the degree of joy had decreased because he experienced a greater surprise. He seemed a bit spoiled because he wasn’t too surprised.

In fact, he was subconsciously happy.

The happiness became more apparent after getting off the plane and meeting the fans who came to pick him up at the airport.

Lin Luoqing still only received their letters and exchanged a few words with them. Then he got into the car sent by the program group.

He sat in the car and waved to everyone. They all said goodbye to him. “Goodbye, Brother.”

“Goodbye,” Lin Luoqing said softly.

He leaned back against the seat with a bright smile on his face. After so many years, he finally had this day.

Finally, he had his own name and presence in this circle.

Lin Luoqing happily took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao: [I’m so popular.]

[Hahahaha, I have quite a lot of fans.]

[I’m so happy.]

Ji Yuxiao saw his childish sentences and replied to him: [Jiayou, Brother. Brother is the best, Brother is the most beautiful!]

Lin Luoqing, “????”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did he secretly read some quotes from the fan circles?

He still had time to watch this?!

[Where did you learn it?]

Ji Yuxiao: [Your fan base ^_^]

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

[You also joined my fan base?]

Ji Yuxiao: [Yes.]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

[Why did you join it?]

[Of course, it is to call you Brother~]

Yes, he could call it now!

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help laughing. [Then what type of fan are you?]

[Of course, a husband fan and CP fan.]

Ji Yuxiao added quickly: [The Passion (Jiqing) CP can’t be dismantled or reversed!]

Lin Luoqing was amused by his words. Not only did Ji Yuxiao learn to name a CP but he also knew it couldn’t be dismantled or reversed. He was really incredible!

The two of them talked for a while before Lin Luoqing arrived at the hotel arranged for him by the program staff. Finally, he saw Yao Momo, Li Hanhai and his other colleagues from the crew again.

Everyone hadn’t seen each other for a long time and they chatted for a while. Then they headed to styling and to prepare for the afternoon variety show recording.

Lin Luoqing also found out again from this recording that he was really popular. The fans who came to support him almost equaled the fans of Li Hanhai and Yao Momo!

Everyone watched the three of them get out of the car one after another. They walked in the direction of the gate of the TV station together. It was like a drama and the cheers almost lifted the roof of the TV station.

Li Hanhai and Yao Momo smiled and waved toward the fans who responded at the gate. They entered through the door of the TV station and Lin Luoqing followed them in.

The fans at the gate all sighed. “F*k, why do I feel like Luoqing is so obedient?”

“The three people are in the same frame and it is so rare! This family is neat and tidy!”

“He is so cute. How can Luoqing be cuter than when he is on TV?”

“Wu wu wu, my brother is so handsome!”

After recording the variety show, Lin Luoqing was tired. He went back to the hotel to eat and then lay down on the bed.

He had nothing to do, so he simply opened his side account and looked at his fan base. He secretly wondered to himself which one was Ji Yuxiao. It was worrying. There were so many people and he couldn’t click on them one by one to see the content of their Weibo, right?

Ah, he was really curious!

Ji Yuxiao still didn’t tell him!

He silently sent a WeChat message to Wu Xinyuan: [Do you know what President Ji’s Weibo is?]

Wu Xinyuan, “???!!!”

You have both been married for so long but you don’t know his Weibo?

They sleep in the same bed but have different dreams. Is this a superficial husband and wife?

For the first time, Wu Xinyuan started to wonder if the boss and the boss’ wife really loved each other?

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