FV: Chapter 174

Seeing that Ji Yuxiao didn’t speak, Lin Luoqing blinked and was a bit puzzled. “Aren’t you continuing?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao coughed. “Or let’s sleep first.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

Lin Luoqing was even more puzzled. “Why? You don’t want to?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t want to?

Who was this person kidding?

Ever since he started eating meat, he had fully demonstrated his nature as a carnivore. Why was his heart pure today?!

This was too unscientific, right?!

Did rehabilitation require abstinence?

It shouldn’t be so strict…

Lin Luoqing didn’t understand. He simply asked, “Is it one of the doctor’s orders? Do you need to refrain from it during rehabilitation?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao stared into his innocent eyes and hesitated over whether to take this opportunity to nod or not.

Then Lin Luoqing spoke to himself again. “No, what type of method is this? What is the principle behind it? Did the doctor explain it to you?”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘Ah, this…’

Lin Luoqing pondered for a long time and felt it was strange.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao, who was silent and just staring at him. Then an idea popped up in his mind. “Are you hiding something from me?”

Ji Yuxiao immediately felt guilty. “How can that be? Is your husband that type of person?”

Lin Luoqing looked him up and down carefully. “Not before today, but it might not necessarily be the case today.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Suddenly, Lin Luoqing thought of something and his expression changed.

“You…” He looked at Ji Yuxiao hesitantly.

Ji Yuxiao looked at his eyes that were hesitant and asked doubtfully, “I…?”

“You… you…”

“I? I?”

“Did you hurt that part during the rehabilitation?” Lin Luoqing approached him, voice small. “So you can’t do that now?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao touched his forehead. How could this person think so much?!

What injury?

He wasn’t rehabilitating that area!

How could he get hurt?

Lin Luoqing saw him like this and didn’t know if he was too ashamed to admit it or if he was simply helpless against Lin Luoqing’s speculation.

“Is… this the case?”

“Do you have to be so cruel to yourself?” Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “What is the benefit to you if I can’t do it? Will you still be able to sleep with someone?”

Lin Luoqing patted his chest proudly. “I can do it!”

He was very open. “You can’t do it but I can do it. We can still have a good s*xual life.”

Ji Yuxiao, “??????”

Ji Yuxiao never thought that he had such thoughts. “Then you will probably be disappointed. Even if you can do it, I can also do it.”

“I don’t believe it,” Lin Luoqing said defiantly. “Unless you prove it to me today.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Can you? I don’t see that you can do it.”

Ji Yuxiao was stimulated by his words and his sense of reason gradually collapsed.

He stared into Lin Luoqing’s beautiful eyes and listened to his mouth constantly uttering annoying words. He was so angry that he grabbed Lin Luoqing by the collar. He pulled the person in front of him and kissed this endlessly chattering mouth.

Lin Luoqing took advantage of this situation to hug his neck. He licked his lips and deliberately said while kissing the other person, “If it doesn’t work, you can swap with me. I will definitely make you very comfortable.”

Ji Yuxiao bit him. “You don’t want to sleep tonight.”

“Then you need to have this ability.” Lin Luoqing pressed their lips together, his tone flamboyant. “Do you have it?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao’s sanity completely collapsed.

He turned down the brightness of the lamp and his room instantly darkened. It was orange and yellow, like the color of an oil painting that smudged the whole room.

Ji Yuxiao kissed Lin Luoqing, gently stroking his hair. He followed the trail and pinched Lin Luoqing’s ears. Then he finally hugged Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was fascinated by his kiss. He lay against Ji Yuxiao’s body and felt like a boat floating on the sea, shaking as he was blown by the storm.

He opened his eyes that he had closed at an unknown time and stared at the person in front of him. Ji Yuxiao was looking at him, beautiful phoenix eyes full of tenderness. For a moment, Lin Luoqing felt that the lights on his ship were on and the entire sea surface was shining.

He kissed Ji Yuxiao in an attached manner. Ji Yuxiao touched his face and kissed him again and again.

This was until Lin Luoqing’s sleepiness struck and he hummed. “How long will you take? I’m sleepy.”

Ji Yuxiao said proudly, “Didn’t you ask me if I have the ability to keep you from sleeping tonight? Then I will naturally satisfy you.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing finally regretted it at this moment. He stared at the other person in an aggrieved manner and begged him for mercy.

He had always been able to bend and stretch toward Ji Yuxiao, not to mention that he said good things this time that were invaluable. He even called out ‘husband’ several times. Finally, Ji Yuxiao let him go.

Lin Luoqing was sleepy. Ji Yuxiao kissed him on the forehead and said gently, “Sleep. Good night.”

Lin Luoqing was in a daze. His mind didn’t work and he habitually called out the name he had used to please Ji Yuxiao just now, his voice obedient. “Good night, Husband.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt that he wanted to fight again!

He looked at Lin Luoqing, who had closed his eyes, and gently kissed Lin Luoqing on the face. Then he let go of his thoughts.

He hadn’t taken off his clothes completely just now. He had held Lin Luoqing’s face and kissed him every time Lin Luoqing’s eyes wandered. Lin Luoqing liked this type of intimate little action and naturally didn’t feel that there were any problems. Thus, he never found the bruises on Ji Yuxiao’s body.

Ji Yuxiao poked Lin Luoqing’s face. It was only then that he felt relieved and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Ji Yuxiao was already dressed when Lin Luoqing woke up and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

Lin Luoqing hugged him and rubbed against him. He was clingy after waking up and acted spoiled with him.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t urge him. He let Lin Luoqing act like this for a while before getting ready to get up.

“I have to take a bath.” Lin Luoqing leaned against him, as if not wanting to part with him. His tone was full of attachment. “Can you come with me?”

Ji Yuxiao, who had been feeling that he escaped from a disaster. ‘Ah, this…’

He saw Lin Luoqing looking at him softly, eyes as gentle as waves and tenderness pouring out of him like water.

In the end, Ji Yuxiao wasn’t willing to refuse Lin Luoqing, who looked at him like this.

He nodded and entered the bathroom with Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing took off his clothes very calmly, got into the bathtub and waited for him to come in.

Ji Yuxiao hesitated for a moment. He waited until question marks appeared in Lin Luoqing’s eyes before telling him in a resigned manner, “Don’t be surprised.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Huh?’

“Don’t be uncomfortable.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Luoqing asked sensitively.

JI Yuxiao didn’t speak and slowly took off his clothes.

Lin Luoqing saw the bruises on his body that had been hidden so far.

Some of them had disappeared a bit. The color was pale and they seemed like they would fade after a while. Others were still bruised. They were like new injuries and looked very painful.

Lin Luoqing leaned close to the edge of the bathtub in disbelief. He looked at the marks on Ji Yuxiao’s waist and legs and realized something. That’s right, a person would fall during rehabilitation. They would fall and stand up again, fall and stand up again, repeating this again and again.

How was it possible for there to be no traces?

How could it not hurt?

Lin Luoqing felt that he knew why Ji Yuxiao wanted to initially reject him last night.

He cared about his pride so much and definitely didn’t want Lin Luoqing to see this.

He only wanted Lin Luoqing to see the result of standing up. He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know what type of hard work and patience he had put into this result.

‘It must hurt a lot,’ Lin Luoqing thought. ‘There are so many large and small bruises that look very painful.’

Ji Yuxiao saw the sadness and distress in his eyes and deliberately smiled. “What’s the matter? Didn’t I tell you not to feel uncomfortable?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Lin Luoqing looked up at him, voice soft like he was reproaching himself. “I didn’t even know.”

Ji Yuxiao was about to comfort him when he heard Lin Luoqing criticize himself. “It is my own fault. I was too happy. I should’ve thought of this. I am too slow.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t think he was slow. He touched Lin Luoqing’s head. “It is okay to be happy. I just wanted you to be happy.”

Lin Luoqing heard this, saw the face close at hand and couldn’t help kissing Ji Yuxiao’s lips.

Ji Yuxiao kissed him in a soothing manner and coaxed him. “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt, really.”

“How is that possible?” Lin Luoqing didn’t believe it.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and said, “It is already good to be able to feel pain compared to not feeling pain, right?”

‘That is true,’ Lin Luoqing thought. ‘As long as he can feel it, there is hope of recovery.’

“So don’t feel bad.” Ji Yuxiao smiled and held his face. “Be good.”

Lin Luoqing nodded and hugged him tightly.

The two of them were tired after staying in the bathtub for a while. Then as Lin Luoqing was helping Ji Yuxiao wipe his back, he found that there were also many bruises on this person’s back. It was just that yesterday, Ji Yuxiao had been lying down and his dressing gown wasn’t taken off, so Lin Luoqing hadn’t noticed it.

He lowered his head and kissed the bruises on Ji Yuxiao’s back.

Ji Yuxiao looked back at him in surprise. Then he felt Lin Luoqing hugging him from behind, Lin Luoqing’s head against his back.

“I’ll apply medicine,” he said. “Do you need medicine for these injuries?”

Lin Luoqing never had the awareness of applying medicine when he fell or knocked against something. In his understanding, it was only when he was bleeding that he needed to apply medicine and bandages.

He grew up like this and he didn’t think there was a problem with it. When he was filming, Li Hanhai fell and his knee was bruised. His assistant immediately applied ointment on him and Lin Luoqing realised that this type of bruise could also have medicine applied to it.

He couldn’t be blamed for this. He grew up in such an environment. He was originally a child of ordinary people and wasn’t a pampered young master. He was also a boy. As a child, he received constant bumps and was used to it. He naturally didn’t take it seriously.

Ji Yuxiao was different. Lin Luoqing thought that Ji Yuxiao was a noble son who grew up with rich clothes and rich food. He should apply medicine to bruises, right?

He wanted to help him.

He was now sure that Ji Yuxiao would never allow him to accompany him in the rehabilitation. Even if he could bear to watch Ji Yuxiao fall every time, Ji Yuxiao would not be able to accept it.

Ji Yuxiao always had this type of personality. Lin Luoqing knew his self-esteem and naturally wouldn’t force him.

However, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for Ji Yuxiao. He thought that since Ji Yuxiao was able to show these injuries in front of him, it proved this was an area that Lin Luoqing could touch. Then maybe he could help Ji Yuxiao with the medicine if he could really apply medicine to these injuries.

Ji Yuxiao actually wasn’t as delicate as Lin Luoqing thought.

It wasn’t that his life wasn’t exquisite, but as the former student tyrant, fighting was commonplace for him. His scars were even recognized as a medal of honor by Ji Yuxiao in his chuunibyou phase of high school. Therefore, he didn’t care much about bruises at all, let alone applied medicine to them.

The only exception was this time. He wanted the traces on his body to be gone quickly, so as to not let Lin Luoqing find out. Thus, he had Xiao Li buy medicine.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t bother to use it at all.

“Okay,” Ji Yuxiao agreed. “I’ll ask Xiao Li to give you the medicine. If you are at home, you can help me apply it.”

Lin Luoqing immediately became happy and nodded uncontrollably.

“Are you no longer uncomfortable now?” Ji Yuxiao asked with a smile.

Lin Luoqing was actually still a bit uncomfortable. Anyone who saw bruises on the body of the people they liked had to feel distressed.

Still, he smiled and gave Ji Yuxiao the answer he wanted. “Yes.”

He smiled brightly. “If you don’t want me to be uncomfortable, I won’t be uncomfortable.”

He hugged Ji Yuxiao with gentle movements.

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