FV: Chapter 173

Lin Luoqing listened to these words and his face instantly turned red.

He couldn’t help lowering his eyes. Ji Yuxiao kissed his lips, pecking and kissing him gently. Lin Luoqing’s heart throbbed uncontrollably again.

He slowly looked up at the person in front of him. He rubbed against Ji Yuxiao’s lips and slowly kissed him.

His kiss was hot and lingering. He attached himself to Ji Yuxiao like a winding vine.

Ji Yuxiao hugged him and kept kissing him. Lin Luoqing was directly kissed and his mouth almost swelled up. Finally, he separated reluctantly.

Lin Luoqing stared at him, still immersed in the joy of him standing up. He quickly got off the ground, took Ji Yuxiao’s hand and said to him, “Come, let me see you stand up again.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t refuse. He let go of Lin Luoqing’s hand, wanting to use the support of the book on the bedside table. However, Lin Luoqing held his hand tightly.

“I can help you up,” he said gently.

Ji Yuxiao saw the hope in his eyes. He didn’t want to disappoint the other person so he nodded, pressed down with both hands and supported himself on Lin Luoqing to stand up slowly.

This was the first time Lin Luoqing had seen him standing up. Ji Yuxiao worked very hard and acted calmly, but he was still different from normal people.

Even so, Lin Luoqing’s eyes only had joy and excitement. He stood very steady, holding Ji Yuxiao with both hands. He watched Ji Yuxiao hold his hand and stand up again.

The smile on Lin Luoqing’s face became brighter.

He looked up at Ji Yuxiao, who was taller than him. This was the second time he had looked at Ji Yuxiao from this perspective. Just like before, he couldn’t stop his joy and excitement. It seemed like his entire body was about to tremble.

“You are so handsome.” He stared at Ji Yuxiao, as if he couldn’t see enough. There was only Ji Yuxiao in his pupils. “Ji Yuxiao, you are the most handsome person I have ever met.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. The last traces of tension in his heart had completely dissipated.

In the end, it was the first time he was watched by Lin Luoqing when slowly standing up. He had promised very easily and acted calmly, but only he knew in his heart how nervous he was.

Every time he stood up, it consumed a lot of his strength. Especially since he had been standing up for so long, he shouldn’t have stood up so quickly. It was easy for him to fall when standing up at this time.

However, Lin Luoqing said he wanted to see it and held his hand, so he couldn’t refuse.

He was most reluctant to let Lin Luoqing see his embarrassed appearance, but he still risked the embarrassment and stood up.

He was afraid Lin Luoqing would be distressed or sad after seeing his movements that weren’t exactly the same as ordinary people and he was also afraid he wouldn’t be able to stand up while holding Lin Luoqing’s hand.

Fortunately, nothing that he was worried about happened. His lover smiled brightly. He stood steadily and was finally able to relax a bit.

Ji Yuxiao used both hands and pulled Lin Luoqing into his arms.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand for very long this time. Even so, he still wanted to use this limited time to hug Lin Luoqing.

If he could, Ji Yuxiao wanted to stand and hold him forever. It could be the most ordinary hug like now or it could be like holding a child, carrying him up. It could even be picking him up horizontally, like holding his own little prince.

However, the latter two were too difficult for him now. He could only hug Lin Luoqing in an ordinary and simple manner.

However, Lin Luoqing was already very satisfied.

For him, being able to stand and hug Ji Yuxiao had always been something that only appeared in his dreams.

Now the dream had come true. Lin Luoqing felt happy and lucky.

He hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly and kissed his shoulder.

Ji Yuxiao felt his small movement. Ji Yuxiao lowered his head and kissed his ear, blowing gently into his ear.

Lin Luoqing’s ears turned red in an instant.

He looked up at Ji Yuxiao and felt Ji Yuxiao’s body tremble. Then Ji Yuxiao fell backward again, sitting on the bed. Lin Luoqing was pulled along with him and fell into his arms again.

Lin Luoqing blinked and blinked. Finally, he realized that Ji Yuxiao had fallen backward just now.

It wasn’t because he rushed over too hard and knocked him down. Ji Yuxiao hugged him when he rushed over before. After that, they were intimate for a while before falling on the bed.

It was just that at the time, he was carried away by the sudden surprise and didn’t have time to pay more attention to it. He hadn’t noticed this.

So was he still unstable when standing?

“You aren’t completely well, right?” Lin Luoqing asked him cautiously.

His sanity that had been kicked away by his surprise had finally returned at this time. The last time Ji Yuxiao came to see him, Ji Yuxiao was in a wheelchair. How could he recover completely in ten days? It was too unscientific.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. He looked at Lin Luoqing’s worried eyes and gently coaxed him, “Don’t worry. Being able to stand up is a sign of recovery. I can’t stand for too long now, but I will slowly be able to stand properly, walk, run and carry you. I can hug you and accompany you wherever you want to go.”

Lin Luoqing heard him say this and was relieved.

He could have such an effect in the past ten days. Lin Luoqing believed that in the near future, he would be able to walk and run like a normal person beside Lin Luoqing.

A smile appeared on his face and he nodded fiercely.

“When did you start the rehabilitation?” He couldn’t help being curious.

“It was after I knew your birthday was coming soon.” Ji Yuxiao hugged his waist. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“It was really a pleasant surprise,” Lin Luoqing said happily. “It is a special surprise.”

Ji Yuxiao heard him say this and couldn’t help laughing.

He pressed the person into his arms. Lin Luoqing leaned against him affectionately, hugging him. The questions in his heart popped out like bubbles, big and small.

“The rehabilitation was hard, right? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Are you doing hospital rehabilitation or are you doing it at home? Who is accompanying you? You aren’t doing rehabilitation alone, are you?”

“When is your next rehabilitation? Can I join you?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao tried to persuade him. “Rehabilitation is quite boring. Xiao Li is accompanying me. I don’t want to waste your time.”

“Why is accompanying you for rehabilitation a waste of time?” Lin Luoqing immediately sat up straight. “It is never a waste of time to be with you. If I’m not with you then it is a waste of time!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Just let me go with you, okay? I’ll be obedient and you can decide everything.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at him anxiously. He had watched some rehabilitation videos. It was difficult, hard, boring and very torturous.

The ordinary ability was innate from birth yet suddenly became difficult and complicated. It required constant efforts, repetitions and constant falling and getting back up.

He wasn’t even as good as a child, which tested one’s psychological endurance.

He wanted to accompany Ji Yuxiao and he should accompany Ji Yuxiao. How could he not be with Ji Yuxiao at a time like this?

His eyes were too clear but Ji Yuxiao knew very well that he definitely wouldn’t let Lin Luoqing go.

Anyone could but Lin Luoqing definitely couldn’t.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t dare look directly at the expectations in his eyes. He intended to change the topic, but he didn’t know what to do in the end.

It was impossible for him to let Lin Luoqing see the way he fell to the ground, but he really couldn’t refuse Lin Luoqing.

In particular, he couldn’t refuse Lin Luoqing who expressed his love and concern.

He had rejected many people and many things. It was only when it came to Lin Luoqing that he couldn’t refuse anything. He wanted to agree to Lin Luoqing’s every word, wish and request.

He kissed Lin Luoqing’s eyes and Lin Luoqing meekly closed his eyes.

“Don’t open them,” Ji Yuxiao said softly.

Lin Luoqing was surprised. Why?

Was it another surprise?

How many surprises did Ji Yuxiao prepare for him today?

Lin Luoqing waited curiously while feeling expectant.

Ji Yuxiao reached out and pulled open the bedside table. He took out a small box he had put inside in advance.

He opened the box, took out the watch inside, took Lin Luoqing’s hand and reverently placed it on his wrist.

Lin Luoqing felt the touch on his wrist and thought in his heart, ‘Is it a watch?’

“You can open your eyes,” Ji Yuxiao said warmly.

Lin Luoqing lowered his head. Sure enough, there was an exquisite watch on the wrist of his left hand.

He raised his wrist and looked at it. The dial of the watch was very exquisite, as if someone had set a starry sky into it. It was full of bright stars and even the hands had small stars.

“I wish you success in your career and a brilliant star path,” Ji Yuxiao told him warmly. “One day, you will definitely be the most shining star among thousands of stars. No matter what, you are the only star in my heart.”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling.

He looked at the person in front of him, placed his arms around his neck and threw himself into Ji Yuxiao’s arms again.

He had never had a birthday like this before. For the whole day, from midnight to the end of the day, it was 24 hours of joy and emotion.

He was so happy. What had he done to deserve something good like this? He could meet Ji Yuxiao, Ji Leyu and Lin Fei. He was really too happy.

Lin Luoqing hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly. He leaned coquettishly against Ji Yuxiao and rubbed against him again, full of attachment.

Ji Yuxiao kissed him soothingly. Then he touched Lin Luoqing’s head and coaxed him softly.

Lin Luoqing wanted to be intimate with him. He quickly touched Ji Yuxiao’s chin and rubbed his lips against the chin ambiguously.

He had always been clingy in love, like a child begging for candy.

Ji Yuxiao felt the smell of his candy and kissed his lips, giving him the candy he wanted.

The air became thick and sticky again. Lin Luoqing bit his lip like a kitten and his movements became less regular.

Ji Yuxiao’s sense of reason rang the alarm before he took off his dressing gown. He held Lin Luoqing’s hand and stared at him with unsteady breathing.

The ambiguity in Lin Luoqing’s eyes hadn’t dissipated. He was steamed by the blush on his face and it was like a wandering sunset glow.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao doubtfully, as if he didn’t understand why Ji Yuxiao stopped at this time.

Ji Yuxiao was flustered by his eyes and his mouth became dry. He coughed and gave Lin Luoqing a completely unconvincing reason. “I haven’t taken a bath yet.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Luoqing didn’t care. “It is the same if you wash in a while or tomorrow morning.”

“No.” Ji Yuxiao pretended to be firm.

Lin Luoqing spoke very well. “Then you go and wash.”

He approached sweetly. “I will accompany you.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“I’ll do it alone.”

“But you’ve just put in a lot of effort.”

“It’s okay.” Ji Yuxiao kissed him. “You sleep first. I’ll take a bath.”

Lin Luoqing had to nod obediently. He watched Ji Yuxiao get into the wheelchair and go to the bathroom.

He sat on the bed, looking at the watch that Ji Yuxiao gave him. He remembered the necklace that Ji Yuxiao gave him before and got out of bed to take it out.

He went to film a while ago and couldn’t wear accessories, so he took off his necklace. He was afraid of losing it so he didn’t carry it with him. He kept it at home all this time.

Lin Luoqing looked at the rose-kissed moon pendant on the necklace and smiled involuntarily again.

Unknowingly, he had received many gifts in this world. There were Ji Yuxiao’s gifts, Lin Fei’s gifts and Ji Leyu’s gifts. He liked each one very much and they each felt meaningful.

His life was brilliant and romantic in this world, like a floating planet finally returning to its starry sky.

He wanted to stay here forever with Ji Yuxiao, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Yuxiao trembled as he took a bath and didn’t dare to go out in a hurry. He waited for a long time until he felt it was long enough. Finally, he came out of the bathroom again.

Lin Luoqing was already lying under the quilt as he guessed. He was holding his phone and seemed to be answering someone’s message.

Ji Yuxiao sighed with relief and silently pushed the wheelchair to the bed.

Lin Luoqing immediately looked up at him. “You’re done washing.”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao replied softly. “What are you doing?”

“Brother Zheng wished me a happy birthday. He said he just saw it and asked me not to mind it. I said it was okay and I don’t mind.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. He knew a lot from Wu Xinyuan, such as the fact that Lin Luoqing was indeed very suitable for the entertainment industry. He had good popularity and got along with the crew. Everyone liked him. Another example was that he was very trusted. No matter whether it was Shi Zheng or the newly signed Qin Wu, they were very willing to share their affairs with him.

Wu Xinyuan was surprised when he said it, but Ji Yuxiao wasn’t surprised at all. He knew better than anyone what type of existence Lin Luoqing was. It was normal to like him and trust him. It was as if being close to him would make them feel relaxed and happy. How could they force themselves to hate him?

Therefore, he was never surprised about what friends Lin Luoqing had and who he was in contact with.

When they received the certificate before, Lin Luoqing said he had no friends. Then he remembered that they should invite guests to dinner after getting married and asked Ji Yuxiao if he wanted to invite his friends to dinner.

At that time, Ji Yuxiao didn’t quite understand. How could he have no friends?

Even the current Ji Yuxiao didn’t understand it.

However, it didn’t matter. If there were no friends then make new friends. After they got married, when Lin Luoqing wanted to treat guests to dinner then he could invite his friends.

He deserved all the good things. Ji Yuxiao wanted him to have more, including the friendships he should have.

Lin Luoqing finished replying to Shi Zheng and put down his phone. He leaned on Ji Yuxiao, who was sitting next to him, and quickly moved over.

Ji Yuxiao, “????”

Ji Yuxiao looked down at him.

Lin Luoqing’s face was innocent but the words he said weren’t so innocent. “You have finished taking a bath. Can we continue?”

He was obviously blushing as he stared straight at Ji Yuxiao with eyes full of expectation.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao instantly froze.

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