FV: Chapter 172

At 12:30, at the table of the Ji family’s dining room, Ji Leyu was supporting his head while waiting for the meal.

Lin Luoqing watched his movements and simply supported his head along with Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu soon discovered this and turned to look at Lin Fei, inviting Lin Fei to join with his eyes.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei turned his head and refused to join!

Ji Leyu couldn’t force him and sighed. “Why isn’t Father done yet?”

“Just wait a bit longer,” Lin Luoqing said.

This was what he said, but he still stood up and went to the kitchen.

Ji Yuxiao was still busy. The moment he fished out the noodles, he saw Lin Luoqing out of the corner of his eye.

“What are you doing here? Just wait. I can do it alone.”

Lin Luoqing leaned over curiously to see if he needed help, but he was stopped by Ji Yuxiao.

“I’ll help you,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “Then it can go much faster.”

“Are you hungry?” Ji Yuxiao asked him. “It’s okay. It is almost ready. Just wait a bit longer.”

Seeing him insist, Lin Luoqing could only retreat and return to the dining room.

He really didn’t wait long this time. Ji Yuxiao soon came out with the noodles.

He put the longevity noodles he had just made in front of Lin Luoqing. The noodles were white and the soup was rich. The green vegetables looked green and tender while the poached eggs were like little suns. It was appetizing.

“Here,” Ji Yuxiao said softly. “I hope Qingqing can live a long life.”

Lin Luoqing heard these words. He slowly looked at this person and a bright smile couldn’t help appearing on his face.

He took the chopsticks and looked at the noodles in the bowl with an indescribable warmth in his heart.

Finally, someone made him longevity noodles again.

Lin Luoqing lowered his head and tasted it. The taste of the longevity noodles was the same, but he felt that this must be the best longevity noodles in the world.

“Delicious.” He turned and told Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao looked gentle. “Then you eat more.”

Lin Luoqing nodded with a smile. Then he remembered something and looked at Ji Yuxiao. “You should eat more.”

Among their family, wasn’t Ji Yuxiao the one who needed to extend his life the most?

If the longevity noodles were really useful then he couldn’t wait to cook six meals a day for Ji Yuxiao so he could prolong his life.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know what he was thinking at all. He just thought that Lin Luoqing was worried about his health and cooperated. “Okay, I’ll eat more later.”

Ji Leyu held his little face and looked at the two of them, his expression intoxicated. His dad and father seemed to be very happy. Then he was also happy.

Once Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing finished speaking, Ji Yuxiao remembered that he didn’t bring the noodles to Lin Fei and Ji Leyu out of inconvenience. He was about to let them go to the kitchen with him but the moment he turned his head, he saw Ji Leyu looking at him with relish.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He was a bit embarrassed and coughed. Then he said seriously, “Let’s go. You two will serve the meal from the kitchen with me.”

“Okay~” Ji Leyu said sweetly.

After speaking, he jumped off the chair and walked over to him.

Lin Fei also stood up and walked behind him. The father and sons entered the kitchen together.

After eating the longevity noodles, Lin Luoqing looked at his phone and found that Wu Xinyuan had sent him birthday wishes.

It was his own birthday, not the birthday on his ID card, so not many people knew about it.

Lin Luoqing replied with his thanks. Then he sent a Weibo post with a photo of the longevity made by Ji Yuxiao attached, wishing himself a happy birthday.

It was fine if he wasn’t popular. Now that he was popular, his birthday would naturally be noticed by fans and other interested people. He knew what was written on the original owner’s ID card, but this wasn’t his birthday. He would forget it if he wasn’t careful.

If he forgot about it and didn’t post on Weibo, or if he and Ji Yuxiao made an official announcement in the future and Ji Yuxiao didn’t send him blessings, it would definitely be used to make a fuss at the time.

Lin Luoqing didn’t want this type of trouble. It happened that he was just becoming popular now. He could simply celebrate his birthday directly from now on. If others asked, he could say that the date on the ID card was a mistake when filling out the household residence book. This would save unnecessary misunderstandings later.

At this time, he suddenly said it was his birthday. The fans who waited for him to post on Weibo every day were simply shocked.

[I remember that Brother’s birthday is in May?]

[Is the account hacked? Brother, are you actually my brother?]

[Why did your birthday suddenly happen so early?]

[In any case, happy birthday Brother!]


[It is longevity noodles. Brother, eat more!]

[Brother must be healthy and safe. Then you can shoot more scenes!]

[Wu wu wu, you won’t take a selfie on your birthday either? I want to see it.]

[Kneeling and begging for more selfies, Brother.]

Lin Luoqing was still thinking about whether to reply to this Weibo. Then he saw everyone start to give him blessings and didn’t reply specifically.

However, others became busy the moment his Weibo came out.

Yao Momo quickly sent him a private message on WeChat after seeing it. She asked him: [Is it really your birthday? Is it today? Why didn’t you say it before???]

Lin Luoqing replied innocently: [You didn’t ask before.]

[I always thought your birthday was what was written on the Internet!]

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…It is really hard for you to specifically read my online information. It is too hard.’

Lin Luoqing: [It is today. The online one was created at the beginning and there was a small mistake. Then I was busy filming and didn’t become popular. I didn’t change it because I thought no one was concerned about it.]

Yao Momo heard this and believed it. She immediately sent him birthday wishes and a big red envelope.

[Teacher Xiao Lin, happy birthday! I wish for the chance to cooperate again in the future [selling cuteness]!!]

Immediately afterward, she went to forward Lin Luoqing’s Weibo post and wished him a happy birthday.

She considered that Lin Luoqing was too embarrassed to go directly to the group to say that today was his birthday in case it looked like he was asking for gifts, so Yao Momo considerately publicized it in the group.

In an instant, the official Weibo and the producer moved.

After a while, the director, Li Hanhai and Wu Jia also moved when they saw it.

Zhang Quan and Su Ying didn’t see it until the evening and could only send their blessings at night.

Lin Luoqing looked at the blessing WeChat messages that kept appearing on his phone and was inexplicably moved.

Everyone was quite busy. He was embarrassed to say, ‘Hi, today is my birthday’ to others, so he hadn’t specifically told anyone. Unexpectedly, they all sent their blessings to him after knowing about it.

Lin Luoqing only discovered at this time that unknowingly, he already knew so many people in this world.

It was rare and precious.

Lin Luoqing replied to everyone’s blessings. He saw that dinner wasn’t served yet and couldn’t help posting on Moments to show off the gifts that Lin Fei and Ji Leyu gave him. Lin Luoqing considered Lin Fei and specially added stickers to the three sentences he wrote to cover them.

[The children gave me gifts. So happy [happy][happy][happy].]

Soon, someone liked it. Lin Luoqing looked at it and found that it was Teacher Zhang.

Teacher Zhang replied to him: [Happy birthday.]

Lin Luoqing: [Thank you.]

After Teacher Zhang replied, she conveniently saved Lin Fei’s card.

Next week’s class was to learn how to thank parents. Usually after learning, she would assign the children homework like washing their parents’ feet or helping their parents work. Teacher Zhang wanted to change the form but couldn’t think of a way. Now she got some inspiration.

They could make a card for their parents!

She believed that the parents of the children would be very happy when they received it. Wasn’t Lin Luoqing a living example?

Teacher Zhang hurriedly told everyone in the parents group: [Next week, the children will be assigned handicrafts homework to ‘thank their parents.’ In other words, I will let each child make a card for their parents. I hope the parents don’t help them and let the children complete it by themselves. This can not only train the child’s hands-on ability and independence, but also let the children understand more about the difficulties of their parents.]

The parents of the children responded: [Okay, no problem.]

[I remember.]

[Thank you, Teacher Zhang.]

[By the way, they are so small. Can they do it?] Someone wondered.

[Yes.] Teacher Zhang replied. [There is already a child in the class who has done it.]

She finished speaking and sent the card made by Lin Fei to the group. [This is the card made by Lin Fei for his uncle. Of course, Lin Fei’s card is a bit difficult. The card they will make later won’t be so difficult, you can rest assured.]

The parents looked at Lin Fei’s card and no longer felt it was important to reassure them. The important thing was that this child was so sensible and skillful.

[This card is quite good-looking. Was the tiger drawn by Lin Fei himself? It is pretty cute.]

[Lin Fei’s uncle, how do you usually teach your child at home? Not only are Lin Fei’s grades good but he is also so skillful!]

[It looks good. They are all boys. Why does my child only tear up paintings? [Angry]]

[Student Lin Fei is really developed morally, intellectually and physically. Lin Fei’s uncle, have you hired a tutor for him in private?]

[Yes, Lin Fei’s uncle. How do you usually educate Lin Fei?!]

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You might not believe this but I really haven’t taught him much.’

Lin Luoqing replied politely: [I really haven’t hired a tutor. He reads books by himself. The things he doesn’t understand, he looks up in the dictionary or searches on the Internet. As for the card, he made it himself and also drew the things on it. To be honest, I didn’t expect him to be so skilled with his hands.]

[You didn’t help him do it?] The parents were surprised.

[No.] Lin Luoqing was very proud. [He quietly made it himself, put it at the door and quietly gave it to me.]


The parents in the group immediately envied him. What type of peerless child was this? He even knew how to do a surprise!

How did he do it?

He was first place in studies!

He also excellent at handicraftsk!

In addition, wasn’t it said that Lin Fei was cold?

How could he be so sweet to his uncle?

Today, the parents of the parent group were so envious!

Lin Luoqing finished showing off the gifts from the two children and it was time for dinner.

Aunt Zhang had cooked a variety of dishes for dinner. She smiled and told him, “Happy birthday, Mr Lin.”

“Thank you.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

He sat at the table and Ji Yuxiao brought the cake over. He intended to let Lin Luoqing blow out the candles first, make a wish and then eat.

Ji Yuxiao inserted the candles, lit them and turned off the light.

Lin Luoqing looked at the dancing candlelight in front of him and then at the person in front of him.

The orange flames jumped in his eyes, illuminating his face quietly like an oil painting.

“Dad, make a wish quickly,” Ji Leyu said softly.

Lin Luoqing listened to this and a smile appeared on his face.

After a long time, he closed his eyes and sincerely made three wishes.

I hope that Ji Yuxiao can get better soon and live a long life.

I hope that Lin Fei and Ji Leyu can always be happy and that they can turn bad luck into good luck.

I hope I can stay in this world forever, healthy and prosperous.

Lin Luoqing opened his eyes and blew out the candle in one breath.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei both raised their hands to clap. Ji Yuxiao went to turn on the light and the two children told him, “Happy birthday, Dad.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing smiled and his eyes curved.

“Dad, cut the cake,” Ji Leyu said happily.

Lin Luoqing nodded. He cut a big piece of cake and handed it to him. Ji Leyu waved his small hand and refused. “The first piece should be given to Dad.”

He said, “I want the last piece~”

Every time it came to situations like this, he was really well-behaved. Lin Luoqing thought so.

Lin Luoqing cut the cake for Ji Yuxiao, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu in turn.

After eating, everyone was in the mood to play around. Lin Luoqing took advantage of Lin Fei’s inattention to spread cream on him. Lin Fei looked at him with disdain and reached out to wipe back.

Lin Luoqing quickly dodged. He ran around Ji Yuxiao’s wheelchair while dodging and Lin Fei accidentally wiped Ji Yuxiao’s face.

Lin Luoqing laughed loudly. Lin Fei was a bit embarrassed and became even more determined to wipe cream on Lin Luoqing’s face.

He was thinking this when Ji Yuxiao took advantage of him and wiped cream on his face.

Lin Fei. “????”

Seeing this, Ji Leyu also wanted to wipe it on Lin Fei’s face. Lin Fei held him down and fiercely drew six cat whiskers on his face, making Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao laugh.

Throughout the night, the house was filled with pleasant laughter.

Once they had played enough, they washed their faces and ate. Then Ji Yuxiao pulled Lin Luoqing back to the bedroom.

“I’ll go and take a shower,” Lin Luoqing said to him with a smile.

He was in a good mood and wanted to tease Ji Yuxiao. “Do you want to join me?”

Ji Yuxiao refused. “No need.”

“Really? Don’t let someone sneak in again while I am undressing,” Lin Luoqing said deliberately.

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Why do you still remember this?”

“I can remember it for the rest of my life!” Lin Luoqing proudly raised the corners of his lips.

He had just turned around when Ji Yuxiao slapped him on the b*tt.

“Hurry and take a bath,” Ji Yuxiao said helplessly.

Lin Luoqing glared at him and entered the bathroom.

Ji Yuxiao watched him enter the bathroom and close the door and his heart couldn’t help jumping.

He pushed the wheelchair to the bed and moved himself to the bed.

He sat on the bed and took several deep breaths before he was finally ready.

Lin Luoqing finished undressing and got into the bathtub. He poked out his head and looked at the bathroom door, thinking in his heart, ‘He really didn’t come. Did he change his personality?’

It was really unexpected.

But it was okay if Ji Yuxiao didn’t come. He could wash himself.

Lin Luoqing thought of this. Then he remembered that out of the family of four, only Ji Yuxiao hadn’t given him a gift.

He must’ve prepared it but he didn’t give it at midnight or during the day. He could only give it at night.

He just didn’t know what Ji Yuxiao was going to do.

But he liked everything.

Lin Luoqing hummed happily while pouring water on himself.

He washed for a short while. Then he wiped off the water, changed into pajamas and went out to the bathroom.

Ji Yuxiao was sitting on the bed. He saw Lin Luoqing come out and for some reason, he seemed a bit nervous.

Lin Luoqing wondered if he was mistaken.


Ji Yuxiao could also become nervous?

Wasn’t he the ceiling of narcissism, the top of the world of confidence?

He was about to walk forward when he heard Ji Yuxiao say, “Luoqing, close your eyes.”

Lin Luoqing was stunned for a moment. This was… to give him a gift?

Lin Luoqing obediently closed his eyes. He waited expectantly and even stopped his steps.

Ji Yuxiao took a deep breath again. Then he slowly stood up using the help of the book on the bedside table.

The process of him standing up was slower than ordinary people, as if in slow motion. It was difficult and he did it little by little, standing up straight.

He stepped on the floor and could feel the pain in his legs.

He sighed with relief, as if relieved that he hadn’t fallen to the ground.

He slowly withdrew his hand from the book and said softly, “Okay, now you can open your eyes.”

Lin Luoqing opened his eyes with a smile. Then the moment he saw Ji Yuxiao, he completely froze.

He stared at Ji Yuxiao standing in front of him, not far from him and beside the bed.

He was wearing the familiar black dressing gown he often wore and his eyes were gentle.

He slowly opened his arms, the smile in his eyes spreading like spring. He asked, “Aren’t you coming yet?”

Lin Luoqing rushed over almost uncontrollably and threw himself into Ji Yuxiao’s arms. He was completely dumbfounded.

He stared up at Ji Yuxiao in disbelief, looking at Ji Yuxiao who was standing taller than him.

‘It turns out that he is so tall,’ Lin Luoqing thought. It turned out that he stood up like this, it turned out that this was the Ji Yuxiao he had never seen before.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling. He was happy and satisfied, happy and excited.

Ji Yuxiao saw the tears that involuntarily welled up in his eyes and was full of distress.

He had made Lin Luoqing wait too long.

It was obviously an ordinary thing for other people, but he made Lin Luoqing wait so long.

He was too sorry for Lin Luoqing.

He lowered his head, kissed his eyes and said softly, “I’m sorry.”

Lin Luoqing shook his head desperately. He hugged his waist while the smile on his face increased like a rising wave. It couldn’t subside for a long time.

“There is no need to be sorry. It is good that you are like this,” Lin Luoqing spoke with some choked up surprise.

He was so excited that he could hardly control himself. He kept increasing the strength of his arms around Ji Yuxiao and leaned against Ji Yuxiao’s shoulders.

He was too happy. Nothing could make him happier than he was now. The lake in his heart seemed to brighten instantly and flowers competed to bloom one after another. They bloomed in a fast and magnificent manner, blooming in every corner he couldn’t take care of. They bloomed all over his heart, colliding with each other and jingling and laughing.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know how to describe his joy and surprise, so he could only look up at Ji Yuxiao.

There was clear liking and attachment in his eyes. There was the joy of a teenager and liking without any impurities.

He stood on tiptoe, wanting to kiss the person in front of him. Then he felt himself suddenly falling forward. Lin Luoqing didn’t let go. He fell into Ji Yuxiao’s arms and raised his head doubtfully, only to be caught off guard by a kiss.

Their lips and teeth were attached to each other. Then Ji Yuxiao whispered in a doting and cherished manner. “Happy birthday, Baby.”

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