FV: Chapter 170

Just ten minutes before Ji Leyu and Lin Fei knocked on the door, Lin Luoqing was sitting on the bed and talking to Ji Yuxiao about the two of them.

“Why aren’t they sleeping yet? It is already so late,” Lin Luoqing said in a worried manner.

“Then go and tell them to rest early,” Ji Yuxiao put down the book in his hand and replied to him.

“How can I do that?” Lin Luoqing was reluctant. “It isn’t easy to have no classes tomorrow. They can relax for a while and it is normal for them to want to play more.”

“Then why are you still worried here?” Ji Yuxiao couldn’t laugh or cry.

Lin Luoqing sighed. “Didn’t Fei Fei sleep late last night? If he goes to bed late tonight, it won’t be good for his health.”

“But you don’t want to urge them.”

“Children should have the freedom of children,” Lin Luoqing said with a clear voice. “Besides, they usually have a very hard time in class. It is rare for them to rest. Naturally, they can do what they want to do.”

Ji Yuxiao listened and felt he was very cute at this time.

Sometimes, he felt that Lin Luoqing wasn’t actually like a father. He was like a big child who hadn’t grown up, like an older brother.

This was why he managed to think about some issues that ordinary parents didn’t think about at all.

For example, what should he do if his child went to bed too late?

Most parents either let their children go and left them alone, or they forced their children to turn off the lights to let them go to sleep quickly.

Lin Luoqing didn’t do this. He was worried but he wasn’t willing to interfere too much to force the two children. This made him worry over insignificant little things and he even felt that this wasn’t good. He would considerately stand in the perspective of the two children and help justify things for them.

He cared about everything about them, but he gave them absolute freedom.

This was rare. Ji Yuxiao might pamper the two children but he wouldn’t be like Lin Luoqing.

In addition, Lin Luoqing himself had just graduated not long ago and he was still an immature child.

He was usually very childish but he was particularly reliable when it came to the two children.

Ji Yuxiao touched his head with a smile and advised him, “Leave them be. After all, they don’t have school tomorrow. Nothing will happen if they sleep late for one or two nights.”

Lin Luoqing nodded but he still hoped the two children could go to bed early.

He was thinking this when he heard a knock on the door.

Lin Luoqing glanced at the door curiously. Then he got out of bed and walked over.

He guessed it should be the two children. By this point, Aunt Zhang should’ve gone to bed.

However, there was no one outside when the door opened.

Lin Luoqing was puzzled and looked to the left and right. The moment he lowered his head, he saw two gifts placed in front of the door.

The reason why he knew they were gifts was because one of them was tied with a ribbon and the other had a bow attached. They were nicely decorated and it was the typical appearance of a gift.

Lin Luoqing smiled and glanced at the end of the corridor again. He still didn’t see anything but he already had a guess.

He picked up the two gifts with pleasant surprise and walked back.

Ji Yuxiao watched him stay at the door for a while before coming in. Then he asked, “Who was it? Fei Fei or Xiao Yu?”

“None of them.”

Lin Luoqing raised the gifts in his hands. “It is their gifts.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his watch. It was already midnight, a new day. In other words, it was Lin Luoqing’s birthday.

“Happy birthday,” he said gently.

“Thank you,” Lin Luoqing said. He returned to the bed and sat down again, happily looking at the gifts in his hands.

He couldn’t wait to open the relatively large cylindrical box first. This box was obviously made by hand and Lin Luoqing was a bit puzzled. Didn’t the owner give a box when they bought the item?

Were his children so simple and young that they didn’t know that packaging was given when buying things outside?

Then he understood when he opened the box and took out the drawing inside.

It was tied with a red ribbon in a beautiful bow. Lin Luoqing untied the ribbon and opened the scroll little by little. He was greeted by a very young child’s drawing.

The drawer was obviously still young and the brushstrokes were so simple that it almost couldn’t be called a painting.

The people in the painting were standing neatly. There were two adults and two children, sorted by height. They grinned and smiled happily. Only the person on the far left didn’t stand up. He was sitting on what looked like a wheelchair and holding something like a cake in his hand.

In the lower right corner of the painting, words were seriously written: [Happy birthday, Dad! —Xiao Yu.]

Lin Luoqing couldn’t suppress his smile as he looked at the people and objects in the painting again.

Ji Leyu’s cake painting was really funny. Perhaps it was for the sake of restoration but the painting was too serious. The cake was painted a dark brown and there were some red and yellow fruits. Colored candles were also added. The various colors met together and it looked less like a cake and more like an unknown object.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the painting and pondered on it. ‘…These painting skills can basically bid farewell to the art world.’

“He really isn’t like my brother at all.”

His older brother was a good painter and had painted portraits of his sister-in-law!

Lin Luoqing heard his disdainful tone and said in a dissatisfied manner, “Obviously, the painting is very cute. Look, there is your wheelchair, Fei Fei’s little cacti and my cake. Xiao Yu has noticed everything. We can see that our Xiao Yu is a very attentive child.”

He boasted with a smile on his face.

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…At this moment, Lin Luoqing is more like Ji Leyu’s father than I am.’

Could this be called cute?

This father filter had to be at least 800 meters long!

“You can even tell that this is a cake?” He sighed emotionally.

Lin Luoqing held up Ji Leyu’s painting and pointed it out to him, “It is a chocolate fruit cake. These are fruit slices and these are candles. All the elements are complete and nothing is missing.”

…What is wrong with your proud expression?

Are you very proud of your son’s painting?


Is it still worthy of pride??

Lin Luoqing was indeed very proud. He looked at it with relish and even thought about it. “I’ll ask Xiao Yu if he is willing to frame the painting. If he is willing, I will buy a picture frame to hang on our wall.”

…It is really embarrassing to hang this with a picture frame!

It is my son’s painting that doesn’t deserve it!

Lin Luoqing finished looking at Ji Leyu’s painting and knew that the envelope should contain Lin Fei’s gift.

Did he write a letter?

Lin Luoqing was a bit excited. He hadn’t received Lin Fei’s letter yet.

He carefully opened the glued envelope. He didn’t dare to use force, out of fear of tearing the envelope that Lin Fei had made himself.

It was a turquoise color and the paper was folded. It wasn’t very large and it was beautifully painted with a golden ribbon and bow.

It wasn’t like a letter. It was a bit like… a card?

Lin Luoqing opened it curiously. The moment the card was opened, the five trees in the center of the card stood up in front of him.

Ji Yuxiao was surprised. “Wow, Fei Fei is so incredible. He can even do this.”

Lin Luoqing was also surprised. This type of card obviously wasn’t something that a child of Lin Fei’s age should know. Even if he was smart, this design wasn’t simple to make. It was time-consuming, laborious and meticulous. If a knife cut in the wrong place then it would be impossible for the trees in the middle to stand up.

Lin Fei usually had to go to school and do his homework. The time to do this must be very tight.

Lin Luoqing suddenly thought of last night, no, more precisely, the night before. Lin Fei hadn’t slept despite it being late at night and the light was still on. Lin Luoqing had asked what he was doing and Lin Fei didn’t answer him.

Now Lin Luoqing felt that he knew the answer.

Lin Fei had always been a child who didn’t ask for credit and he didn’t like to show off what he had done, let alone take the initiative to tell him. He did things with actions. He couldn’t wait to pile everything in front of a person as long as they liked it, but he wouldn’t say anything with his mouth.

Lin Luoqing felt the tip of his heart slightly trembling. It was as if water droplets were falling down and everything grew.

He looked at the card in his hand.

The design of this card was obviously more thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing than Ji Leyu’s painting. There were five trees in the center, like a forest, with a blue sky behind it. There were flowers and grass below it and a small tiger was lying on the grass.

Lin Luoqing saw the little tiger in the lower right corner and couldn’t help laughing. The chibi version of the little tiger had a round head and a ‘king’ character on top of its head. It was obviously very cute and inexplicably cool, making one can’t help but want to rub its tiger head.

“Fei Fei’s drawing is quite good,” Ji Yuxiao praised. “He doesn’t just study well. He can also draw well. He has a strong hands-on ability and is really an excellent child in all aspects.”

Lin Luoqing felt the same, especially when Lin Fei actually drew a chibi version.

He thought of Lin Fei drawing the cute chibi version with his paralyzed little face. The smile on his face became even brighter. This was too cute and his heart trembled when he thought about it.

He shifted his gaze slightly to the left. It was Lin Fei’s writing.

Lin Fei’s words were very neat and beautiful. There was the childishness of a child his age and it looked quite cute.

He wrote three sentences:

Mountains love rivers;

Bees love flowers;

The little tiger said to the big forest, “I like you.”

Lin Luoqing saw these three sentences and his eyes were a bit sour.

He couldn’t help smiling. He felt like his heart was soft and itchy.

He looked at it repeatedly. Finally, he couldn’t help closing the card out of fear that he would shed tears.

It was rare for Lin Fei to say that he liked Lin Luoqing.

It was only occasionally when Lin Luoqing pretended to be angry to tease him that Lin Fei would admit it.

He was very duplicitous but also likable.

He would ask, “Can I call you Dad?”

He would stay up late to make a card.

He would write stroke by stroke: The little tiger said to the big forest, “I like you.”

He was really a very gentle child.

Lin Luoqing turned around and hugged Ji Yuxiao. His heart was sour and soft as he smiled joyfully.

He never dreamed that Lin Fei and Ji Leyu would give him gifts, gifts made by their own hands.

They were still too young. At this age, they just needed to accept love and they didn’t need to give it.

It was just like every holiday. He would prepare gifts for Lin Fei and JI Leyu, but they didn’t need to prepare gifts for him. There was no need for it. They were still children.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing took it for granted. He felt that on his birthday, his children wouldn’t prepare gifts for him. There was no need for them to prepare gifts.

In addition, it was such a thoughtful gift.

He hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly and said emotionally, “I never thought they would prepare gifts for me.”

“You are so good to them. They feel it and naturally want to be good to you.”

“But wasn’t it just us who gave them gifts on holidays before? They are still so young and they don’t need to do this.”

“The holiday belongs to everyone while your birthday belongs only to you.”

Ji Yuxiao turned his head and kissed him on the side of his face. “Happy birthday, you deserve all the good things in the world.”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling again. He was embarrassed about the words in his heart but there was a bright smile on his face.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao with very bright eyes, like stars had fallen into them. He smiled brightly and seemed to be glowing.

“I want to go and see them,” he said. “If they aren’t asleep, can we sleep together tonight?”

“Of course.” Ji Yuxiao kissed his eyes. “Maybe the two of them are also waiting for your reaction after receiving it.”

The moment he said this, Lin Luoqing immediately stood up, afraid to delay for one more second. The two children would be nervous every second.

“I’ll go find them now.”

Once he finished speaking, he lightly packed up the gifts of the two children and quickly went out the door.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei were sitting on Lin Fei’s bed at this time.

Lin Fei didn’t have to make the card any longer so he was willing to sleep with Ji Leyu. He looked at his watch and prepared to sleep.

However, Ji Leyu didn’t want to sleep. “Do you think Dad is still looking at our gifts?”

“Maybe.” Lin Fei guessed.

“Will he like it?” Ji Leyu held his little head, a bit nervous.

Lin Fei thought he would. He usually sent Lin Luoqing a kissing emoji and Lin Luoqing liked it very much, not to mention a gift.

He said calmly, “Yes.”

“What will be his reaction? Will he come to us happily?”

Lin Fei didn’t know this.

Ji Leyu happily fantasized about it. “Maybe Dad thinks our gifts are very cute and that the two of us are super cute. Then we can sleep together tonight.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…You are thinking very beautifully.’

Lin Fei persuaded him. “Go to sleep.”

Ji Leyu shook his head. He sat on the bed and was unwilling to lie down. “I’ll wait a while longer.”

Lin Fei picked up the book by the bed and read it.

He was reading it when he heard a knock on the door. The next second, Lin Luoqing pushed open the door and walked in with pursed lips.

He was obviously very happy. The smile on his face couldn’t be hidden no matter what. His eyes curved and his smile became even more obvious.

Ji Leyu hadn’t expected his fantasy to come true. He jumped off the bed and threw himself into Lin Luoqing’s arms. “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing picked him up and kissed him several times on the forehead. Ji Leyu was directly kissed and was a bit embarrassed.

“Xiao Yu’s painting is so good-looking. It is awesome. Dad likes it very much.”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and couldn’t help kissing him a few more times. “Baby is so good.”

Ji Leyu smiled sweetly. “Happy birthday, Dad.”

“This is Dad’s happiest birthday.” Lin Luoqing didn’t hesitate. “Dad will go to buy a picture frame tomorrow and frame your painting. Once the time comes, it will be stuck on the wall and you can see it every day~”

Ji Leyu didn’t feel that his painting was unseemly at all. He nodded quite happily, “Uhuh.”

Lin Luoqing rubbed his forehead, mood soft.

Once he expressed his love for Ji Leyu, he put Ji Leyu down and went to see Lin Fei.

Lin Fei had lowered his head to read, seemingly not caring about his arrival or his reaction to the gift.

—If Lin Luoqing didn’t know him that well.

He looked at Lin Fei and it was like a spring breeze was blowing in his heart. It fell colorfully and all over his heart, making him speechless.

He walked in front of Lin Fei and touched Lin Fei’s head. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Fei Fei’s card is so exquisite. I like it so much,” he said softly.

Lin Fei’s voice was soft. “Oh.”

“The little tiger is also very cute. It is super cute, just like you Fei Fei.”

Lin Fei, who always felt that he had nothing to do with the word ‘cute’, “……”

Lin Fei looked up at Lin Luoqing. Before the disdain in his eyes could be shown, it was repelled by the gentle joy in Lin Luoqing’s eyes.

He was a bit at a loss toward such a Lin Luoqing. He could only lower his head again and pretended to read.

“Shall we sleep together tonight?” Lin Luoqing looked at the person in front of him, voice warm and soft. “I want to sleep with you.”

“Yay!” Ji Leyu cheered.

Lin Luoqing heard this and turned around to touch his head.

Lin Fei calmly replied, “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing saw him closing the book and putting it on the bedside table. In the end, Lin Luoqing couldn’t hold back the urge in his heart. He took advantage of Lin Fei’s lack of attention, directly hugging him and rubbing his face affectionately. Then he kept kissing Lin Fei’s soft and tender cheek.

Lin Fei was caught off guard. He felt that he had returned to the day he called Lin Luoqing for the first time. How could this person kiss endlessly?

He suddenly remembered that Ji Leyu was standing beside him and felt even more ashamed in his heart. He reached out to push away Lin Luoqing. After a while, he left Lin Luoqing’s arms with a red face.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Fei Fei is so good. I like Fei Fei so much.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei’s face turned even redder.

Ji Leyu said in a strange manner, “Brother’s face is red.”

Lin Fei turned his head and glared at him. “Shut up.”

Ji Leyu’s eyes curved as he smiled. “Brother is shy~”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei glared at him fiercely. ‘Tomorrow, you go and sleep alone!’

Ji Leyu didn’t know that his brother planned to let him sleep alone and was smiling. It was so good. His dad really came to them and wanted to sleep with them. His fantasy came true~

Ji Leyu was very happy.

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