FV: Chapter 169

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu didn’t know the matter being discussed in the parent group. The two of them didn’t care and continued to prepare their gifts.

Ji Leyu was still doing his painting. This time, he finally drew Lin Luoqing. Ji Leyu drew him very seriously. He specifically thought about the clothes that Lin Luoqing usually wore in an attempt to restore this person.

“Look at what I drew.” Ji Leyu happily held up the painting and showed it to Lin Fei. “This is Dad.”

It really isn’t similar at all!

Lin Fei let out an ‘oh’ to show that he understood.

“I also drew the clothes he usually wears,” Ji Leyu said proudly.


“Does it look good?” Ji Leyu tilted his head and asked him.

Lin Fei, “……”

In the end, it was a gift for Lin Luoqing. At this time, there was no time for Ji Leyu to prepare a second one. Lin Fei said against his will, “It’s okay.”

Ji Leyu thought that his painting was quite beautiful. The eyes were the eyes and the mouth was the mouth. It was very vivid at a glance!

Lin Fei didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for creation and continued to let him play.

Lin Luoqing and Teacher Zhang finished dealing with the affairs of the parent group and he was ready to give both of them a bath.

The moment he knocked on the door and walked in, he saw Ji Leyu hurriedly grabbing a book to cover the things on the table.

Lin Luoqing, “???”

He looked at Ji Leyu curiously. Ji Leyu looked back at him with a guilty conscience and said sweetly, “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing let out a ‘hmm.’ He thought about how Lin Fei was sitting next to Ji Leyu and Ji Leyu shouldn’t be looking at anything that couldn’t be seen, so he didn’t care too much.

After all, Lin Fei was much stricter than him!

He said, “It is time to take a bath.”

“Okay.” Ji Leyu quickly stood up and poked Lin Fei beside him.

Lin Fei got up very quickly this time. He hadn’t finished the greeting card and he had to wait to secretly do it after taking a bath. Time was urgent and he didn’t want to waste it.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know the thoughts of the two children at all. He helped them take a bath and kissed them one by one. Then he carried them to their beds.

“The two of you, play by yourself. I will go back to my room.” He rubbed against Ji Leyu’s puffed up cheeks.

Ji Leyu nodded and watched him go. It was only then that he was relieved. He got out of bed and moved the book covering the painting. He continued to admire his masterpiece.

“You should go back.” Lin Fei walked up to him and said.

Ji Leyu glared at him in a dissatisfied manner. “After Dad’s birthday, you have to sleep with me for a month!”

Lin Fei looked at him silently, eyes full of disgust. He seemed to be asking if Ji Leyu could even sleep alone for a few days a month.

Ji Leyu seemed to have thought of it and laughed happily. “Then I’ll go back to painting.”

He put the painting away and brought his head closer to Lin Fei. “Brother, touch.”

Lin Fei patted his head cooperatively and coaxed him. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu nodded and obediently went back to his room.

Lin Fei sat down at the table again. He took out his greeting card, took out a knife and started cutting according to the line he had drawn earlier.

The greeting card he wanted to make was a bit difficult for children his age.

The greeting card was made of two sheets of paper of the same size, but the middle part wasn’t glued together. It was cut into corresponding patterns with the knife so that when the recipient opened the greeting card, the middle pattern would stand up.

This was the one Lin Fei thought he could master among all those he saw.

He had tried it after seeing it. The initial pattern was very simple and was just a square. Then it really stood up after cutting and opening it. Lin Fei was satisfied with the design of Lin Luoqing’s birthday card.

He specifically bought brightly colored paper to make the cover of the greeting card. He chose turquoise from among the colors in the pile.

After choosing the outer layer, he learned from the appearance of greeting cards on the Internet to draw a gold streamer and bow like a wrapped gift.

Lin Fei chose blue for the laminated paper inside.

In the beginning, he wanted to draw a merman. Lin Luoqing had said that the bottom of the sea was just a metaphor but he still felt that Lin Luoqing was like a merman.

This could also show that it was a birthday card for his Lin Luoqing, not one for his uncle Lin Luoqing.

However, Lin Fei didn’t know how to draw a merman. He searched on the Internet for a long time and learned how to draw it, but it didn’t look like Lin Luoqing. Lin Fei could only give up.

He pondered for a long time and decided to draw a forest and a small tiger, just like Lin Luoqing and him.

The teacher said that one tree was a tree and two trees were a forest. Three trees were also a forest. Thus, he wanted to draw five trees, which should represent a forest.

He drew a large tree in the middle and two small trees on the left and right. Finally, he added some flowers and plants.

After that, he drew a small tiger in the lower right corner.

Little tigers were a bit difficult to draw. Fortunately, Lin Fei was very smart. He searched for pictures and found some tigers that were similar to the tigers he saw in ‘Animal World’, but he couldn’t learn this. Some tigers weren’t like those in ‘Animal World’ but it could still be seen that they were tigers. This was much simpler and had a few strokes.

Thus, he learned the latter type.

The current Lin Fei didn’t know that this was called the chibi version.

He did it meticulously and earnestly, taking care of each step. Finally, he reached the step of cutting tonight.

Lin Fei lowered his head, not daring to use too much force out of fear of tearing the paper. He cut the paper for a while before suddenly hearing a knock on the door.

Lin Fei was startled and the knife touched his hand. His rare tone was a bit more emotional. “Wait a minute.”

Lin Luoqing was about to go in, but he stopped moving because of this sentence. What was Lin Fei doing in his room?

Lin Fei looked at his hand and made sure that there was no cut, let alone blood. It was only then that he dared to walk over and open the door slightly.

“What are you doing?” Lin Luoqing narrowed his eyes. “Why did you tell me to wait?”

“Why are you looking for me?” Lin Fei took the initiative to change the subject.

Lin Luoqing handed him the plate in his hand. “I saw that your light was still on. I thought you hadn’t slept yet, so I wanted to ask you if you wanted to eat snacks.”

Lin Fei shook his head. He didn’t have time to eat snacks. “You and Father should eat.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing took it back.

“Then I’m going back,” Lin Fei said seriously.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…I don’t know why but I always feel that tonight’s Fei Fei is very suspicious.’

“Why aren’t you sleeping when it is so late?”

“Reading,” Lin Fei said calmly.

There didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Lin Luoqing couldn’t think of anything bad Lin Fei could be doing, so he turned a blind eye to it. “Then go to bed early. You can continue reading tomorrow morning.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

“Good night,” Lin Luoqing said softly.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know what he was busy with at night, but Lin Fei didn’t want to tell him or let him know, so he didn’t ask. Lin Luoqing turned around and walked toward the bedroom he shared with Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Fei was relieved to see him go and went back to continue making the greeting card.

Fortunately, it wasn’t torn just now or he would be busy tomorrow.

Lin Luoqing ate a mille-feuille while returning to their bedroom.

“Do you want to eat?” He sat on the edge of the bed, picked up a mille-feuille and asked Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao brazenly opened his mouth directly.

Lin Luoqing smiled and stuffed it into his mouth.

“I am eating dessert at night?” Ji Yuxiao said while eating the pastry.

“Then keep eating.” Lin Luoqing stuffed the remaining half that he had bitten into his mouth.

Ji Yuxiao laughed. He pinched the face that was bugling due to chewing and shook it gently.

Lin Luoqing struggled to save his face. He hurriedly ate the remaining pieces, went to the bathroom to brush his teeth again and lay down on the bed.

“Go to sleep,” he said softly.

Ji Yuxiao put down the book in his hand and turned off the light.

As a result, the moment he lay down, Lin Luoqing threw himself into this person’s arms.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and hugged him. “Throwing yourself into my arms, huh?”

Lin Luoqing didn’t speak and just hugged him with a smile.

Ji Yuxiao lowered his head and kissed him on the forehead.

Lin Luoqing raised his head and kissed Ji Yuxiao back on the cheek.

An ambiguous atmosphere filled the air. The bed was a bit hot and Lin Luoqing felt Ji Yuxiao kiss his lips.

He opened his mouth and kissed Ji Yuxiao in a lingering manner. He couldn’t help moving towards Ji Yuxiao, wanting to be closer to Ji Yuxiao.

However, Ji Yuxiao abruptly put on the brakes. His sense of reason sounded an alarm at the next moment. He couldn’t let Lin Luoqing see the bruises on his body.

He pulled Lin Luoqing into his arms, kissed his ear and whispered, “Sleep.”

Lin Luoqing blushed and his heart jumped. “Don’t you want to do it?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt something and blushed even more. “In any case, there is no need for me to film. You can do it.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“You are also eager to try it.”

Ji Yuxiao immediately let go, coughed and lay flat on his back.

Lin Luoqing, “????”

“You have to get up early tomorrow,” Ji Yuxiao said. “Didn’t you say you have to send Fei Fei and Xiao Yu to school early tomorrow?”

It was only then that Lin Luoqing remembered. Ji Yuxiao was very good at this type of thing and it was the middle of the night every time they finished. Lin Luoqing definitely wouldn’t be able to get up early the next day. He couldn’t miss the appointment with the children.

He had always been very honest with Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. He would try to do whatever he promised.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing didn’t think much of it. He just thought that Ji Yuxiao didn’t want him to miss the appointment with the children. He leaned against Ji Yuxiao’s shoulder, hugged his arm and said softly, “Then tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday and the two of them won’t go to school the day after tomorrow.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao could only persuade himself to think of other excuses when the time came.

If he refused again now, Lin Luoqing would definitely doubt it.

Ji Yuxiao let out a hum and turned to kiss his eyelid. “Sleep. Good night.”

“Good night.” Lin Luoqing smiled and kissed him on the chin before closing his eyes.

All day on Friday, Ji Leyu was busy with his painting and Lin Fei was busy with his greeting card.

At this time, he finally took out his greeting card.

Ji Leyu watched in surprise and disbelief as he opened the greeting card and the five trees inside stood up. “You did this?”


Lin Fei had spent a long time last night cutting the shape of the tree and pasting the paper with the tree on it into the cover he had made before.

Ji Leyu instantly felt that his painting was a bit lacking.

“Yours looks much better than mine,” he said in a slightly aggrieved manner.

He finished speaking and glanced at the painting on his desk. He had painted it very seriously and everyone had different clothes, cacti inside the house and trees and flowers outside the house, but his painting couldn’t stand up!

Lin Fei’s greeting card could!

Ji Leyu was a bit depressed.

Lin Fei saw that he looked really pitiful this time and felt a bit helpless.

There wasn’t enough time and Ji Leyu’s painting paper was different from the greeting card paper Lin Fei used. He couldn’t make the people in Ji Leyu’s painting stand up.

“But you drew people,” Lin Fei comforted him. “I can’t paint people, so I didn’t draw them. You painted us and this is much more difficult than mine. He must think you are very attentive.”

Hearing these words, Ji Leyu felt that it made sense. Lin Fei’s greeting card only had flowers and plants. He not only had flowers and plants, but also people!

Flowers and plants could be given to anyone, but the four of them could only be given to Lin Luoqing.

The moment he thought of this, he felt that his painting seemed to be pretty good.

“Did I paint well? Do you like it?” Ji Leyu asked him.

How could Lin Fei say anything at this time? He nodded with a clear conscience. “It looks very good.”

He said, “I’ll teach you how to make a box. You can pack it, tie a ribbon and give it to him.”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Okay~”

His painting paper wasn’t small but he didn’t want to fold it. He felt that it didn’t look good if the people in the painting had creases.

Therefore, Lin Fei took him to buy a relatively large type of cardboard. He made a cylinder from it, rolled up the painting and tied it with a ribbon. Then he placed the paper into the cylinder and tied a beautiful bow.

Ji Leyu was shocked. “How did you do it?”

“There are videos on the Internet.”

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…Is there still this type of thing online?’

Lin Fei looked at him in a puzzled manner and asked him, “Otherwise, what do you usually do on the Internet?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

“Oh.” Lin Fei nodded. “You play games, watch animations and watch TV.”

It was worthy of him. He didn’t learn and didn’t develop any skills!

Ji Leyu laughed twice and hugged him in a spoiled manner. “In any case, it is fine as long as you can do it. You can teach me.”

Lin Fei snorted in a very disdainful manner.

Ji Leyu winked at him cutely, looking very well-behaved.

Lin Fei made him a cylinder for the painting and also made a small envelope for himself for the greeting card.

He was actually thinking about whether to write a few words. He looked at the greeting cards made by others on the Internet and they all had words written on them.

However, Lin Fei couldn’t think of anything to write.

He really wasn’t used to this aspect. He could do something silently to make Lin Luoqing happy but he was too embarrassed to say anything too intimate to him.

Lin Fei hesitated for a whole day before finally picking up the pen awkwardly at night.

The moment he finished writing, Ji Leyu pushed open the door and walked in.

“I remembered something,” Ji Leyu said mysteriously.

“What is it?” Lin Fei calmly put his card into the envelope and pasted a golden bow as an embellishment.

“I heard people saying that midnight is a new day. If you give someone a gift at this time, they will feel that you care about them.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…What else?’

Ji Leyu blinked his beautiful eyes and asked him, “Do you want to give it to Dad at midnight tonight?”

Lin Fei thought about it for a moment. “Let’s do it.”

He didn’t know this but there were always a lot of things he didn’t know, especially in this aspect. Maybe it was really true.

In any case, midnight was a new day. It was Lin Luoqing’s birthday so it didn’t matter even if Ji Leyu was wrong.

“Then shall we go to find Dad together?” Ji Leyu was very excited.

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

Ji Leyu was happy and waited excitedly for the arrival of midnight.

Fortunately, today was Friday and there was no school tomorrow. The two of them could go to bed late.

Lin Luoqing cared about Lin Fei. He thought that Lin Fei had slept late last night, so he should rest early tonight. However, Lin Luoqing didn’t urge him much and just reminded him.

Lin Fei calmly replied to him, “I will sleep after reading this one.”

Lin Luoqing sighed. What should he do if the child loved to study too much? How could he love reading so much at such a young age?

Fortunately, he wasn’t Lin Fei’s classmate or he would struggle.

Too hard-working!

Once it was almost midnight, Ji Leyu immediately raised his spirits. The moment the minute hand reached it, he pulled Lin Fei out quickly.

It was the first time he had done this type of thing and his emotions were surging. He asked Lin Fei in a low voice, “How should we do it? Knock on the door, go in and give the gift to Dad?”

“Just knock on the door and leave it at the door.”

“Aren’t you going in?”

“I’m not going in.”

“Okay then. I won’t go in either.”

He placed the cylindrical box in his hand on the floor and Lin Fei also placed his envelope next to it.

Ji Leyu glanced at him. “I will knock on the door?”

Lin Fei nodded.

Ji Leyu raised his hand, knocked on the door a few times and immediately pulled Lin Fei to run away.

He ran quickly and in an urgent manner, as if afraid of being discovered. Lin Fei was inexplicably a bit flustered because of him.

The two of them ran quickly and turned around the corner before leaning against the wall.

Ji Leyu gently and cautiously poked out his little head, wanting to see the situation. He saw that Lin Luoqing had already walked out.

He immediately retracted his head and said softly, “Dad is out.”

Lin Fei was a bit nervous.

It took a while for Ji Leyu to poke out his little head again.

“He went back.” He turned to look at Lin Fei. “The gifts were also taken.”

Lin Fei sighed with relief and turned to look at him.

The two people looked at each other. Then after a long time, they couldn’t help smiling.

This was a new gift-giving experience that they hadn’t experienced before. It was new and they were inexplicably happy.

“I wonder if Dad will like our gifts?” JI Leyu leaned against the wall and said softly. “I hope he likes them.”

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