FV: Chapter 168

The father and son prepared gifts for Lin Luoqing respectively. They were different and the prices were different, but they were all very valuable.

After eating breakfast the next morning, Ji Leyu asked Ji Yuxiao curiously, “Is Dad coming back today?”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

“His birthday is the day after tomorrow.”


“Dad, have you ordered a cake?” At this time, Lin Luoqing wasn’t there so Ji Leyu asked what he was confused about.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “It is settled. You worry a lot.”

“Because I also want to eat cake,” Ji Leyu said honestly. His voice was soft. He sounded a bit silly but also well-behaved.

Ji Yuxiao looked at him with a smile. “Then you eat more.”

“Dad should eat more. He is the birthday star.”

He finished speaking and didn’t forget to give a reminder, “Remember to buy gifts for Dad.”

“Do I still need your reminder?” Ji Yuxiao raised an eyebrow. “I should be telling you. Have you prepared a gift for your dad?”

Ji Leyu proudly stuck out his small chest. “I’ve prepared it. It isn’t just me. Brother also prepared it.”

Ji Yuxiao heard this and looked at Lin Fei, who was eating silently.

Lin Fei nodded and said casually, “Yes.”

“Okay, okay. The two of you eat quickly and go to school.”

“Oh.” Ji Leyu’s mouth flattened and he lowered his head to drink the porridge.

Seeing that the two of them had gone to school, Ji Yuxiao didn’t lie back in bed. He instead went to the rehabilitation room on the 3rd floor, intending to take advantage of the time before Lin Luoqing returned to hurry up and practice for a while.

He practiced all morning. Then when he took a bath at noon, he saw the bruises on his body from falling and remembered another problem.

The bruises and purple marks definitely couldn’t be seen by Lin Luoqing or he would ask questions. Then Lin Luoqing would feel uncomfortable again.

Didn’t this mean that they couldn’t do the things that couples loved to do?

Tsk, it was really troublesome. The husband and wife finally reunited. It was the moment when absence made the heart fonder, but he could only sit and do nothing. Ji Yuxiao felt this was really torturous.

Ah, he sighed. It was too sad.

Ji Yuxiao changed into a dressing gown and went to the study, waiting for his wife to come home.

Lin Luoqing arrived home in the afternoon.

Aunt Zhang saw that he had returned and enthusiastically helped him with his luggage, talking to him about recent family matters.

In fact, it was nothing serious. It was nothing more than some interesting daily stories about the two children. Lin Luoqing listened very carefully as if this would allow him not to miss any moments when the children grew up.

“Sir is in the study.” Aunt Zhang reminded him while passing by the study.

Lin Luoqing heard this and waved to her. Then he quietly pushed open the door of the study and poked his head in.

Ji Yuxiao looked up and saw him with a smile on his face. Ji Yuxiao put down the pen, leaned back against the chair and secretly thought, ‘This time, it is a bit later than the last time he came back.’

Lin Luoqing was discovered by him and walked in.

“I’m back.”

“Your return is long overdue,” Ji Yuxiao said.

Lin Luoqing chuckled and ran toward him. He ran to Ji Yuxiao’s desk, went around and stood in front of him. Then he stopped moving.

Ji Yuxiao almost couldn’t resist standing up and hugging his thin body in the sunlight.

However, he restrained himself in the end. He just looked at Lin Luoqing and beckoned at him. After Lin Luoqing bent over, he reached out and hugged him.

“Welcome home.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing responded softly. He liked that every time he came back, Ji Yuxiao said this to him.

It was just like he loved every moment like this and would hug him.

During the time when he hadn’t transmigrated here and lived alone, he really wanted someone to say this to him when he came home and to hug him.

It was just that he didn’t meet someone at that time. Now, he had someone.

Lin Luoqing hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly. He rubbed against Ji Yuxiao’s shoulder and said softly, “I missed you so much.”

“Me too,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

The smile on Lin Luoqing’s face deepened and he hugged Ji Yuxiao fiercely for a while. Then he reluctantly let go and looked at this person happily.

After he had seen enough, he remembered something and hurriedly said, “Then I’ll go first. I’ll see you later.”

Ji Yuxiao was confused. ‘?? Didn’t you just come back? Where are you going?’

“Where are you going?” He wondered.

“Fei Fei and Xiao Yu are about to finish school. I have to pick them up,” he said.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Then you might as well have picked up the two of them and then came back. It would save you from going back and forth. Aren’t you tired?”

“But I wanted to see you.” Lin Luoqing’s gaze was pure.

Of course, he knew it was more convenient to go to Lin Fei and Ji Leyu’s school to wait for them to finish and pick them up together. However, he kept picturing Ji Yuxiao’s face from time to time when he got into the car. He wanted to see Ji Yuxiao more than he wanted to see the children.

Therefore, he had no way to wait for the children to leave school in peace. He went home first and fulfilled his wishes. Then he could wait for the children to leave school without distractions.

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected him to say this and instantly laughed. A spring breeze blew in his heart.

He nodded and said softly, “Then you can go now, but remember to wear a mask and not get out of the car. You are very popular right now.”

“I know.”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and turned around to leave. But as soon as he turned around, he found that he was being pulled by someone.

He turned back in puzzlement. Ji Yuxiao’s hand pulled him and Lin Luoqing’s body tilted subconsciously. His shoulders were lowered toward Ji Yuxiao and he felt a soft kiss.

“Go early and return early.” Ji Yuxiao’s voice was soft and seductive. “I’ll wait for you at home.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile.

After a long time, he quickly leaned close and kissed him on the cheek. Then he stood up straight and walked out.

His face was red with joy and he was like a teenager who couldn’t hide his heart. He was bright and clear and anyone could see his shyness and sweetness.

Lin Luoqing went out and called Luo Jia. He asked Luo Jia to pick him up before going to school. Luo Jia agreed very cheerfully and soon appeared in front of him.

Lin Luoqing got into the car and set off for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu’s school.

At around the same time, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu held hands and walked out of the school.

Lin Luoqing thought that the parents were busy picking up students here so nothing would happen. He got out of the car wearing a mask and hat and waved to Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Immediately, a child of the same class approached the two of them and asked curiously, “Ji Leyu, is that your father?”

“Ji Leyu, is your father really Lin Luoqing? That big star Lin Luoqing?”

“No, Ji Leyu’s name is Ji. Lin Luoqing should be Lin Fei’s father.”

“No, it is Lin Fei’s uncle.”

The little child spoke a lot in one mouthful while following the two of them. It was as if he wanted to go to Lin Luoqing’s side with them.

Lin Fei stopped and turned to look at them.

His expression was very cold. His deeply lidded double eyelids and low-hanging dense eyelashes made his eyes look very deep, but there was no temperature in his eyes.

“Go back to your own house,” Lin Fei said coldly.

Ji Leyu immediately chimed in. “That’s right. Why don’t you find your own parents? Don’t you have your own parents?”

The classmate was young. The moment he saw Lin Fei’s cold face, he wondered if Lin Fei was unhappy and he was a bit afraid in his heart. He heard Ji Leyu saying this and immediately said, “Of course, I have my own parents.” Then he ran away.

Lin Fei watched them go. It was only then that he took another step.

Lin Luoqing was far away. He could only see them saying something to their classmate before their classmate left.

Was this saying goodbye to their classmate after school?

Really cute children.

He watched Lin Fei and Ji Leyu come over, smiled at them and got into the car with them. It was only then that he took off his hat and mask and asked them, “Were you chatting with your classmate just now?”

Ji Leyu was about to speak when he heard Lin Fei say, “Yes.”

Ji Leyu, “???”

He glanced at Lin Fei quietly. Why was Lin Fei lying?

Lin Luoqing was a bit happy. Lin Fei had always been a loner in the novel and basically had no friends. It was a good thing that he could now chat with his classmates.

He didn’t want to interfere in the interaction and friendship between children, so he didn’t continue the topic.

Children had their own children’s world. They had friends they liked and people they didn’t like. They had a good relationship with this person today and argued with this person tomorrow. Then they would think they would never talk to a person again in the future.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu had different personalities from ordinary children. They had their own thinking logic and Lin Luoqing didn’t want to ask more questions or they might think he cared about this.

In fact, he was happy as long as they could grow up happy and healthy.

“I’m done filming,” Lin Luoqing said cheerfully. “So I’m back.”

Ji Leyu hugged his waist cooperatively. “Yay.”

“Did you miss Dad?” Lin Luoqing touched his head and asked him.

Ji Leyu nodded hurriedly. “I really missed you.”

“What about Fei Fei?” Lin Luoqing asked Lin Fei.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei turned to look out the window.

Seeing this, Ji Leyu quietly approached Lin Luoqing’s ear and whispered, “He also missed you. I asked a few days ago.”

He was snickering when he saw Lin Fei turn to stare at him the moment he finished speaking.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu silently hugged Lin Luoqing and hid his little head in this person’s arms.

Lin Luoqing smiled. He touched Lin Fei’s hair and hugged him.

He kissed Lin Fei’s ear and said softly, “No matter whether you missed me or not, I missed Fei Fei very much.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that his ears were a bit hot. He leaned into Lin Luoqing’s arms and felt Lin Luoqing holding his hand.

For a long time, he secretly and quietly held Lin Luoqing’s hand. He also missed Lin Luoqing very much and Lin Luoqing had finally come back.

Lin Luoqing felt his small movements but pretended that he didn’t notice them. He didn’t say anything and silently held his soft little hand. His heart was full of tenderness.

After returning home, Ji Leyu followed Lin Fei to his bedroom to do his homework and he finally had time to ask Lin Fei, “Why did you lie in the car just now?”

Lin Fei’s hand holding the book paused for a moment. Then he continued to take the book out of his bag.

He said, “Don’t let him know.”


“He likes to stand outside and wait for us, so let him stand outside.”

Ji Leyu thought about it and understood.

If Lin Luoqing knew about their real conversation, he would definitely avoid trouble and not get out of the car in the future. He would just sit in the car and wait for them.

However, he obviously preferred to get out of the car and wait for them.

Thus, Lin Fei didn’t tell him. This way, he could still get out of the car and wait for them like before.

Ji Leyu nodded. “Yes, what he likes is the most important thing.”

‘Yes,’ Lin Fei thought in his heart.

In the end, ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was still on air. The children in the class might not have seen Lin Luoqing and didn’t know if he was the big star Lin Luoqing, but the parents and teachers at the parent-teacher conference had seen Lin Luoqing. They suddenly found out that the parent of their child’s classmate was a star and were surprised.

The head teacher, Teacher Zhang, specially called Lin Luoqing about this. “Now some parents and children are saying that you are Lin Fei and Xiao Yu’s parent and there are children in the class asking the two of them questions. This will inevitably have an impact on the growth and learning of the children. I want to mention it in the parent group. I hope that they can stop talking about you and not tell their children about you. This will hopefully curb the development of the situation before the matter has completely spread. What do you think?”

“I think this is very good. Thank you, Teacher Zhang.”

“You’re welcome. Fei Fei is really a rare seedling and he is very well-behaved. I don’t want him to be affected, so I’ll talk about it in the parent group in a while.”

“Yes yes, if there is anything that needs my cooperation then I will definitely cooperate.”

“Really?” Teacher Zhang was a bit excited. “Then if you want, can you give me an autograph the next time you come to a parent-teacher meeting? I have a friend who likes you very much and I want to give her your autograph.”

“Okay, no problem,” Lin Luoqing said immediately.

“I hope you also have a successful career.”

“Thank you. I wish you that as well.”

Not long after Teacher Zhang hung up the phone, she told everyone about it in the parent group.

She spoke very sincerely. First of all, she said that everyone had let their children study here for the future of their children. Therefore, they shouldn’t discuss things other than learning too much for the sake of their children’s learning.

Secondly, the children in the class were still very young. There was no concept of proportion. If they told the child about it then they would go to publicize it. This would produce a sense of vanity, which was very detrimental to children of this age.

In the past three months, Lin Fei’s achievements were outstanding and he was often a role model for parents and teachers in educating students. Once a child got the idea that his parent was a celebrity, many children of this age didn’t have a mature sense of right and wrong and thought that celebrities were superior. Then they would think it was natural that Lin Fei was better than them at studying. This wouldn’t serve as an incentive for them to study and it might have the opposite effect, making the children compare themselves to their parents.

They weren’t students at a private school. Regardless of their background, every student stood on the same starting line. Therefore, she didn’t want to destroy the simple friendship and learning atmosphere between the students. If someone did this again, she would apply to transfer the student to another class.

The parents of the students looked at it and said: [Okay, Teacher Zhang.]

[Teacher Zhang is right. It really shouldn’t be like this. Fortunately, I haven’t told my daughter yet.]

[I said it and my son asked me if Lin Fei got 1st place because his father is a star. It is really as Teacher Zhang said.]

[I’ll go and tell my daughter that I was wrong.]

[Don’t even talk about it. What if these children start chasing stars from the first grade?]

[No way, they are too young.]

[There is a ready-made one around them. Wouldn’t you become curious?]

For a moment, the group was silent in understanding.

Let’s not talk about it. If their children really became curious and it affected their learning then that would be too miserable!

Lin Fei’s father was a star and he was 1st place. This had nothing to do with others.

Meanwhile, their children weren’t first and they weren’t stars. Their children should study hard and forget about other things.

The parents responded one by one.

Lin Luoqing also stepped up and said: [Thank you.]

[You’re welcome, you’re welcome.]

[Lin Fei’s uncle, you are really amazing. Your nephew is taught so well by you and you are also a star.]

[Yes. Your career is successful and you don’t have to worry about your child. It is simple!]

[No wonder why Lin Fei’s uncle is so young. If you had the child of my family, you probably wouldn’t have time to be a star.]

[Yes, Lin Fei’s uncle, you are simply a winner in life.]

[I envy you so much, Lin Fei’s uncle.]

Lin Luoqing smiled. Their words were really pleasant!

It was kind of cool!

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