FV: Chapter 166

‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ exploded, Lin Luoqing became popular and Wu Xinyuan’s mind also became active.

He contacted Director Li again and sent Director Li the traffic statistics of Lin Luoqing during this time. He took screenshots of the Weibo posts, forums and short videos with his discussions and popularity, hoping Director Li would reconsider Lin Luoqing.

Director Li hadn’t officially decided on an actor yet.

Su Tong’s schedule was tight. After fighting for a long time with no results, he went to film other shows. After all, he was top class and his schedule could be arranged from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. There was really no time for him to constantly convince Director Li.

On the contrary, the other two actors that Director Li was most satisfied with were better than Lin Luoqing. However, they weren’t as popular as Su Tong and their schedule wasn’t full. This gave Director Li time to think about it.

No one expected that Lin Luoqing would suddenly become popular.

He blew up quickly and suddenly, but also very positively.

The director of the crew praised him, the actors who worked with him praised him and it was confirmed by Li Hanhai that he stopped working for a year to practice his acting skills. This made countless netizens praise him for being handsome and working hard, so he deserved to be popular.

Due to this, Director Li was a bit moved when he saw Wu Xinyuan’s new email.

He checked Lin Luoqing’s current number of Weibo fans and the followers of his super talk. Then he felt like the industry really changed rapidly. Before the audition, Lin Luoqing was just a little-known actor but now he was far more popular than the two actors he was competing with.

Director Li still remembered his wonderful performance at the audition where he was most satisfied with Lin Luoqing. It was just that Lin Luoqing wasn’t popular at the time, so Director Li didn’t select him. He just placed Lin Luoqing as an alternative. Otherwise, he was just a small actor with no fans and no works and wasn’t qualified to compete with others.

Now that he had made up for his shortcoming in popularity, there was nothing to hesitate about. It was him.

Director Li quickly replied to Wu Xinyuan. He asked if Lin Luoqing had time to audition again. If there were no problems at that time then he would be selected.

Wu Xinyuan was pleasantly surprised and kept thanking Director Li and reassuring him.

Once he finished speaking, he excitedly took his phone and walked toward Lin Luoqing’s room.

Lin Luoqing was broadcasting live at this time.

For better publicity, almost all the main actors of the crew broadcasted live. Yao Momo and Li Hanhai were the CP in the drama so the two of them broadcasted live together.

It was just that Lin Luoqing was busy and he was a supporting role, so he live broadcasted late.

He looked at the growing number of people in the live broadcast room and smiled. “Good evening, everyone.”

The barrage was immediately filled. [Good evening, Brother.]

[Brother, you are finally live broadcasting!]

[Wu wu wu, I am finally watching Brother’s live broadcast.]

[Brother, where is this? A hotel?]

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing replied.

The fans scrambled to ask: [Brother, if you are at a hotel then do you have a job?]

[Are you going to participate in the event? Recently, I haven’t seen your figure at the drama’s publicity.]

[I remember that I heard Director Zhang saying that Brother is filming now. Have you not finished filming yet?]

[Ahhh, a new drama? What is the new drama like?]

[Is there a new work again so soon? I’m so happy. Is my brother playing the protagonist this time?]

[Wu wu wu, I want to see the makeup photos.]

Lin Luoqing saw the barrage flashing by quickly. He just wanted to answer a question when he found that the question was already submerged in the vast barrage screen. He could only rely on his memory to answer. “Yes, I am filming.”

“This time, it is a serious drama and is about the police. It is still a supporting role. This time, I have fewer scenes but I really like this role. You should also like it after seeing it when it is released.”

[Oh my god, our brother is still playing a supporting role. I’m crying.]

[Brother, hurry up and play a leading role. You are so good at acting. You should’ve played a leading role a long time ago!]

[Ahhhh, is it a serious drama? A serious drama is good. I really like serious dramas!]

[It is related to the police. Then is the drama called ‘Radiance?’]

[F*, the one where Zhou Chengxuan is the male protagonist? It is a good drama!]

[Brother, are you also a policeman? Will you wear a police uniform? I’m looking forward to it!]

[Ahhh, Brother in a police uniform. It is amazing!]

Lin Luoqing specifically asked Director Wang about the live broadcast and if he could mention the drama that he was currently filming during the live broadcast. Director Wang agreed. Therefore, Lin Luoqing didn’t hide it at this time and directly admitted it. “It is indeed ‘Radiance.’ For other secrets, you can pay attention to the official Weibo of ‘Radiance’. You will know once it starts airing.”

[Okay! I will go and follow it!]

[No problem!]

[Brother did a good job of secrecy. I didn’t know anything about it before.]

“It is true that there aren’t many scenes. In addition, I have been busy filming recently, so I haven’t been able to post relevant content on Weibo,” Lin Luoqing said gently. “Okay, I can’t talk too much about my own things. This live broadcast is to promote Peaches and Plums. Let’s talk about it.”

The moment he said this, the questions on the barrage became questions related to Meng Hua and the crew.

Lin Luoqing looked at it and picked out questions to reply to. “Who do I have the best relationship with in the crew? I have a good relationship with all of them.”

“Do I know they call me Teacher in private? I know all too well. They call me that directly to my face in the crew.”

“What gave me a deep impression? One time, I was practicing a scene with Sister Momo and Brother Hai in private. Sister Momo had to cry in this scene but she always felt that she didn’t cry sadly enough. Then at noon, we ate together. As we were eating, she suddenly cried. Brother Hai and I were shocked and asked her if there was something wrong with her boxed lunch. She said that she suddenly thought of the plot just now and asked us if she cried sadly enough. Brother Hai and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

“Why aren’t I participating in any promotional event? As I just said, I am filming and I will participate with everyone once filming is over.”

“Is there a conflict with anyone? No, the crew is very good and they were good to me.”

Lin Luoqing broadcasted live for an hour before saying goodnight to everyone. Then he ended this publicity live broadcast.

He leaned back in the chair. He felt he was tired after an hour of live broadcasting. It was mainly that he had to keep talking so it was a bit draining.

“It was a good broadcast,” Wu Xinyuan said while approaching him.

“It’s okay.” Lin Luoqing looked up at him with a confident light in his eyes. “I also went to Brother Hai’s live broadcast room yesterday to steal a teacher, hehe.”

Wu Xinyuan laughed. “I have good news for you.”

“What is it?”


“Did another advertiser look for you?”

In the past few days, brands had started to approach Wu Xinyuan to ask him to film advertisements as a spokesperson. There were no big names yet, but this proved that he already had commercial value. The field of advertising had been opened to him.

Once ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was over, it was estimated that the big names who hadn’t moved would smell something and rush here.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t sign as a spokesperson.

“Of course not. It is much better than that.”

“What is it?” Lin Luoqing was a bit interested.

Wu Xinyuan smiled and said, “I contacted Director Li again. Director Li said that if you have time to audition again and there are no problems, you will be chosen for the role.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised. He had already given up on this matter. He hadn’t expected Wu Xinyuan to still think about it and to almost become successful.

“It is also thanks to the early airing of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak.’ It exploded so powerfully and directly made your popularity soar. Otherwise, you might really miss out on this character.”

Wu Xinyuan wasn’t reconciled after thinking about it. If it was really a problem with acting skills and Director Li wasn’t satisfied with Lin Luoqing’s acting skills then there was nothing he could do. This was a serious injury and he had to admit it.

However, he acted very well and Director Li was satisfied. It was just that his popularity couldn’t keep up, so Wu Xinyuan didn’t want to miss it.

Even if ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ hadn’t aired in advance and Lin Luoqing’s popularity hadn’t skyrocketed, he would still think of other ways to see how to win this role. Fortunately, God helped him. Wu Xinyuan finally settled this matter and could sleep a lot more steadily at night.

“Check when you have time and I’ll reply to Director Li.”

“Set it to the end of this month on the 30th. I’ll go and audition.”

“Okay,” Wu Xinyuan said. He bowed his head and replied to Director Li.

‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was continuing to air while at ‘Radiance’, Lin Luoqing gradually entered the countdown to completion.

Zhou Chengxuan still liked him very much. After seeing his popularity, Zhou Chengxuan specifically mentioned that this popularity was only temporary. Works were long-lasting. Even if he became popular, he couldn’t act in shoddy works.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “I know.”

He didn’t have a choice before so he was willing to act in any role as long as it was available. Firstly, he needed to survive. Secondly, how ridiculous was it to cherish roles as an extra?

However, now he had fame and popularity. He naturally had a choice and he had to learn to choose.

Fortunately, Lin Luoqing wasn’t a very ambitious person. He acted out of love. There was a factor of making money before he transmigrated to this world, but now only love was left.

Zhou Chengxuan patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him.

Director Wang finished filming the last scene of his undercover journey. He felt a bit reluctant in his heart. Lin Luoqing only had three scenes left and after these last three scenes were filmed, he would be finished.

Thanks to the blessing of Lin Luoqing’s live broadcast, the official Weibo of ‘Radiance’ gained a lot of fans. Fans curiously asked about Lin Luoqing in the comments area and there were private messages asking about who he was playing and if there were any fixed makeup photos.

However, he really had no makeup photos.

He had just come to save them in a hurry and there was no time to do such things. Even the clothes were bought according to the height and weight of the actor set before. It was fortunate that Lin Luoqing had a good figure. Even if it didn’t fit well, it wasn’t obvious. Therefore, the crew asked the designer to adjust it and didn’t buy him new clothes.

At first, he was actually worried that Lin Luoqing couldn’t act out Fu Han’s feelings. Now he felt that he was touched by Lin Luoqing’s Fu Han and designed too many memory points for Fu Han, allowing the character of Fu Han to come alive.

There weren’t many young actors who could do what he did.

‘If there is a chance, we can cooperate again,’ Director Wang secretly thought.

Lin Luoqing saw him staring and walked over.

“What’s wrong, Director Wang?”

“Nothing.” Director Wang smiled and teased him. “You have been very popular lately. Congratulations.”

Lin Luoqing laughed with some embarrassment. “By the way, Director Wang. Have the theme song, ending song and episode songs of our drama been decided yet?”

“Some of it is set but it isn’t completely finished. Why are you asking about this?”

“I have a friend who listened to me talk about the drama and was very moved. This person wrote two songs and recorded a sample. They said that if the crew listens to it and likes it, they are willing to give it to the crew for free. See if you like it or not.”

Director Wang heard that it was for free and felt there was no need to hesitate. “I will listen.”

Lin Luoqing unlocked his phone, plugged in the earphones and handed the earphones to Director Wang.

Director Wang listened to it. The more he listened, the more surprised he became.

There were two songs with very different styles.

The first song was soothing and atmospheric, like a calm river. Suddenly, it touched the reef and stirred up waves, tragic and fervent.

The second song was particularly sad and desolate, particularly the part where the female voice sang in a low voice. It was even more mournful, like a complaint or a cry, making people cry.

He thought of the scene of Fu Han’s death almost immediately. Director Wang asked Lin Luoqing to play the second song for him again and finalized it in his heart. “This is it.”

He had previously thought that Fu Han’s death must be accompanied by good music, so as to better infect the audience and let them understand the difficulties of Fu Han and Fu Bin.

“Your friend sings well.” Director Wang was surprised. “Isn’t she selling these two songs of her too cheaply?”

Her singing skills were good and her voice was even more ethereal. It was too catchy.

Lin Luoqing smiled and didn’t say anything.

Director Wang continued. “Her work is indeed a masterpiece, especially the second one. I even thought of the matching scenes for them, so I want both. I won’t take advantage of her either. Let her quote a price and I will buy it at the normal price.”

“No need,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “She is actually quite embarrassed. She feels sorry for the hard work of you and the crew and she wants to compensate the crew.”

Director Wang was puzzled. “She is sorry for me? Why is she sorry for me? Who is it?”

“You know her too,” Lin Luoqing said meaningfully.

Director Wang was even more perplexed. “Xiao Lin, I am completely confused by your words.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and revealed it. “It is Qin Ruyun.”

“Didn’t she always receive an NG from you when filming? She felt that she wasted too much of your time and the time of the other actors in the crew. In addition, changing actors in the middle made you have to film those scenes again. Therefore, she specifically wrote two songs sincerely with all her heart. She hopes you won’t blame her.”

Director Wang, “!!!”

No, he thought. He had heard Qin Ruyun singing before. It wasn’t bad but it was far from this good. How could it be…?

Director Wang realized instantly. Last time, Qin Ruyun sang without professional equipment or a professional microphone. The live environment was very noisy and it wasn’t possible for her to show her true strength.

He really hadn’t expected it. “She sings so well?”

“Then what was she doing acting? Being a singer is enough for her to earn money!”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Who doesn’t think this?’

Oh, Yang Feng must not think so.

Director Wang was a professional director and had seen all types of actors. If Lin Luoqing hadn’t mentioned it at this time, he would’ve forgotten Qin Ruyun a long time ago. He naturally wouldn’t bother settling accounts with her. Besides, Director Wang might’ve secretly complained that Qin Ruyun’s acting skills were poor but she had a good attitude. Wasn’t this much better than the actors with poor acting skills and attitude?

He smiled slightly. “Go back and tell her that it is fine. It isn’t a big deal. She sang these songs well so when the time comes, I will ask the music director to contact her and make a final version. As for the price, just go according to the market price. She has a kind heart but I won’t take advantage of her in vain.”

“Yes, she will be very happy to hear you say that.”

“By the way, are you friends now?” Director Wang was surprised. “The two of you have a good relationship.”

“My agent felt she had potential and signed her after she terminated her contract. We have naturally become friends.”

Director Wang was doubtful. “Really?”

Lin Luoqing saw his skeptical eyes and said helplessly, “It is true. I’m not only friends with her, I am also friends with Yao Momo, Su Ying, Wu Jia, Li Hanhai and Zhang Quan. We all have a good relationship and it is a pure friendship.”

Director Wang laughed. “Okay, okay. I know that your popularity is good.”

“That’s right,” Lin Luoqing declared proudly.

He finished chatting with Director Wang. On the way back, he sent a WeChat to Qin Wu about the song. [Director Wang agreed and the two songs passed.]

[Really?] Qin Wu couldn’t believe it. [He wants both of them?]

[Yes, he also praised you for singing well. Your songs are very good and asked me that your usual songs aren’t cheap, right?]

Qin Wu was a bit embarrassed. [Teacher Xiao Lin, how did you talk to Director Wang? How could he think that?]

Lin Luoqing briefly told her about the conversation with Director Wang before.

Qin Wu had just written two songs for him according to his request and recorded a sample. She sent it to him without saying the price or anything. She was the one who wanted Director Wang’s impression of her to improve a bit, so he deliberately didn’t say her name in the beginning and offered it for free.

After all, Qin Wu had no popularity. it was better for the price to be free than for it to be too low. First of all, it would increase the chances of being selected and increase her popularity after the drama was aired. Secondly, it would make Director Wang feel that she had the intention to make things up for him. Thirdly, it was to make their relationship with Director Wang closer so they could cooperate again in the future.

As for Director Wang’s proposal to buy it at a regular price later, this was purely a surprise.

Qin Wu listened to him and felt that he was very considerate. [Then Teacher Xiao Lin, can you give the crew a discount? I am really embarrassed and I will feel more at ease when giving a discount. I can ensure that the company’s share of the money remains unchanged. The discount will be offset from my part.]

Lin Luoqing paused. [The company isn’t that bad. Discounts are definitely possible. Your money is still your money. You don’t need to take the discount from it. At that time, you can talk to the music director. Director Wang said he will add you later.]

[Okay, thank you, Teacher Xiao Lin. So I am now… making money for the company?]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

You are so dedicated to the company. You are really the employee that capitalists dream of!

[Yes.] Lin Luoqing replied to her. [You are quite incredible. Within a few days of signing the contract, you have started to give back to the company. Not bad.]

Qin Wu was happy. She actually made money! This was great! She finally made money for the company! She didn’t just eat the company’s resources!

Qin Wu quickly said: [I will continue to work hard to make money!]

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…This is too dedicated. The capitalists can’t bear it. This year’s excellent employee must be you!’

Lin Luoqing thought of this and didn’t forget to let Wu Xinyuan tell President Zhang that Qin Wu had already started to make money for them.

Wu Xinyuan immediately sent a text message to President Zhang to report the good news.

President Zhang, “!!!!”

This should’ve been his money!

Yang Fang! You made me lose money!

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