FV: Chapter 165

“Yes.” Lin Fei’s expression was indifferent. It was hard to see that he came out specifically to say goodbye to Lin Luoqing.

“Then I’m going.”


Lin Luoqing pinched his face reluctantly. Then he walked to Ji Yuxiao’s side again, pushed his wheelchair and walked out.

Lin Fei watched them close the door and slowly walked back. There were 14 days until March 25th. He had to think about what gift to give to Lin Luoqing.

He could no longer give cacti and flower pots. He already had his own.

A notebook wasn’t possible. He hadn’t taken the exam yet and hadn’t obtained a second notebook by himself.

Then what should he give?

Lin Fei sat in front of the table that was temporarily used as a desk and thought seriously.

Ji Yuxiao, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu accompanied Lin Luoqing for two days before having to go back again.

Ji Leyu was reluctant to go. If possible, he would choose to work with his father instead of going to school!

However, his father obviously didn’t think so. “Study hard and strive to get to the top five for the midterm exam~”

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…I’m tired, destroy it.’

Ji Yuxiao saw his sad little face and smiled for a long time. Only Lin Fei looked contemptuous. God, he couldn’t even get into the top five. How could he have such a stupid younger brother?

‘Life isn’t easy,’ Lin Fei sighed.

Once Ji Yuxiao left, Lin Luoqing once again devoted himself to filming.

Under his interpretation, the role of Fu Han became more vivid every day but also more regrettable. It was to the point where Director Wang and the screenwriter watched and couldn’t help adding a few more scenes to him.

They didn’t dare add too much. After all, the protagonist of this drama was Fu Bin. Fu Han was just a branch plotline and a link to enrich the other person. Director Wang and the screenwriter mainly added several family scenes with Fu Bin to him.

In this way, the personalities of the two people and the difficulty of the police officers were better highlighted.

The night before Fu Han’s mission, Fu Bin came to his bedroom to find him. Fu Han was packing his luggage. He had already obtained a new ID card and planned to go to the rental house to pretend to be another person tomorrow.

Fu Bin looked at his son. Unknowingly, his son had grown from a little bean as a child to a man who was almost as tall as him. He was bent over but he was unexpectedly able to carry the safety of the people on his shoulders.

Fu Bin walked to his side and asked with concern, “How is your packing going?”

“I’m almost ready,” Fu Han said with a smile.

Fu Bin lowered his head and saw a fluffy rabbit plushy in Fu Han’s suitcase. His mother had bought this for him when he was a child. Fu Han thought that rabbits were something that little girls liked. Later, he learned about the cunning of rabbits and felt that as a human, he should be as smart and cunning as a rabbit.

Fu Bin suddenly felt that his son was actually still a child and was still very young. Even if he had grown up, had a sense of responsibility and could protect others, but he was no different from the original little bean.

“This is the first time I’m seeing someone bring a doll on a mission,” Fu Bin said with a smile.

Fu Han wasn’t annoyed and just smiled. He felt that with the rabbit by his side, it was as if his parents were still by his side.

“I’m leaving. Remember to go home early and accompany Mother for dinner.”

“I know,” Fu Bin replied.

“You too,” he said. “Go home early and eat early.”

Fu Han nodded.

But he could never come back and eat his mother’s cooking.

The father and son stood in the bright room. It was dark outside the window and there was only dim moonlight. Fu Han said, “Tonight’s moon is so round.”

Fu Bin looked over. It was indeed very round and beautiful.

They looked at the same moon together before saying good night.

After that, the moon was never so round again.

Director Wang stared at the monitor and sighed uncontrollably. He didn’t think that Lin Luoqing could act so well before. Now Lin Luoqing actually had such a high degree of completion. It was obvious how much the audience would cry when Fu Han died later.

It was sad but this was reality.

Even in reality, the end of many police officers was far more uncomfortable than Fu Han’s end.

Therefore, this profession deserved reverence and admiration.

“Pass,” Director Wang shouted.

Lin Luoqing withdrew from Fu Han’s state but still felt a bit sad. He walked to the rest area and sat down, feeling empty for a while. Then he took out his phone and started to look at Weibo.

‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was about to air. It was just a few days away.

Due to the promotion of the schedule, the crew was afraid that some fans of the book or audience members interested in this theme wouldn’t know about it. Therefore, they specially bought the hot search to promote this drama.

The fans of Yao Momo and Li Hanhai were working hard to promote it every day. They couldn’t wait to let everyone know that ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ would be aired in three days.

Lin Luoqing also cooperated and shared the countdown poster.

The face fans he had accumulated before immediately commented on it. [Jiayou, Brother. I’m waiting for the broadcast!]

[I can’t wait to appreciate my brother’s beauty!]

[Wu wu wu, I really want to watch it now!]

[What has Brother been up to lately? Can you post more on Weibo?]

[Ahhh, is my treasure brother going to be discovered by others? Hurry up!]

In the midst of the prayers and anticipation of the actors’ fans and the book fans, ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ finally started airing!

It was a light comedic drama about love and the pace of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was very brisk. The first episode almost introduced all the key characters and explained the relationship between several people.

The screenwriter didn’t change too much of the plot of the original novel. Only some details and foreshadowing that weren’t noticed in the original novel were modified. At the same time, the family and friendship parts were added and refined to make the change more three-dimensional and substantial.

Yao Momo and Li Hanhai contributed their best acting skills since their debut with the help of Director Zhang and Lin Luoqing. Combine this with the exquisite costumes of the crew and the beautiful scenes shot by Director Zhang. It was beautiful and fresh, capturing the hearts of the audience with just one episode. It was said that as long as the plot didn’t collapse, this would be the most popular idol drama in recent years.

[Ahhhh, it is too good, too good. Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak is too good!]

[I originally went to watch it with the intention of seeing how bad it was. I didn’t expect it to be pretty good!]

[Is there an original novel of this? I’m so curious about the later plot that I want to read the original.]

[It turned out to be a drama that the original novel can spoil. I’m so touched! Upstairs, there is an original novel. It is super good to read. Go and read it!]

[At that time, I knew that Yao Momo and Li Hanhai were acting in this and refused to watch it. After all, the two of them only have their faces. I didn’t expect the two of them to act so well. It is close to the character!]

[The crew used their original voices. Yao Momo’s original voice is so cute and sweet. It is close to Meng Tao.]

[Speaking of Meng Tao, has anyone noticed Meng Hua? Ahhhh, he is so handsome! So handsome! I was shocked when I watched it!]

[Sister upstairs, I am the same!!!]

[The crew is too conscientious. Meng Hua is described as a very handsome teenager in the novel. I was worried that the crew would just see him as a supporting role and find an ugly person to play him. I didn’t expect him to be such a handsome man!]

[This drama is simply a feast for all face cons. They are all handsome men and beautiful women!]

[Hahahaha, I’m not interested in the emotional plotline of the male and female protagonists but I like the sister-brother plotline between the female protagonist and Meng Hua. The siblings get along too well!]

[I’m so envious of other people’s younger brothers!]

[Speaking of which, I am looking at my little brother lying in a paralyzed manner on the sofa. Forget it. Let’s throw him away.]

[Looking at the cast list, the actor who plays Meng Hua is called Lin Luoqing. I haven’t heard of him but this little brother is definitely going to be popular. If Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak maintains the quality of the first two episodes then this will be this year’s TOP idol drama!]

Lin Luoqing saw everyone’s evaluations and laughed heartily.

The other actors in the group were like him.

Yao Momo: [It really isn’t easy. Netizens actually praised my acting skills. Wu wu wu, I’m crying with joy.]

Li Hanhai thought, ‘…I won’t say it but a silent +1.’

Su Ying: [Me too.]

Yao Momo: [Thank you, Teacher Xiao Lin.]

Su Ying: [Thank you Teacher Xiao Lin (I didn’t copy it. It was purely hand typed.]

Li Hanhai: [Thank you, Luoqing.]

Wu Jia and Zhang Quan went online relatively late. They looked at the chat records and also sent their thanks.

The producer laughed loudly on the spot after reading the evaluation of the first two episodes. He confidently let the publicity team buy a hot search. This time, the publicity team sensitively grabbed a new publicity point from the evaluation of the netizens: [A feast for face cons.]

Sure enough, the face cons clicked in. After seeing the good-looking protagonists and supporting roles, they curiously clicked on the relevant videos.

The fans of the actors and the book fans also rushed in. [You are my half-siblings as long as you watch Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak!]

For a while, the relevant hot searches of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ continued to rise and Lin Luoqing’s fans continued to grow.

Wu Xinyuan saw the unusual increase in fans and sensitively realized that Lin Luoqing was going to become popular this time.

It turned out that he guessed correctly. By the time the seventh episode of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ aired, the drama had completely exploded.

The excellent quality of the first two episodes and the publicity of the crew and fans brought a lot of popularity to this drama. Some watched it after falling for the promotion and some watched it for its appearance. Others watched it with a rebellious mentality. However, after watching it, most people thought, ‘F*k, this seems to be really nice to watch!’

The ratings continued to rise and the number of viewers continued to increase. There were almost no dramas that was able to compete during this period. If someone asked, “Are there any TV dramas to watch recently?”

The reply would be, “Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak, go and watch it!”

The time and place were favorable. It was logical for the popularity of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ to explode. It was just that no one expected it to explode so powerfully.

Director Zhang himself found it a bit unbelievable. ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ wasn’t the drama with the largest investment that he had filmed, but it was the one with the best response. This was inseparable from the actors.

If Lin Luoqing hadn’t patiently and seriously helped out in private, helping Yao Momo and Li Hanhai correct their lines, then the overall effect might not be so good. Maybe he alone would stand out from the crowd. However, it didn’t matter if he was excellent if the protagonists were terrible. No one would see it.

Similarly, if Yao Momo and Li Hanhai thought highly of themselves and weren’t willing to humbly seek advice, then it was useless even if Lin Luoqing was willing to teach. They naturally wouldn’t be praised for their good acting skills and were amused by netizens.

It could be said that the director, screenwriter and original novel contributed to the success of this drama, but the actors also made it a hit.

It would be great if all actors could be like them. Director Zhang sighed silently in his heart.

‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ became popular and almost all the actors took advantage of it to suck up some popularity. However, beyond the producer’s expectations, in addition to the male and female protagonists of Li Hanhai and Yao Momo, the one who attracted the most fans wasn’t the second male lead Zhang Quan as he expected. It was actually Lin Luoqing. In addition, his small fan base meant the degree of fan growth was too rapid. His ability to attract fans was close to Li Hanhai, the male protagonist.

Lin Luoqing was also surprised. Thus he went to the Internet forum to understand the reason.

To put it bluntly, one reason was his face and the other was that his character was really too flattering.

As Meng Tao’s younger brother, Meng Hua had a family relationship with Meng Tao. He might be the younger brother but he was handsome and could fight. He was even more protective over Meng Tao, similar to an older brother. Therefore, sister fans liked him and mother fans thought he was cute.

At the same time, in addition to Meng Tao, he had an emotional plotline independent of the main CP. This emotional plotline wasn’t overwhelming but was very interesting. It reflected Meng Hua’s excellent atmosphere and his own charm when he was a boyfriend. This helped him suck up a batch of girlfriend fans and CP fans.

These fans gathered together and instantly expanded his fan base, making his popularity soar. In just one week, Lin Luoqing went from being unknown to having Weibo, forums and short videos filled with his name and fans.

These fans even found the black history of the original owner’s previous works. They exclaimed that he had made rapid progress and must’ve secretly taken lessons in private.

Then they started to praise him for his diligence and hard work. They said he was a brother who could obviously rely on his face to make a living but he still worked so hard. It was too inspirational!

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing can only let them be happy.

During the offline promotions, Li Hanhai and Yao Momo were asked this question by reporters.

Li Hanhai said without hesitation, “Luoqing really worked hard. That year, he didn’t accept any dramas or movies and he practiced hard at home. To be honest, this time everyone praised me for acting well but a large part of it is Luoqing’s credit. He often acted with me in the crew and gave me some advice. I am very grateful to him.”

Yao Momo immediately said, “Me too. Teacher Xiao Lin is really talented in acting. I hope everyone can like Meng Hua and Teacher Xiao Lin.”

The Peach and Plum CP fans said: [Oh, to the end, Peach and Plums are too sweet!]

The sibling family fans also said: [Oh, the Meng family’s siblings are sweet inside and outside the drama. The younger brother isn’t here but the sister is always worried about her younger brother.]

Lin Luoqing’s fans said in surprise: [Brother is working so hard. As a salted fish, I don’t deserve him!]

[From today onward, I will also work hard. I can’t give up just because my grades aren’t good.]

[They all don’t have good acting skills in the beginning. Some people choose to practice silently while some people choose to insult the audience’s eyes. Why is the difference in people so big?]

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Ah this… this…’

Brother Li who looked after Lin Luoqing during this time, “???”

Wasn’t it because Lin Luoqing’s acting was so bad that he didn’t give Lin Luoqing any drama or activities, so he didn’t appear on the screen later?

However, Lin Luoqing’s progress was indeed too great. It was almost like a different person. Could it be that Lin Luoqing really decided to work hard after that?

So why didn’t Lin Luoqing tell him?

Brother Li thought about it. Then he remembered that he had been dissatisfied with Lin Luoqing during that time and his attitude toward Lin Luoqing wasn’t good.

He understood instantly!

It must be that Lin Luoqing saw he was impatient every time he talked to Lin Luoqing, so Lin Luoqing didn’t dare to tell him. Lin Luoqing thought that the next time there was an opportunity, he would secretly surprise Brother Li. Who would’ve thought that this next time would be when he was someone else’s artist?!

Brother Li thought of this and regretted it a bit. He had obviously found this pearl first!

It was rare for him to take the initiative to contact Lin Luoqing for the first time since terminating the contract with Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing looked at his phone and wondered, “Is there something wrong, Brother Li?”

Brother Li saw that he wasn’t acting arrogantly despite being popular at this time. He just politely asked if there was something wrong and called him Brother Li. Brother Li felt that he probably misunderstood Lin Luoqing.

Maybe Lin Luoqing wanted to surprise him, but as a result, they terminated the contract…

“Luoqing,” he said in a gentle tone. “Tell me the truth. After you filmed the second drama, did you feel that you couldn’t continue like this so you put your head down and practiced hard?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

No, it was just a misunderstanding. Why did he think so?

Didn’t Brother Li know why the original owner didn’t continue filming?

Didn’t he have an idea in mind?

Lin Luoqing felt that this was really… a big misunderstanding!

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