FV: Chapter 162

Wu Xinyuan ignored him and walked toward Lin Luoqing’s side to say a few words to him.

Lin Luoqing nodded and said to him, “A person like him isn’t suitable to be an agent. If you can, let the boss fire him.”

“Okay,” Wu Xinyuan replied.

“Let’s go.” He glanced at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng angrily exited the lounge and walked forward.

Qin Ruyun followed Wu Xinyuan and walked out with him.

Before going out, she looked back at Lin Luoqing standing in the room. Lin Luoqing smiled at her very gently.

The words he said just now echoed in Qin Ruyun’s ears. She actually couldn’t remember when it started. He always talked like this and once she got used to it, she didn’t feel like anything was wrong.

She had said the same thing over and over again, time and time again. Only Lin Luoqing would feel that she shouldn’t be like this and would ask her ‘Does your agent often ask you to apologize?’ and would tell Yang Fei, ‘It is your fault that she always apologizes.’

Qin Ruyun felt an inexplicable sense of freshness when he scolded Yang Feng. She felt that it should be like this. It seemed like it wasn’t her who was wrong.

She breathed fresh air like a drowning person and her tense, restless and fragile nerves were finally relaxed by him.

Thus, she was willing to believe him.

It wasn’t like Qin Ruyun had never hesitated, doubted or given up. She had just walked in the darkness for too long and fumbled to give herself a light.

She was so tired, too tired.

Wu Xinyuan’s work efficiency was really fast. Soon, Lin Luoqing received a WeChat message that he had reached Qin Ruyun’s company and was in the process of canceling the contract.

Yang Feng hadn’t expected that he was really willing to pay for Qin Ruyun. He started to wonder if Wu Xinyuan wanted to sign Qin Ruyun and if she really had potential. Therefore, he stopped the boss and didn’t want Qin Ruyun to terminate the contract.

Unfortunately, Qin Ruyun had already signed it and the money had been sent. It was useless to stop it at this time.

“You put so much effort into this. Do you want to sign her?”

“That’s right.” Wu Xinyuan didn’t hide it this time.

Yang Feng sneered. “With a waste like her, you will lose money if you sign her.”

“Only trash like you will lose money from her. President Zhang, I sincerely suggest that you fire this agent as soon as possible. He doesn’t seem to be from your company. He is more like an undercover agent sent by the enemy.”

President Zhang laughed. “Mr Wu’s words are funny.”

“President Zhang, you are the boss. There might be some things you don’t understand but it doesn’t matter. You will soon know how much Yang Feng has made you lose.”

President Zhang frowned. “What do you mean?”

Wu Xinyuan was an excellent agent and he was an agent of Xingyi. He and Yang Feng were both agents and naturally knew each other. Wu Xinyuan might even know the means and abilities of this person better than him, the boss.

President Zhang couldn’t help thinking, ‘Is it possible that Yang Feng didn’t do well in his identity and duties as an agent or did something happen?’

There were many things he had to deal with every day. A small agent like Yang Feng didn’t enter his eyes at all. It was inevitable that there would be some omissions.

Wu Xinyuan said something at this time. Did he find something?

“President Zhang, have you ever heard Miss Qin sing?”

“Not really.” He was so busy every day. How could he have time to listen to people singing? “Is Qin Ruyun’s singing not bad?”

It didn’t matter. These days, there were only a few singers who could become popular. It was useless if Qin Ruyun sang well, unless she had a heavenly sound.

“Miss Qin, sing a song for your boss. Just sing one of the songs that you wrote yourself.”

Qin Ruyun nodded obediently. She sang a song in front of President Zhang. Her voice was slow and gentle, like crying or telling a sad story. Finally, the song scattered and fell on the ground in a lonely manner.

Even though President Zhang hadn’t studied professional vocal music, he could tell that she sang far better than many champions of singing competitions that he had seen on TV before.

In addition, there were Wu Xinyuan’s words just now. ‘Just sing one of the songs that you wrote yourself.’

“You created it yourself?”

Qin Ruyun let out a soft ‘hmm.’

President Zhang didn’t understand. “Why didn’t you tell Yang Feng that you can write songs?”

In this way, they could make money by selling the songs.

“I said it,” Qin Ruyun hurriedly replied. “I also sang to Brother Yang, but he said that I didn’t sing well. He told me to concentrate on acting.”

President Zhang, “……”

President Zhang turned to look at Yang Feng and Yang Feng hurriedly argued, “No, President Zhang. Her singing is very ordinary. How much can singers earn in a year? I signed her just to let her act.”

“If this is called ordinary then why don’t you sing in an ordinary manner like this?” President Zhang said angrily. “Ordinary singers don’t earn as much as actors but singer-songwriters are evergreen trees. Based on her acting skills, you would rather have her act than sing? Have you really considered what your artists are suitable for?”

He was wondering why Yang Feng’s artists couldn’t rise up one by one. It turned out to be like this!

Seeing him become angry, Wu Xinyuan had Qin Ruyun go out first while he exchanged a few words with President Zhang.

He mentioned Yang Feng’s emotional manipulation of Qin Ruyun and persuaded President Zhang if he wanted to keep such an agent or not. It would be troublesome if an artist committed suicide one day.

Yang Feng listened to his words and argued again.

Wu Xinyuan wasn’t afraid of him. “Qin Ruyun has terminated the contract. What about the other artists who haven’t terminated the contract yet? Just ask them and you will know.”

President Yang never expected Yang Feng to lead artists like this in private. He had been wondering why Qin Ruyun terminated the contract so cheerfully and she couldn’t wait to terminate the contract before the role finished. It turned out to be like this.

President Zhang glared at Yang Feng and asked his assistant to compile a list of artists under Yang Feng. He told Yang Feng, “You rest first. You don’t need to work for the next two days.”

The moment Wu Xinyuan saw his expression, he knew that Yang Feng wasn’t far from being fired. He left with Qin Ruyun in a satisfied manner.

He got into the business car. He was worried that Yang Feng would hate Lin Luoqing due to this matter, so he thought about it and informed Ji Yuxiao.

[Okay, I see.] Ji Yuxiao replied to him.

He finished dealing with this matter. Then he looked at Lin Luoqing’s profile picture and made a voice call to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was filming at this time and naturally didn’t pick up.

Ji Yuxiao had to send him a WeChat message. [Congratulations, Mr Lin has a new artist.]

It wasn’t until he finished filming the scene that he saw it. He replied: [Happy happy, she is also your artist.]

Ji Yuxiao: [You are pretty fast.]

Lin Luoqing: [Dig her early and get her to start working early. Hehe.]

Ji Yuxiao laughed while thinking that he was a bit like a capitalist at this time.

The moment Lin Luoqing finished sending the message, Wu Xinyuan also returned.

Lin Luoqing finally understood why Ji Yuxiao would send him a WeChat at this time.

“I can find someone to keep an eye on him but the people on President Ji’s side will definitely be more reliable, so I still told him.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing had no opinions. Even if he didn’t say anything, he would talk about Qin Ruyun when he called Ji Yuxiao at night. Once the time came, Ji Yuxiao would still know about it and silently arrange for someone to protect him.

Different routes led to the same goal. It wasn’t bad.

Qin Ruyun looked at them and asked, “Next, I should sign a contract with Brother Wu?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

He had previously asked the secretary to send him a contract and Xiao Wang had printed it.

Lin Luoqing had him bring it over and put it in front of Qin Ruyun. “Sister Yun, read it slowly. If there are no problems, sign it.”


Qin Ruyun sat on the chair and read it page by page.

Lin Luoqing knew her concerns so he specially asked the sentence to add a sentence to the contract: If it isn’t Party B’s will, Party A must not force Party B to act. Otherwise, Party B has the right to refuse.

Qin Ruyun saw this and was finally completely relieved.

She read every item carefully and asked Lin Luoqing if she didn’t understand anything. Finally, she signed her name on the contract.

“Qin Wu.” Lin Luoqing saw the characters she signed and was doubtful.

“This is my real name. Ruyun is my stage name. Yang Feng felt that my real name was a bit vulgar so he changed my name. However, this is the name on my ID card so I signed this.”

She took out her ID card and handed it over. “Aren’t you going to make a copy of my ID card? Here.”

Lin Luoqing took it. Sure enough, the words printed on the ID card were: Qin Wu.

Something flashed in Lin Luoqing’s mind.

He turned his head to look at Qin Ruyun in shock and subconsciously gripped the ID card in his hand.

“You said before that you have a younger sister. Is your sister’s name Qin Mei?”

Qin Ruyun shook her head. “No, my sister’s name was given by me and she is called Qin Yan, the yan in ‘beautiful flowers (chaziyanhong).’ I hope her life can be beautiful.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know what to say for a moment.

She turned out to be Qin Yan’s sister. He naturally knew that Qin Yan had a sister and he knew that Qin Yan’s older sister was called Qin Wu. However, Qin Wu’ sister in the book died when she was still young.

Qin Wu had committed suicide. She wrote a lot of songs, but one day, she had a nervous breakdown and cut her wrists in her own home.

Qin Yan found the songs when sorting through her sister’s belongings. She saw her sister’s diary and read that her sister wanted to sing and let everyone hear her songs.

This was why Qin Yan entered the entertainment industry when she grew up.

She started singing live on the Internet. She was beautiful and sang well, so she quickly became popular. Qin Yan signed with a company and started to release albums.

For every song, the lyrics and music were composed by Qin Wu. She might not be particularly good at writing lyrics but her music was very good. Even after over ten years, her songs could still become popular.

Fans and netizens were very curious about who this Qin Wu was. Qin Yan said it was her sister. Her sister was the one who was really suitable for singing these songs. She sang much better than Qin Yan. It was a pity that she was long gone.

She finished singing all of Qin Wu’s songs that she could sing. There were some difficult ones that she felt she couldn’t control, so she sealed them. She quit the music scene and switched to being an actress.

The genes of the Qin family were really good and they were evenly distributed. Qin Ruyun’s poor acting skills gave one a headache but Qin Yan’s acting skills were excellent. In the fourth year of her transformation, she moved away from the TV screen and started to appear on the big screen.

Lin Luoqing never dreamed that Qin Ruyun was Qin Wu.

He looked at the smiling person in front of him and his heart was full of shock.

Qin Ruyun looked at him, who was silent, and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong, Teacher Xiao Lin?”

“N-Nothing.” Lin Luoqing lowered his head.

He felt as if he knew why Qin Wu committed suicide.

Now that she had left Yang Feng, she wouldn’t commit suicide, right?

Qin Yan wouldn’t feel sad and pained in her heart from the death of her sister, making her warmed by the male protagonist and stubbornly pursue him when growing up, right?

Lin Luoqing thought of this and slowly smiled.

He thought it was amazing and felt that everything had been arranged long ago. There was a plan in the darkness.

The first time he came to this book world, he was in a daze and didn’t understand why he transmigrated here, let alone why it was him.

Now he thought it was probably to make up for some regrets.

His arrival might not be able to change the world but it could change the trajectory of some people, just like Ji Leyu, Lin Fei, Qin Qu and Ji Yuxiao.

If Qin Wu didn’t have to die due to his arrival then Ji Yuxiao definitely didn’t have to die this year.

He believed it!

Lin Luoqing handed the ID card to Xiao Wang and asked him to help copy the front and back sides for Qin Wu.

He asked Qin Wu, “Should I call you Sister Yun or Sister Wu?”

“Call me Sister Wu.” Qin Wu said. “I have already left the previous company, naturally I don’t have to use the artist name that they came up with.”


“What do I do next?” Qin Wu asked him.

Lin Luoqing thought for a while. “Let’s see how your company coordinates with Director Wang, whether it is to let you continue filming or to let another actor film it. My guess is that you will be replaced. You aren’t from the company any longer and they naturally can’t let you continue to eat this resource. But I’ll talk to Director Wang to see if you can sing a song for an episode of this drama.”

Qin Wu was surprised. “Really? Will Director Wang be willing?”

“So I need you to perform well,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “You have read the script of this drama and you know the meaning this drama wants to convey. You can tailor a song for this drama and record a small sample. This way, I can directly take it to Director Wang for an audition.”

“Okay.” Qin Wu had no opinion. “Then if the company lets someone else play the role, I will be a bit embarrassed to stay here and she will stay in my room. Can I go home first? The recording equipment at home is relatively complete and it is just enough to record a sample.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing smiled. “It is nice that you can accompany your sister.”

Qin Wu didn’t hear the deep meaning in the words ‘accompany your sister.’

She couldn’t possibly hear it, so she simply laughed. “Thank you, Teacher Xiao Lin.”

“You’re welcome,” Lin Luoqing said.

He saw Qin Wu’s bright and charming smile. The sunlight shone through the window and happened to shine on her face. It made her bright and beautiful, young and full of vitality. At this time, he saw that Qin Wu was like a Qin Wu that was reborn.

Her life was still long.

At the same time, President Zhang finished chatting with most of Yang Feng’s artists. He was so angry that he directly dropped the cup and called the HR manager. “Tell Yang Feng to get lost immediately!”

Then he called the company lawyer. “Come to my office. This bast*rd has ruined so many resources and artists. I must let him pay me back!”

What a garbage thing, d*mn!

The author has something to say:

[Small theater]

Qin Wu: My sister, the Best Actress.

Qin Yan: My sister, the Queen of Songs.

Qin Wu: My sister can actually act. So powerful, oh.

Qin Yan: My sister can sing so well. So awesome, oh.

Passerby: Where did Lin Luoqing dig up this pair of sisters? He is earning too much money!

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Proofreader: Wei

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