FV: Chapter 161

Qin Ruyun left and Lin Luoqing sent Wu Xinyuan away.

He looked at his watch. It was past 11 o’clock and Ji Yuxiao shouldn’t have slept yet.

Lin Luoqing took out his phone, lay on the bed and sent a video call invitation to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao picked up, saw the smile on his face and asked, “Are you in a good mood?”

“It is really good.”


“Of course, it is because I saw you,” Lin Luoqing said sweetly.

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Really?”

“Otherwise?” Lin Luoqing blinked and looked well-behaved. “I treat every day where I don’t see you like three autumns. Doing the math, we haven’t seen each other for many autumns.”

“It is because you are busy with work and can’t get away.” Ji Yuxiao sighed.

Lin Luoqing sat up immediately. “It is fast. You count down now. I can go home in around a dozen days.”

Ji Yuxiao was happy when hearing him say he would go home. “It’s so late. You haven’t slept yet?”

“I was going to sleep, but I missed you and wanted to see you.” Lin Luoqing tilted his head to look at him, tenderness in his eyes.

The flowers in Ji Yuxiao’s heart were blooming when being watched like this and he said warmly, “Wait for this weekend. I will see you.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.” Lin Luoqing smiled brightly.

He chatted with Ji Yuxiao for a while before saying to him, “By the way, I recently found a new person. Their singing is super good and I want to sign them.”

“Then sign them.” Ji Yuxiao had no opinion.

He thought it was quite amazing. “You film one show and sign one artist. You are really worthy of being the boss’ wife and the CEO. Your efficiency is quite high.”

“It’s okay. The main reason is that she is quite pitiful and she sings really well. Her singing can not only help the company make money but also make her own life happy. It will kill two birds with one stone. It is good for us.”

“A male again?”

“No, it is a girl this time,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

Ji Yuxiao, “????”

“A girl?”

Ji Yuxiao spoke sarcastic words. “You are quite good at sharing benefits equally. You won’t let go of both men and women.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you thinking? I really fancy her business ability but there is nothing else.”

“She isn’t good-looking?”

“She looks pretty good.”

Ji Yuxiao raised his eyebrow with an expression that said, ‘Look, I told you.’

Lin Luoqing was helpless. “But I really just fancy her business ability. In terms of good looks, who looks better than you? You are the best looking in my heart.”

Ji Yuxiao snorted. “That isn’t necessarily the case.”

“It must be, it must be. You are my male god.”

Ji Yuxiao was satisfied. “That’s good to know.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “You really are the vinegar king.”

“Aren’t you capable of this as well?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…I don’t seem to have this opportunity.’

He had to say that his husband staying in the house was really useful to him. It saved him from being jealous.


“I’ll eat it next time if I have the opportunity. I will definitely eat a lot of vinegar and I will make you sour to death when the time comes.”

“Then I’m looking forward to it~”

Lin Luoqing was amused by his tone and got back to the topic. “The next time you meet her at the company, I’ll let you listen to her sing. She sings really well and she is also a singer-songwriter. This is even rarer.”

“So powerful? How did you find her?”

“Good question.” Lin Luoqing nodded and briefly explained Qin Ruyun’s matter to him. “This type of agent really makes me speechless. This time when I go back, I have to check if Xingyi has such an agent. If there is, I will immediately fire them in case it affects the company’s development.”

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected this to be the case. If it was true, he had picked up a treasure while he wasn’t paying attention.

“Then sign her. In any case, you are the CEO and you have the final say.”

“I have to report to you or you won’t even know who is in the company.”

Ji Yuxiao actually didn’t care about these things. He wasn’t very interested in matters of the entertainment industry. It didn’t matter who was in Xingyi, as long as it made a profit. However, Lin Luoqing was obviously doing it for his sake. He didn’t want Ji Yuxiao to have an estranged feeling toward Xingyi, so he told Ji Yuxiao about everyone he signed a contract with.

It was very considerate of him.

Ji Yuxiao’s eyes were gentle again. He talked to Lin Luoqing for a while before hanging up.

Lin Luoqing rolled over and got out of bed, ready to go to the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking two steps, he suddenly remembered something and wondered. Based on Qin Ruyun’s creative talent and voice conditions, did she really not have a name in the novel?

He had felt familiar when he first heard the name ‘Shi Zheng.’ However, he had contacted Qin Ruyun so many times and heard her name, but he didn’t feel anything.

Did she not appear in the original novel?

Lin Luoqing carefully recalled it for a long time but still didn’t find her.

The only female star in the novel who sang very well was the third female lead, Qin Yan. However, Qin Yan was obviously in the same generation as Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. She was still a child at this time.

Therefore, she was most likely a character who wasn’t in the novel.

This was also normal. It was like Wu Xinyuan. There was no such person in the book. He had no intersection with the male and female protagonists and didn’t appear in the sight of the male and female protagonists. Naturally, he didn’t appear in the book. Qin Ruyun was probably the same.

Lin Luoqing figured it out and didn’t worry over it. He returned to bed and lay down.

He didn’t know if Qin Ruyun’s termination could go smoothly. If not, he still had to help her. He hoped it went smoothly. Lin Luoqing closed his eyes.

At this time, Qin Ruyun was arguing with Yang Feng about the termination of the contract. To be precise, it was Yang Feng’s unilateral quarrel.

“What do you mean by this? You are scolded and you are unhappy, so you want to terminate the contract? Okay, once the breach of contract fees are paid, let’s see where you can go.”

Qin Ruyun nodded. “Okay, how much do I have to pay for the breach of contract fee?”

Yang Feng reported a number to her and mocked her, “Can you afford it?”

“I’ll try to pay for it.”

It was the first time Yang Feng had seen her speak so seriously. He had looked after Qin Ruyun for so long and he also knew her well.

Qin Ruyun had no calculations and it was even more impossible for her to use a trick like this to deceive him. In other words, she really wanted to lose money and leave?

Where did she get the money?

No, why did she suddenly want to lose money and leave?

“Where did you just go?” Yang Feng asked her.

“I went to practice what I am filming next.”

“With who? Lin Luoqing?”

Qin Ruyun looked at him, not understanding why he was asking this.

“Did Lin Luoqing instigate you to terminate the contract?”

“No, I want to terminate the contract myself.”

Yang Feng didn’t believe her and sneered. “Ruyun, there are no good things about men outside. Lin Luoqing just saw you a few times. He accompanied you to practice your acting and told you to terminate the contract. Do you really think he wants to help you? I have seen this type of man a lot. He just wants to sleep with you. Once you really terminate the contract and owe a huge amount of money, you will have to let him.”

Qin Ruyun hadn’t expected Yang Feng to say this and looked at him in surprise.

She hadn’t known Lin Luoqing for long but she inexplicably felt that Lin Luoqing wasn’t as he said.

“Don’t say that. Teacher Xiao Lin is very good.”

“Are you still speaking for him? Silly girl. You are being sold and you are still helping him count the money.”

Qin Ruyun was used to him saying such things about her and didn’t feel like there were any problems when he said it to her. However, Lin Luoqing wasn’t her. He just wanted to help her and he shouldn’t be criticized like this by Yang Feng.

“I’m leaving. I’ll give you the money directly when the time comes.”

Yang Feng stood up after hearing her words and said angrily, “You dare! I haven’t got a single thing in return from you. Let’s see you dare to terminate the contract!”

Qin Ruyun habitually apologized. “I’m sorry, Brother Yang. I’m really not suitable for acting. Acting isn’t only painful for me but also for the director. Just let me go and let the director go.”

“Who is born to act? Doesn’t everyone start off like this? Why can’t you stand it?!”

Qin Ruyun just lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry.”

It was rare for her to insist so much. Yang Feng saw this and drove her out with a terrible expression.

Qin Ruyun saw his anger and started to wonder if she had done something wrong. It was just that she was too afraid of acting. Even if she felt that she might’ve done something wrong, she wanted to seize the opportunity to escape from the identity of an actor.

She went back to her bedroom and wrote down the amount she had to pay to cancel the contract. She couldn’t help sighing. It was a really big amount. She didn’t know if Brother Wu’s company was willing to help her pay it.

Of course, Wu Xinyuan was willing. A big number in Qin Ruyun’s eyes was simply a small amount in Wu Xinyuan’s eyes. It was cost-effective to exchange this amount of money for a natural-born singer.

“It isn’t a lot of money,” Wu Xinyuan secretly told Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing had only seen his own breach of contract fee and didn’t know the ordinary amount for everyone. He listened to Wu Xinyuan say this and had an idea.

“Okay. Soon, Brother Wu will draw up a contract. Once you sign the contract, the company will help you pay for it.”

Qin Ruyun nodded. “Okay.”

She had just finished speaking when she heard a knock on the door.

The assistant Xiao Wang walked to the door of the lounge and opened it. Yang Feng was standing outside the door.

“I’m looking for Ruyun.” He smiled.

Xiao Wang turned to look at Qin Ruyun and this gave Yang Feng the opportunity to walk in.

Qin Ruyun saw him coming and told Lin Luoqing, “I will go first.” Then she prepared to leave.

She walked to Yang Feng’s side but Yang Feng wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He looked at Lin Luoqing with a smile. “Teacher Lin is really good. You only just got to know Ruyun and you can already instigate her to break the contract.”

Lin Luoqing sneered.

Wu Xinyuan frowned. “What are you saying? If Miss Qin wants to terminate the contract then it is because you, the agent, can’t do a good job. If you did a good job, would Miss Qin be criticized by the director and want to terminate the contract?”

The smile on Yang Feng’s face instantly froze. “This is a matter between us and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Then why are you in my lounge?” Lin Luoqing patted his chest. “You are so fierce. I am so scared.”

What was this pretense? It was so disgusting. Yang Feng glared, grabbed Qin Ruyun’s arm and walked out.

“You will have less contact with him in the future. You haven’t terminated the contract with the company yet. You still have to listen to me.”

Qin Ruyun struggled and argued. “But I still need Teacher Xiao Lin to teach me.”

“What acting can only be taught by him? Is he the only living person in the crew?”

There were definitely others in the crew but… only Lin Luoqing would guide her so patiently.

Qin Ruyun was thinking this when she found that her other arm was dragged. She turned around and found it was Lin Luoqing.

“Sister Yun hasn’t mastered the next scene to be filmed. It isn’t appropriate for you to pull her away at this time.”

“Why do you care? She is my signed artist.”

“Soon she won’t be.” Lin Luoqing laughed. He looked at Qin Ruyun. “Sister Yun, it is better to terminate the contract now.”

Qin Ruyun was shocked. “Now?”

“You really can’t wait.” Yang Feng mocked. “Why? Are you afraid that Ruyun will see your true face later and will no longer be provoked by you?”

Lin Luoqing was too lazy to pay attention to him. He only looked at Qin Ruyun and asked her, “What do you think?”

Qin Ruyun was a bit hesitant. This was too hasty. But if she didn’t terminate the contract, Brother Yang definitely wouldn’t let her come to Lin Luoqing later.

Besides, Brother Yang had said this to Lin Luoqing. If he didn’t apologize to Lin Luoqing then as Yang Feng’s artist, how could she bother to ask Lin Luoqing for help again?

However, Yang Feng definitely wouldn’t apologize.

Qin Ruyun didn’t hesitate for too long and made a choice.

She looked at Lin Luoqing and asked suspiciously, “I… what should I do?”

“It is very simple. I will lend you Brother Wu. He will accompany you back to the company. At that time, just listen to him.”

“Ruyun, don’t be stupid,” Yang Feng immediately said. “Can’t you see what his intentions are? What good is in this for him? He is digging a hole for you to jump into and it is to hurt you. Why else is he good to you?”

“There are naturally benefits. Sister Yun, you also know it, right?” Lin Luoqing blinked at her.

Qin Ruyun wondered, ‘What benefits? There is nothing good about signing me, right?’

She wasn’t a celebrity and had no popularity. What benefits were there?

However, Lin Luoqing probably wouldn’t lie to her.

Qin Ruyun inexplicably felt like this so she nodded and agreed. “Yes.”

Yang Feng, “???!!!”

Yang Feng was shocked. “You are so stupid. You dare to agree to this. Are you stupid? You really have nothing in your mind.”

“I think you are the stupid one,” Lin Luoqing angrily said. “Is it very fulfilling for you to hurt others like this and insult their self-esteem?”

“What qualifications do you have to say this to her? As an agent, you don’t let her play to her strength and let her be criticized by the director because of her weaknesses. You are the stupid one! You don’t examine yourself and instead criticize her, making her lose her confidence and always apologize. This is your fault! You don’t know how to adjust her relationship with the other actors, directors and staff in the crew, leaving her isolated in the crew. It is your lack of ability to do things!”

“You are stupid and bad while your ability to do things is poor. You only scold her every day. What qualifications do you have to be an agent? Even more so, what qualifications do you have to be her agent?”

“There must be a fool present but it definitely isn’t Sister Yun.”

Yang Feng was scolded like this and trembled. He raised his hand and wanted to make a move, but Wu Xinyuan quickly rushed over and pressed him against the wall.

Who was he joking? If he let Lin Luoqing be injured under his nose then Ji Yuxiao would slice him into pieces when going back.

The assistant Xiao Wang followed and held him down, saying angrily, “You are really bold and you actually dared to make a move against our Brother Lin. If you delay filming, will you pay the director?”

Lin Luoqing was very calm. “Yang Feng, I will give you a warning. Don’t provoke me.”

He finished speaking and looked at Wu Xinyuan again. “Go and accompany Sister Yun for the matter of terminating the contract.”

“Okay.” Wu Xinyuan signaled for Xiao Wang to call the staff member and waited until the staff member came before leaving.

Yang Feng didn’t want to make a move in front of the staff member no matter how angry he was. He pointed to Wu Xinyuan, “Okay, you want to help her terminate the contract, right? Then go. I’ll join you. I’ll see if you are willing to pay by then.”

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