FV: Chapter 160

He advised Qin Ruyun: [It isn’t your fault. You aren’t wrong. It is your agent who is wrong.]

[The artist and agent signed a contract. It is the agent’s job to help obtain resources for the artist, or why would there be a need for the job of an agent? As a vase? If Yang Fang was smart, he should know that you are more suitable for singing and let you sing, rather than embarrass you by letting you act.]

[Even if he isn’t smart, you’ve already reminded him that you want to sing, and he should let you try singing rather than going down this dark path.]

[No matter what profession, you can have excellent results as long as you love what you are doing. You are at odds with acting, so what are you trying to do?]

Qin Ruyun saw his WeChat messages and the sense of reason that hadn’t completely disappeared reminded her that Lin Luoqing was right.

However, her spirit that had been emotionally manipulated for a long time made her reply: [Brother Yang is doing this for my own good. I have no fans and no popularity. No one will want to buy an album from me.]

[Then sing OSTs.] Lin Luoqing said. [How many singers have become popular from singing OSTs? What movies and dramas don’t need a theme song? He could help you get resources in these areas.]

[I’m not a professional singer. Brother Yang said that I can’t get these things.]

[An actor who just started acting can win the Best Actor or Best Actress award. Meanwhile, singers who just started out can’t sing? Is this the truth?]

Qin Ruyun couldn’t say anything about this. She wanted to sing, and she felt that there were no problems with his words.

However, Yang Feng was like a mountain to her. He weighed her down so much that she lost her pride and self-confidence. She couldn’t climb over him and over time, she forgot that she could go over mountains.

Lin Luoqing asked her: [Have you ever thought about changing agents?]

Qin Ruyun was surprised. Changing agents?

Her acting skills were so poor. Who would sign her except for Yang Feng?

She hadn’t achieved anything so far. How could she change agents?

She also had no money and couldn’t leave the company, so she had to follow Yang Feng.

[I can’t change agents.] She said seriously. [No other agent will want me. It is already very difficult for Brother Yang to look after me. I am very grateful to him.]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

[Is this how Yang Feng brainwashes you every day?]

Qin Ruyun, “????”

Qin Ruyun didn’t realize that Yang Feng had been emotionally manipulating her and naturally didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing was saying that Yang Feng brainwashed her.

[He didn’t brainwash me.] She explained.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…This is what they call being sold and helping the other person count the money!’

[Before you said that you would find me to practice the next scene, right? When?]

[Is tonight okay?] Qin Ruyun was very active. [I will be mindful of the time this time and I definitely won’t disturb your rest.]

[Yes.] Lin Luoqing agreed.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t wash Qin Ruyun’s brain back to normal!

Otherwise, he would die with regret if something happened to Qin Ruyun in the future!

This agent had to be changed. If the company she was with now didn’t change her agent, then he didn’t mind letting her sign with Xingyi to change it himself. Of course, he had to make sure in advance that her singing was at the same level as it was tonight. If it was at tonight’s level, then he would sign her and it absolutely wouldn’t be a loss!

Lin Luoqing put his phone back into his pocket and closed his eyes silently. He decided to rest for a while before seeing Qin Ruyun.

Qin Ruyun went back to the hotel and changed her clothes. Then she asked Lin Luoqing if she could come over at this time.

Lin Luoqing replied to her: [Yes.]

He finished replying and called Wu Xinyuan over again.

As an actor, he couldn’t be alone in the same room with an actress, or who knew if it would be exposed when he became popular in the future?

Wu Xinyuan was satisfied with his sense of alertness. Just…

“Don’t let her sit on my lap this time.”

“I know,” Lin Luoqing chuckled. “You are thinking too beautifully if you want someone to sit on your lap every day.”

“I don’t want that. I just want my wife to sit on my lap, understand?”

“I understand.” Lin Luoqing nodded. Brother Wu really loved his wife.

Like him, they were both good men!

Qin Ruyun came quickly. She bowed as soon as she entered through the door and handed the fruit that she had just bought to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing took it and put it aside. “Then let’s start.”

“Okay.” Qin Ruyun agreed.

Teaching Qin Ruyun was a very time-consuming and laborious thing. Lin Luoqing taught her one action at a time, and then gave her the details one by one. After two hours, Lin Luoqing was a bit tired. Therefore, Wu Xinyuan went to wash some fruit and prepared to rest for a while.

“Let’s take a break as well,” Lin Luoqing suggested. “We can practice again later.”


Wu Xinyuan put the washed fruit on the table. Lin Luoqing ate a grape and tentatively said, “The song you sang on the set before was quite good. Did you practice this song previously?”

Qin Ruyun shook her head. “No, but I’ve heard it.”

“Is that so? I thought you practiced it. Do you have any other songs? We are resting now, so why don’t you sing one?”

Qin Ruyun blinked and asked him, “Is it okay for me to sing what I wrote?”

“You can write songs?” Lin Luoqing was shocked. “Did you fill in the lyrics or compose the music yourself?”

“I do both.” Qin Ruyun smiled. “It is just that the lyrics and songs I wrote might be relatively average.”

“It’s okay. You sing it and I’ll listen to it.”

Qin Ruyun saw that he wanted to hear it and was both moved and embarrassed.

In fact, she had never sung the songs she wrote in front of outsiders. Previously when she sang to Yang Feng, he interrupted her halfway and scolded her. She was embarrassed and didn’t sing again.

If it wasn’t for the need of the scene this time, Qin Ruyun would’ve been embarrassed to sing in front of so many people.

However, Lin Luoqing was different. Lin Luoqing looked very gentle and never scolded her. It was rare for Qin Ruyun to not be afraid and anxious when she was with him.

She cleared her throat and started singing slowly.

This time, there wasn’t the accompaniment and the noise of the microphone, so her voice was clearer and more ethereal. There were no impurities in her voice, and it was like a lotus emerging from clear water. It was naturally carved.

Lin Luoqing listened to it and looked at her in surprise.

Of course, he knew that Qin Ruyun sang well. He realized it on the set.

He just thought that was Qin Ruyun’s highest level and hoped she could stabilize her singing at the level of the song on the set.

He never thought she would sing acapella at this time. Once the noise and unsuitable accompaniment on the set was removed, her voice conditions were finally completely revealed. This was probably the so-called listening to heavenly music, Lin Luoqing thought in his heart.

He listened in a stunned manner and forgot to stuff the grape in his hand into his mouth.

Qin Ruyun finished singing a song. She turned to look at him and saw that he was looking at her, hesitating to speak. It was as if he wanted to say something but was afraid that she would be embarrassed if he said it.

Qin Ruyun was a bit apprehensive. “Did I not sing very well? Then I’ll change the song.”

She didn’t want Lin Luoqing to feel that she was worthless, so she hurriedly remedied it. “The tune of this song seems to be too peaceful and innocent. Then I’ll change it to something more cheerful.”

She finished speaking and changed the song with these words.

The song was also written by her. It was written to coax her sister. The tune was particularly light like a jingle bell falling. It was full of the mischievous and lively nature of a girl.

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

“You wrote this too?”

Your style has changed too much!

A bigshot!

Not only can you be lyrical, but you can also be cheerful?

What a genius!

Lin Luoqing was so surprised that he even forgot about the grape in her hand.

Qin Ruyun nodded. She saw that the expression on his face became even subtler and her heart was weak. Didn’t he like this? Yes, Lin Luoqing was a man and he liked the cooler type. She just didn’t sing this type very well.

“Does Teacher Xiao Lin like rap?” She asked hesitantly. “I’m not very good at it, and I write relatively fewer songs about this, but it might not be good.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. He could understand that she couldn’t be good at multiple genres. It was nice to be good at one.

Qin Ruyun saw that Lin Luoqing just nodded and didn’t speak. She thought he was letting her continue to sing and had to bite the bullet and open her mouth again.

The moment she sang, the grape in Lin Luoqing’s hand fell on the table.

My god!

He still thought Qin Ruyun couldn’t do it?

The result?

She did it better than she said!

The degree of completion was no worse than that of popular online rappers, right?

How could she say that she wasn’t very good at it? Didn’t her conscience hurt?

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know what to say any longer.

Where did Yang Feng’s ears go? There was such a ready-made wealth code in front of him, but he didn’t go to win the lottery. Instead, he let her go to unfamiliar areas to work hard. It would be fine if she could succeed in working hard. The key was that her hard work was obviously destined to fail to anyone who could see!

He had to insist on it!

If he didn’t want his ears, then they could be donated to people in need. Otherwise, he would only harm people!

Qin Ruyun saw that the moment she opened her mouth, Lin Luoqing was so frightened that the grape dropped. She immediately fell silent and didn’t dare to sing any longer.

She silently started a new round of self-criticism. Why did she scare people like this?

“Yes… I’m sorry.”

Sorry for what? Sorry that she didn’t reveal her skills early?

Then she should really be sorry for him!

“What other types of songs do you have?” Lin Luoqing asked curiously.

Qin Ruyun shook her head.

Lin Luoqing sighed. “Tell the truth.”

Qin Ruyun thought that he was unhappy and immediately explained, “I just know a bit of the popular and classic genres.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…How many surprises do you have?’

Come, start reporting to my company from today!

My country needs you!

Lin Luoqing laughed and took the initiative to hand a few grapes over to Qin Ruyun. “Here.”

Qin Ruyun took it carefully. “Thank you.”

“Sister Yun, I told you about changing agents before. I think it is better for you to think about it again.”

Qin Ruyun was embarrassed. “No other agent will be willing to take me. I’m too bad.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Say this again to your creative talent and the songs you sing!’

“Who said that? Brother Wu really wants to sign you.” He immediately pointed to Wu Xinyuan.

Wu Xinyuan, “????”

Obviously, you want to sign her. Why are you shifting the blame on me again?

Then he thought about the songs that Qin Ruyun just sang. Three songs and three styles. The problem was that she could still easily control them and there were no signs of embarrassment at all. She was simply a born singer. It was too wasteful for her not to sing.

He really had to sign her!

Wu Xinyuan nodded. “Yes, I think you sing very well. If you want, you can sign with me. Once the time comes, you can either participate in singing competitions or directly sing a theme song. In any case, the company has some costume dramas and idol drama resources. We can give them to you.”

Qin Ruyun, “!!!”

Qin Ruyun never dreamed that someone would hand her such an olive branch and she asked in disbelief, “Really… are you sure?”

“Of course, it is true. Would I lie to you?” Wu Xinyuan asked with a smile.

Qin Ruyun was pleasantly surprised. Then she soon thought of the contract she signed. “My contract with the company hasn’t expired. I can’t change companies yet.”

“This is simple to handle,” Lin Luoqing said. “Since Brother Wu wants to sign you, the company’s side will naturally help you pay the breach of contract fee. You don’t have to worry.”

Wu Xinyuan nodded silently. The boss’ wife was right.

“But it is a lot of money, right?”

Lin Luoqing looked her up and down and said truthfully, “Based on your current fame and position, it shouldn’t cost a lot of money.”

At the very least, it wouldn’t be a lot of money for Xingyi.

Wu Xinyuan continued to nod. Yes, the boss’ wife was right.

“Then will it be troublesome for you? If I don’t sing well and can’t make any money, will the boss of the company scold you?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Of course not. I can’t scold myself, and Ji Yuxiao definitely doesn’t dare to scold me.’

“No, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Yes,” Wu Xinyuan also persuaded her. “Just listen to Luoqing.”

Qin Ruyun was persuaded by them, and the longing in her heart became stronger. “Then I’ll go back and talk to my agent.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing thought about it. “But don’t say that you want to change companies. Just say that you want to terminate the contract. The resistance will be less, and the company will lose less money.”

“Okay.” Qin Ruyun agreed.

Once she finished speaking, she couldn’t suppress the smile on her face. She stared at Lin Luoqing and Wu Xinyuan with affection in her eyes as if she was grateful and excited.

She never expected that there would be such a day when things turned around, and the joy in her heart was almost uncontrollable.

“Then I’ll go and find Brother Yang now.” Qin Ruyun stood up. She wanted to get rid of him early to get away from the set and away from the fear of being scolded during filming.

“Brother Wu,” she looked at Wu Xinyuan and asked emphatically, “Is it only for me to only sing and not act?”


‘Based on your acting skills, it will waste the company’s resources if you want to act,’ Wu Xinyuan couldn’t help complaining in his heart.

Qin Ruyun was relieved. “Then I will go first. I won’t disturb Teacher Xiao Lin. Teacher Xiao Lin, rest early. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Luoqing stood up and sent her out the door.

He looked at Qin Ruyun’s back and couldn’t help sighing emotionally. “I didn’t expect her acting skills to be so bad while her singing is actually at the level of a bigshot.”

Wu Xinyuan was also surprised. “I didn’t expect that an agent could be blind like this.”

“Brother Wu, it can be seen that you are still very good.”

Wu Xinyuan proudly puffed out his chest. Yes, that’s right. The boss’ wife praised him as excellent!

Their boss’ wife was so discerning and correct!

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