FV: Chapter 16

“It should be. He said previously that if it doesn’t rain today, he will come this afternoon with Lin Fei.” After he finished, he thoughtfully explained it to Ji Leyu. “Do you remember Lin Fei? He is Uncle Lin’s child and a little boy who is one year older than you.”

Ji Leyu nodded and smiled. “I know.”

Ji Yuxiao also smiled. He raised a hand to touch Ji Leyu’s head and said gently, “Once the time comes to see Uncle Lin, you must be obedient.”

“I know.” Ji Leyu lengthened his tone and blinked. “I’ve always been well-behaved.”

“That’s true.”

Ji Yuxiao said before remembering something. He told Ji Leyu, “If you are unhappy about something, you must tell me. If you are unhappy with Uncle Lin in the future, you must also tell me. Understood?”

His tone was very gentle while his eyes contained the care and concern of an adult. Ji Leyu saw it but somehow felt uncomfortable.

‘He wasn’t like this before,’ he thought. ‘My uncle wasn’t like this before.’

This was what his father looked like, not his uncle.

What was his uncle like before?

Ji Leyu racked his brains for a long time before coming up with an appropriate description—like an older brother.

He would take Ji Leyu out to play, help him dodge his father’s scolding, play soccer with him, shoot arrows with him and ride horses together.

Every time, his father would say helplessly, “Don’t spoil him, he hasn’t finished his homework yet.”

His uncle would laugh handsomely. “How smart is Xiao Yu? It is okay to finish writing it later. It isn’t a big deal.”

They would high five where his father couldn’t see and then his uncle would sneak him the ice cream that his father wouldn’t let him eat.

He was like a brother, a brother who played with Ji Leyu and made trouble with him. They were happy to see his father’s helpless and indulgent smile.

However, his uncle had changed ever since the accident.

He had become like Ji Leyu’s father, caring for him and being gentle and indulgent like his father.

However, Ji Leyu knew that this wasn’t him. His uncle wasn’t like this.

His uncle just took on the responsibilities of his father and started to be his father.

Ji Leyu didn’t know if his uncle was happy like this, but he wanted his uncle to be happy. Therefore, Ji Leyu didn’t object to the marriage.

Marriage was a good thing. His father had said that the happiest thing in his life was to marry Ji Leyu’s mother. Therefore, his uncle must be very happy now that he was getting married.

“Are you happy?” He asked Ji Yuxiao with his innocent and beautiful face. “Uncle Lin is moving in and you will get married. Do you like him? Are you happy?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “You are young. Do you still care about this?”

“I am curious.” Ji Leyu looked at him with a smile. “Are you happy?”

“I’m happy.” Ji Yuxiao pinched his face. “Eat quickly and let the driver take you to school after eating.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu nodded.

His uncle said he was happy, so he was also happy.

If his uncle was happy then he would welcome Lin Luoqing’s arrival. He would be good, obedient and please him.

Ji Leyu only had one relative so he was happy.

Ji Leyu would always remember the day when he opened his eyes. The hospital room was noisy and he heard his grandfather say that his parents were gone.

“What is gone?” He asked in confusion.

His grandfather sighed and told him in a low voice, “Lele, your parents are gone. The doctor couldn’t save the two of them and they are gone.”

It was only then that Ji Leyu understood that they were dead.

He lay silently on the bed, tears pouring out. He wiped it for a long time until his grandfather approached and helped wipe his tears. “It’s okay Lele. You have me. Grandpa is still here. Don’t be afraid.”

“What about Uncle?” He suddenly remembered the last moment before he fell unconscious. He remembered that in the second before he lost consciousness, Ji Yuxiao hugged him and protected him.

“He is injured and isn’t awake yet. Once he wakes up, Grandpa will take you to see him.”

Ji Leyu sat up on the spot and lifted the quilt to get out of bed.

Father Ji and the other relatives of the Ji family persuaded him for a long time but it didn’t work. Finally, they could only take him to Ji Yuxiao’s room.

Ji Yuxiao was wearing a hospital gown and lying on the bed with a pale face.

Ji Leyu stared for a long time before slowly pulling open the quilt. He slipped in and lay down beside his uncle.

He didn’t speak and only held his uncle silently.

Father Ji sighed and didn’t force him to go back.

Ji Leyu waited a day until Ji Yuxiao finally woke up.

After the first few seconds of confusion, Ji Yuxiao asked him anxiously, “Are you okay?”

Ji Leyu nodded. “I’m fine.”

“That’s good.” Ji Yuxiao sighed with relief before immediately asking, “What about your parents? How are they?”

Ji Leyu’s eyes instantly turned red. He looked at Ji Yuxiao and cried uncontrollably. The more he cried, the sadder he became. Finally, he could only hug his uncle tightly.

He didn’t say anything. Those few words were too difficult for him. He couldn’t say it and could only cry in pain.

How could Ji Yuxiao not understand? He just didn’t want to accept it. He pulled out the IV needle in his hand and was about to get out of bed, only to find that his legs wouldn’t move.

He stared at his legs in astonishment. Then he heard Ji Leyu’s childish voice.

“You are injured,” he said. “Once I grow up, I will be filial to you, okay?”

Ji Yuxiao looked back and saw Ji Leyu’s eyes full of tears. He touched Ji Leyu’s head and comforted him. “It’s okay. It isn’t a big problem.”

He didn’t have time to be shocked, angry or to digest this sudden accident. Ji Leyu was by his side and was still young. Ji Yuxiao instinctively cared about his mood so the moment he met the child’s eyes, he suppressed all his emotions.

As they were talking, the doctor and Ji Yun walked in.

Ji Yun was surprised. “Brother, are you awake?”

The doctor also came over and examined him.

Ji Yuxiao asked her, “How are Brother and Sister-in-law?”

Ji Yun’s expression instantly changed. The surprise on her face disappeared and all that remained was sadness. She shook her head, her voice dry and difficult. “I’m sorry.”

Ji Yuxiao was silent.

The doctor patiently finished the examination and announced that he only had minor injuries except for his legs and that he needed to rest well.

Ji Yuxiao wanted to ask about his legs, but Ji Leyu was still here. He could only suppress it and planned to ask later.

Soon, Father Ji came. He looked at his son who just finished racing with the God of Death and seemed relieved. He comforted Ji Yuxiao while comforting himself. “Fortunately, Xiao Xiao is fine. You are fine.”

“The driver who caused the accident has been caught.” Ji Yun added. “Brother, don’t worry.”

“I want to see him,” Ji Yuxiao calmly said.

“He has confessed and has been sentenced to life. He will be in prison for the rest of his life and his life will be worse than death,” Father Ji said.

“I want to see him.” Ji Yuxiao repeated.

“But your body…”

“I won’t die.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t care.

Father Ji had no choice but to agree. “Okay.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him coldly and didn’t speak.

He stayed in the hospital for another day and the next day, he was ready to go home.

Father Ji saw that his legs were inconvenient and took the initiative to discuss Ji Leyu with him. “You are still recovering. Lele will be temporarily raised by me. I…”

“I’ll raise him,” Ji Yuxiao interrupted. “He will live with me, and I’ll be his father from now on.”

“Of course, I agree with you raising Lele but you aren’t in good health right now. You still…”

“I will take care of him.” Ji Yuxiao’s tone couldn’t be ignored. “My brother is gone so he is my son.”

Father Ji tried to persuade him for a long time but it didn’t work. Thus, he could only persuade Ji Leyu.

He looked at his grandson and reasoned with him. “Your uncle isn’t in good health right now. You live with Grandpa first and let Grandpa take care of you. Wait until your uncle recovers before going to live with him, okay?”

Ji Leyu shook his head. “I want Uncle to take care of me.”

“However, you might distract your uncle so his body will recover slowly. Lele, don’t you want your uncle to recover quickly?”

Ji Leyu wanted this, but he also knew very well that he only trusted Ji Yuxiao.

“I want him to take care of me.”

He remembered that his father had asked him, “Do you like Uncle Yuxiao?”

“I like him.” He smiled and picked up the jigsaw puzzle to put together the picture in front of him.

His father helped him while telling him, “Your Uncle Yuxiao also likes you the most. So once you grow up, in addition to being filial to your parents, you should also be filial to him, you know?”

“I know.” He looked proudly at his father.

“Very good.” His father rubbed his head and looked at him lovingly.

“I can take care of myself and won’t let Uncle worry. Grandpa, you can rest assured.” Ji Leyu stood up.

Father Ji wanted to keep him but couldn’t. He returned to Ji Yuxiao’s hospital room.

He saw Ji Yuxiao beckoning to him and ran over anxiously.

Ji Yuxiao looked at him, eyes full of tenderness. It was just like what his father used to do. He said, “Xiao Yu, from now on, I will be your father, okay?”

Ji Leyu nodded.

At that time, he saw the change in Ji Yuxiaos’e eyes but he was still very young. He just felt that Ji Yuxiao was like his father.

It wasn’t until later that Ji Leyu faintly discovered that Ji Yuxiao had become his father but hid the self that Ji Leyu knew best.

Maybe he didn’t hide it. Maybe his uncle, like himself, wasn’t as happy as before.

Therefore, Ji Leyu wanted him to be happy.

As long as he was happy, Ji Leyu would be happy.

Lin Luoqing sat in the car that Ji Yuxiao had sent to pick him up. He saw Lin Fei coming out of the school gates and immediately got out of the car and waved to him, calling out, “Fei Fei.”

Lin Fei was now very accustomed to Lin Luoqing picking him up from school, not to mention that they had to move today.

He walked toward Lin Luoqing. As he got closer, he realized that the car behind Lin Luoqing wasn’t a taxi but one that looked similar to the private cars his classmates usually rode in.

“This is your Uncle Ji’s car.” Lin Luoqing explained to him. “He asked the driver to pick us up so we don’t have to take a taxi ourselves.”

Ji Yuxiao was even afraid they would have too much luggage, so he asked Xiao Li to drive an SUV over. Lin Luoqing pulled Lin Fei to the car and helped him unload his schoolbag. “I put the small suitcase you packed in the trunk, so you don’t have to worry.”

Lin Fei nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Lin Luoqing pinched his face. “You’re so polite.”

Xiao Li saw that the person had been picked up so he started the car and drove toward Ji Yuxiao’s house.

Lin Fei sat in the car and felt that the route to go home was different from his usual route. He thought silently in his heart that he would have to change the bus route. He didn’t know if there was a bus to the school in front of Uncle Ji’s house.

Of course, there was no bus in front of Ji Yuxiao’s house. He lived in a villa area so there were few taxi stops in the area, let alone buses.

Lin Fei was a bit worried. There was no bus. How would he go to school in the future?

He turned to look at Lin Luoqing, planning to talk to him about it at night.

Xiao Li sent them to the door before driving to the garage to park.

Lin Fei stood in front of Ji Yuxiao’s villa, took a deep breath and looked down at Lin Fei. “Are you ready?”

Lin Fei still looked startled by this pampering. “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing saw him like this and couldn’t help worrying again.

“Do you remember what I told you before?” He bent down and stared directly into Lin Fei’s eyes. “If Uncle Ji’s child bullies you, you have to tell me. Don’t endure it yourself and say nothing.”

Lin Fei blinked and there was some doubt in his tone. “Isn’t he younger than me?”

“Young people can bully others!” Lin Luoqing emphasized. This was Ji Leyu. The most ruthless and fierce Ji Leyu in the text!

As the saying goes, look at a three-year-old child to see the future. He was so abnormal when he grew up. How could he be good as a child?

“Don’t think that he is a younger brother just because he is younger than you. He is very fierce and isn’t obedient at all. If you have a conflict with him, please tell me in time.”

“What is a conflict?” Lin Fei wanted to know.

For children of his age, many written words hadn’t been learned. Most children wouldn’t care and would forget about it after a perfunctory promise. Meanwhile, Lin Fei would seriously ask him in order to understand the meaning of each word.

“It is a quarrel or a fight,” Lin Luoqing explained.

Lin Fei nodded. He thought it was nothing. He didn’t like arguing with others. If Ji Leyu wanted to argue with him, he would just ignore it. Ji Leyu couldn’t argue alone.

As for fighting, Lin Fei didn’t care.

Adults had the world of adults and children had the world of children.

In the world of children, fighting was a common occurrence. Lin Fei had no father or older brother since he was a child. Therefore, while other children who were wronged would say ‘wait for my father/brother to come and beat you up,’ Lin Fei could only rely on himself.

He didn’t like fighting, but he was never afraid of fighting. Just win the battle. If he won the battle then the other person wouldn’t dare to say anything else.

So he didn’t care if Ji Leyu wanted to fight him.

He wouldn’t take the initiative to find trouble with Ji Leyu but he wouldn’t let Ji Leyu bully him.

Lin Fei didn’t take Ji Leyu very seriously. How fierce could a child younger than himself be? Bullying him? How could that be?

Lin Luoqing saw the disbelief in Lin Fei’s eyes were almost overflowing and immediately felt it was a bit funny.

He had seen Lin Fei’s calm and steady appearance a lot but he had rarely seen his cool, handsome and arrogant appearance. Therefore, he stood up and said softly, “Okay, I hope you can always be like this.”

Don’t be taught by the villain on how to be human~

He finished speaking and rang the doorbell.

Mrs Zhang heard the doorbell ringing and wiped her hands. She wanted to open the door but was stopped by Ji Leyu as soon as she came out of the kitchen.

“I’m going to open it. It must be Uncle Lin coming,” Ji Leyu said excitedly.

Mrs Zhang didn’t understand why he was so happy, but she didn’t stop him. She smiled and said, “Okay, Xiao Yu. Go ahead.”

Ji Leyu ran quickly and opened the door. He ran through the courtyard towards the gate.

He opened the gate and looked at Lin Luoqing with his young and beautiful face, asking sweetly, “Are you Uncle Lin?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

He saw the soft and good-looking child in front of him who had a happy expression and hesitated. “You are…”

This definitely wasn’t Ji Leyu!

The author has something to say:

Xiao Yu: It’s me, it is me, the big villain Ji Leyu you have in mind~

Luoqing: [Eyes shaking like an earthquake.JPG.]

Fei Fei: That’s it? That’s it! Fierce?

Fei Fei: He is obviously very cute.

Proofreader: Wei

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