FV: Chapter 159

You don’t have to be so terrifying!’

We have no grudges in the past and no grudges in the present. I haven’t offended you, right?

“Then sit on my lap.” Wu Xinyuan let out a long sigh. “Otherwise, I’m afraid that I will fall down before President Ji stands up.”

Lin Luoqing laughed again. “That’s not it. He cares about his employees very much.”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘Yes, he cares about his employees but he cares more about you.’

Lin Luoqing finished teasing Wu Xinyuan and explained to him, “Don’t worry, this is a special case. Her acting skills really aren’t that good so the scene has to be reproduced. This allows her to have a sense of substitution. I would’ve just had her sit on the sofa otherwise.”

Wu Xinyuan listened to him say this and nodded. Qin Ruyun’s acting skills were really… it was quite sad.

“Then you rest. There will be a scene tomorrow morning.” He cared about his artist.

Lin Luoqing nodded and watched him go out the door.

He walked back again, looked at his watch and thought that Ji Yuxiao must’ve fallen asleep by now. He had planned to make a video call with Ji Yuxiao today, but the plans could never keep up with the changes. He could only wait until tomorrow.

Lin Luoqing waved his hands and walked toward the bathroom.

Qin Ruyun finally found the feeling. The next day, she practiced hard all day. Before filming at night, she also went to Lin Luoqing again to see if her movements and expressions were right.

Lin Luoqing saw her hard work and encouraged her. “Not bad. There are no problems. Keep it up.”

Qin Ruyun was relieved and went to film her scene at night.

Lin Luoqing also went to the filming sight to see her on-site performance.

Perhaps it was because she was scolded too many times but Qin Ruyun started to feel nervous again the moment she saw the camera. She had practiced it with Lin Luoqing before, but she started to stiffen again.

Director Wang pressed a hand against his temple with a helpless expression. “What’s going on with you? Do you really not want to film any longer?”

Qin Ruyun shook her head and looked at him helplessly.

Lin Luoqing quietly stood beside Director Wang and gave her a cheering gesture.

Qin Ruyun saw him and seemed to feel slightly relieved.

Director Wang noticed her gaze. He turned his head silently and saw Lin Luoqing, who shouldn’t be here.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Hello, Director Wang.”

“You know her?” Director Wang couldn’t think of any other reason.

“We just met yesterday,” Lin Luoqing explained. “She asked me for help last night. I practiced this scene with her and she has actually improved. Perhaps she is just nervous after seeing the camera, so she didn’t act well.”

Director Wang smiled when he heard this. “You have a good temper. Aren’t you tired from practicing with her? If I wasn’t the director, I definitely wouldn’t want to direct her. It is too tiring.”

‘It is really tiring,’Lin Luoqing thought. ‘So it is better for her to change jobs. Being an actor really isn’t suitable for her.’

Director Wang shouted, “Action” again. Lin Luoqing watched her from a distance. This time, Qin Ruyun performed better but it wasn’t to the extent of last night’s state.

Director Wang shouted ‘cut’ again.

It wasn’t until the fourth time that Qin Ruyun finally found the feeling. She leaned into Zhao Xingjiang’s arms like she did to Wu Xinyuan last night, flirting with him.

Director Wang was surprised!

She could actually do it!

“Very good, very good.” Director Wang praised her. “Xiao Qin, are you okay? Keep it up!”

It was rare for Qin Ruyun to hear words of praise for him and was overjoyed. She quickly shook her head and said gratefully, “It was Teacher Xiao Lin who taught me. It is thanks to him for helping me or I might not be able to act.”

This was really a bit rare.

Qin Ruyun wasn’t talented in acting and the director knew it all too well. If Lin Luoqing really wanted to teach her then he had to first be patient.

Lin Luoqing and Qin Ruyun met each other by chance. Qin Ruyun wasn’t a big star yet he actually had the patience to teach her. He even taught her well. He had heard Director Zhang say that Lin Luoqing had good acting skills and a good temper. He was willing to help whenever an actor didn’t know anything, but Director Wang couldn’t help being surprised by this.

Director Zhang’s so-called crew members were Yao Momo and Li Hanhai. They were popular stars and Lin Luoqing wouldn’t suffer any losses from having a good relationship with them.

Yet he didn’t even dislike an 18th tier star like Qin Ruyun.

If this was true then he educated everyone, irrespective of background.

Director Wang couldn’t help feeling more joy and interest in him. He hadn’t seen such a young man for a long time. He was a bit different.

He silently watched Lin Luoqing for a while. Then he turned to look at the monitor again. Qin Ruyun was still standing in place, as if waiting for his next instructions.

Director Wang rubbed his chin. He thought that Qin Ruyun was in good shape now. He should take the opportunity to film her next save, to save some trouble next time.

He decided to do it and immediately ordered, “Xiao Qin, you will act out the next scene. The next scene is simple. Get up from his arms and go to the stage to sing.”

“Okay,” Qin Ruyun responded obediently.

However, Director Wang was once again dissatisfied with this action of getting up from Zhao Xingjiang and walking to the stage.

“Twist your waist while moving.”

Qin Ruyun twisted but it was either too much or too small to see.

Director Wang didn’t understand. She was in good shape. Why couldn’t she twist it?

He thought so and put down the script. He wanted to personally demonstrate it to Qin Ruyun himself, but before he moved, he saw his stomach.

He had been eating a bit much recently and couldn’t find his waist at all. Therefore, he patted Lin Luoqing beside him. “Luoqing, go and show her.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

Director Wang laughed. “Why? You can’t?”

…Do I look like someone who can?

I’m not the number one girl!

Director Wang laughed at his expression. “Then I’ll go.”

Then he stood up and walked to Qin Ruyun’s side.

Lin Luoqing looked at him. He had gained a bit of waist but he still managed to twist his non-existence waist.

“It has to be like this. Use a bit of charm, do you understand?”

Qin Ruyun didn’t understand much but she was willing to learn.

She twisted it a few times. Once she twisted it for a third time, Director Wang thought it was okay. He didn’t stop her and continued to film.

She walked to the stage and stood in front of the microphone.

Director Wang signaled for her to sit down. Qin Ruyun rarely caught the feeling at this time. She sat down and picked up the microphone.

Director Wang was about to say ‘okay’ to her when he heard her actually sing sincerely.

The part where she sang wasn’t the main point and the focus had long shifted to Old Sun, their gang and the undercover female police officer. However, Qin Ruyun’s singing really surprised Lin Luoqing.

She sang very well. It was obviously a very vulgar song, but she sang it with an ethereal inspiration.

Her voice was very good. It was also rare, like an orchid in an empty valley that wasn’t stained with dust.

Lin Luoqing remembered what she said to her agent while crying in the parking lot at the time. She said that she wanted to sing and originally signed up to sign. Now it seemed that her understanding of herself was correct.

The on-site KTV equipment was very ordinary and the accompaniment was too loud. This made it a bit noisy, but her voice was clean and distant. It was like a trickling stream that moved all the way over the mountains, gurgling in the mountain stream.

She sang softly and sweetly, with a slight smile on her face. She was quiet and beautiful.

Director Wang scolded her many times and already decided in his heart that she wasn’t good except for her appearance. Now he suddenly found that she sang well and was a bit surprised.

He was stunned for a moment. Then after reacting, he shouted, “Okay.”

Qin Ruyun stopped singing. She stood up and turned into that timid girl without a very confident expression again.

Director Wang said with a smile, “Your singing is quite good. Xiao Qin, you sing well.”

Qin Ruyun was pleasantly surprised. “R-Really?”

She was very happy. She held the microphone like a student who was rarely praised by a teacher.

Director Wang nodded. She could actually be a singer, he thought. She was definitely more promising as a singer than an actor.

Lin Luoqing also thought so. She didn’t look very aggressive when she sang. She obviously still looked gentle but she was enjoying it and was very comfortable. This was unlike when she was acting and her body was full of resistance.

Her agent should respect her wishes, rather than forcing her to act because he thought it was better.

“Okay, you can rest,” Director Wang said. “Go back and rest. Film the next one in two days.”

“Okay.” Qin Ruyun bowed to him and walked toward her agent.

Perhaps it was because she did well today but her agent hadn’t left.

Qin Ruyun walked over briskly. She took her coat and wrapped it around her body. Then she picked up her bag.

Her agent was still playing games and ignored her.

Qin Ruyun didn’t dare to urge him. She sat next to him and waited for him.

The agent played for a long time before finally finishing the game. He complained that he lost again and put his phone in his pocket.

He turned to look at Qin Ruyun, his tone neither cold nor hot. “It seems your performance was okay today. Director Wang isn’t that angry.”

Qin Ruyun nodded obediently and remembered something. She told him happily, “Brother Yang, Director Wang just said that I am suitable for singing.”

There was a faint light in her eyes. “I also think I am more suitable for singing. I should sing.”

Brother Yang sneered. “Director Wang, a filming director, knows about singing? You can’t even understand this. He disdains your poor acting skills and deliberately said that you are suitable for singing.”

“This probably isn’t the case,” Qin Ruyun said in a low voice.

“How is it not? Why didn’t he say that when other people sang? Or do you think you acted very well and are satisfied with your acting skills?”

Qin Ruyun stopped talking.

Of course, she knew that she didn’t act well and Director Wang was very dissatisfied with her acting skills.

“You can’t even understand good words and think you are really talented. Let me tell you this. I had a good heart and was willing to sign you to give you a chance. Otherwise, who would be willing to give you a chance? If I was Director Wang, I would want you to sing quickly and stop blocking my eyes here.”

Qin Ruyun habitually apologized. “I’m sorry.”

“As long as you know you are wrong. You think of this all day long rather than how to improve your acting skills. You expect others to praise you and think you sing well. You are really idle. Why did I sign such an unenterprising thing? It is bad luck.”

He finished speaking and stood up. Qin Ruyun immediately stood up and followed with her bag.

Lin Luoqing watched from a distance. He felt that the relationship between the two of them wasn’t right.

“People know that Qin Ruyun is an artist and Yang Fang is her agent, but anyone who doesn’t know would think that Yang Feng is a young master and she is a maid.”

“There is no way,” Wu Xinyuan said. “Artists and agents are like this. In the early days, artists have no fame and no background so the agent has more right to speak. It is only when the artist becomes popular later or has a background that this dominant relationship can be reversed. Some agents had a good temper and are easy to negotiate with. This is naturally the best. However, there are also many like Yang Fang. Someone like he met someone with Qin Ruyun’s personality but it is really…”

Wu Xinyuan sighed. “I hope that Qin Ruyun can leave him early.”

Otherwise, she would collapse sooner or later.

Perhaps she was on the verge of collapse right now.

Lin Luoqing nodded slightly. She obviously wasn’t suitable for this agent. It wasn’t known if the company could change her agent, allowing her to go to a field suitable for her, rather than being scolded every day in a place that wasn’t suitable for her.

No matter how confident and energetic a person was, they would lose confidence being scolded every day. They would doubt themselves, reflect on themselves and slowly lose themselves.

Lin Luoqing walked her walk out of sight, packed his things and walked back.

His phone rang the moment he got into the car.

Lin Luoqing took it out and took a look. It was from Qin Ruyun: [Teacher Xiao Lin, thank you. Today is really thanks to you. Can I find you to practice the next scene in advance?]

Lin Luoqing replied: [Yes.]

Qin Ruyun immediately sent another thank you, very serious.

Lin Luoqing thought about it and asked her: [You actually sing well. Have you ever thought about giving up acting and singing?]

Qin Ruyun looked at his words and couldn’t tell for a moment whether he really thought she was good at singing or he was euphemistically saying that her acting skills were poor as Brother Yang said.

She originally felt very clear and simple when finishing the scene. She felt that others praised her for singing well so she sang well.

However, Yang Feng had hurt her for too long. He just told her this and spoke so confidently, cheerfully and eloquently. Qin Ruyun was confused and had a problem. Was it really like he said and the other person was just euphemistically saying that her acting skills were poor?

She couldn’t tell the difference herself and asked him in confusion: [Teacher Xiao Lin, do you really think I sing well?]

[Of course. You’re obviously more suited for singing than acting.]

Did this mean that she really was bad at acting? Qin Ruyun wondered.

Then she really was terrible at acting.

She replied with an ‘oh.’ Then she said sincerely: [My acting is quite bad. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

How did she get into the habit of apologizing so casually?

Did Yang Feng do it?

He asked: [Does your agent often make you apologize?]

Qin Ruyun glanced at Yang Feng, who had his eyes closed beside her, and replied: [I’m not very smart, my acting skills aren’t good and I don’t understand this circle. I always do the wrong thing and cause him a lot of trouble.]

Lin Luoqing, “????”

He really didn’t believe that Qin Ruyun could cause any trouble. She listened to anything, bowed her head at every turn and apologized.

[Is that so?] He asked. [What trouble did you cause? Let me hear it.]

Qin Ruyun was a bit confused. She hadn’t expected him to ask this.

However, she always had a somewhat people-pleaser personality. Especially after she had been scolded by Yang Feng for such a long time and habitually self-examined and self-reflected out of fear she would make others unhappy.

Lin Luoqing had helped her and she instinctively didn’t want Lin Luoqing to be unhappy. Thus, she replied almost without any hesitation.

[My acting skills aren’t good. The resources that Brother Yang helped obtain for me were all wasted. He worked very hard to get the resources but I didn’t grasp it well and wasted the opportunities. I didn’t make money for the company and he was scolded by the boss, ridiculed by other agents and looked down upon by other people on the set. I am really disappointing.]

She felt uncomfortable when typing the last words. She didn’t understand why she was so stupid in acting. Obviously, everyone else could react well. Why couldn’t she?

Lin Luoqing looked at her WeChat message and was silent for a while, not knowing how to express his dumbfounded emotion.

What was this spirit of self-examination?

Capitalists would be ecstatic when seeing it!

They couldn’t wait to copy and paste her immediately so that everyone else was like her.

This was simply going to work on time every day, working hard and then repenting. It was her fault for not making her company become a top 500 company in the world. She was sorry for her boss and her manager. She was such trash!

However, obviously this boss was stupid enough to let the accountant become a salesman. The accountant didn’t have this ability and couldn’t do well. It was normal!

The job wasn’t suitable!

Lin Luoqing simply had a headache.

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