FV: Chapter 157

Chapter 157

The young actor who acted opposite Zhou Chengxuan obviously couldn’t catch his acting. He said the wrong lines several times, causing Director Wang to stop. He told him about the scene several times and his state visibly improved.

Finally, the scene ended and it was Lin Luoqing’s turn to act with Zhou Chengxuan.

Lin Luoqing walked over immediately and listened to Director Wang telling him about the scene. Director Wang saw that he was obedient and remembered Director Zhang’s praise. He said with a smile, “Old Wang said that your acting skills are good. Now I want to see for myself if it is as he said.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing wasn’t afraid at all.

Director Wang said this but he didn’t really plan to test Lin Luoqing. After all, Lin Luoqing was still young. Even if a young actor had good acting skills, it was normal not to do well immediately against an old actor like Zhou Chengxuan, who became serious and full of aura the moment he entered the act.

This was why directors needed to guide them. If actors had no problems with anything, what was the need for a director?

This meant Director Wang was very tolerant toward young actors. From young to mature, as long as they had a good attitude and were willing to work hard then it would be fine.

Then he thought of this and remembered Qin Ruyun again. Director Wang pressed a hand to his temples and couldn’t help feeling a bit tired. He thought about how he had to film Qin Ruyun’s scene tonight and felt even more tired. If he had known that her acting skills were so bad, he would’ve replaced her early on. It was just that no one expected her acting skills to be that bad. Even though she didn’t have many scenes, she was able to film for a long time without finishing.

If it didn’t work then it was really time to replace her.

Lin Luoqing frowned when he saw Director Wang frowning and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

Was the director worried he wouldn’t act well?

“It’s fine,” Director Wang comforted him. “It has nothing to do with you. I just remembered a scene to be filmed at night and I have a headache.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t quite understand.

Director Wang didn’t say much and continued to explain about the scene he would soon act in.

He finished speaking with Lin Luoqing and asked the assistant to call Zhou Chengxuan. He told the two of them how to move in a short while.

The scene manager quickly changed the background. Director Wang sat in front of the monitor and prepared to film.

This scene was actually very simple. Fu Han passed by his father Fu Bin’s office and pushed open the door to find his father, reminding him to go home early for dinner in the evening.

Later, after Fu Han died, Fu Bin recalled this scene. The door was still the door from that time and the sun was still sunny, but no one would push open the door and say to him, “Dad, go home early tonight. Mom made your favorite braised pork.”

Lin Luoqing heard Director Zhang call out, “Action,” and he walked forward with his hands in his pocket. He passed by Fu Bin’s office. He had obviously already walked past, but he retreated back. He leaned back and looked inside curiously.

He knocked on the door and Fu Bin shouted, “Come in.”

Fu Han didn’t go in directly. He poked his head in and looked at his father with a smile.

Fu Bin hadn’t expected it to be him and still had a majestic expression. “Shouldn’t you be working hard during working hours? What are you doing here?”

“Passing by.” Fu Han smiled. “By the way, I will tell you something.”

“What is it?”

Fu Han walked in. “Go home early tonight. Mom made your favorite braised pork.”

“I got it.” Fu Bin waved his hand in disdain. “Go and be busy.”

Fu Han raised a hand and saluted him. “Okay, Captain Fu.”

Fu Bin looked at him, helpless and tolerant.

It wasn’t until this person was gone that he couldn’t help looking down and smiling.

The two people filmed it very smoothly and passed in one go.

Director Wang was pleasantly surprised. This scene might be simple but the scene where Fu Bin lectured a person was also simple. The young actor filming this scene couldn’t stand it at all, but Lin Luoqing was different. He obviously had his own ideas and designed a lot of small details.

After passing by his father’s office and remembering he could go in to see his father, he first leaned back childishly. Then he straightened his clothes before knocking on the door.

He didn’t go in directly but poked his head in. One movement could show his lively and youthful spirit. At the same time, it also showed his closeness to Fu Bin.

This type of small detail was vivid and natural. Director Wang watched it and couldn’t help nodding.

No wonder why Old Zhang tried his best to recommend this actor to him. Lin Luoqing really had some ideas and was a good seedling.

Lin Luoqing had just joined the crew today and Director Wang hadn’t arranged many scenes for him. There were just two. First of all, it was to explore his abilities. Secondly, it would give him a buffer time to adapt. Thirdly, Fu Han didn’t have many scenes and 20 days was more than enough to film it.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing finished filming the second scene in the afternoon and could get off work.

He wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He stayed on the set with a good attitude, watching Director Wang guide others.

In the evening, Lin Luoqing and Wu Xingyuan saw that it was almost time to leave. They were packing up their things to go back when they heard Director Wang’s helpless and stern voice. “Relax a bit. You are sitting on his lap. Get closer to him. He won’t really do anything!”

His voice was very loud and was filled with dissatisfaction and anxiety. This surprised Lin Luoqing. What was wrong?

He curiously leaned over and saw that in the KTV book set up by the crew, everyone’s eyes were focused on one person.

It was a girl in a very seductive slip dress. She sat on a man’s lap. Her hair was long like the waves in the sea. She lowered her head and tried to get closer to the man she was sitting on.

“Lift your head and look at Xingjiang. He won’t eat people. What are you afraid of?”

The girl slowly raised her head and looked at the man she was leaning on.

“That’s right. You should be more charming. Give him a drink, get closer to him and smile.”

Qin Ruyun immediately smiled but Director Wang wasn’t satisfied with this smile. “You should be natural, charming and tender. You are a veteran in this industry and the number one girl here. You aren’t forced to do this.”

Qin Ruyun smiled again, but it was still stiff and rigid.

Director Wang had a headache. “Think about your boyfriend. Do you smile like this when you are with your boyfriend?”

Qin Ruyun was a bit timid. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“What about your ex-boyfriend? What about a crush? You must’ve had a male god, right?”

Qin Ruyun, “……”

Qin Ruyun lowered her head again like she was embarrassed and overwhelmed.

She had been scolded a lot these days. In the beginning, she was criticized by Director Wang and scolded by her agent. She already had no confidence in her acting skills. Now she had developed a psychological shadow and only felt that she was too bad. She couldn’t act well and the director didn’t like it, dragging down the progress of the crew.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Director Wang simply had a headache. “Qin Ruyun, let me tell you. If you do this again, I can only replace you.”

Qin Ruyun looked up in horror and there were already tears in her eyes.

“I can’t let one person ruin this drama. Everyone is working so hard. Just you, you…” Director Wang saw how she wanted to cry. He thought, ‘You have been filming for a long time. I can’t say you don’t work hard.’

She really worked hard. She had memorized her lines before joining the crew. She knew that her acting skills weren’t good so she kept looking for actors to practice with. At the very beginning, she took the initiative to find him and ask if it was right for her to act like this.

However, he wasn’t responsible for only her, this one actor. Especially since Qin Ruyun didn’t have many scenes and her acting skills were truly poor. He really couldn’t help it. he had her practice by herself and to not bother him.

Qin Ruyun obediently didn’t bother him any longer and practiced her acting skills alone.

However, some people might’ve been born not suitable for acting. Qin Ruyun was like this. She looked good and was quite charming and soft. Then once she started acting, even finding a robot might be better than her.

“Don’t film it yet,” Director Wang said helplessly. “Go back and adjust your state. If it still doesn’t work, just leave it.”

Qu Ruyun’s tears flowed down. She reached out to wipe them and nodded, telling the actor opposite her, “I’m sorry.”

Her opposing actor, Zhao Xingjiang was an old actor. He was also embarrassed when Qin Ruyun couldn’t let go when acting and felt like he was taking advantage of a little girl. He didn’t even dare to put a hand on her shoulder. At this time, she cried and apologized. He couldn’t bear it and comforted her, “It’s okay. Go back and think about it. You can ask Director Wang or me if you have any questions.”

Qin Ruyun nodded, apologized to Director Wang again and walked out.

Lin Luoqing had already recognized her at this time. It was the girl who cried in the stairwell last night.

Was she crying about this? Then he could actually help her.

After the filming of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’, there was a sense of mutual help among his colleagues in the crew. In particular, Yao Momo had sent him a long text thanking him after he finished. She said that they were so bad that sometimes they really hoped to have a learning god to help them fly. It was just that they were afraid the learning god wouldn’t even look at them. Meanwhile, Lin Luoqing was so gentle and easy to talk to. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared to look for him every day.

It was just that he didn’t know Qin Ruyun. If he rushed forward and said he wanted to help her, the other person would probably think it was very abrupt, right?

It was too sudden.

Lin Luoqing thought of this and decided to wait first. He had just arrived today and there were many people in the crew who didn’t know him. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he would’ve filmed more scenes and Qin Ruyun should know him. Once the time came, he would offer to help her. She probably wouldn’t refuse.

Lin Luoqing thought so as he entered the elevator with Wu Xinyuan and walked back.

He headed to the parking lot to take the car when he vaguely heard the sound of an argument.

Wu Xinyuan obviously heard it too and turned to look at him.

Lin Luoqing didn’t care and continued to walk forward. The closer he got, the clearer the voice became. It was a male voice.

The other person seemed very angry and deliberately didn’t lower the volume. “Do you know how hard I worked to get you this opportunity? You are so good that you ruined it again. What else can you do? Why are you so stupid? How can you not even be charming as a woman? Are you a woman?”

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Luoqing’s footsteps stopped. This voice was a bit familiar.

“You’re sorry? What is the use of being sorry? Look at you. How much effort and resources have I spent on you? What about you? Just repay me like this? Why are you so disappointing? Can’t you work harder? Will acting in a drama kill you?”

Qin Ruyun shook her head. She was still wearing her outfit from the scene just now. Her slender arms and legs were shivering in the cold wind. She didn’t know why. She obviously worked hard but she still couldn’t act well.

“I don’t want to act anymore. Can’t I sing instead? Didn’t you tell me at the beginning that you would let me sing? I can’t act. Brother Yang, let me sing. I won’t act, okay?”

“What type of joke is this? Don’t you know what the music scene is like now? You have no fans and no popularity. No one will listen to your singing. If it wasn’t for your good looks, would the company be willing to sign you and let you act? You are really good. You really don’t know how to flatter people. Let me tell you. You really have to do it this time. If you can’t do it and are fired by Director Wang, you will be useless. You ate so many resources of the company but didn’t give anything in return. You are really amazing.”

Qin Ruyun hugged her shoulders and didn’t know what to say.

In fact, she didn’t take many resources from the company and she didn’t want the company’s resources. From the beginning, she just wanted to sing. When she first signed the contract, Brother Yang said he would let her be a singer. Then after signing, he said that she now had no fans and no popularity. She couldn’t release an album and should act first.

Qin Ruyun was soft-hearted by nature. The agent said this and she did so accordingly. Then she acted in three dramas and was scolded in all of them. She wasn’t a confident person and now she was even more afraid when she saw a camera.

“I don’t want to act,” she said softly.

“Then you have to pay money,” Brother Yang said with a cold face. “Do you really think you can sing well? Let me tell you, I didn’t notice you because you sang that song. If it wasn’t for your good appearance, I wouldn’t have bothered to sign you. You are a waste. If you are extremely beautiful then you could survive just on your face and it would be fine. However, you can’t do anything. You can’t act and you aren’t very beautiful. I was blind and actually signed such a waste.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t care about Qin Ruyun. He got into the car and sat in the driver’s seat.

Qin Ruyun hurriedly wanted to follow. Then she found that the door of the back seat couldn’t be opened. She looked at the driver’s seat in surprise and said carefully, “Brother Yang, you seem to have accidentally locked the door.”

She was met with the sound of the car starting and the bad smell of exhaust.

Qin Ruyun stepped on her high heels and chased. Then seeing the car getting further and further away, she stopped, tears streaming down silently. She felt that she was too useless. She couldn’t do anything well and couldn’t do anything. Even her agent couldn’t stand it any longer.

Brother Yang was clearly very good to her in the beginning but she repeatedly disappointed him. This made him like this. She was too stupid and too useless.

Qin Ruyun hugged her shoulders and squatted down.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected to see such a scene.

He looked at Qin Ruyun, who was still wearing a thin dress, and couldn’t help taking two steps forward. Then he retreated back and looked at Wu Xinyuan. “You go and give her your coat. It is so cold and she is wearing so little. It is easy to catch a cold.”

Wu Xinyuan also felt pity for her. He nodded, took off his coat and walked behind her.

Qin Ruyun seemed to sense him arriving and looked over in fright.

Wu Xinyuan smiled and held out the coat. “Wear this first. Be careful of the freezing cold.”

Qin Ruyun didn’t know him and didn’t dare to accept his clothes.

Lin Luoqing came over and took the initiative to speak. “My name is Lin Luoqing and I play Fu Han in the drama, Fu Bin’s son. I just entered the crew today. This is my agent.”

Qin Ruyun nodded, her voice soft. “I saw you filming today. My name is Qin Ruyun and I play Shao Yao. You might not know me. I don’t have many scenes.”

“I know.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “The number one card of Colors of Spring in the World, Old Sun’s lover.”

Qin Ruyun was surprised he actually knew her and nodded.

Her facial features were very soft and beautiful. In particular, once she put on makeup and under the hazy light of the parking lot, she became even more charming. She was really suitable for the role of the amorous top card.

It was a pity that she just looked suitable.

“Put it on,” Lin Luoqing softly told her. “We happen to be going back to the hotel. Do you want to go together?”

“Is… is it convenient? Will it bother you?” Her eyes were timid and she seemed afraid to trouble others.

“No,” Lin Luoqing replied.

Qin Ruyun took Wu Xinyuan’s coat, thanked him and put it on her body.

In fact, she had long been frozen and could hardly stand it any longer. However, her agent didn’t give her the coat. She asked for it and the agent scolded her. “You are like this. Isn’t it embarrassing to say you are cold? I worked so hard to accompany you and you are cold?!”

She didn’t dare ask for it any longer.

She had been hit by her agent too many times and had become accustomed to his emotional manipulation. She would self-reflect, self-examine, self-hate and self-harm.

The most terrifying thing was that she didn’t realize it at all. She just felt that she was too bad and couldn’t do anything well. This was why the director and agent scolded her.

She completely forgot that she had never wanted to act in the first place. She just wanted to sing. It was her agent who insisted on her acting, insisted on her walking this path that wasn’t suitable for her.

Lin Luoqing saw her following him with her head down and felt that she was like a very pitiful, miserable stray cat.

Her agent obviously wasn’t a good person. The original owner of this body had an acting attitude and acting skills that were terrible but Brother Li had never scolded him by saying things like ‘waste’ and ‘useless.’

Not to mention, he abandoned her in the parking lot in the cold weather and didn’t give her a coat.

No wonder why she was crying when he first saw her.

She didn’t look too old and she had a very soft personality. She had to cry.

Lin Luoqing sighed silently in his heart and felt a bit compassionate.

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