FV: Chapter 156 Part 2

Early the next morning, Lin Luoqing was woken up by Wu Xinyuan and went to the dressing room of the crew to start the makeup and styling.

His character in this drama was Fu Han, the son of the male protagonist Fu Bin. Fu Bin was the fiercest and most vigorous police captain of the police department. Due to his outstanding case-handling ability, he was responsible for major murder cases all year round and rarely had time to accompany his wife and child.

Fu Han had grown up with his mother when he was a child. His mother understood her husband very well and felt that he was a hero, so she didn’t complain about her current life. However, Fu Han felt sorry for her mother and felt that she was more like a widow. He didn’t have a very good opinion of his father. Every time he met Fu Bin, he couldn’t have a good conversation with his father.

Fu Han’s mother was helpless due to this but Fu Bin felt that his son was very cute. He didn’t forcefully explain the truth to his son or try to let his son understand his difficulties. He believed that as long as the child grew up, he would naturally understand.

Facts proved that he was right. Fu Han grew up slowly and finally understood that the reason why he and his friends could sit and attend class peacefully was that everywhere they couldn’t see, people were guarding their safety. It wasn’t that his father didn’t want to accompany his wife and child. It was that he really didn’t have time. Unlike other fathers, he had too much to protect that was important.

Therefore, Fu Han forgave his father and started to admire his father. He followed in his father’s footsteps to join the police force after graduation.

After a vicious murder case, the police followed the clues and dug up the den of a criminal gang in the city. However, the leader was very cunning. He was detained three times but he was defended by a lawyer every time. Due to insufficient evidence, he was released.

To gain more conclusive evidence, the police department needed someone to disguise themselves, infiltrate the enemy and become an undercover agent. At the same time, they should better understand the membership structure of this criminal gang.

The undercover agent couldn’t be too old or look too much like a police officer. He must be determined so that he wouldn’t be persuaded. At the same time, this task was dangerous so the person who went must be flexible and quick-witted.

These conditions stacked up higher until few people met them.

Fu Han overheard his captain and father talking about this topic and volunteered.

Fu Bin hadn’t expected his son to take the initiative to go and was in a complicated mood. Fu Han plausibly said that they were the same. From the moment they put on the police uniform, they were ready to encounter danger one day and sacrifice themselves. They were the clearest about this. Other people’s parents might not understand but no one would understand better than them.

Moreover, he was indeed the most suitable undercover candidate. There was no reason for him not to go.

Fu Bin couldn’t persuade him. Finally, he could only pat his son on the shoulder and tell him to come back safely.

However, Fu Han didn’t return safely in the end.

He was indeed very smart. He found out the key information and passed on the intelligence. It was just that on the day of the arrest, he died to save his friend.

He didn’t have many scenes but the character’s plotline was very complete.

He was just a small part, a microcosm, one of the sorrows that Fu Bin, the male protagonist, experienced on the road to protecting justice.

His story was to enrich Fu Han’s character and he was also a spiritual symbol of inheritance.

Fu Han was young, handsome, sunny and smart. No one saw him as a policeman, but he was actually a policeman who could sacrifice his life for the happiness of the people.

Young people also had courage, spirit and an unyielding heart.

This was the meaning of Fu Han’s role.

Lin Luoqing liked this character quite a lot when he read the script. He was young, courageous and smart. He knew there were tigers in the mountain but he dared to go into the mountain.

If this character was acted well then it was bound to be very outstanding.

He sat on a seat in the dressing room and waited for the makeup artist to apply his makeup.

The makeup artist was looking at his face. This drama didn’t have high requirements for makeup and didn’t pursue making the actors and actresses look good. In addition, the actors were regular drama veterans. Being upright was more than enough and it didn’t matter if their exquisite appearance was insufficient. Therefore, Lin Luoqing’s appearance couldn’t help amazing the makeup artist. Then after surprise, she felt worry.

With Lin Luoqing’s face, if he was really a policeman and not an actor then netizens would probably exclaim that a good-looking person had been handed over to the state and become popular on the hot search.

However, he happened to be an actor. So with his face, no matter how she looked at it, he shouldn’t be a policeman.

In particular, his face was too abrupt among the existing actors in the crew.

The makeup artist thought about it and decided that she needed to suppress his appearance.

She took out a dark liquid foundation and started to apply makeup on Lin Luoqing. Soon, the foundation was applied. The makeup artist didn’t dare to do anything else for him out of fear that she would make him look more and more delicate. However, if she didn’t do anything else, she was afraid Lin Luoqing would think she was too perfunctory. She thought about it and did his eyebrows.

Then she trimmed his too-long bangs and hair before asking him to change into his costume.

Wu Xinyuan saw his face suddenly becoming dark and asked the makeup artist, “Is this okay?”

“Otherwise he will be too white,” the makeup artist replied helplessly.

Wu Xinyuan signaled for Lin Luoqing to look in the mirror himself. Lin Luoqing had actually seen it before. He could understand the makeup artist’s intentions but he felt it wasn’t necessary. Fu Han in the drama was very handsome and his skin was also white. This was why some people called him Little White Face.

He was about to talk to the makeup artist about this when he saw the assistant director coming.

“Hey, the makeup is already done,” the assistant director said warmly.

Lin Luoqing nodded and let the other person look at him.

The assistant director examined him for a long time before finally looking at his face. He asked the makeup artist, “Did you apply foundation to him?”

“I applied some.” The makeup artist explained, “For the camera, I need to apply some or the lens will magnify his imperfections. In addition, Teacher Lin is too white. I suppressed him with foundation so that he won’t be too obtrusive among the other actors.”

The assistant director nodded. “I was wondering why his face and neck seemed to be different colors.”

“Take it off,” he told the makeup artist. “Fu Han is originally a pretty boy. When we chose Luoqing, we looked at his photos and knew what he looked like. He looks better than in the photos but this isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t matter so let’s remove the foundation from him.”

“Okay.” The makeup artist heard him say this and naturally wouldn’t refute it.

She took a makeup remover wipe and used it to help Lin Luoqing remove the makeup on his face. Then she gave him a bottle of facial cleanser to wash his face.

Lin Luoqing washed his face and sat in front of the dressing table again, waiting for the makeup artist to reapply his makeup.

The makeup artist was about to put on makeup when she saw the assistant director staring thoughtfully at Lin Luoqing’s face in the mirror.

Her hands stopped. Did the assistant director want to give her instructions?

She was thinking this when the assistant director came over and examined Lin Luoqing carefully from the side.

Lin Luoqing, “????”

What… what was wrong?

The assistant director touched his chin and pondered on it for a while. Finally, he said, “Teacher Lin, do you mind not having makeup? I find that you are quite refreshing and energetic like this.”

Lin Luoqing was wondering what it was. It turned out to be this. He nodded indifferently. “Okay.”

The makeup artist was surprised. “Don’t put makeup on him? Is this okay?”

“It’s okay. It isn’t like there have been no actors without makeup before. I don’t see anything bad about Teacher Lin not wearing makeup. He is more refreshing without makeup.”

The makeup artist thought, ‘…Okay. I also think that putting makeup on Lin Luoqing makes no difference. I will listen to the assistant director.’

She picked up the comb to help Lin Luoqing with his hair. “Okay. From now on, Teacher Lin can sleep more and save time on makeup.”

Lin Luoqing also felt so and nodded. “That is true.”

The makeup artist saw that he wasn’t worried about whether he would look good on camera like this and couldn’t help laughing. She thought that his mentality was strong.

The assistant director also laughed and led him out of the dressing room toward the set.

Director Wang was talking to actor Zhou Chengxuan, who played Fu Bin. They saw the assistant director bringing Lin Luoqing over and made the introductions to Zhou Chengxuan. “This is Lin Luoqing, who plays Fu Han in the drama, your son.”

Lin Luoqing smiled, raise a hand and saluted. “Hello, Captain Fu.”

This was a scene in the drama. Fu Han met his father at the police station and deliberately came up to him to cheekily salute him, saying, “Hello, Captain Fu.” Fu Bin helplessly hit his head and told him to work hard.

Therefore, Zhou Chengxuan didn’t say anything. He just gave him a look to let him experience it for himself and hit his head. “Work hard.”

Lin Luoqing rubbed his forehead and looked at him with a smile.

Wu Xinyuan hadn’t read the script carefully. He saw this scene and wondered why Zhou Chengxuan suddenly acted like this. Did he and Lin Luoqing know each other in private?

Instead, Director Wang and the assistant director laughed.

Director Wang had listened to Director Zhang’s recommendation and watched some clips of Lin Luoqing’s acting, but he had never worked with Lin Luoqing before and didn’t know much about his acting skills. Therefore, he told Zhou Chengxuan, “It just so happens that there will be a scene between the two of you soon. Go and check your lines first. Luoqing, if there is anything you don’t know then just ask Chengxuan.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing agreed.

He and Zhou Chengxuan took the script and left.

Zhou Chengxuan was a famous drama actor and his appearance was very upright. He had a square face, sharp eyebrows and bright eyes. He looked very serious, which fit the theme of family and justice. However, contrary to his serious appearance, he was actually quite gentle and easy to talk to.

He walked with Lin Luoqing and asked him in a concerned manner, “Xiao Lin, have you finished reading the script?”

“I have.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“Not yet.”

“That’s fine.” Zhou Chengxuan nodded. “We are playing a father and son and there are many rivalry scenes. You can ask me if you don’t understand anything.”

“Thank you, Teacher Zhou.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Zhou Chengxuan also smiled. “Your tent over there hasn’t been set up yet. We can go to my place first.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing didn’t refuse.

He followed Zhou Chengxuan to his tent. Zhou Chengxuan asked the assistant to bring a bottle of water for Lin Luoqing. Then they started reading the script.

Lin Luoqing took two sips symbolically. Then he also picked up the script, ready to act against Zhou Chengxuan.

Lin Luoqing found that Zhou Chengxuan’s acting skills were indeed very good. No wonder why he was in his 40s and could still play the male protagonist of the drama. Not only did he look suitable but his acting skills were also very powerful.

“Teacher Zhou, you are really powerful.” Lin Luoqing sighed emotionally. “Your acting skills are too good.”

Zhou Chengxuan smiled modestly. He also felt that Lin Luoqing’s acting skills were good. He had thought that Lin Luoqing was young and had few works. The director said that his acting skills were very good, but he was still young. He should rely on his aura to win. Then after a few exchanges, he found that Lin Luoqing’s acting skills were indeed very clever. He was surprisingly proficient in acting as if he had acted in many works. There was a feeling of being a veteran.

However, he obviously heard Director Wang say that this was Lin Luoqing’s second drama. How could he be so skilled?

‘Did he practice a lot in private?’ Zhou Chengxuan wondered. Then he was working very hard. The younger generation was terrifying.

He was about to say a few more words to Lin Luoqing when his assistant walked in and told him that the set had been arranged. Director Wang asked him to test out the positioning.

“Then Xiao Lin, you take a break. I am going to film first.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing replied. “It just so happens that I can also go and take a look.”


Zhou Chengxuan saw that he wanted to see it and took him along.

Soon, the other actors also arrived. Director Wang guided everyone’s positions and filming officially began.

In this scene, Zhou Chengxuan was sharply accusing his team members, stating one by one the consequences caused by their mistakes. Finally, he had them reflect on themselves.

Lin Luoqing saw that the person who had just been kind to him was now as ruthless as the autumn breeze sweeping away leaves. With his serious face, he not only scolded the team members to the point of them wanting to cry but he also made them afraid.

It was really true that the face could change instantly.

Thank goodness Fu Bin didn’t scold him in the drama. Thank his father for his kindness!

He was watching. Then he turned around and noticed a girl in a white coat standing not far away. Lin Luoqing was about to look away. Then the girl turned around and he recognized her. Wasn’t this the girl who cried in the stairwell last night?

Yes, she looked like this. Sure enough, she was also an actress in the crew.

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